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Track your DHL Paket delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

About DHL Paket

DHL Paket is a branch of DHL that operates primarily in Germany. DHL delivers worldwide, but DHL Paket mostly gives domestic delivery services within Germany. DHL was founded in 1969 in San Francisco, but by 1998 DHL had begun developing its German branch.

You can track your DHL Paket Package using your tracking number with the Circuit package tracker.

DHL Paket package tracking

How do I track my DHL Paket package? There are multiple ways to track DHL Paket orders so that you know where your package is and can estimate when it will arrive.

How to find your DHL Paket package tracking number

Your tracking number is likely in the email or notification DHL Paket sent you when you ordered your package.

If you don’t have the email or notification, or it does not contain your package tracking number, contact the seller for the tracking information. 

If you did not purchase a product but are receiving a package from somebody you know, contact the sender as they will have your tracking number.

How to track your DHL Paket package location

DHL Paket order tracking can be done by inputting your tracking number in the Circuit Package Tracker. The tracker will give you up-to-date information on where your package was last scanned.

Lost DHL Paket tracking number

If you have lost your DHL tracking number, DHL Paket recommends contacting the seller or sender of your package. 

How to track a DHL Paket package without a tracking number

In most cases, you will need your tracking number for your DHL Paket tracking order. However, if you have other shipping reference numbers, you may sometimes use these to track an order. 

Solving DHL Paket package tracking issues

No matter what kind of trouble you are having with DHL Paket order tracking, there are solutions to find your package.

Why you can’t track your DHL Paket package

If you have entered your tracking number but cannot track your package, a few things may be causing the issue.

First, double-check to make sure that you have entered your tracking number correctly. You may have entered the information incorrectly or copied the wrong number.

Make sure you have also entered the number in the correct format. Always include the letters at the beginning of your tracking number for the best results. 

If you are positive that you have entered your tracking number correctly, contact the seller or shipper to make sure that you have the correct information. It is possible that they shared the wrong number or mistyped it while sending it to you. 

Why your DHL Paket package is not updating or moving

Packages are relatively common to stop moving in the system for short periods. There are a variety of reasons that your order may stop updating.

Sometimes, a package will stop moving if there has been a delay. Your order may be at a warehouse or transfer center waiting for someone to pick it up.

International shipping delays may be due to global shipping or customs delays. 

If the last tracking update states that your package has entered your country, DHL Paket may have transferred your order to a local delivery service that does not update in DHL Paket’s system.

Order statuses will usually stop changing because DHL Paket uses milestone tracking. Milestone tracking means they only update your package’s location at certain checkpoints, not live.

Even if the status of your order is not changing, your package is likely not delayed and is still in transit. 

If your package has not had a status update or has not moved for more than five business days, you can ask for an inquiry by contacting DHL Paket customer service. 

DHL Paket tracking status explained

While many package statuses are self-explanatory and easy to understand, some may be confusing if you don’t have shipping experience. 

In transit

An “in transit” shipping status usually means your package is still on its way.

“In transit” does not always mean that a package is on a truck or moving. Sometimes “in transit” means a package is in a warehouse or transfer center.

Why your DHL Paket package is still in transit

When you track DHL Paket orders, packages will say “in transit” when they have not arrived at their final destination. 

Packages will stay in transit for longer than expected for various reasons. Usually, packages in transit longer than initially expected are delayed.

It is also possible that DHL Paket has not updated your package’s location, even though it has moved. 

If you are concerned about the time your package has been in transit or is far past the expected delivery date, you may contact customer service to check if there isn’t an issue. 

How long a DHL Paket package can stay in transit

DHL Paket orders may stay in transit for the entire time it takes to complete a delivery. 

For domestic orders in Germany, DHL Paket will deliver most packages within three to ten days. International orders, however, may stay in transit for weeks to months.


You may also notice a “pending” notification. 

Why your DHL Paket package may be pending

If you have got a tracking number, but your package says it is pending, it likely means that the seller or shipper has created the label and boxed up your package but has not dropped it off at the shipping facility.

Pending may also mean that your package was sent to the first facility or transit center but has not left. 

Packages may also stay pending for as long as 24 hours after scanning, as this is how long DHL Paket may take to update the location for tracking purposes.

Contact DHL

Occasionally a package will have a status that tells you to contact DHL. A “contact DHL” status may be because the address was incorrect or because DHL Paket needs clarification about directions.

You can resolve this tracking status by contacting DHL customer service. 

Additional DHL Paket tracking statuses

You may find these tracking statuses in addition to those listed above:

  • We expect your order details shortly: This status means that the sender has created the label but has not given your package to DHL Paket yet. 
  • The broadcast was announced electronically. As soon as the order has been processed, you will get further information: This tracking status also means that the sender has created the label but has not yet dropped off your package.
  • The order has been processed by DHL and is being prepared for onward transport to the recipient's region: This status means that DHL Paket has got your package from the seller.
  • The order has arrived in the recipient’s region and will be transported to the delivery base in the next step: This is the last step before your package is loaded onto the delivery truck and taken to its final destination.
  • The order was loaded onto the delivery vehicle: Your package was loaded onto the truck and will be brought to its final destination. This status usually means that your package will be delivered today.
  • your package was successfully delivered: This status means that your package has been delivered.
  • Your package could not be delivered today: The courier tried to deliver your package but was unsuccessful. They will try to deliver your package again the next day. If they are still unsuccessful, they will bring your package back to their facilities, where you can pick it up.
  • The order was edited in the packing center: You will find this status when workers must rescan your package because of an error. This status usually means there will be a slight delivery delay.
  • The order was manually reworked in your package center: This tracking status means there will be a one to two-day delivery delay. This status happens if there is an error in your package label or the handwriting is illegible, so your package had to be manually sorted.
  • The order was not picked up and will be returned: You will find this tracking status when you have failed to pick up your package on time from one of DHL Paket’s facilities. You will not  get your order if you have this status. They will return your package to the sender.
  • The order could not be delivered because the recipient could not be determined: This tracking status means that your courier could not reach you while attempting delivery because the address was unclear. DHL Paket will contact confirm the address and then reattempt delivery.
  • The order could not be delivered on the 2nd delivery attempt: This status means that DHL Paket couriers attempted to deliver your package twice and could not reach you either time. Your package will go to the nearest DHL Paket facility for you to pick it up.
  • A storage location or neighbor has been marked as a reception option for this order: This tracking status means that DHL Paket has accepted your request to leave a package in a preferred location or with a preferred neighbor.
  • Storage location/neighbor not allowed: This tracking status means that your neighbor was unavailable or too far from your home, or your preferred location was not protected and hidden well enough to get a package.
  • A delivery day has been reserved as a receipt option for this order: This tracking status means that DHL Paket has got and accepted your preferred delivery date.

Mismatched information in the tracker

When entering your tracking number, you may find information that does not match your package, such as delivery to another city or from the wrong place.

DHL Paket sometimes recycles tracking numbers, so you may find information from a previous customer when you enter your information.

This mismatched information is not a cause for concern. Your package will still get to its correct location. 

DHL Paket delivery times

If you must sign for your package, it is helpful to know when it will arrive so that you are home when it is delivered. 

DHL Paket delivery times: what time will your package arrive?

DHL Paket delivers Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM. For the precise delivery time, track your DHL Paket order. 

How late DHL Paket delivers

DHL Paket will deliver as late as 6 PM Monday through Friday.

International DHL Paket delivery times

For the delivery time of your package or order, check the delivery times for your local branch of DHL. In most cases, DHL Paket delivers during regular business hours.

Lost and missed DHL Paket deliveries

There are many reasons that you may miss the delivery of your package. You can get your order quickly, even if you miss the delivery window.

What happens if you miss a DHL Paket delivery

If you miss your DHL Paket delivery, they will automatically try to deliver again on the next business day.

If you are still unavailable to take the order, DHL Paket will hold your package at one of their facilities for you to pick up. 

For your convenience, DHL Paket missed deliveries are always held at the facility closest to the delivery location.

How long will DHL Paket hold a package?

DHL Paket will hold a package for seven business days at a postal outlet. DHL Paket will hold your package for nine business days at a pack station.

You must pick up your package within the applicable time frame. DHL Paket will not hold your package for longer than that, and they will return your package to the sender if it is not picked up. 

Collecting a DHL Paket package from a service point

When picking up a package from a service point, you will need a valid ID, such as an identity card, passport, or driver’s license. 

You could not have someone else collect your package if the sender selected the “signature upon receipt” option when shipping. In this case, the person whose name is on the shipping information must pick up your package with a valid ID.

Prevent a missed delivery

DHL Paket will allow you to set a preferred neighbor, location, and day. Setting up these preferences allows you to minimize the risk of missing your delivery.

Preferred neighbor

You can set up a preferred neighbor with DHL Paket. If unavailable, DHL Paket will leave your package with the neighbor you listed. 

DHL Paket will send you an email notification or leave a card at your door if they leave a package with a neighbor. This option makes it easy to get your package, even if you cannot be at home when it arrives.

Preferred location

If you do not have to sign for a package, you can set up a preferred location with DHL Paket.

The preferred location is a safe place on your property to leave your package. If you give DHL Paket this information, they will leave your package here so that you can be sure your order is safe.

DHL Paket recommends choosing a preferred location that is not visible from the street and is protected from the weather. Your preferred location must be on your property.

Preferred day

If you are not sure that you will get your package on the estimated arrival day, you can give DHL Paket advanced notice about which days work best for you.

Your preferred day must be a weekday and cannot be before the estimated delivery date.

What to do if you haven’t got your DHL Paket package

If your package has not arrived, check a DHL Paket package tracker to find if any delays have been reported.

If your package still says “in transit” and it has been less than five days since the last update or movement in tracking, you should wait for your package to arrive or move. 

If your package says delivered, but you have not got it, check who got your package. find for a “delivered to” section in your order tracker. This information will tell you who got your package or where the delivery person left it.

If the courier left your package with a neighbor and you cannot get in touch with them, contact customer service for help. 

DHL Paket FAQs

For additional DHL Paket concerns, check below.

Is DHL Paket delivery fast?

DHL Paket delivery times vary depending on the sender's shipping rate, but DHL Paket can perform deliveries overnight if needed.

Can I track DHL Paket packages by address?

No. You will need your tracking number to track your DHL Paket order. 

How do I know if my DHL Paket package is stuck in customs?

If customs reject your package, you will get an official notice from your region's customs office. This notice will usually arrive in a few days or weeks.

DHL Paket package tracking: wrapping up

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