Eshipping Tracking

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EShipping Tracking

As a logistics company, eShipping stands out thanks to its innovative digital platform and exceptional customer service. For businesses, eShipping is a valuable partner that can enhance visibility over the logistics process and offer procurement services for choosing the best courier partners.

Read on to learn more about this freight company, eShipping tracking solutions, and more.

About eShipping

Founded in 2004, eShipping is an innovative logistics company that offers end-to-end supply chain solutions. From sending to storage, warehousing, and distribution services, businesses can trust eShipping with every aspect of their logistics needs.

The company offers an innovative transportation management system that integrates data at every stage of the supply chain. The purpose is to improve visibility and help customers track orders and inventory with accuracy.

EShipping customers can send packages in the US and around the world through a comprehensive network of partners. With services like truckload carriers, ocean freight, air freight, and specialized pickups, eShipping offers a logistic solution for everyone.

This logistic company primarily operates from its Parkville, MO headquarters. It has expanded and now has four locations throughout the US, including offices in Colorado and South Carolina.

EShipping tracking

As an eShipping customer, you have access to innovative digital solutions to improve visibility over your tracking and inventory. Here’s what you should know about eShipping package tracking.

How to find your eShipping tracking number

Before you can track a package sent with eShipping, you must find your tracking number. Couriers like eShipping assign a unique tracking number for each package or container they handle.

This number will give you access to real-time information about the location and status of your package.

The easiest way to find your eShipping tracking number is to save it or write it down when you create a new order. EShipping has two convenient options for scheduling a pickup:

  • You can fill out the courier’s online pickup form. Once you enter details about the sender and recipient, eShipping will create the pickup and give you a tracking number.
  • If you’re already an eShipping client with an account, you’ll find a similar feature on your dashboard after logging into your eShipManager account.

There are a few ways of finding the tracking number for an existing order:

  • Check your emails. You probably got an email confirmation when you scheduled a pickup.
  • Log into your eShipManager account and navigate to the recent pickup section.
  • Look for your invoice for the order. This document should have information about the package, including a tracking number.
  • If you can’t find your tracking number, contact the eShipping customer service department at 816-505-4161.

How to track your eShipping location

Once you have your eShipping tracking number, you can access information about your package. The best way to track an eShipping shipment is to use the eShipManager tool.

After you become an eShipping customer, you’ll get an email invite to create an eShipManager account. This account will give you access to information about your past and current orders.

All you have to do is log into your eShipManager account and check the dashboard for recent orders. The menu will take you to a more detailed list of recent packages.

Click on the package you want to track. A new window will open with information about your package’s location.

Another method is to go through the DHL tracking tool. EShipping primarily uses DHL as a freight partner for domestic and international orders.

Unless you schedule a special order through another courier, your eShipping invoice will include a DHL tracking number that you can use to find your package in the DHL system.

If you’re a customer who bought an item that the seller is sending through eShipping, your best option is to contact the sender to get updated tracking information.

Lost eShipping tracking number

Eshipping shipment tracking is possible even if you can’t find your tracking number.

How to track an eShipping package without a tracking number

Your best option is to log into your eShipManager account. From the dashboard, you can find the latest tracking information about recent packages.

You can also use the menu to find a more comprehensive list of all your orders. Check recent deliveries and the pickups you scheduled.

The eShipManager platform also includes a search feature. If you can’t track a package, use this feature to filter results by destination or based on the freight service you chose.

If you’re unable to find your package with eShipManager, try contacting the eShipping customer service team for help.

Solving eShipping tracking issues

Is your tracking number returning an error message? Does it look like your package hasn't moved in a while? Find out how to address tracking issues with eShipping.

Why you can’t track your eShipping package

There are a few possible reasons why you can’t track your package:

  • The wrong tracking number is wrong.
  • You submitted a pickup, but the courier doesn’t have the package yet.
  • EShipping issued a tracking number for a pickup from DHL or another courier but had to make some last-minute changes and use another courier.
  • The eShipping tracking system is down. Try again in a few hours. Since eShipping works with courier partners, tracking can go down due to technical issues on the partners’ end.
  • The company canceled your order due to billing issues. The customer service team will likely contact you soon.

Why your eShipping package is not updated or moving

It’s common to get a tracking number that doesn’t move toward the start of a package’s journey. If a tracking number doesn’t show updated information, your best option is to wait 24 hours and check again.

There is usually a short delay between the moment a courier picks up a package and the moment the package leaves the courier’s facility.

You will also run into delays if eShipping has to work with more than one courier to send your package. Expect a short delay when a courier hands your package to the next partner.

However, if your package hasn’t moved in a few days, there might be an issue with the order, or a partner might have failed to scan your package.

Experts estimate that there are approximately 1 billion packages lost every year. If your tracking doesn’t update after 24 hours, contact eShipping so customer service representatives can track down the last known location of your package.

The good news is that eShipping proactively handles logistics issues. The company will look into why your package isn’t moving and find a solution as soon as the eShipping system detects a delay.

EShipping tracking status explained

The eShipping tracking shipment tool will tell you where your package is. It will also display the package status as in transit or pending. Here’s what these tracking statuses mean.

In transit

This status means your package is traveling to its destination. It’s likely on board a truck, boat, or airplane.

Why your eShipping package is still in transit

Depending on where you’re sending a package to, it can take days for a package to reach its destination.

Your package might stay in transit longer than expected for a few different reasons:

  • The courier might have to make some last-minute changes to the route.
  • If a sorting center is too busy, couriers will sometimes reroute packages to another facility to prevent delays.
  • Unexpected weather events can slow down freight.

How long an eShipping package can stay in transit

It depends on the freight service you selected. For domestic packages, eShipping primarily relies on DHL as a partner. This courier typically offers two to three-day deliveries within the US and to Canada and Mexico.

DHL can take up to 20 days to deliver a package to another country. However, eShipping works with a network of courier partners and always compares quotes and delivery windows to find the best freight solution for your needs.

You can expect international packages to remain in transit for one to two weeks in most cases. You should get an accurate delivery estimate when you schedule an international pickup.

The service you choose will also determine how long your package remains in transit:

  • Air freight costs more but results in much faster transit times compared to sea cargo.
  • If you choose eShipping+, you’ll benefit from reduced transit times, even on weekends and holidays.
  • EShipping also offers expedited service by truckload.


Unless you pay extra for an expedited sending service, your package will spend some time sitting in sorting centers during its journey.

A pending status means your package has stopped moving. It doesn’t necessarily mean there is an issue, but you can call eShipping to find out why your package isn’t moving.

Why your eShipping package may be pending

Your package will show as pending at different stages of its journey:

  • You’ll get a pending status between the moment you schedule a pickup and the moment the courier picks up the package.
  • Once your package arrives at a local sorting center, it might sit for a few hours before an employee scans it to confirm its reception.
  • It’s not unusual for packages to sit in sorting centers for hours or even days. Your eShipping tracking number will show as pending until the packages make it to a truck, plane, or boat.
  • For international orders, couriers often have to hand packages over to the next partner. It can take up to 24 hours for the next partner to scan the package and update the tracking.
  • Customs are another common reason for packages showing as pending. It typically takes one to three days to clear customs, but there can be delays.
  • Couriers deal with unexpected events all the time. Bad weather or a shortage of truck drivers can cause delays.
  • A pending status can also mean that eShipping is making some changes to the package’s route to prevent further delays.

If your tracking status shows as pending for a few days, there might be an issue with your package:

  • The contents might have become damaged, and the courier set the package aside. The courier will contact you if it happens.
  • If a courier fails to scan a package, the status might show as pending until the package reaches the next sorting center. However, it’s also possible for the package to become lost.
  • Delays can happen due to problems with the documentation. If you share inaccurate information about a package’s weight or content, you should expect delays.

EShipping is a popular freight solution because it offers an end-to-end logistics service that includes a proactive team of experts who look into issues.

However, if you have questions about why your package is pending, you can contact eShipping and ask them to look into your order. EShipping can also help you file a claim if a courier loses a package.

EShipping Delivery Times

EShipping doesn’t handle packages directly. Instead, this freight company works with a worldwide network of courier partners. Delivery times will vary based on the courier that handles your package.

EShipping delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

DHL is the primary courier partner for eShipping. If your package transits through DHL, you should know that this courier completes most domestic deliveries within two to three days.

The standard last-mile delivery service offered by DHL runs from 8 am. to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. There is a premium delivery service that runs 24/7 if you’re willing to pay extra.

How late eShipping delivers

If eShipping picks DHL to handle your package, the latest the courier will deliver your package is typically 6 P.M.

However, DHL can deliver packages later if you pick an expedited delivery option. EShipping can also compare different couriers and find a partner that can deliver outside of traditional business hours if you have an urgent package.

International eShipping delivery times

International freight will vary based on the partner eShipping uses. DHL has a global presence and is a go-to partner, but eShipping often works with other couriers to speed up delivery times.

You can expect the courier partners to complete your delivery within two to fifteen days on average. DHL can guarantee two to three-day deliveries to Canada or Mexico, but sending packages to the rest of the world will take longer.

The best way to get a delivery time for an international package is to log into your eShipManager account and check the order information.

Lost and missed eShipping deliveries

Are you expecting a delivery from eShipping? Here’s what you should know.

What happens if you miss an eShipping delivery?

Unless the sender asks for a signature or payment at reception, the courier partner will leave the package at your door.

If you miss a delivery with a signature or payment, the courier will typically reschedule the delivery for the next business day. DHL and other courier partners also use collection points where you can pick up packages that you missed.

We recommend using the track my eShipping package tool or contacting the sender to find out when the courier will attempt to deliver the package again.

How long will eShipping hold a package?

EShipping works with a global network of courier partners. Their policies for holding unclaimed packages can vary.

If eShipping partners with DHL for an order, this courier will hold packages for two weeks at a collection point before sending them back.

What to do if you haven’t received your eShipping package

The first thing you can do is check the package’s tracking number. You will get an updated delivery estimate.

You can also visit the closest collection point if DHL is handling your package. You might find that your package is waiting at the collection point, or a DHL employee might track your package.

If you can't figure out where your package is, your best option is to contact the sender. The sender has access to digital tools designed to help them track packages. The sender can also contact eShipping for help with locating the package.

EShipping tracking FAQs

Read on to learn more about eShipping.

Is eShipping delivery fast?

EShipping works with hundreds of courier partners to offer logistics solutions that match the needs and budgets of customers. You can prioritize speed by choosing an expedited delivery or opting for a budget-friendly freight solution. On average, domestic deliveries take two to three days with DHL.

Can I track eShipping packages by address?

EShipping has an online tracking system that relies on tracking numbers for accuracy. However, you can contact the eShipping customer service team and get help locating a package by address if you can’t find your tracking number.

How do I know if my eShipping package is stuck in customs?

Your eShipping tracking status will typically appear as pending while your package is in customs. If you’re sending a package to another country and the tracking changes to pending two to three days into the package’s journey, customs is the most likely reason.

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