DHL Global Forwarding Tracking

Track your DHL Global Forwarding delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

DHL Global Forwarding, formerly known as DHL Danzas Air & Ocean, is a division of Deutsche Post DHL with air and ocean freight forwarding services.

The service includes DHL Freight, which runs a ground-based freight network covering Europe, Russia, and the Middle East.

With DHL Global Forwarding tracking, you can find your shipment’s location and status, including how long it is expected to take and the estimated delivery time.

Here’s everything you need to know about DHL Global Forwarding tracking.

About DHL Global Forwarding tracking

You must not lose your DHL Global Forwarding tracking number as it is impossible to track your shipment without it.

How to find your DHL Global Forwarding tracking number

If you are unsure how to find your DHL Global Forwarding tracking number, check for a confirmation email or your shipment label or invoice. 

DHL Global Forwarding will likely send you an email with your tracking number. Sometimes you may also find a label with a barcode.

First, identify which kind of label you have. Your label should have a barcode. On most labels, your tracking number is near the barcode or within a set of numbers below.

You can also contact DHL Global Forwarding customer service or the seller if you are waiting for an order.

How to track your DHL Global Forwarding package location

When you have your DHL Global Forwarding tracking number, finding the location of a package is easy. Simply visit the DHL Global Forwarding tracking website.

DHL Global Forwarding tracking works with a dropdown menu. On the upper-left use the button, “Track,” and add your number.

You will notice that you can track shipments by number or reference. However, almost all tracking uses the tracking number. A reference is a special status. 

You must include your account number along with the reference, destination, and date range if you have reference information.

Lost DHL Global Forwarding tracking number

Losing your DHL Global Forwarding tracking number can create a lot of stress—from not knowing when your package will arrive to worrying about where it is. Not to mention having to deal with missing your delivery or being unable to track it.

Even if you have lost your Global Forwarding tracking number, there are still a few ways to get it back. Here’s how:

How to track a DHL Global Forwarding package without a tracking number

The best way to get your tracking number is to contact your shipper and ask for it.

DHL Global Forwarding works with many shipping companies, some of which will give you their own tracking code. You will likely have an email confirmation with the details. If you are the shipper, you can also check the invoice.

Once you have your tracking number, you can enter it into the search bar on the DHL Global Forwarding tracking website to find your shipment and its status.

The best way to avoid losing your DHL Global Forwarding tracking number is to keep it in a safe place. A good idea is to take a photo or write it down in a notebook. Just make sure you have it readily available when you need it.

It gives you one less thing to worry about, and you can track your package without any issues. You can also use the free Circuit Package Tracker app to set up notifications whenever your package changes location and status.

That way, you’ll get DHL Global Forwarding tracking in real-time and know exactly when your package will arrive.

Solving DHL Global Forwarding tracking issues

Tracking issues sometimes happen. If your DHL Global Forwarding tracking number does not work, you must contact your shipper or the online shop where you placed the order.

Why you can't track your DHL Global Forwarding package

The most common reason you cannot track a DHL Global Forwarding package is that you expect to find the package in transit too soon. There are a few reasons for this:

Firstly, suppose you place an order late on a Friday; in this case, the seller may not ship your goods until Monday. An online seller may collect all the orders each day and send out the packages from the previous day on the following business day.

Secondly, your package may not show any movement until it reaches a DHL Global Forwarding facility and is scanned. Reaching a facility can take up to 24 to 48 hours, and a scan only happens when a person who processes new arrivals processes your shipment.

Be patient and wait two or three days to recheck your package status. If it still has not moved, you can contact the seller, delivery partner, or DHL Global Forwarding customer services.

Why your DHL Global Forwarding tracking is not updating or moving

There are a few bottlenecks that slow the process down. 

DHL Global Forwarding uses sort facilities. Depending on where a package comes from, more than one sort facility may handle the package. Plus, part of the process of sorting means a person must scan your package for you to find a change in status.

Your shipment may go through a busy hub for sorting, where scanners need to process many packages. With delivery trucks and packages coming and going, you may not find a change in status for days.

DHL Global Forwarding tracking use two statuses for sort facilities, “Arrived at sort facility” and “Departed from sort facility.”

Give DHL Global Forwarding a few days if your package is at a sort facility. They may have high volumes of shipments to process ahead of yours.

For international shipments, DHL Global Forwarding cannot speed up a delay at customs.

DHL Global Forwarding tracking status explained

Two of the most commonly confused DHL Global Forwarding tracking categories are ‘In transit’ and ‘Pending.’

In transit

For DHL Global Forwarding tracking, the category “In Transit,” covers “Shipment picked up,” “Arrived at sort facility,” “Processed,” and “Departed from sort facility.”

When your package leaves its final DHL Global Forwarding facility, the categories change to “Out for Delivery” and “Delivered.”

Why your DHL Global Forwarding package is still in transit

When your package departs from a sort facility, you can safely assume that your package is on the way. Usually the travel time matches the distance according to speed limits and expected traffic.

DHL Global Forwarding can be held up for reasons such as heavy traffic, poor weather, or accidents. Whatever the delay is, your next status update will likely say, “Arrived at sort facility.”

How long a DHL Global Forwarding package can stay in transit

Transit times rely heavily on travel distance. Since DHL Global Forwarding treats transit as a category with several statuses, your package could stay in transit for as long as ten days.

You may not find any status updates in the DHL Global Forwarding tracking system. If you know your package arrived at customs and nothing has happened, you might have a customs problem.

We recommend treating delays inside the transit category in two different ways:

  1. In the transit category for a long time with regular status updates:
    Contact support after ten days for domestic deliveries and 20 days for international to ask about the delay.
  2. Stuck in the transit category without status updates:
    DHL Global Forwarding should contact you if an unforeseen event has delayed, damaged, or destroyed your package. If you feel you have waited long enough, note the date and time of the last known location and contact the sender.

Based on your location, if something in the timeline seems off, contact the sender to find out if they have an explanation for the delay. 

The sender should also find the true status of the package through launching an investigation.


Getting a “Pending” status with DHL Global Forwarding tracking is unusual. Most shipments get delivered on time without serious delays. Of course, anything from a natural disaster to a workers' strike can cause problems.

Why your DHL Global Forwarding package may be pending

Rather than use the word “pending,” DHL Global Forwarding uses “Shipment on hold.” While a package could be on hold for many reasons, the most likely use of this status occurs with international shipments.

The hold-up with international deliveries is usually customs. Once a package clears customs, either DHL Global Forwarding or the local postal service usually delivers the package within hours or days.

DHL Global Forwarding Delivery times

DHL Global Forwarding usually delivers quite quickly, even with international shipments. The main concerns are distance and the means of travel.

DHL Global Forwarding delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

DHL Global Forwarding delivers Monday to Friday but not on Saturdays—except for special deliveries. Delivery times range from 8 am to 6 pm. 

Sometimes DHL Global Forwarding turns over delivery to a local post office. Most local post offices do not deliver as late as 6 pm.

Use your delivery number to check the status of your package. If DHL Global Forwarding transfers delivery to a local postal service, the status will say, “With delivery courier.”

How late DHL Global Forwarding delivers

When a package stays with DHL Global Forwarding through delivery, their cutoff time is 6 pm. The latest delivery time switches to the closing time of the local postal service.

International DHL Global Forwarding delivery times

On standard deliveries, DHL Global Forwarding may take up to 14 business days to deliver. On the delivery day, the normal latest delivery time of 6 pm applies unless a local courier handles delivery.

DHL Global Forwarding also offers the following Express deliveries:

  • DHL Same Day: By the end of the same business day.
  • DHL Express: By 9 am, 10.30 am, or 12 pm on the next working day.
  • DHL Express Worldwide: By the end of the next working day.
  • DHL Express Envelope: By the end of the next working day.
  • DHL Express Easy: Only available at DHL Global Forwarding Service Points.

Lost and missed DHL Global Forwarding deliveries

It is easy to fix if you miss your DHL Global Forwarding delivery. DHL Global Forwarding rarely loses a package, but there is a course of action should it happen.

What happens if you miss a DHL Global Forwarding delivery

DHL Global Forwarding has a policy where you don’t need to do a thing the first time you miss a delivery. DHL Global Forwarding leaves a card, so you know they will try to deliver again on the next business day.

If you miss a second delivery, DHL Global Forwarding will leave you another card and hold the package at their nearest facility for five days. You can pick up your package by following the instructions on the card.

How long DHL Global Forwarding will hold a package

The rules for holding a non-delivered package versus holding the package at a ServicePoint for pickup are different. Non-delivered packages get held for five days.

DHL Global Forwarding will hold the package for up to 14 days when you need to go to a collection point for pickup.

What to do if you haven't received your DHL Global Forwarding package

If your DHL Global Forwarding package does not arrive, DHL Global Forwarding recommends that you contact the sender, which may be an online store.

The sender needs to notify DHL Global Forwarding that your package has disappeared. Then, DHL Global Forwarding will start a full investigation to find the package or find out what happened.

DHL Global Forwarding tracking FAQs

Below you will find answers to the most asked questions about DHL Global Forwarding tracking. 

Don’t find an answer to your DHL Global Forwarding tracking question? Check out the Customer Service or Consumer FAQs on the DHL website.

Is DHL Global Forwarding delivery fast?

Yes! Most Global Forwarding deliveries are complete within two to five business days, including international deliveries. Be aware that they can take up to 20 days, however.

Can I track a DHL Global Forwarding package by address?

Most of the time, an address will not help you track a package. However, there is a special DHL Global Forwarding tracking status called “Track By Reference,” where you can enter a destination address, shipment reference, account number, and date range.

Most DHL Global Forwarding packages come from online sellers and vendors who send packages in the standard way. In this case, you can only track standard shipments with a tracking number.

If you have lost or did not get a tracking number, DHL Global Forwarding asks you to contact your sender, as they should have a copy of your tracking number.

How do I know if my DHL Global Forwarding package is stuck in customs?

There are a few different ways that you might learn that a customs department has stopped your package from moving. The most direct way is that customs should send you a message to let you know. However, this can take up to a month.

The best way is to use your DHL Global Forwarding tracking number to find out if there is a problem. The tracking system uses the code “Customs status updated,” to say that your package arrived at customs.

Usually, only a few hours pass before the next status says “Arrived at Sort Facility [City and Country].”

Customs taking a whole day to process an international shipment is still not unusual. However, if you check back up to four days later, then customs has likely held your package.

In this case, contact the sender or customs department to find out why your package has been held.

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