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Track your GDEX delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

GDEX is a Malaysia-based courier service. Before you send a package with GDEX, you probably want to learn more about how to track your packages. 

This article will explain GDEX tracking and how to troubleshoot during the sending process.  

About GDEX

GD Express, commonly known as GDEX, is a package delivery service that sends your packages across Malaysia, Singapore, and internationally. 

The company began in 1997, sending packages throughout mainland Malaysia and Singapore. GDEX also offers international sending to over 100 countries around the world. 

The company offers many services, including next-day sending, bulk sending, and same-day delivery options.

GDEX works with over 1,000 retail locations throughout Malaysia and Singapore so that you can quickly drop off, collect, and track your packages. The sending company also works with over 3,000 couriers to deliver packages within 24 hours of order.  

GDEX package tracking

GDEX GD Express tracking is possible after you pay for a delivery option. You will get a tracking number that is unique to your package.

How to find your GDEX package tracking number

After choosing GDEX as your package delivery method, you should visit their website to start the sending process. 

Once there, you can enter your sending details, including the weight and content of your package, the type of delivery service, and the contact information and address of the recipient. 

At this stage, you can also choose to create a MyGDEX account, which gives you access to a customer portal and additional features.

Once you pay for your delivery, GDEX will send you a consignment note. The consignment note lists your tracking number under the barcode in the upper right-hand corner. 

Remember to note your tracking number and write it down for your records. You will need to securely attach your consignment note to the outside of your package when you are ready to ship. 

After you pay for a delivery, GDEX will send you an electronic receipt. The receipt will have your GDEX tracking number listed on the consignment note. 

How to track your GDEX package location

For GDEX package tracking, you can visit their website, which includes a platform called MyGDEX. After choosing the "E-Tracking" page, you can enter the tracking number listed on your consignment note. 

Once you enter your tracking number, you will find real-time status updates on the delivery progress. If you send multiple packages, you can enter up to 20 tracking numbers at once in the MyGDEX tracking platform. 

If you have a MyGDEX account called MyGDEX Prime, you will have access to a customer portal. In the portal, you can find your tracking numbers and download reports on the locations and statuses of your packages. 

GDEX needs you to put the recipient's phone number when creating the order. They will use this information to send tracking updates by SMS notifications to the addressee once your package scans in at a partner location or distribution center. 

You can also use a tracking site like Circuit Package Tracker for GDEX order tracking. Enter your tracking number found on your consignment note, and you will get continual updates on your order’s progress until it reaches its destination.

Lost GDEX tracking number

While having your GDEX tracking number on hand is helpful, options are available if you accidentally misplace or lose it. 

How to track a GDEX package without a tracking number

The recipient will receive an SMS notification when your package is dropped off and scanned at a distribution center. They will continue to get updates on your package s delivery status. 

GDEX will alert the recipient when your package is out for delivery. In addition, the messaging system lets you track the order s progress without a tracking number.

If you lose your GDEX tracking number and want to recover it, you should contact their customer service team. GDEX has an online inquiry form and a phone hotline to troubleshoot inquiries.

Solving GDEX package tracking issues

Occasionally, you may have an issue with tracking your GDEX package. If you experience difficulties, there are several solutions. 

Why you can't track your GDEX package

If you cannot track your GDEX package, it is likely because the courier or distribution center has not yet scanned or picked up your package. 

The GDEX partner may not scan your package because it's at a retail location. You will get updates when your package is en route.

You can’t track your GDEX package if the consignment note is not attached to your package or if it is partially damaged or expired.

The package will not be delivered if the consignment note is entirely damaged or not affixed to your package. The package will also not be refundable. 

The consignment note must be attached to your package and sent within 14 days of placing the order. After 14 days, the label will expire, and you will not track GDEX order.  

Label damages occasionally happen while the GDEX tracking order is en route, so make sure to secure the consignment note with protective packing tape. If you do not get any tracking updates after one week, contact the GDEX customer service team. 

Why your GDEX package is not updating or moving

When GDEX tracking is not updating or moving, it is likely because their partner courier needs to scan it. 

Once the pick-up is complete and your package is en route, the recipient will get an SMS notification. 

If the courier scanned your item at the pick-up point, yet the GDEX tracking is not updating, it may be because the distribution center has not updated the tracking information. 

Registering in the system can take 24 hours before your package goes for delivery.

 Common reasons your GDEX order tracking is not moving include an illegible consignment note, a lost package, poor weather conditions, or traffic.

GDEX promises transit will take only one to three days, so if you do not find updates in the tracking status after one week, contact customer service.

GDEX package tracking status explained

GDEX uses two statuses for tracking packages. You should understand what the statuses mean to troubleshoot any problems if they do not deliver your package on time.

In transit

An "in transit" status is promising because your package is en route to its final destination. 

Why your GDEX package is still in transit

If your package is in transit, a GDEX courier has picked up your package from your home or drop-off location. The order is on its way to the recipient's address but has not arrived yet.

If your package is in transit for more than three days, it could be at a distribution center, where items are collected and sorted before they are delivered.

GDEX packages stay in transit for many possible reasons. For instance, improper packaging (such as visible leaks or tears in the box) could cause delays. 

Another common reason packages stay in transit is if the item is overweight, has oversized items, or includes a prohibited item. Products that are banned include firearms, plants, and human remains. 

Closely follow GDEX packaging guidelines to make sure your package gets delivered to your recipient. GDEX also offers a packaging portal where you can order supplies, including boxes and packing tape, from their online store. 

If you have a large order, you can utilize GDEX Bulk sending, which allows you to ship multiple packages and heavier items. 

Other reasons a package remains in transit are an incomplete or incorrect recipient address and poor weather conditions that make delivery impossible. The package could also be lost, undeliverable, or in customs.

How long a GDEX package can stay in transit

GDEX promises that packages should only be in transit for one to three business days before reaching their destination. 

If your package has remained in transit for longer than a week, contact the GDEX customer service team. 

For packages that do not reach their final destination, you should ask about insurance policies and refunds and send a claim for the lost or damaged package. 


Several reasons a "pending" status may appear during the transit process.

Why your GDEX package may be pending

Your GDEX package tracking may be pending because it has not arrived at a distribution center to be sorted and sent to the recipient. 

Sorting is part of the regular order process before it goes to a courier for delivery, and the status could stay pending for up to 24 to 48 hours.

If GDEX order tracking remains in a pending status for longer than 48 hours, it could mean delays or complications with the delivery.

There are many reasons for these delays, including unexpected weather, traffic, customs, and the recipient not being home when GDEX attempts delivery.

If your GDEX tracking remains pending for more than three business days, contact the GDEX customer service team for an update.

GDEX delivery times 

Delivery times vary depending on several factors, but GDEX can work with you on late delivery times and international shipments. 

GDEX delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

GDEX order takes one to three business days to deliver most packages. However, the delivery time can vary based on your location, the recipient's address, the number of packages you ship, and the weight of your items.

GDEX partnered with over 1,000 retail locations throughout Malaysia and Singapore. At the GDEX Point of Presence, you can quickly drop off your package for an order. 

You can also collect your package at the Point of Presence when it arrives. GDEX will send you an SMS notification when your package reaches the collection site. 

In addition to collection points, GDEX works with over 3,000 couriers called GDEX Partners. GDEX Partners will drop off packages directly to your residence or business location. They will alert you by text message before attempting delivery.  

When ordering your order, choosing a pick-up time at a Point of Presence would be best. You can also ask for a drop-off time on the ordering page for direct drop-off by courier. Couriers will do their best to honor all requests.

For most package collections at GDEX retail partners, GDEX operates from 8 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday, and 8 am to 2 pm on Saturday. When selecting a pick-up time, you must choose any time between those hours.

How late GDEX delivers

For packages sent directly to your residence or business, GDEX will deliver your package between 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday. 

GDEX does offer late delivery options. When ordering your order, you can enter the desired drop-off time and add additional comments for your courier. 

Packages that ship to retail locations can be collected whenever the store is open. Make sure to find the retail hours to discover how early they are available and how late they close. 

International GDEX delivery times 

GDEX offers international sending to over 100 overseas locations; after they send your package, most international packages arrive within five to seven business days.

You should note that this timeline depends on the item you ship, the number of packages, and the time spent in customs.

Lost and missed GDEX deliveries

Packages can occasionally get lost in transit. With busy schedules, you can also miss deliveries. Luckily, there are steps you can take to get your packages. 

What happens if you miss a GDEX delivery

A courier will attempt delivery during the next business day if you miss the first delivery for orders that go directly to home addresses. You will get an SMS notification before the delivery attempt.

After the second delivery attempt, GDEX will hold on to your package. If you do not contact customer service to collect your order, they will return your package to the sender. 

Contact GDEX customer service to schedule a time to pick up your package or reattempt delivery. 

How long will GDEX hold a package?

After multiple delivery attempts, GDEX will hold your package at a distribution center or Point of Presence retail location. Contact the GDEX customer service team to find out where your package is and how long they will hold it. 

What to do if you haven't got your GDEX package

Contact customer service if you have not got your GDEX package after one week. You may have missed attempted deliveries, and you should schedule a time for another delivery or package pick-up. 

You should log in to your MyGDEX account to check the status. GDEX will update you on where your package is and whether it is in transit or out for delivery.  

There are many reasons why packages might not reach their final destinations, including: 

  • The consignment note is not legible or secured to your package 
  • The package is not correctly packaged
  • The item is prohibited

GDEX tracking FAQs

We hope the above sections have helped you better understand how GDEX works and how you can track your packages. However, If you have more questions about GDEX tracking, we have answers to common questions. 

Is GDEX delivery fast?

GDEX's mission includes sending packages to their final destinations in one to three business days. 

Delivery times will vary based on your location and the recipient's address. Still, the company works with a vast network across Malaysia and Singapore to ensure you get fast sending.  

If your package doesn't arrive within that window, contact GDEX customer service. 

Can I track my GDEX package by address?

No, you cannot track a GDEX package by a recipient or sender's address. Enter the 10-digit tracking number found on your consignment note to track packages.

If you do not have your tracking number or consignment note, contact customer service so they can find the order in their system.

How do I know if my GDEX package is stuck in customs?

If you send your package internationally, it should be delivered within five to seven business days, depending on the final destination and customs. 

GDEX will update your package s status once it clears customs and is en route to the international destination.

Once your package arrives at customs, they should process it within several days. However, customs may continue to hold your package if there is a delay.

If that is the case, you should get a formal letter stating the reason for the detainment by customs authorities. 

Contact GDEX customer service so that they can track your package and aid customs with the paperwork to move your package forward. 

GDEX tracking is crucial, so you know where your package is and when it will be delivered. You can easily track your items with the 10-digit tracking number from GDEX.

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