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Deutsche Post has been delivering mail to German citizens since 1947, when it began as the German public mail service, and became privatized in 1995, with the German government still owning around 20% of the company. Since then, Deutsche Post has grown tremendously, becoming the world’s largest courier company. Deutsche Post delivers its express service to over 220 countries, expanding its services from Germany to worldwide. Deutsche Post has also become the parent company to a large number of other couriers across the globe, like DHL International.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Track a Deutsche Post Package Without a Tracking Number?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to track your Deutsche Post package without a tracking number. However, you can contact the merchant or online storefront and ask for the tracking number. They will have access to it as the ones shipping the package. If purchasing from an online storefront or online merchant, check your email for your shipping or purchase confirmation, as the tracking number may be there. You may also have received an additional SMS confirmation with the tracking number from the merchant, online storefront, or Deutsche Post.

Does Circuit Offer Better Tracking Than Deutsche Post?

Within just a few seconds, you can track your Deutsche Post package anywhere in the world at any time from start to finish with Circuit. You can even track your movements internationally after shipment. This is especially easy with the Circuit Package Tracker app, which allows you to track your package on the go at any time. You can track all your packages in one spot, even packages shipping from different couriers on different days or shipping internationally, at the click of a button. Circuit knows how important it is for you to know where your valuable package is at all times. By knowing the location of your package, you can have peace of mind that your package is on its way to you.

How Late Does Deutsche Post Deliver?

Domestically, Deutsche Post runs deliveries and pick-ups as late as 10 PM local time. Internationally, the latest Deutsche Post delivers varies from region to region, ranging from 6 PM to 8 PM as the latest delivery times. Delivery times may change depending on if you are receiving your package at a residential or commercial address, as most couriers deliver later to commercial addresses. Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not you have chosen the express service Deutsche Post offers, as they may deliver later.

How Long Does It Usually Take to Deliver an International Package with Deutsche Post?

Packages shipping with Deutsche Post internationally may take 1-2 weeks to arrive from Germany to another non-European Union country. The delivery time is reduced to just 2-3 days when shipping to a country within the European Union. Deutsche Post only offers its international express delivery for small-weight packages, such as letters or magazines. However, for these packages, the delivery time goes down to 2-3 days to non-European Union countries and down to the next business day for European Union countries.

How Long Will Deutsche Post Hold a Package?

Deutsche Post will hold a package for 7 days at most unless you have an agreed a delivery date. If you are unable to pick up your package within this time frame, Deutsche Post will contact the sender first for new instructions regarding where to send your package. In the case, there are no new instructions and you have not picked up your package, the package will be returned to the sender. Luckily, Deutsche Post does not charge to hold your package, even if you leave it for the full 7 days.

How Do I Sign for a Deutsche Post Package?

Signatures are often required for packages with a high value, sensitive information, or are insured against loss or theft. In the case you are required to sign for your package, your courier will have a device for you to electronically sign on with an attached pen. If you are not home, and your package requires a signature, Deutsche Post will leave you a note informing you.

How Do I Track a Deutsche Post Package with Circuit?

To track your Deutsche Post package with Circuit, find your tracking number and enter it into the Circuit Package Tracker. In seconds, Circuit will have your package tracked, even if it is still across the globe. This is made even easier if you use the Circuit Package Tracker app for tracking on the go, no matter where you are. You can track shipments from multiple different couriers no matter where the country of origin is.

What Do I Do If I Have Not Received My Package from Deutsche Post?

To report your package as lost or stolen, contact Deutsche Post by telephone or using their online contact form. Luckily, almost all Deutsche Post packages are insured up to 50 Euro, should they be unable to locate your package. However, package delays may be caused by weather events, logistical backlogs, or customs issues, so it is a good practice to wait for a few days before contacting customer service. You may also check for a note on your door informing you that your package required a signature or they were unable to deliver it and further instructions on pick-up.

What Happens if Deutsche Post Loses My Package?

If Deutsche Post loses your package, contact them by telephone or by using their online contact form to report your package as lost. Fortunately, most Deutsche Post packages come with insurance for up to 50 Euros, if they are unable to find your package for you. It is a good practice to wait a few days before reporting a package lost or stolen, as delivery delays may mean it will arrive a day later than expected.

What Happens if I Miss My Deutsche Post Deliver?

Should you miss your Deutsche Post delivery, check for a notification or note informing you that they were unable to deliver your package. In most cases, you will merely need to head to your nearest Deutsche Post office, where they will hold it at no extra cost to you for up to 7 days. At 7 days, they will contact the sender for more information on how to deliver the package, but in most cases will send the package back to the sender.

What Time Will My Deutsche Post Package Arrive?

The time your package will arrive will vary from region to region and where you sit on your delivery driver’s route. The earliest your package will arrive is 9 AM and the latest is 9 PM unless you paid extra for express service. If you paid the extra fee for express service, your package will arrive anywhere from 9 AM to 12 PM in your time zone. If your package is not delivered on the expected delivery date between these times, you may see your package the next day instead. If your package does not arrive within a couple of days of the expected delivery date, contact Deutsche Post for information regarding your package’s location.

Where is My Deutsche Post Package?

By entering your tracking information into the Circuit Package Tracker, you can track the location of your Deutsche Post package within seconds. Packages that have not been sent yet may appear as pending still, meaning your package is still with the merchant or storefront you ordered from. You can also track your packages movements day by day because Circuit knows how important your valuable package is to you.

Where is My Deutsche Post Tracking Number?

If you do not know your Deutsche Post tracking number, check your email for a shipment confirmation from the merchant or online storefront you ordered from. The tracking number is typically located in this email, however, the merchant or online storefront may have sent you a text instead. If you cannot find your Deutsche Post tracking number, contact the merchant or retailer you purchased from for more information.

Why is My Deutsche Post Package Not Moving?

Most shipments only have milestone tracking, meaning your shipment will still be moving towards you, it just has not reached its next milestone. For international shipments, it may take longer for the package to reach its destination depending on the service chosen, such as Deutsche Post’s express service, and country of origin. Shipments can also be delayed by operational backlogs, weather events, or customs. If your package has not moved in an unreasonable amount of time, contact Deutsche Post either by telephone or their online contact form.

Why is My Deutsche Post Package Pending?

If the merchant or online storefront has not shipped your package yet, your package may appear as pending on the Circuit Package Tracker. If your package has not been sent within a reasonable amount of time, contact the merchant or online storefront for more information. Keep in mind, however, if you ordered on a holiday, a weekend, or during a large scale event, you may experience delays processing your order as the merchant or online storefront fulfills orders.

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