FTD Tracking

Track your FTD delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

FTD Tracking

FTD offers some of the best tracking information about their deliveries. They have an easy-to-navigate website and up-to-the-minute tracking updates so you can follow your package on every step of its journey.

You can find all the information in this article if you have any questions about FTD tracking services!

We will answer all your questions and provide more information to help you understand FTD tracking. Keep reading for a detailed guide to FTD tracking, so you know where your package is and when it will arrive.

About FTD

FTD, or Florist Transworld Delivery, is an international flower delivery company founded in 1910. You can order flowers through the FTD website and ship them to over 125 countries.

The purpose of this company is to make it easy for people to send beautiful bouquets and meaningful floral gifts to people they care about, no matter how far away they are from one another.

They deliver to almost every corner of the US and Canada and pride themselves on prompt and careful flower deliveries, ensuring the bouquets arrive fresh and beautiful at the recipient's door.

FTD deliveries can be local florist deliveries, but they also ship flowers via UPS, FedEx, and other third-party carriers. This company is all about connecting people through the thoughtful and lovely gift of flowers. Keep reading to learn more about this delivery service.

FTD tracking

Because FTD prides itself on getting flowers to people as fast as possible to maintain freshness and appearance, they provide customers with detailed and to-the-minute tracking information. Flowers cannot last forever, so the delivery journey for an expensive bouquet is crucial.

FTD makes it easy to track your flower deliveries so you know how quickly the beautiful bouquet gets to its destination.

FTD customer service is always willing to remedy delivery problems, such as resending a bouquet or refunding the money.

You usually need the tracking number, order number, suborder number, or the recipient's last name to track an order. Below are the details on how to track FTD deliveries.

How to find your FTD tracking number

Your order number is essential to follow your order's journey. If you need help finding your order number, don't worry. It's easy!

When you place your FTD order, FTD will email you an order confirmation, and your tracking and order number will be toward the top of the email.

You need the order number to track the package on the FTD site. You need the tracking number to monitor the order on a third-party delivery service site.

If you cannot find your confirmation email or think you deleted it, another way to find the order number is to sign in to your FTD account if you have one.

Once you log in to your account, go to your order history and select the delivery in question. The order number will be at the top.

Finally, if you cannot find the email and do not have an account, you can contact FTD customer service.

FTD customer service agents are very friendly and helpful. If you provide the agent with enough information regarding the order, they can typically send you your tracking number or order number within 24 hours!

How to track your FTD location

Once you find your order number, you can track the location and journey of your FTD order. If you have your confirmation email, click on the tracking or order numbers links. This link will take you to the tracking page, which shows you where your order is.

You can do the same thing if you find your tracking or order number via your account and order history. If you acquire your tracking number or order number from customer service or write them down, you can use it to find your order on their website.

Go to the FTD website and scroll to the bottom of the navigation menu. Click on the Help tab and then click on Modify/Track order. This button will take you to the tracking page, where you can enter the order number and recipient's last name.

Enter the order number in the first field and the recipient's name in the second field. Confirm you're not a robot, and proceed to the tracking information.

You may be redirected to the third-party site when you enter the order number and last name. If you have your third-party tracking number and know what third-party delivery service is handling your package, go to their website and enter the tracking number to view your order status.

Lost FTD tracking number

If you lose your FTD order tracking number and order number, there are still ways to track your package so that you can keep tabs on your delivery. While some companies make recovering a lost or misplaced order or tracking number difficult, FTD makes it easy!

Head to the FTD website and find the customer service page via the navigation menu. This page will have answers to commonly asked questions, but you can also find the customer service phone number.

The FTD customer service team can help you 24 hours a day and seven days a week. So, you can call any time.

Another option is to use their instant chat feature on their website, which you can find in the bottom right corner of any page on their website. Select the "Chat with an expert option" and tell them you need your order or tracking number.

How to track an FTD package without a tracking number

As mentioned, you don't need your tracking number to track your order. You can use your tracking number, but saving your order number and the recipient's last name is more important. You must keep your order number and tracking number to track your order.

However, customer service is helpful and can almost always resend your confirmation email or message you your tracking number so you can follow your delivery to its destination.

If you do not have your order number or tracking number, all you need to do is reach out to customer service via chat or phone, and they'll likely give you your tracking or order number within a few hours.

Solving FTD tracking issues

Again, FTD prides itself on stellar delivery services, so the odds of having FTD tracking issues are low. However, things can still go wrong, so if you encounter FTD tracking issues, find some solutions below.

Remember, FTD's customer service team is always happy to help you, so if you need help, don't hesitate to contact them.

Why you can't track your FTD package

If you have your tracking number and order number but still can't track your package, there may have been a problem with your order placement.

Double-check your confirmation email and ensure that it has the correct address and recipient name.

While most FTD orders will show up in the tracking system seconds after you place the order, there could be a delay in the system.

When there is a delay, your tracking information and order may not appear on the tracking page. If you cannot access your order's tracking and location information the day you placed the order, wait 12 to 24 hours and then try again.

If you still can not see your order's location and status, reach out to customer service for help.

Why your FTD package is not updating or moving

On the other hand, you may be able to see your order's location and status, but it doesn't change.

Most of these flower deliveries arrive within 72 hours of the order placement, so if you placed your order 24 to 48 hours ago and the status has not changed at all, there may be a problem.

The order status may have just not been appropriately updated. However, FTD deliveries are prompt and professional, so these types of mistakes rarely happen.

If your order is not moving or updating, you may want to reach out to customer service to ensure your package did not fall through the cracks.

FTD tracking status explained

You'll see the order status when you access your order's tracking page. The order status can say a variety of things, which can be confusing. Below are detailed explanations of the various tracking statuses you may encounter on the tracking page.

In transit

The "In transit" status is a good thing! If your order status says "In transit," it typically means that your bouquet has been arranged and packed, and the delivery is on its way.

It may still be at the florist in a truck, but it's on its way out of the facility and to its final location. "In transit" can mean anything from still sitting at the facility to pulling up to its destination.

Why your FTD package is still in transit

If your package status says the order is still in transit, it means it's on its way! If the status has been in transit for more than 72 hours, there could be a delivery problem, such as weather conditions or logistical problems.

However, if your package status says in transit, you should expect the order to arrive at its destination soon, and there's no need to worry.

How long an FTD package can stay in transit

As mentioned, most FTD orders arrive within 72 hours of order placement, if not sooner. However, if something goes wrong with the delivery, the package status may stay in transit for much longer.

If your order is in transit for more than 72 hours, reach out to the FTD customer service team for help. But 24 to 48 hours with an in-transit status is standard, especially for international or long-distance deliveries.


Another common order status you may encounter is "Pending." Pending can mean several things and is usually displayed when you first place your order. If your status is pending, you can assume the delivery has not left the florist facility.

Pending typically means your order has been placed but not arranged and packed for delivery yet. If your order says pending for over 24 hours, reach out to customer service.

Why your FTD package may be pending

Again, your order is likely pending because it just entered the system and has not been fully prepared for transit.

Most orders will be pending for up to 24 hours before the status changes to in transit. If your order continues to say pending, the order may have gotten lost before it made it onto the delivery vehicle. In this scenario, reach out to the FTD customer service team for assistance.

FTD delivery times

While many delivery companies have wild delivery hours, FTD is more transparent about their delivery times, so you know exactly when to expect the bouquet delivery.

Again, fresh flowers can be fickle and will not last forever, so the delivery times on these orders are crucial.

FTD delivery times: What time will your package arrive

So, when can you expect your package? FTD offers very detailed tracking info for their local orders, so you can often find the estimated delivery time on the tracking page down to the minute.

Most local FTD deliveries arrive between 8 am and 5 pm. Most local bouquet orders placed before 2 pm will arrive on the same day by 5 pm.

Local orders are typically delivered within three hours, so you can expect same-day delivery in most cases. International orders take longer, which is discussed below.

How late FTD delivers

Most of the year, FTD deliveries go as late as 5 pm local time. However, FTD will deliver until 9 pm during certain holidays and holidays.

Major holidays when many people order flowers include Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, Administrative Professionals Day, and International Women's Day. However, people will also send flowers around Christmas and New Year's!

On these days, deliveries may arrive after 5 pm and as late as 9 pm.

International FTD delivery times

Unfortunately, international deliveries cannot arrive as quickly as local deliveries. But FTD still has an impressive timeframe! Most international deliveries arrive within three days of the order placement.

The exact delivery time frame will depend on the destination country, and the delivery window will still be between 8 am and 5 pm. Typically, the special holiday hours do not apply in foreign countries, but can in the UK.

Lost and missed FTD deliveries

Unfortunately, sometimes the FTD bouquets get lost on the way to their destination. If this happens, you should contact FTD customer service or try and contact the local florist responsible for your delivery if you have their information.

In some cases, florists may leave the delivery outside the address, but in other scenarios, they will take the bouquet back and try again later. For local deliveries, florists may call and schedule the delivery. 

What happens if you miss an FTD delivery

If you miss a scheduled delivery, the florist will try again the next day or contact you to reschedule the delivery.

For business deliveries, the florist will often leave the delivery outside if no one is present to accept the order. The same goes for hospital deliveries.

If you continuously miss the delivery and don't want them to leave it outside, eventually, the flowers will wilt, and they will recommend you place a new order.

How long FTD will hold a package

How long FTD will hold a package depends on the florist and third-party delivery service.

However, the deliveries are almost 100% fresh-cut flowers, so they can only last so long. Most places will hold the flowers for a maximum of one week.

What to do if you haven't received your FTD package

Sometimes, you may receive the delivery confirmation, but the delivery is not there. If this happens, FTD advises you to contact them until the end of the delivery date.

Florists and third-party delivery services may mark something delivered when they really mean confirmed.

You can always reach out to customer service for help, but if your expected delivery date has not passed, they will likely tell you to wait.

FTD tracking FAQs

Below are a few frequently asked questions.

Is FTD delivery fast?

Because FTD exclusively delivers flowers, their services must be fast. Most deliveries arrive at their destination within 72 hours, if not the same day as the order placement.

Can I track an FTD package by address?

No, you cannot track your FTD delivery using only an address. It is possible to acquire your tracking number or order number by giving a customer service representative the delivery address, but they will likely need more information.

If the only info you have is the destination address, it may be challenging to find your package's location.

How do I know if my FTD package is stuck in customs?

Depending on where the package is stuck in customs, your order status may indicate what's happening.

However, the status may just say that it is in transit, in which case you won't be able to access more information on its whereabouts unless you contact customer service.

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