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Track your Ekart delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

As a business, if you’ve ever considered shipping across India, chances are you’ve thought about Ekart, India's largest logistics and supply chain.

For customers, however, knowing where your TCI Express orders are critical to avoid the frustration of a missed delivery.

Below, I’ll explain Ekart tracking and cover the difference between status updates. Then I’ll explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

About Ekart 

Ekart is a part of Flipkart, the leading Indian eCommerce company and online marketplace. As such, they specialize in delivering products from 100s of Flipkart businesses to more than 60 cities and regions around India.

Ekart tracking

Follow your Ekart package from the store to your door anywhere in India with Circuit Package Tracker. All you need to do is use the tracking number from the seller’s confirmation email in the search above to know where your Flipkart delivery is, and at what status.

How to find your Ekart tracking number

Ekart tracking numbers are made up of letters and numbers and always start with four letters, followed by ten numbers.

There are a few ways to find your Ekart tracking number, depending on whether you're the recipient of the seller. 

As a seller, Ekart will give you tracking information once a customer places an order for delivery.

As a customer, once Ekart has collected your order from the seller, the merchant sends the tracking information to you.

Usually, you can find your tracking number in an email with the estimated arrival time.

Depending on what's in your package, it's possible to get your package in as few as four hours on the very same business day.

On the other hand, businesses may have to wait two to three days before your tracking number starts working. 

For customers, however, your Ekart tracking code can work in just a few hours.

How to track your Ekart package location

Enter your Ekart tracking number into Circuit Package Tracker to find when the seller sent the order and its location.

Ekart will scan your package and update your tracking whenever it reaches a facility on its way to you.

Lost Ekart tracking number 

Locating your package without your tracking number will be more challenging. 

The first place to search for your tracking number is in your emails to find out if the copy of your original receipt is in your confirmation email.

If you still can't find your Ekart tracking number, there are a few ways that you can try and find it.  

How to track an Ekart package without a tracking number 

If you didn’t get a Ekart tracking number, you have no idea where your package is now or when it might arrive. Getting a tracking number can keep you informed.

Check your information from the seller or store if you’re expecting a package from Ekart. You might have a tracking number on your email that you overlooked.

Contact the store or seller directly if you don’t have a tracking number. They can find their records to get you the information you need.

You can also try contacting Ekart Customer Care for help. 

Solving Ekart tracking issues

There are several ways to fix Ekart tracking issues. Learn why you might not track your package, why it is not updating or moving, and how to solve it below.

Why you can't track your Ekart package 

Some common issues may keep you from tracking your Ekart package. First, you may not have copied the tracking number precisely, so double-check this and try again. If this isn’t the tracking issue, other possible causes include:

Ekart may not have collected your package yet. It can take time for sellers to tell Ekart they have an order for pickup.

For example, if you placed an order on Friday, the seller may not ship it until Monday. In this case, Ekart tracking will not be immediately available.

Rarely the Ekart tracking system has issues. These are unusual, and Ekart resolves them quickly.

If you think either reason is the case, wait a couple of business days and then check Circuit Package Tracker before contacting Ekart Customer Care for help.

Why your Ekart package is not updating or moving 

Ekart tracking can stall for several reasons—the good news is that it’s not usually a cause for concern, and most issues are easy to resolve.

The first (and most likely) reason for the lack of progress on the route is after an Ekart courier collects your package.

Ekart updates your package tracking status on arrival at and after leaving scheduled delivery hubs on its route. Sometimes you can experience a short delay between these points.

Rarely technical problems can also cause Ekart tracking to show an error.

If your delivery has any of these delays, wait 24 hours and then contact Ekart Customer Care for help.

Ekart tracking status explained

Ekart packages go through many stages, from the starting address to your door. Each new step will show a different tracking status.

Learn the most common Ekart tracking statuses and how to resolve issues with this guide.

In transit

Your package is traveling through the delivery process according to the estimated time frame when it says "in transit." 

During this time, your package is going from one courier to the next stop. That could be another hub or your residence. 

Why your Ekart package is still in transit

There are several reasons that your order is still in the traveling process.

Most commonly, basic issues such as harsh weather, an incorrect address, an area that is hard to reach, or a missed delivery are the culprit. 

If your package gets damaged along the way, lost, or the courier company hasn't gotten around to scanning it, it'll reflect that it's "in transit" for longer. 

Waiting a few days beyond when you expected your package to arrive is advisable before contacting the courier. 

How long an Ekart package can stay in transit

You may find that your Ekart package is still in transit for one to two weeks longer than you thought. 

As mentioned, sometimes it just takes time to transfer your package from one place to the next, or it's a quick fix. 

You usually don't have to worry that something has gone wrong unless there's a specific notification that says so or it's past due. 


Sometimes you might find the status of "pending." This status can mean different things depending on where your package is in the overall delivery process. 

Why your Ekart package may be pending

The reasons your package seems stuck in transit are more or less the same issues that could cause the order to still be pending. 

If the courier is working through a larger-than-normal queue, your package could say that it's pending until it reaches the next delivery stage.

Ekart delivery times 

Ekart is a continually expanding logistics company that manages upwards of ten million packages monthly. 

They offer same-day delivery for 13 cities in India, whereas the other 50 cities have access to next-day service. 

However, Ekart collaborates with other Flipkart international partners like Klick2Shop

This company delivers packages to Asia and works closely with Ekart for specific sending solutions like last-mile courier services. 

Ekart delivery times: What time will your package arrive 

One of Ekarts most popular services is Same-Day delivery. 

If you place an order before the cutoff time, the courier company will pick up and deliver your package within two hours to nearby destinations. 

This service isn't available beyond significant cities like Delhi and Mumbai because Ekart utilizes its warehouses for these orders. 

Usually, they collect the packages directly from the consumer's home, which adds more time to how long it takes to make the delivery. 

The delivery times are as follows:

Standard delivery: Four to five working days 

Express delivery: Two to three working days

The courier will send an SMS to you to tell them their estimated arrival time. 

For Flipkart items that you can order through Ekart for last-mile deliveries:

"In stock" items: The delivery takes two to three working days for the Express delivery and four to five days for the Standard delivery. (In various regions, it can take as long as one to two weeks)

"Coming soon" or "Pre-order" items: you can place your order, and the seller will send the product within two to six days from when it becomes available. 

"Imported" items: The delivery is coming from another country, which needs at least ten days to arrive. 

*The delivery times listed are approximate estimations that do not include public holidays or Sundays.

How late does Ekart deliver

Ekart usually delivers packages between 8 am to 8 pm. This timespan doesn't include unique handling options. 

For their Same-Day and Next-Day services, they strive to deliver the packages by 12 pm, or 3 pm, depending on the region. 

International Ekart delivery times 

Ekart only delivers to India, as they're trying to continue to strengthen their transportation support within the national territory.

Lost and missed Ekart deliveries

It's not uncommon for small packages to get lost in transit during travel. However, it's usually more of a problem for long international trips than short domestic deliveries. 

Nonetheless, knowing what to do if your Ekart package gets lost during transit or if you miss the scheduled delivery is essential. 

What happens if you miss an Ekart delivery

Sometimes, it's hard to miss your delivery from Ekart because they contact you beforehand to tell you they're arriving. 

If you aren't present to get the delivery from the Ekart worker, they will leave a notice that they tried to deliver your package.  

You will then notice a second delivery attempt the following day. Anyone who does not get your package after the second attempt will have to pick it up from a nearby branch. 

How long will Ekart hold a package?

Though Ekart doesn't usually hold packages, there may be a reason that they will keep them for you, such as an emergency. 

If Ekart has scheduled your delivery, you must tell them and make other arrangements if you cannot collect it on the day.

They might instruct you to head to one of their depots to get your package within a specified time frame. 

What to do if you haven't got your Ekart package?

For situations where you've waited for your package, and it doesn't seem like it's going to get there, you must contact Ekart. 

If they weren't the last courier to have your order, you must contact the local post office to find out if they can give you more details. 

Perhaps they can tell you why it seems your package got marked as delivered if you didn't get it or why it is stalling.

Ekart tracking FAQs

Below you'll find quick answers to common questions that Ekart customers have when having their packages.

Is Ekart delivery fast? 

Ekart specializes in delivery to any address in India. They offer Same-Day and Next-Day services and complete most deliveries within a week. 

Can I track an Ekart package by address? 

You can't use Ekart tracking with an address, so it's best always to have your tracking number handy to make things easier.

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