DSV Tracking

Track your DSV delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

With a global presence, DSV is a popular courier for shipping items around the globe, especially when speed matters. If you’re sending a package with DSV or expecting a delivery, this courier makes it easy to track your shipment with a helpful DSV tracking shipment tool.

About DSV

DSV is a Danish courier that has been around since the 1970s. With a presence in more than 90 countries, this company operates an impressive logistics infrastructure and relies on the latest tech to transport packages around the globe.

DSV values speed, excellence, and reliability. This courier offers transport services through air, road, and sea. It has a strong presence in Europe, North America, and Africa, where it mostly operates trucking networks.

This courier doesn’t own any airplanes or cargo ships, but it uses a strong network with partners and suppliers to ship items anywhere in the world. The DSV XPRESS and DSV EXPRESS Economy services are popular options for transporting items fast or saving money.

This company also prioritizes sustainability and develops Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs to reduce emissions and protect the environment.

DSV package tracking

Keeping an eye on your DSV packaging tracking information allows you to give your customers an accurate delivery estimate. It also makes sense that your package will arrive on time if you’re fulfilling a time-sensitive order.

How to find your DSV package tracking number

Each package that you ship with DSV will get a unique tracking number. DSV employees and logistics professionals who work for third-party suppliers will scan your package when it reaches a distribution center or another step in its journey.

DSV uses a digital system to track where packages are and make this information available to customers.

Because DSV mostly works with large shipments, this courier allows you to track your packages with your customer reference or booking reference number. Using DSV’s road networks, you can also track a package based on your pay or container numbers.

Here is how you can find these different reference numbers:

  • Your customer reference number is a unique identifier associated with your DSV account. You can find it by logging into your DSV account. You can use this number to track all your current DSV shipments.
  • DSV will give you a booking reference number after you book a shipment. This number should be on the receipt for the shipment. A booking reference number can be for one or more packages depending on the shipment size.
  • If you’re shipping a single package with DSV road, you can use your pay number to track it. You should find this number on your receipt.
  • You can also track a road shipment by entering the container number. DSV will give you a container number when you book a road shipment. Trucks and trailers use GPS tracking so you can get precise location information for a container.

If you can’t locate a tracking number to track my DSV package, your best option is to contact customer service.

How to track your DSV package location

If you’re using a customer reference or booking reference number, you can use the myDSV tracking tool:

  • Enter your reference number in the field in the middle of the page and click ‘Search for shipments.’
  • If you enter a customer reference number, the tool will show you a list of all your current shipments, and you can select one to find more details.
  • If you enter a booking reference number, the DSV tracking tool will show you where the shipment is and a delivery estimate.
  • If you’re shipping a package with DSV road, there is another online tool you can use. Visit mytms.us.DSV.com and enter your pay, reference, or container numbers.

Lost DSV tracking number

You can still use the DSV package tracking tool if you lose your tracking number. Here’s how.

How to track a DSV package without a tracking number

There are a few different things you can try if you no longer have your tracking number:

  • Log into your DSV account and look for your customer reference number. Entering this number into the DSV shipment tracking tool will show you a list of all your current shipments.
  • You can enter the container number to locate your package if you have a receipt for another package traveling in the same container.
  • DSV sends email confirmations when you book a shipment. Check your spam folder and your deleted folder. Use the search tool in your mailbox to locate the email confirmation with the tracking number.
  • Contact the DSV support team. Customer service representatives should be able to locate your shipment once they find you in the customer database.

Solving DSV package tracking issues

While issues can happen, DSV typically resolves them quickly.

Why you can’t track your DSV package

There are a few reasons why you might be unable to track your DSV package:

  • You’re not entering the correct tracking number. Double-check your reference number, or try entering your customer reference number instead.
  • DSV hasn’t started working on shipping your packages yet. If you check your tracking number shortly after booking a shipment, it might be too early to find any tracking information.
  • While DSV is a reliable courier, it can lose packages. If employees fail to scan your shipment correctly, you might not be able to find any tracking information.

Wait at least 24 hours after booking a shipment to find if tracking information appears. If you can’t track your shipment past this point, reach out to the support team so they can start looking for the packages.

Why your DSV package is not updating or moving

finding your shipment stuck somewhere can be frustrating, especially if you selected the DSV XPRESS service.

There are a few possible reasons for a shipment that isn’t moving:

  • There might be issues with the shipment itself. You should expect a few delays if you didn’t pack it properly or failed to fill out the commercial invoice. DSV will contact you to address these issues.
  • If you’re shipping goods to another country, your shipment must go through customs. DSV works with customs brokers to make sure compliance and avoid delays, but going through customs can take a while.
  • You might notice a slight delay if DSV hands your shipment to a third-party partner for air or sea travel. This partner might take a day or two to share updated tracking information.
  • DSV has road networks all over the globe, but it doesn’t have daily routes everywhere. Some areas have a delivery route once a week or every other day. You might find a delay while waiting for the next delivery route.
  • Errors happen, and logistics employees sometimes skip a package when scanning packages. A missed scan can make it look like your shipment is standing still, but you’ll usually find updated tracking information once your packages reach another node and go through the scanning process.
  • Lastly, you should know that supply chain and logistics issues have been a reality since COVID-19. Many countries still experience delays with customs, and it can be difficult to book sea or air partners quickly.

DSV package tracking status explained

When you enter a tracking number on the DSV package tracking tool, you’ll find where your package is and when you can expect it to arrive. You’ll also find a tracking status. Here’s what this status means and how it can affect the delivery timeframe.

In transit

Most packages will have a tracking status that simply says ‘in transit.’ It indicates that your shipment is moving along and that there are no issues at the moment.

Why your DSV package is still in transit

‘In transit’ indicates that your shipment is currently traveling by air, road, or sea. It might also be sitting in a distribution center while awaiting the next leg of its trip.

Sometimes, you might find that your package has reached its destination, but the status still says ‘in transit.’

Distribution center employees might need to perform a final scan before confirming the delivery, or your package might be waiting for a third-party courier to take over for last-mile delivery.

How Long a DSV Package Can Stay in Transit

It depends on how far you are shipping the package. Your selected service can also determine how long the shipment will remain in transit.

On average, you can expect to receive a domestic delivery within a day or two. Shipments to Europe and North America take a day or two with DSV EXPRESS but can take up to five days with DSV EXPRESS Economy.

Your package will stay in transit for one to three days with DSV EXPRESS in Asia, South America, or the Middle East and can take two to four days for Africa and Oceania. If you’re using DSV EXPRESS Economy, your delivery will likely take four to five days for these destinations.

Note that a package can remain in transit longer if delays happen due to customs or a third-party partner falls behind schedule. Plus, you should add a few days for areas that don’t have daily routes. If a leg of the trip involves sea transit, you could find longer delivery times.

You’ll get a delivery estimate when you book your shipment. It’s usually accurate and will give you a good idea of how long your package will remain in transit.


You might find that the status is pending when you track DSV shipment. It typically means that the courier is in the process of updating the tracking data as they make changes to the shipment’s route.

Why Your DSV Package May Be Pending

If your shipment status says ‘pending,’ DSV is likely figuring out a new route for your packages. Here’s why it could happen:

  • DSV might need to switch to a different third-party partner for air or sea transit.
  • The courier couldn’t send your shipment with the truck it initially scheduled it on and needs to find a different truck to pick up this container.
  • A distribution center or other location could not process your shipment, possibly due to a closure. DSV is looking for another location that can process your package.
  • You might also find a shipment as ‘pending’ if the recipient didn’t accept the delivery. DSV will either contact you or attempt to deliver the package again.

DSV delivery times

When can you expect to receive your DSV shipment? Delivery times can vary from one region to another. DSV typically gives a delivery window of four to eight hours, and drivers tend to be punctual.

DSV delivery times: what time will your package arrive?

Most deliveries happen within regular business hours. You’ll find a delivery window when tracking your package, but this window can last anywhere from four to eight hours.

The best way to know when your package will arrive is to wait for a phone call from the DSV driver. The delivery driver will call you approximately 30 minutes before the delivery.

How late DSV delivers

Because DSV mostly works with custom shipments, delivery times can vary. However, since recipients typically have to accept the deliveries, it’s unlikely that DSV will deliver a package past 5 or 6 P.M.

You can discuss the delivery window when booking a shipment with DSV and make sure that delivery drivers won’t attempt to drop off a shipment after regular business hours or request delivery at an unusual time if you’re sending a time-sensitive package.

International DSV delivery times

DSV can deliver packages everywhere in the world. Delivery times can vary if DSV gets help from a local partner for last-mile delivery.

You should also account for time zone differences when shipping items abroad. In most cases, the recipient will receive the delivery within regular business hours for their location.

Lost and missed DSV deliveries

With over 50 years of experience in logistics, DSV is a reliable courier. However, it’s still possible to run into problems with your delivery.

What happens if you miss a DSV delivery?

If you’re not present to accept a delivery, the delivery driver will attempt to call you. They will eventually bring the shipment back to the distribution center.

DSV will then contact the sender to let them know the driver couldn’t deliver the shipment. DSV will also contact you to schedule a new delivery.

How long will DSV hold a package?

It’s unclear how long DSV will hold a package. This duration likely varies depending on the shipment since DSV processes many custom orders.

If you aren’t home or cannot accept the delivery, DSV will contact the sender and figure out what to do next. The sender can request DSV send the shipment back to them after several delivery attempts.

What to do if you haven’t received your DSV package?

Your best option is to reach out to the sender. They’ll be able to track the package and give you an update. They can also contact the DSV customer service team in case of an issue with a package in transit.

If the sender isn’t responsive, you can contact DSV and ask for an update. DSV might not be able to share the same amount of information since you’re not the sender, but it’s a good way to get DSV to find your package if you think the courier might have lost it.


Here’s more about shipping packages with DSV.

Is DSV delivery fast?

Thanks to its international logistics network, DSV can offer fast shipping times. Most domestic deliveries happen within a day or two, and you should count two to five days for most international deliveries.

However, choosing the DSV EXPRESS Economy service or using sea travel can result in a longer delivery time.

Can I track my DSV package by address?

DSV doesn’t let you track a delivery by entering your address. You’ll need a reference number that the sender can share with you. You can track delivery with a customer or booking reference number or use a pay or container number for road travel.

How Do I know if my DSV package is stuck in customs?

You can use the DSV package tracking tool to find where your package is. If your package recently entered a new country and hasn’t moved since it’s likely going through the customs process.

If customs decide to keep your shipment, you’ll receive an official letter. DSV will also contact you if there are any issues with customs.

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