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The Indian courier DTDC offers fast deliveries at affordable prices. This courier stands out thanks to its convenient tech tools and reliable deliveries. Learn more about this courier and your DTDC package tracking options.

About Desk to Desk Courier and Cargo (DTDC)

DTDC is a popular courier service operating in India. With more than 400 facilities in India and over 200 international locations, this courier has a reliable network to make sure of timely deliveries.

Offering guaranteed deliveries on a specific day is a service that helps this courier stand out. DTDC has eCommerce solutions for commercial customers and a franchise program supporting growth.

Even though DTDC is a famous courier in India, customers worldwide rely on this delivery service. Features like convenient online payment, doorstep pickups, and real-time tracking make DTDC a competitive option for international deliveries.

DTDC package tracking

If you’re sending a package with DTDC or expecting an order, you can keep an eye on where your package is, thanks to the real-time tracking feature offered by this courier.

How to find your DTDC package tracking number

Before you can track your package, you’ll need to find your tracking number. Each package gets a unique tracking number that DTDC employees and partners regularly scan throughout your package’s journey.

You should find your package's location, check its status, and get an estimated delivery date and time by finding your DTDC tracking number.

Here’s how you can find your tracking number:

  • The official DTDC app is the easiest way to keep track of your orders and access tracking number. After you schedule a charge and pay for it on the app, you can check the status of your current orders, including tracking information, by accessing the ‘My Booking’ section.
  • If you booked a pickup with the app or DTDC website, you should get an email confirmation with a tracking number.
  • With hundreds of locations in India and other countries, DTDC also allows you to drop a package off at a nearby store. If you drop off a package for your order, you’ll get a receipt with a tracking number.

How to track your DTDC package location

The easiest way to track my DTDC package is to use the courier’s online tracking tool. You can enter a consignment or reference number, use ‘Track’, and the tool will show you the most recent data for your order.  

You can also track your package with SMS. If you’re in India, text the keyword TRACK followed by a space and your consignment number to 9230092300. If you’re in another country, this method should work if you add the country code +91 in front of the phone number you’re texting.

Email tracking is also available. You can track your package with email updates if a merchant uses the e-tracking system offered by DTDC.

Lost DTDC tracking number

You’ll need a consignment or reference number to track DTDC orders online or with SMS.

How to track a DTDC package without a tracking number

If you’re expecting a delivery from DTDC, contact the sender. They should find your tracking number by logging into their DTDC account or checking the app.

As a sender, you can find a lost DTDC tracking number by checking your email for a receipt, opening the DTDC app, or logging into your DTDC account. If you booked an order online or paid to send it online, you’ll access information about the order from your online account, including your tracking number.

If you’re still unable to find your tracking number, your best option is to call customer service at 730 577 0577 (+91 730 577 0577 from the US). You can also visit a nearby DTDC location to ask for help.

You can try contacting a third-party courier if you’re expecting an international delivery. For instance, DTDC primarily works with FedEx in the US to deliver orders. You can contact FedEx at 1-800-463-3339.

Solving DTDC package tracking issues

DTDC’s real-time package tracking feature is a convenient way to monitor your orders. Here is what to do if you run into issues with this service.

Why you can’t track your DTDC package

If you’re unable to track your order, you should first check that you’re using a valid tracking number. Since you can follow a package with the consignment or reference number, try the other number to find if it works.

Sometimes, couriers don’t correctly scan packages. It can result in delays or lost packages, but in most cases, an employee will review your package at the following location. If a DTDC employee or partner doesn’t scan your package, you might find empty tracking information for a while.

DTDC tracking numbers are good for 90 days. You won't find any tracking information if you’re trying to track an old order or if DTDC loses your package for more than 90 days.

You should also know that DTDC lists prohibited goods you can’t ship. If your package contains one of these items, DTDC will cancel the delivery. There are also some restricted items that you can ship after getting approval.

Why your DTDC package is not updated or moving

DTDC offers next-day delivery in all the major Indian cities and generally has fast sending times. The following scenarios could explain why your package isn’t moving:

  • The sender hasn’t dropped off your package, or a DTDC employee hasn’t picked it up yet.
  • Shipping disruptions are happening on a global scale. It’s possible to experience delays, especially when using sea cargo to ship items internationally. The good news is that the situation finds to be improving.
  • There are also bottlenecks for road networks. There might be delays, and your package could sit in a distribution center for a while, especially if you’re sending something to a remote area.
  • International orders have to go through customs. It might find like your package isn’t moving while it’s in the waiting line for inspection.
  • If an employee doesn’t scan your package, they will find that your tracking number isn’t moving. However, your package will still be on the move. You should find an update when someone else scans your package successfully.
  • Damages can occur when sending a package. Sealing your package properly and protecting its content with packing material is crucial. If a DTDC notices that your package is damaged, it might stop moving for a while so that DTDC employees can inspect it.
  • Lastly, couriers can lose packages. If your package hasn’t moved in a while, contact customer service to find out if they can find the order.

DTDC package tracking status explained

When you find your tracking information with DTDC, you’ll find the status of your order. Here is what the different statues mean.

In transit

In Transit means that your package is on its way. You’ll find this status while your package travels with road, sea, or air cargo. You’ll also find the tracking status as In Transit if DTDC transfers your package to a partner or if your package is waiting for a driver to pick it up for the next leg of its journey.

Why your DTDC package is still in transit

Your package should be in transit for a few days before you get it. If the sender shipped your package two to three days ago, it’s perfectly normal to find your tracking status as In Transit. Your package can stay in transit longer if someone sends your an order across India.

Packages can stay in transit longer than expected due to bottlenecks and delays. For instance, your package might sit in a distribution center for an additional 24h or even wait for inspection at customs.

How long a DTDC package can stay in transit

It depends on where your package is going. With next-day delivery in all the major Indian cities, DTDC usually offers fast sending, and your package won't stay in transit very long.

Deliveries across India or to remote areas can take longer. You should expect your package to stay in transit for two to seven days. The courier has a helpful online tool you can use to get an idea of how long it will take an order to reach its destination.

However, sending it to other countries can take longer. Your package could stay in transit for a week to ten days or even longer for sea cargo.

You should get an estimated delivery date when you send your package. This information will give you an idea of how long your package will stay in transit. You can also get a quote that will include an estimate before you book your order.


If your tracking status appears as Pending, the courier is likely re-assessing the route. Typically, you’ll find your package moving again if you check the tracking the next day.

Why your DTDC package may be pending

Several events can cause delays when sending a package, especially an item to another country.

You might find your package Pending for the following reasons:

  • Shortly after the sender books, the order, the DTDC tracking order tool will show the status as Pending since the courier is waiting to get your package.
  • A common reason your package shows as Pending is that it reached a distribution center after regular business hours. An employee will scan it the next day before putting it on a delivery truck.
  • Your package might show as Pending while the courier decides on the best route. You might find a Pending status early in your package’s journey if DTDC is still calculating the best route. The courier can also adjust the route to avoid bottlenecks.
  • If your package stops moving due to a bottleneck, DTDC will likely update its status as Pending. The courier might change the route or wait for the jam to clear.
  • The tracking status can show as Pending while your package goes through customs. Agents might need to inspect the content.
  • DTDC will also show the status as Pending if the courier is waiting for an update. The courier might wait for a scan once your package reaches a distribution center or need data from a partner after handing your package over.
  • It’s also possible to find the status as Pending if there is an issue with your order. For instance, a damaged package can have a Pending status while DTDC contacts you.
  • You can find a delivery status that says Pending if the courier can’t deliver the item. The courier will schedule another delivery the following day.

DTDC delivery times

The delivery time depends on your service when sending a package with DTDC.

DTDC delivery times: what time will your package arrive?

In most cases, DTDC will deliver packages within regular business hours. You can expect to get your package anytime between 9.30 am and 6.30 pm Indian Standard Time.

These hours correspond to when customer service is available and reflect operating hours for most DTDC locations.

How late DTDC delivers

Unless you pay for express delivery, DTDC routes usually end between 5 and 6 pm.

International DTDC delivery times

Delivery times will vary for international delivery since DTDC will rely on a partner to deliver your package.

DTDC usually hands packages over to FedEx for deliveries in North America. FedEx routes run between 8 am and 8 pm.

Lost and missed DTDC deliveries

The policies regarding lost or missed deliveries can vary depending on the order.

What happens if you miss a DTDC delivery?

Recipients don't have to be present for small packages, letters, or no-contact deliveries. The delivery driver will leave the item on your doorstep.

DTDC also offers deliveries that require a signature or commercial services where the delivery driver collects payment from the recipient. If you miss one of these deliveries, DTDC will schedule it again the next day.

How long will DTDC hold a package?

DTDC will usually try delivering a package three times. The package will likely sit at a local office for a few days before DTDC sends it back to a distribution center.

You should visit your local DTDC office or contact customer service immediately if you missed several delivery attempts. You might pick up your package from a nearby office.

What to do if you haven’t got your DTDC package

Check the tracking. A delay might cause the delivery to run late. If you haven’t got your package after a few days, contact customer service by calling 73 0577 577. You can also find additional contact information for local offices with the DTDC app.

If you’re in the US, you can contact the New Jersey or California locations:

  • For deliveries on the East Coast, try calling 212-268-2727. DTDC has a warehouse near JFK airport and an office in Iselin, NJ.
  • If you live on the West Coast, you can contact the Chino, CA location by calling 657-341-8909. You can also use the WeChat ID ‘paceglobal’.

If you’re unsure which location to contact, check your tracking information to find if your package came through New Jersey or California.


Learn more about DTDC order tracking.

Is DTDC delivery fast?

It depends on where your package is going. For same-city deliveries, DTDC usually offers next-day delivery. However, delivery can take two to seven days if you send an item to another pin code.

Can I track the DTDC package by address?

The answer is no. You’ll need a consignment or reference number to track a package. You can navigate the DTDC app to the ‘My Booking’ sections and find all your recent orders. You should find a delivery based on the address or sending date if you don’t have a tracking number.

How do I know if my DTDC package is stuck in customs?

Your tracking status will show as Pending if it is going through customs. Customs can experience delays, so your package can take a few days to go through.

If your package hasn’t moved in three or more days, contact customer service to get an update. DTDC will also contact you if there is an issue at customs, and you’ll get a letter from customs if they confiscate your order.

DTDC conclusion

DTDC package tracking options include the official DTDC website, the courier’s app, SMS tracking, and email tracking.

While this courier offers convenient tools to track your order, other options exist, especially if you’re managing orders from several couriers.

Follow your DTDC package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.