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About DHL Netherlands

Launched in 1969, DHL is amongst the most popular logistics companies globally. Their headquarters are in Bonn, Germany, delivering over one billion packages yearly.

DHL offers national and international package delivery services and stands as a global leader in the logistics industry. 

They offer warehousing, global freight by sea, international express services, eCommerce sending, mails, global freight by air, rail or road, or sea, and many more logistic-related services.

DHL Netherlands ships to over 220 countries worldwide, with nearly 400,000 employees.

DHL Netherlands tracking

After you place an order online, you will get confirmation when the seller sends the package with your DHL Netherlands tracking number.

Your tracking number lets you pinpoint where your DHL Netherlands packages are and stay updated on any changes. Make sure to write it down and save it for future reference.

Your tracking number is essential to know exactly where your DHL Netherlands package is. Depending on your selected service, DHL tracking numbers can come in many forms:

DHL Express: A ten-digit code consisting of numbers and letters beginning with JJD00, JJD01, JVGL, 000, or a variation. 

DHL Parcel: This digit numerical code begins with JJD, JVGL, and 3S.

DHL eCommerce: Numbers for this service vary from 10 to 39 characters and begin with LX, RX, and GM—it can be up to five letters.

DHL Global Forwarding: You may find several tracking numbers for DHL Global Forwarding:

  • A seven-digit number that is only numbered (3725589)
  • One number is followed by two letters and four to six numbers. (3CB45879)
  • It starts with three to four letters, followed by 4-6 numbers (BYO47698)
  • A three-digit carrier code, with a dash, followed by an eight-digit number (BNJ-84741252)

How to find your DHL Netherlands tracking number

You will get an order ID after you place an online order. This is also your DHL Netherlands tracking number.

You can find your DHL Netherlands tracking number through your order confirmation email or your order information page after the seller sends it.

Can't find your tracking number? Try contacting DHL Netherlands customer support for help.

How to track your DHL Netherlands package location

It’s easy to start DHL tracking:

  1. Go to the DHL Netherlands website.
  2. Copy your tracking number from your confirmation email.
  3. Paste it into the search bar and hit the “Track” button.

You will find detailed information on where your order is, where it has been, and what status it has (more on that below).

Lost DHL Netherlands tracking number 

Lost your tracking number? Try checking your emails for confirmation from the seller. If you haven't had luck, contact DHL Netherlands customer service for help. 

How to track a DHL Netherlands package without a tracking number 

The honest answer is that it's hard to track your DHL Netherlands package without a tracking number.

Your tracking number is essential to know your package’s location as it moves from place to place. However, you can contact DHL Netherlands and give them details to find out if they can help. With enough information, DHL Netherlands may give you the tracking number.

Solving DHL Netherlands tracking issues

Because DHL Netherlands sends packages domestically and internationally, it is easier to solve your tracking issues domestically.

Your DHL Netherlands tracking issue may be due to a missed delivery, poor weather, having the wrong address, and more.

International DHL Netherlands package deliveries use service points where your package will be handed off to another DHL dispatch facility. 

They will deliver your package if there's a DHL service center nearby, Sometimes, they will give your package to the local post office for delivery instead.

Why you can't track your DHL Netherlands package 

If you’re wondering, "Why can't I track my DHL Netherlands package?" Don't worry; there might not be a problem. 

This can happen if the information on file at DHL is incomplete, making it impossible to track your package. 

Sometimes the address may be incorrect. This means DHL Netherlands will need more information to verify your package is at its present location. You can contact DHL customer service for help.

Why your DHL Netherlands package is not updating or moving 

Suppose your package has arrived in your country, and the carrier has not updated the tracking information. 

In that case, DHL Netherlands likely gave your package to the local postal service for the final part of your delivery. It's not uncommon for the DHL Netherlands tracking order to pause for a few days during this stage of the process.

DHL Netherlands tracking status explained 

You can check on the status of your package at various stages using a DHL tracking number.

Here is a breakdown of two of the main statuses you'll find:

In transit 

When your package is "in transit," it means it is in the process of getting delivered to the recipient.

Why your DHL Netherlands package is still in transit

Sometimes, your package might still be in transit because of difficulty processing a high number of packages, poor weather, holidays, wrong address details, slow sending methods, and more. 

Contact DHL customer support if you've waited for seven days and your package still says it’s “In transit.”

How long a DHL Netherlands package can stay in transit

Your package shouldn't be in transit for more than seven days without an update, as systems usually get updated within two to three days. 

Contact DHL customer service for help if your tracking status is still “in transit” beyond your estimated delivery date. 


"Pending" can mean a few things. It could be that your package hasn't arrived at the next DHL branch to get processed or delivered. 

It might also indicate that there's a delay that the next carrier is waiting to get resolved before processing your package. 

Why your DHL Netherlands package may be pending

During the holidays, major carriers such as Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and others cannot process the packages they pick up. The carrier will notify you of this with the " Pending " status, which usually means your package is waiting for a label scan.

Typically, it takes one to two days to scan packages into a logistics system. Your order might be waiting for over a week, depending on the time of year, as delivery companies tend to experience an influx of packages around the holidays. 

Also, when there's a lot of shopping, like Black Friday, there are many more packages to process. 

If your package is still pending after ten days, you should contact DHL Netherlands to ask if there's a general delay that will resolve itself or whether there's anything you can do to move it along. A package pending for too long might also indicate that it has gotten lost. 

DHL Netherlands delivery times

Your estimated DHL Netherlands delivery time can vary for various reasons. 

For example, significant factors include the type of product sent and how close the origin and destination countries are. 

Neighboring countries get packages within two to three days, whereas countries further away might have to wait up to 20 days, depending on the sending method selected. The seller likely already informed you of this before you placed the order. 

Generally, you can expect to get a package sent with same-day or express delivery within one to three days. Standard local delivery is between three to five days, and global delivery can be one week to two weeks.

DHL Netherlands tracking delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

A domestic delivery from DHL Netherlands takes around two to eight business days, while you'll wait eight to fourteen days for international delivery. 

There are express sending services available for those in need of emergency services for time-sensitive documents and packages. 

In these cases, you'll have to pay much more, but you could get your package the same day or the next business day, depending on how far away you are from the country of origin. 

How late DHL Netherlands delivers

DHL delivers packages in the United States between 8 am and 6 pm, from Monday to Friday. 

The company doesn't deliver on holidays or weekends in the US, but there are special cases where you can pay extra and arrange for delivery on one of these days. 

In other areas, the delivery hours are similar to the US, except the end time is 8 pm in some European countries. The DHL service points are open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm. 

International DHL Netherlands delivery times 

Knowing how things work is essential when you expect an international delivery. First, your package gets picked up from the person or business sending it. From there, they accumulate at one of the DHL service centers. 

The workers separate your packages based on which delivery option they're under. They're then separated by the location and sent out. 

Your package will arrive by the ocean, air, or road transportation, depending on the sender's chosen option. Once your order reaches the correct country, DHL collects it from the port and drives it to the designated hub destination.

All packages at this hub get separated according to their final location. A local DHL delivers your package to your home.

DHL eCommerce Estimated Delivery Time

Here are the standard delivery times for international orders:

  • Parcel Direct: Three to ten business days
  • Packet International: Four to eight business days
  • Parcel Standard Europe: Four to eight business days
  • Rest of the world: Eight to fourteen business days

Three days seems to be the minimum window for delivery when dealing with international DHL eCommerce

It can take as long as ten business days for normal delivery, but if there are problems, you could wait nearly three weeks. However, DHL Netherlands is an inexpensive option for transporting urgent cross-border packages. 

Lost and missed DHL Netherlands deliveries

While trying to track DHL Netherlands orders, there could come the point where everything gets stalled. 

Your package might be lost if you've waited excessive days beyond the delivery date. 

That usually happens with smaller packages, but larger packages might also get lost during international delivery. If your package says it's already delivered, but you don't have it, you missed the delivery attempt. 

What happens if you miss a DHL Netherlands delivery?

You have ten days to collect your DHL Netherlands package if you missed it. You'll have to travel to one of the service points near your home. 

You'll get an email when your package reaches the service center containing the address and times you can pick up the order. 

How long will DHL Netherlands hold a package?

There are many reasons why DHL can hold your package. One of the most common is that you'll be away during the estimated delivery time, but you don't want to miss your package.

For example, you can register for DHL Express Holiday Hold, where you can ask for a hold on packages when you won't be present for the delivery. DHL Netherlands will deliver your package as normal to your home address after the hold period ends. 

You can also make this request using their mobile app or online customer service center, even if it's not during the holiday season. 

What to do if you haven't got your DHL Netherlands package 

The company advises contacting the merchant and the local post office to launch an investigation if you still haven't gotten your package ten days after the estimated delivery date. 

The post office can assist you with applying for reimbursement if you think your package is lost. 

You can also contact them and ask for further details about your package and where it is. This is where having the DHL Netherlands order tracking is essential. 

DHL Netherlands FAQs

Answers to common questions about DHL Netherlands tracking:

Is DHL Netherlands delivery fast? 

DHL Netherlands tries to get your package to you, anywhere in the world, within ten business days. However, this is more practical for European destinations, as the proximity makes it easier to meet this goal. 

For example, if you live in the United States or Canada, you might wait closer to two weeks if there are minor delays. However, in general, DHL Netherlands delivery is fast. 

Can I track a DHL Netherlands package by address? 

You cannot track your DHL Netherlands order with your address. Your tracking number is unique and gives detailed information about everywhere your package has been. 

However, you can contact DHL Netherlands to ask if they can use your address to help you find your tracking number.

How do I know if my DHL Netherlands package is stuck in customs?

While tracking your DHL Netherlands package, you might get a notice that customs is holding your order. 

This is a frustrating yet common occurrence. It could be because you haven't paid all the necessary importation fees, you don't have the correct documentation for your package, or it's an item disallowed in the country. 

Either way, it's critical to contact your customs office to determine what you must do to get your order, if possible. 

DHL Netherlands conclusion

DHL Netherlands is an economical option for sending and delivery, especially for online retailers. 

Bear in mind that living in a remote destination, selecting a less expensive sending option, harsh weather, busy traffic, and the holiday season can slow down the progress of your package. 

Ultimately, it may affect your delivery date. You'll generally get local and international deliveries in less than ten days. 

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