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Track your Exelot delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

With headquarters in Israel, the US, China, and the UK, Exelot is a global leader in eCommerce and cross-border deliveries.

Today's courier companies focus on getting orders from the warehouse to the designated address. With the extensive reach of Exelot tracking and logistics, they can lower the cost of sending your shipments worldwide.

Exelot tracking

Exelot tracking is easy. You can either enter your tracking number on the Exelot website or in the Circuit Package Tracker search above to find your package delivery status and where it is.

How to find your Exelot tracking number

The online merchant will send you a confirmation email after processing your order. Check your email inbox to find your Exelot tracking number.

Unsure what your Exelot tracking code looks like? It will start with the letters XLT and have nine digits.

How to track your Exelot package location

Use the Exelot website or the Circuit Package Tracker search above to check your Exelot tracking location.

Lost Exelot tracking number

Sometimes, you may not get a tracking number. There are many reasons why this might happen, so here’s what to consider.

The most common reasons for not getting your Exelot tracking number are either because the system that sends your tracking number has an error or your order is still processing.

First, double-check that the seller or Exelot sent the tracking information in your confirmation email. Like any other technology, websites can sometimes have issues.

If either is the case, you can contact the seller or Exelot customer care.

How to use Exelot tracking without a tracking number

If you have waited for up to two days and the seller or Exelot has not sent your tracking number, contact Exelot’s customer services. You have following options:

  • Send an email with their online form.
  • Use the live chat service.
  • Speak to a customer service person.

If you choose to send an email, keep in mind that it will take longer for Exelot to respond. You may also find that the live chat service has limited availability.

In a worst-case scenario, you can use both forms of contact tocontact someone who can help you resolve the situation. Also, make sure you have your order information on hand.

Your order information will allow the customer service person to find your order in the system and find its current status.

Solving Exelot tracking issues

Exelot tracking issues can prove challenging to resolve, depending on what is causing them. Because of this, it is crucial to figure out the source of your problem.

Most of the time, you will find that Exelot tracking issues are related to your order processing or an internal problem with Exelot’s systems.

If either is the case, you can contact the seller or Exelot customer care.

Why you can’t track your Exelot package

If the seller or Exelot has sent you a tracking number that doesn’t work, the best thing to do is to wait a day or two and try again. Even though you have a tracking number, it can take time for Exelot to update the tracking information on your package.

This is usually because your order won’t be sent immediately when you place it. So if you try to buy and track your order on the same day, the seller may still be processing it – especially on weekends.

You should expect to track your package a couple of hours after the seller emails your order confirmation.

Why your Exelot package is not updating or moving

When your Exelot package fails to update or move, it’s likely one of two things; issues with the physical delivery or problems with Exelot’s internal system.

In both instances, the only thing you can do is wait for the issues to fix themselves. However, problems with the physical delivery come down to what the delivery drivers are experiencing on the road.

Several unseen hazards can lead to delays in overall delivery time, such as poor traffic and weather. When these happen your package may appear on hold.

Exelot tracking status explained

There are several statuses that your Exelot package will experience throughout its delivery. The two main types are “in transit” and “pending”, and you will get several Exelot tracking messages at each point.

In transit

When your package is in transit, it is on the way. It is often the longest part of any delivery process, as it covers the whole length of your delivery route.

Why your Exelot package is still in transit

A package being in transit for a long time is something you can expect to happen if you are order is traveling a long distance.

There is no reason to feel alarmed when your package is in transit unless you find it is not moving for several days. Ideally, your package should make some progress toward its destination each day.

How long an Exelot package can stay in transit

An Exelot package can stay in transit until the estimated delivery date arrives. Sometimes it can stay in transit longer if the delivery driver experiences delays along the way.

Consider that things like traffic, poor weather, and vehicle issues happen.

The delays to your package’s delivery time can be major or minor, depending on the cause. However, you can contact Exelot to find out what is going on if your package does not arrive by the estimated delivery date.

Typically, when your package fails to arrive by the estimated delivery date, it does not mean it is no longer on the way. You should wait at least an extra 48 hours after the delivery for it to arrive.

When your package still does not arrive, you should turn to Exelot’s customer service to find out if your package is lost.


The pending status means your order is pending the completion of its processing. During this step, your order has made it into Exelot’s system, but it still has yet to ship.

Why your Exelot package may be pending

A common reason an Exelot package stays in its pending phase is the time it takes for the internal system to verify the payment method you used to make your order.

Once your payment method is accepted, your order will proceed from pending to transit once Exelot sends it.

Exelot delivery times

The delivery times for getting a package from Exelot vary depending on where in the world you are having your package delivered. Because of this, Exelot has no general estimated delivery times.

Exelot delivery times: What time your package will arrive

Once the seller sends Exelot the information for your order, your package will move on to the shipping phase. At this point, Exelot will send you an estimated delivery date.

On average for domestic deliveries, you can expect your Exelot order to take between two and nine working days. For international orders, you also have to consider your package may also go through customs.

Generally, customs will hold packages from 12 to 48 hours, meaning that your package’s arrival date can extend up to two days. Once your package leaves customs, you can expect it to arrive within the next one to four working days.

How late Exelot delivers

Domestic Exelot packages will usually arrive between 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

You can use the Circuit Package Tracker search above to find what day and the time your package will arrive. If your package fails to arrive on its given day, you can usually expect delivery the next morning.

International Exelot delivery times

International delivery times for Exelot orders will differ from domestic delivery times. This is usually due to poor weather and traffic or delivery transport gridlock in the destination country causing delays.

Despite this, while traditional freight shipping can take between 10 and 30 days, Exelot claims their international delivery times are just 3 to 10 days.

Lost and missed Exelot deliveries

If you check your Exelot tracking and find that the status indicates your package is lost or missed, it can cause an alarm.

What happens if you miss an Exelot delivery

Most courier companies know missed deliveries are likely to happen, so give you several options:

  1. First, the courier driver or Exelot may have left a card, or sent you an email with further instructions. In most cases, they will try and redeliver on the next working day.
  2. If this isn’t the case, check your emails and contact the package sender and find out if they have any further information.
  3. Finally, contact Exelot customer services to find out what has happened and if you can have your package redelivered.

Important: In most cases, you risk having your package returned to the sender if you miss more than one redelivery attempt.

How long will Exelot hold a package?

Exelot doesn’t hold packages, but you may have a package stored in an automatic package locker or self-collection shop.

These options are available if you know your package will arrive on a day when you’re unable to pick it up. It eliminates the risk of missing your package or stealing it, as you can keep it at one of these locations for several days.

What to do if you haven’t got your Exelot package

If you don’t get your Exelot package by the estimated delivery date, contact Exelot customer services to determine if your package was lost or stolen. Depending on the case, they’ll explain your options for the next steps.

It’s rare for packages to never arrive, still, Exelot has the proper measures in place to deal with the situation. After contacting Exelot customer services, you may wait several days before your package arrives if it’s not lost.

Exelot tracking FAQs

Now that you understand how Exelot handles package delivery, here are answers to some more frequent questions you may still have.

Is Exelot delivery fast?

Exelot delivery can take as short as three to ten days, depending on where you’re ordering from. For a delivery that travels overseas, this is a fast delivery speed.

Many delivery companies can take over two weeks to deliver a package internationally, assuming your package doesn’t get stuck in customs for a lengthy period.

Can I track my Exelot package by address?

You can track Exelot orders using the package tracking search above to find your last known package location. You just need to copy and paste your tracking number.

Exelot will send you a message when your package is out for delivery. You’ll then get another notification when your package arrives.

How do I know if my Exelot package is stuck in customs?

You’ll know if your Exelot package is stuck in customs if you find the “package held” message in Circuit Package Tracker.

With the “package held” status, it is either being checked in pre-customs or held by customs. If customs decide to hold your package, they should email you with a reason. 

Eventually, you should get a message or a status update in the package tracker that customs cleared your package to continue with delivery.

If there is an issue with your package and it can’t leave customs, you may have to take action to get it cleared. Contact your local customs office for help if your package is held for several days and you are unsure why.

Exelot tracking offers an excellent experience

A common customer expectation is for easy package tracking, which Exelot delivers.

If you're looking for a courier you can rely on to deliver your items locally or overseas, Exelot is the company for you. They offer an affordable service and will handle your package quickly and effectively.

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