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Track your Echo delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Echo Global Logistics, Inc. is one of the industry's leading freight services.

A shipper outsources the planning and execution of their shipments to a managed service giver called managed transportation.

This company offers managed transportation and freight brokerage services for each significant mode of transportation It includes truckload, partial truckload, intermodal, expedited, and LTL.

One key aspect of Echo Global Logistics is its ability to keep track of packages. Here’s everything you need to know about Echo package tracking.

About Echo

Echo Global Logistics Inc is a supply chain management and transportation service. It maintains a headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, and more than 30 locations in the United States. 

Echo package tracking allows individuals who use their services to find your package at all times, no matter where it is. 

In the instance that an Echo carrier prepares your package for shipment, you'll be given updates about the whereabouts of your package at every step during the delivery process.

Echo Global Logistics acts as an intermediary that connects merchants who need to transport products with delivery companies that can deliver quickly. 

Their scope ranges from coast to coast and all across the world.

Most importantly, the company completes the job using competitive rates and high efficiency.

Echo package tracking

Tracking numbers differ from carrier to carrier because each assigns unique numbers and letters to identify, find and track shipments. 

Because Echo partners with various carriers, your tracking numbers can find drastically different from one another. 

How to find your Echo package tracking number

Echo sends a tracking number to customers when they place an order and gives them access to an online portal to keep them updated on its status from start to finish.

You will get a tracking number when placing your order if you are the recipient. At that point, you have to wait for it to get updated in the system. 

When you place an order, you will get confirmation of the order, confirmation of payment, and your tracking number within a day or so when Echo have shipped your order.

How to track your Echo package location

To get the delivery status of your package, cargo online, and consignments, enter the Echo tracking number in their tracking system.

After doing so, you'll get the latest status updates and the estimated arrival time. The Echo shipment tracking update comes in various languages.

Lost Echo tracking number 

If you can't find your tracking number and cannot determine your package's whereabouts, check your emails for your confirmation first.

If you've come up empty after taking the necessary steps to find your online receipts, there are still ways to confirm the current status of your package.

For example, you can contact Echo directly if you are an owner of your company. 

Other customers who have bought a package through Echo can contact their eCommerce website directly for help. 

How to track an Echo package without a tracking number 

Your Echo tracking number is crucial to the delivery process because it allows their systems to identify, find and track the location of your package.

During delivery, a package will move from warehouse to warehouse while it gets scanned into multiple databases.

It's nearly impossible to monitor a package without your tracking number. Since Echo is a transportation manager, this process operates somewhat differently from normal. 

Whatever company that Echo has entrusted to deliver your package will be the primary method of contact. 

Therefore, you should try calling that company directly. Before calling, prepare to give details such as your name, address, email address, and destination country.

There's a chance that you can identify your package and retrieve your tracking number, which they'll have on file.

Solving Echo package tracking issues

Because Echo ships internationally, determining the likely cause of your shipping issues will depend primarily on where the problems originate.

After your package has reached your destination country, several issues could arise, such as weren't home for the first delivery, weather, or an incorrect address.

In this case, when you're dealing with a transportation manager, it's hard to pinpoint the exact time that your package begins to get delayed. 

Since Echo manages the shipments instead of delivering them directly to your door, there's less of a chance that your package gets lost when it's in their possession. 

It would be more common that they would hand your package off to the best carrier company. 

From that point on, it becomes the carrier's responsibility to deliver your package to its destination. 

With that said, there are many reasons that you may have problems experiencing issues tracking your packages through Echo.

Why you can't track your Echo package 

Echo handles the logistics aspect of deliveries, organizing every detail from the beginning of the order until you get it. 

However, you may be unable to track your Echo package if the details aren't in the system. 

As Echo is responsible for arranging everything and finding the most suitable courier, there's a chance that your package will findm temporarily untraceable. 

No worries, once they get everything squared away and register your information, you'll be good to go. 

Why your Echo package is not updating or moving 

Each time a transfer happens and your package moves to a new location, your item gets scanned. 

When your package is not scanned into the system for several days, it might findm like nothing is happening, and your package is stuck. 

However, multiple factors could cause your package not to get scanned for a few days. 

Possible reasons might include the postal facility being overwhelmed with receiving a large shipment. Much bigger deliveries can take longer for the facility to get everything sorted. 

Alternatively, the holidays could be near, and things are busier than usual. 

These potential causes are just a glimpse into why you might not  find your package getting updated day-to-day.

Echo package tracking status explained 

Below are the most common package statuses that you'll find, along with their meaning and commonly associated issues:

In transit 

In transit means your package has departed the shipping facility and is on its way to you. 

Why your Echo package is still in transit

A shipment from Echo could still be in transit because of the distance between you and the shipping company, inclement weather delaying the service, and more.

It's not unusual for a package to be in transit a little longer than expected since factors out of the carrier's control could emerge.

Be mindful that the delivery estimate assumes that everything goes according to plan. Of course, that’s not always the case when it comes to deliveries.

Another reason for a delay could be the mode of transportation chosen to deliver your package. 

For example, a package arriving by plane will be faster than a package arriving by a more economical mode of transportation such as a boat. 

How long an Echo package can stay in transit

An Echo package could stay in transit from a few days to a few weeks.

The length of time it stays on the move primarily depends on which type of shipping method you choose if there were any customs issues, unfotunate circumstances, and so on. 

Typically, international orders arrive within two weeks. 


When "Pending" is the status of your package, it reflects that your package has not arrived at the destination branch for delivery.

Why your Echo package may be pending

Your Echo package tracking may become frustrating if you find it continues to say "pending" for a few days. 

This status indicates that your package is still waiting to get accepted into the system at one of the transportation warehouses. 

For example, your package may be pending if it has been shipped and made it to your destination country, but a worker hasn't yet scanned it to acknowledge receipt. 

The lack of receipt might be because the company that had it before could have already scanned it out, and now your package is in “limbo,” which usually only lasts a day or two. 

Echo Delivery times 

From the moment they pick up your package until they find the best company to handle the shipments, Echo takes, on average, two to three days to get everything organized.


It's crucial to remember that weekends and cultural and national holidays do not count toward valid days to deliver packages. 

Echo has expedited services available for the companies they partner with, allowing them to get their shipments out in the following time frame: 

  • Air services: Use of an exclusive charter, times deliveries, next-day deliveries, and NFO (next flight out)
  • Ground services: Use of sprinter vans, express cargo trucks, team trucks available on demand, and straight trucks
  • Expedited services for LTL (less than a truckload): They offer next-day, second-day, and time-specific deliveries throughout the United States

Echo also offers standard shipping services, which aren't as speedy as the expedited services but are still as efficient as possible. 

Echo delivery times: What time your package will arrive 

If you're thinking, "It's nice to track my Echo package, but it would be better if I knew what time they'll arrive," you have to remember that it's a tough aspect to pinpoint. 

Many factors can affect when your package arrives, even if there's an estimated delivery window. 

Echo is the intermediary between the merchant and the delivery personnel they select. They arrange everything to guarantee you get your package as quickly as possible. 

It's hard to know exactly when you'll get your package, but, in general, a carrier won't deliver later than 8 pm. 

A carrier starts deliveries as early as 8 am, but the specific times vary from company to company. 

Since Echo is in the United States, you'll get your package faster if you live in the US versus a European country.

Nonetheless, Echo always picks the best and most efficient method.

How late Echo delivers 

Echo doesn't deliver your packages to your door, but they select the couriers that will. As mentioned, you usually won't get a delivery beyond 8 pm. 

Your delivery shouldn't be too far behind schedule if everything stays on track, and a delay of one or two days is nothing to worry about. 

International Echo delivery times 

Echo handles international and local deliveries, though they aren't the ones that will deliver your package personally. 

Still, they must select the mode of transportation, between an air carrier and a boat, and then they will connect to the destination country. 

It takes up to two weeks to get a package in most of Europe. This waiting period includes the time it takes to reach the company and hand your package to the local postal service. 

However, the process can vary depending on your package size, as Echo routinely works with companies that handle large amounts of freight

For other continents, such as Asia, it may take a little over two weeks, possibly up to three, to make a delivery. 

Again, this depends on the transportation, as an airplane will reach another country quicker than a boat. 

No matter which method is chosen, you can always rest assured that you'll get your package as quickly as Echo can arrange for you to get it. 

Lost and missed Echo deliveries

Dealing with lost and missed Echo deliveries can be discouraging. 

You've waited and continually checked the Echo package tracking to find that your package hasn't moved, yet it should have arrived a week ago. 

When there is a significant delay, it may mean your package has somehow gotten lost. It's an unfortunate occurrence that recipients of small packages face from time to time. 

When it comes to Echo as a transportation manager, this is less likely to occur, as they do an excellent job of monitoring the movement of your package on their end as well. 

Also, if you miss the delivery because you're not available when the courier arrives, you can usually get it the next business day. 

What happens if you miss an Echo delivery?

The person that delivered your package will almost certainly leave a notice on your door or call you to confirm when they'll return to deliver your item(s). 

Missing a package isn’t usually a reason to get concerned so long as you have given your correct phone number to be put on file. 

Contact the courier directly if you have more questions. 

How long Echo will hold a package

Echo does not hold packages for any reason, as its primary goal is to get items delivered to the customer as quickly as possible. 

If your package is stuck or isn't moving, it's generally for a reason other than Echo holding it once it is ready to go in transit. 

Any holdings that occur beforehand will be at the request of the company from which you ordered. 

What to do if you haven't got your Echo package 

If you've never got your Echo package and you're worried it's lost and won't arrive, contact the company you ordered from immediately. 

They should assist you with an investigation along with Echo and the carrier that last handled your package. 

In addition, you can always contact the local post office to ask if they're expecting any shipments and to keep a find out for your item(s). 

Echo FAQs

If you have more questions about the company, keep reading as we answer three of the most commonly asked questions regarding Echo package tracking.

Is Echo delivery fast? 

Echo delivery is especially fast when you live in the United States, averaging two to seven days. 

For international deliveries, depending on the service you select, it could be between three days to 14 days. 

Can I track an Echo package by address? 

You cannot track an Echo shipment by using your address. There's a chance that the Echo might find the initial whereabouts of your package by using customer information. 

However, tracking your package by just using the address once it leaves the country would be impossible. 

Even tracking a package by address domestically can be challenging, given millions of packages get moved daily. 

How do I know if my Echo package is stuck in customs?

If your Echo package tracking shows that your package got stuck in customs, it may have helpful details. 

It could be you must pay fees you didn't pay when you ordered, more documentation is necessary, or just clarification about the contents.

Contact the customer office by email or telephone to rectify the situation and get your package. 

Echo conclusion

Echo is a reputable transportation and logistics management company that works tirelessly to deliver packages locally and worldwide. 

Your Echo package tracking number is essential, as it will help you find your package no matter what. If you lose the number, contact the merchant immediately for help. 

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