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Track your DTDC delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

DTDC India opened its doors in 1990 and grew so fast that customers could take advantage of international sending by the early 2000s. 

Today, they are a strategic partner of the DPDgroup and have thousands of offices across India and worldwide. With DTDC tracking, you can accurately find what hubs get and send your package in India and internationally.

They navigate a complex market in a highly populated country. Despite the challenges, delivery times with DTDC compare with other global courier companies.

DTDC tracking

As with all modern couriers, to use DTDC tracking, you will need a confirmation order or reference number. Here’s how to track yours.

How to find your DTDC tracking number

You can find your DTDC tracking number on your handwritten consignment note or in the Consignment Tracker—which DTDC sends to you as confirmation by email or SMS.

With the consignment note, you can find your DTDC tracking number under the barcode as “CN No.” Check out this consignment note example if you’re unsure.

To find your DTDC tracking number in the Consignment Tracker, go directly under “Consignment Details” at the top of the screen; you will find “Shipment No.” followed by your tracking code.

Good to know: The DTDC tracking system uses the terms “Air Waybill” (AWB), “order number,” and “consignment number” to all mean your tracking number. 

They also switch between “No.” and “#.” So you can be confident that any code after these terms are also your DTDC tracking number.

How to track your DTDC package location

Once you have your number, DTDC tracking is easy. You can do this in several ways.

The fastest is to use the search at the top of this article. Circuit Package Tracker will tell you where your shipment is and its status.

Alternatively, you can use the DTDC website to track your package. Just copy and paste your tracking number into the search in the top-left corner of the homepage

You may also land on their dedicated tracking page, which has extra tracking information.

Note: If you have a reference number instead of a tracking number, tick the correct box and enter your number the same way.

Finally, you can also use the DTDC SMS tracker or E-Tracker.

Lost DTDC tracking number

Most people with internet access are unlikely to lose their tracking number because you can usually pull up a confirmation or email with little difficulty. 

But here’s what to do if you’ve lost your tracking number.

How to use DTDC tracking without a tracking number

You must enter your code to track a package, whether you have a DTDC tracking number or a reference number.

DTDC displays a phone number and support email address on the left side of every page of its website. There is also a list of city-specific telephone numbers you can contact 

Even though DTDC is open and transparent about support, contacting the company is rarely the best option if you do not have your tracking number. Instead, contact your package sender.

You should contact the sender first, which often has the fastest results. The business will often address the problem faster, as the consignment note should be easy to find.

Solving DTDC tracking issues

The good news about tracking issues is that they rarely indicate a serious problem, such as a delayed or lost package. 

The delivery usually happens on the same schedule, and the tracking issue only happens due to human error.

Why you can't track your DTDC package

Your package may not be instantly available to track if DTDC does not scan your bar code straight away, or there are delays at a facility.

Usually, your package is in the system and moving along its route. You can use Circuit Package Tracker after a day or two to check if the status has changed.

If you are waiting for an online order, the seller will send your DTDC tracking number after they have dispatched your package. Here, the tracking delay may be that they are waiting for the courier to collect it.

For this, DTDC tracking has a status of “Booked,” which means the sender has asked them to collect your package.

If DTDC hasn’t changed your “Booked” tracking status after a few days, contact the sender to verify that they sent out your package. If the sender confirms that DTDC has collected your order, they can contact them to launch an investigation.

Why your DTDC package is not updating or moving

Once your package reaches a DTDC facility, you will find a delay will while workers unload, sort, scan, and load packages for transit. 

Some facilities will scan your package twice; at arrival and departure. There is no way for you to know the cause if you experience a delay here with DTDC tracking.

The best advice is to check again the next day. Hopefully, the status should show your package as moving again.

DTDC tracking status explained

Your DTDC tracking status can be hard to understand. The good news is that delays between each status do not often mean your order will be late.

In transit

In their own words, DTDC uses the tracking status “In transit” to mean your package is “on its way to your doorstep.”

However, this can be confusing.

Although the DTDC status description mentions “arriving at your doorstep,” this doesn’t mean it will arrive soon. “In transit” means that your package is somewhere on the route. Even if it’s traveling through another country first.

To clear things up, if your package is due that day, DTDC will use the tracking status “Out for Delivery.”

Understanding what transit means is critical because there can be any number of stops along the way whilst your DTDC delivery is in transit.

Why your DTDC package is still in transit

Scheduled check-ins at DTDC hubs and facilities are responsible for most transit delays.

You may find that your package gets processed and forwarded from a hub or facility every day. Ont the flip side, there may be several days your DTDC tracking does not update.

All of these stops are a normal part of the transit process. So as long as your DTDC tracking shows some progress along the route, you can relax.

If your transit stalls and does not arrive at a new facility or get forwarded for a long time, then you should launch an investigation.

To do this, first, contact the sender of your item as this will likely be the fastest way to fix the issue as the customer of DTDC.

If they cannot help, you can also contact DTDC support to investigate.

How long a DTDC package can stay in transit

DTDC delivery times depend on the distance your package is traveling and whether its final destination is a local city or a remote location.

Within India, DTDC can usually deliver a package within three to seven business days. Some premium services deliver packages within 48 hours. 

Some deliveries happen within 12 hours and at specific times, depending on the urgency.

As DTDC also partners with the DPDgroup, most international packages are standard deliveries that should arrive within a week. Premium international services can cut the delivery time down to two to four business days.


DTDC tracking does not use “Pending” as a tracking status, but several other statuses tell you that your shipment is pending, such as, “Arrival”, “Forwarding,” and “RTO” (Return to Origin). We discuss those below.

Why your DTDC package may be pending

Usually, a DTDC “Arrival” status means your package reached a hub or facility and it is waiting for something to happen there to continue on its route.

After the “Arrival” status you will find a “Forwarding” status. This means that the hub or facility has finished processing your package and that it will soon move on.

Another important DTDC tracking status you might find is Return to Origin (RTO). An RTO status shows that DTDC attempted to deliver your package and failed.

For international deliveries, customs may hold your package and cause delays. Customs may be slow to process your package or let you know they are holding it. 

First, contact your local customs office or the sender for help. A secondary option is to contact DTDC customer support, however, this is likely to be slower.

DTDC tracking delivery times

Whether you are dealing with DTDC directly, or a partner courier (such as the DPDgroup), delivery times will usually be from 8 am to 5 pm. 

DTDC delivery times: What time your package will arrive

Unless you’ve chosen Premium Express, knowing exactly when your DTDC package will arrive is challenging. 

In a country as busy with traffic and highly populated as India, it’s not unusual for your package to go out for delivery in the morning and arrive at 5 pm. 

If you know you must sign for a package, be home on the day the tracking status says the item is out for delivery. Alternatively, choose someone to sign for you.

How late DTDC delivers

Both DTDC offices and deliveries stop at 6 pm. Premium Express times can extend into the evening for an extra fee.

International DTDC delivery times

DTDC relies on strategic partnerships like the DPDgroup for international deliveries to get their packages to your doorstep. 

This means international delivery times can vary depending on the delivery partners opening hours and also whether the address is urban or rural.

Deliveries are often faster in cities and slower in hard-to-reach rural locations. Sometimes couriers deliver later to rural locations because of challenging roads and other local delays.

Despite this, you can usually expect your DTDC delivery to arrive between 9 am and 5 pm.

Lost and missed DTDC deliveries

Any lost or missing delivery can cause stress and confusion. Here are some practical tips you can use if this happens with your DTDC tracking.

What happens if you miss a DTDC delivery?

If you miss a DTDC package, the delivery driver will leave a note and DTDC will send you an email. With this, you can either schedule a new delivery or wait for them to try again on the next working day.

If you miss every delivery attempt, your tracking status will change to “RTO” (Return to Origin) and DTDC will return your package to the sender. DTDC will also charge you fees for any travel time.

How long will DTDC hold a package?

For domestic packages, DTDC will try and deliver your package once more. You must reschedule the delivery if you miss this second attempt.

For international deliveries, this depends on where on its route your package is. If your package has reached the destination country, and has been handed to a local courier company, the length of time they choose to hold your package is dependent on their terms.

In this case, the partner courier company will give you more information.

What to do if you haven't got your DTDC package

You will know if you missed a DTDC delivery because they will leave a note or send an email or an SMS message. 

If your package is still on its journey, check your DTDC tracking status above to find out where they last scanned your package. If the package status is “in transit,” this is usual and nothing to worry about.

Sometimes customs will stop your package, you can check this by using your DTDC tracking number above. If this is the case, contact your local customs office for help.


Here are some of your common questions answered about DTDC India tracking.

Is DTDC delivery fast?

Due to their extensive domestic network, and strategic international delivery partners, DTDC deliveries usually take between two days and three weeks worldwide.

Can I track a DTDC package by address?

You can only use DTDC tracking with your tracking number. 

Check for a confirmation email from the sender. If you cannot find it, contact the sender and ask them for your tracking number.

Alternatively, you can contact DTDC customer services for help.

How do I know if my DTDC package is stuck in customs?

Customs will contact you if they choose to hold your package. If they do not give a reason, contact your local customs office or the sender and ask them to investigate.

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