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Track your Envialia delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Envialia operates across Spain—its customers are business business-to-business and industry companies, major retailers, internet retailers, original equipment manufacturers, and eCommerce.

Envialia is renowned for being an exceptional delivery company. They specialize in logistics services and offer customers services customized to their needs.

About Envialia

Envialia package tracking refers to locating your package along its journey to your door once it leaves the order center and gets delivered to an Envialia warehouse. 

Located in Coslada, Madrid, Spain, Envialia is a logistics, express transport, and eCommerce company operating in over 300 service centers.

Envialia is a global courier that offers express deliveries domestically and internationally, specifically for online eCommerce retailers stationed in Portugal and Spain. More specifically, Envialia offers companies time to critical packages and documents with express delivery services.

Envialia package tracking

Every carrier uses and assigns unique format letters and numbers to find and track orders. These numbers will vary from one delivery company to the next. However, with Envialia, your tracking numbers can be 8 to 17 numbers long. 

Here's an example of an Envialia Tracking number: 00976895432765439.

How to find your Envialia package tracking number 

After purchasing an online store, the Envialia tracking number will either be on the order confirmation or the order information pages on the order information pages found on the eCommerce website.

Contact the customer support department to procure the tracking information if you cannot find your Envialia package tracking number.

Once you've checked out with the eCommerce store, they'll send you a confirmation email. 

Shortly after sending out your package, they'll send you a notification email. The email will contain your order ID—this number is your Envialia package tracking number too.

How to track your Envialia package location 

After you've got your Envialia Tracking number, put this number into our online system to find the delivery journey of your package in its entirety from beginning to end.

You will access the latest status updates and the estimated arrival date. The Envialia order tracking update comes in many languages to suit their varied customers.

Interestingly, since Envialia partners with eCommerce sites, it's likely that you can track your packages on their websites as well.

Lost Envialia tracking number 

If you've lost your tracking number and are struggling to find details about the whereabouts of your package, search your emails for your order confirmation first.

If you've taken the necessary steps to search for your online receipts and the confirmation and you've come up empty, there are ways that you can go about determining the status of your package.

How to track an Envialia package without a tracking number 

It's safe to say that tracking a package without a tracking number is virtually impossible. 

your tracking number is essential because it allows systems to track its location as it moves from one warehouse to another, getting scanned into their database.

Alternatively, you can try calling Envialia directly. Be prepared to give details such as your name, email address, destination country, and so on. 

By providing this information, there's a chance that Envialia can identify your package and retrieve your tracking number that they have in their database.

Solving Envialia package tracking issues 

Since Envialia delivers both locally and internationally, it depends on the location where you're having sending issues to determine the likely cause.

Locally, the problem could be an incorrect address; you weren't home for the first delivery, weather, and so on.

On the other hand, with global orders, Envialia acts as more of the midpoint between retailers and carriers in every destination country.

Consequently, there can be many reasons that you may be experiencing issues tracking your packages through Envialia. 

Why you can't track your Envialia package 

If you're worrying and asking yourself, "Why isn't it working when I try to track my Envialia package with your tracking number?" don't fret! 

Chances are, it's a logistics issue. The carrier must upload your information into their system, which takes time.

There are times when you can't track an Envialia order because there is not a package you can trace at the moment; this happens when the number isn't traceable. 

It can take a couple of days after a sending company has got your package before they can enter the details into the database; this is most likely why you can't track your package immediately.

Why your Envialia package is not updating or moving 

Perhaps you've noticed that your package's tracking has ceased updating. This can result from a minor delay in the system registering or delivery process. 

Contact Envialia customer support for help. They will likely have pertinent information about your package and the means to find out what's happening with your delivery.

Envialia package tracking status explained 

There are several statuses you can expect to find after the tracking information is entered into the systems when checking the whereabouts of your package. 

Below you'll find two primary statuses and what they mean to you as the recipient. This information will help you to stay abreast of your package and its location. 

In transit 

This notification communicates that your package has been sent and is now on its way. Just wait for its carrier to deliver it to you. You can contact the last mile delivery carrier for more information if necessary.

Why your Envialia package is still in transit

There are several reasons why your Envialia package could be in transit. Perhaps there are poor weather conditions, a holiday, and so on. These kinds of events can delay the estimated delivery date of a package.

Issues often arise with customs because there may be fees that you must pay before your package can move on to be delivered. This delay in the process can take up to a day before it's reflected in the system. 

Another hold-up could have to do with the method of transportation used to deliver your package. 

For instance, a package arriving by a more economical mode of transportation will arrive slower than packages transported by air. These common factors may explain why your package is still in transit.

How long an Envialia package can stay in transit

For a local package, Envialia will generally get it to you within a week, depending on the sending method. Getting your package for international deliveries can take up to one month. 


When the status of your package reflects "Pending," your package has not reached the destination branch to be delivered yet.

Why your Envialia package may be pending 

During the holidays, major carriers like Royal Mail, FedEx, DHL, UPS, and other carriers cannot process every package they have. 

In this situation, a carrier will notify you that this happens with a " Pending " tracking status; this status usually indicates that your package is waiting for a label scan. 

Usually, packages get scanned in one to two days. However, a package can be pending for as long as ten days during peak sending periods, Black Friday, and holidays.

If your order is "Pending" for more than ten days, it may be labeled lost by the carrier. If this happens, you'll have to file a lost package claim with your specific carrier.

Envialia delivery times 

The exact date of your delivery depends on multiple factors related to the location and the type of sending services chosen. With Envialia, their specialty is time-sensitive packages and documents. 

If you're getting your package delivered to a local address or near Portugal, you'll get it much faster, between the same day and five days. 

Other services offered include overnight, two-day, standard, and media delivery.

Additionally, factors such as 

  • How far is your address from the original warehouse
  • How long does it take the merchant to ship your product
  • Common disruptions of transportation services

Generally, whatever delivery estimation you got when you made your order is accurate based on how far away you live. Envialia tracking won't affect the speed, though it may come at a slightly higher price. 

Some disruptions, such as a virus outbreak, harsh weather conditions, or an incorrect address, may make the delivery process slower. 

Because Envialia delivers both locally and internationally, there will be different components to consider when it comes to speed of delivery. 

For example, with global services, Envialia takes your package to the destination country and drops it off at the local courier. From there, it is the responsibility of this courier to get your package to your home. Envialia is only responsible for the direct delivery of local packages. 

Envilia delivery times: what time will your package arrive?

Envialia will deliver any package to your home from Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 6 pm. They also offer weekend delivery services as an option with select retailers. 

For the Overnight sending option, Envialia will get your package to you by 3 pm of the next business day (for most residential addresses not found in a remote area). 

If you live in a rural area, expect the delivery by 4.30 pm, and 8 pm will be the latest that they deliver. These times are contingent on any mitigating circumstances that could arise between Monday and Friday. 

Envialia's Priority Overnight Next Business Day delivery arrives around 10.30 am to most addresses that are in easily accessible locations. Otherwise, if you reside in a remote area, expect your package between 12 pm, 4.30 pm, or 5 pm. 

Use your Envialia tracking number to keep up with where your package is throughout the day so that you are home when it arrives. Doing this will also help to prevent delays. 

How late Envialia delivers 

Envialia won't deliver past 8 pm on most days, so there's no reason to worry if it hasn't arrived. You can always contact the customer support team if you have questions or are starting to doubt that they'll arrive on time. 

The staff is always willing to help you find a suitable solution while addressing your concerns. 

International Envialia delivery times

You can expect to wait between two to three weeks for your package for international deliveries. You can track an Envialia order from start to finish to determine where your item is in the sending process. 

Once Envialia gets your package to your country, it goes to the local warehouse or delivery service. Assuming you don't have any problems with customs, your package should be on its way within a day or two. 

Depending on your region, the time it takes to transport your package to your address can vary. However, it also depends on the type of package that you're receiving. 

For example, Envialia might only visit a particular country, such as France, twice a week, waiting for all the previous week's orders to be prepared by the seller in Spain or Portugal. 

Once they have all your packages loaded, they'll take a trip or two to the country, at which point the local courier might deliver your package right away or wait for the next order from Spain and Portugal and deliver them all at once at the end of the week. 

This varies, and you might contact the local courier to ask if they have your Envialia order so you can pick it up in person. 

Standard sending throughout Europe is usually seven to twelve days for international services, so it'll take at least around that time frame to reach your country, depending on your proximity to Spain and Portugal. 

However, they have multiple service centers worldwide that might get your package to you sooner if you order from a retailer close to one of their service centers. 

For these reasons, it's always safe to set aside two to three weeks to get your package.

Lost and missed Envialia deliveries 

Suppose you suspect that your package is lost because perhaps your Envialia order tracking number has halted and isn't showing updates. In that case, you should contact their customer service immediately to determine if they can help. 

If they can tell you that they have already delivered it to your destination company, you'll need to contact the local courier in the case of international deliveries. 

Depending on the last location of your package, you can have the last known carrier launch an investigation to determine where it may have gotten stuck. 

What happens if you miss an Envialia delivery?

If your Envialia tracking order number shows that you missed the delivery, the company will likely reschedule for the next business day and notify you that they attempted to deliver. 

In this case, the situation should get resolved quickly, or maybe your package was left with a neighbor or the local post office. Contact Envialia support for more details. If you miss an international delivery, contact the local courier. 

How long will Envialia hold a package? 

For local deliveries, Envialia will only hold your package for two to three days before returning it to the sender. You'll have to communicate with the sender to get it sent out again. 

If it's an international delivery, other couriers such as TNT, DHL, Royal Mail, BRT, and others might hold your package for various reasons. You would have to confirm with them whether there were customs issues, incorrect addresses, or another factor that prohibited the delivery.

What to do if you haven't got your Envialia package?

If you still didn't get your item and your Envialia package tracking shows that it should have arrived, contact Envialia directly for support. They'll work with the local carrier if the delivery is international or give you a direct answer if it's a local order. 

Envialia FAQs 

Here are the responses to the most commonly asked questions regarding Envialia package tracking:

Is Envialia delivery fast? 

Envialia vows to deliver your package as quickly as possible, barring any service disruptions such as weather. For local deliveries, that's between two to five days, and for international deliveries, that may be from two to three weeks on average. 

Can I track the Envialia package by address? 

You can't track your order with your address. The Envialia package tracking number is necessary to identify where your package is, anywhere in the world. 

You might contact the courier to get more information about your package's last known location, but overall, you can't track a package by the address. 

How do I know if my Envialia package is stuck in customs?

You'll usually get a notification when tracking your package, stating that it is in customs. They will probably give a general reason, but you'll have to call for further details. 

You'll pay the amount requested and get your package in a few days if it's a fee problem. If the problem is more nuanced, it can take one day to more than a week to resolve. 

Envialia final thoughts

Envialia is a dependable courier specializing in priority sending for local and international orders. 

Most times, your Envialia package tracking number doesn't work for a simple reason, such as not getting scanned into the system, disruption of service out of their control, or incorrect data related to the address. 

You'll usually get your order within one to three weeks, anywhere in the world. 

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