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Track your DB Schenker delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

About DB Schenker

DB Schenker is a land, air, and ocean transportation company. They have more than 150 years of experience and are one of the leaders in global logistics.

DB Schenker can help you deliver packages of any size anywhere around the globe. They make it easy for you to track any package you send or expect with their package tracking system. 

DB Schenker package tracking

Whether you’ve sent a package or are expecting one, tracking it precisely is essential. Here’s some information on DB Schenker tracking shipments so you can stay in the loop on the whereabouts of your package.

How to find your DB Schenker package tracking number

To track a package with DB Schenker, you need a tracking number. Each package you ship with DB Schenker is assigned a unique number. You can find this number in your email or receipt from shipping the package. Or, if you have a label, you can find it on there. 

If you do not have a tracking number or a receipt or label where you can reference the number,

you need to reach out to the shipper. They will have the number since they are the ones who shipped the package, and they can give it to you so you can track the package and know when it will arrive.

How to track your DB Schenker package location

Once you find your package tracking number, DB Schenker shipment tracking is quick and easy.

On the DB Schenker website, there is a Quick Tracking option. Just input your tracking number in the “Enter ID Number” box, and click “Track.”

Then your order status will pop up, and you can see where your package is.

However, sometimes you will have to input the type of package you are trying to track. Inputting this information gives you the most accurate tracking information. Here are the options to choose from for a package reference type:

  • Asset ID
  • Booking ID
  • Consignees Reference Number
  • Container Number
  • Delivery order number
  • House Air Waybill
  • House BL
  • Job ID
  • Movement Reference Number
  • Package ID
  • Package Number
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Sales Order Number
  • Shipment Number Export Import
  • Shipper's Reference Number
  • Shipping Order Number
  • STT Number
  • Consignment No. / Waybill No.

Lost DB Schenker tracking number

If you lose your DB Schenker tracking number, you will have to contact customer service. They can help you track a package as long as you know enough information about it, such as the shipper's name, where it is going, and when it was shipped.

Or, if you have an account with DB Schenker, you can log into your account to find the status of your package. You should also be able to find your tracking number in your account if you have the two linked.

How to track a DB Schenker package without a tracking number

To track your DB Schenker package without a tracking number, you will have to log into your account to see the status of your package.

There is no difference between tracking a package with a tracking number versus doing it on your account.

However, if you do not have an account with DB Schenker, either because you were not the one who shipped the package or did not make one when you sent the package, you will have to contact customer service. 

Gather all the information you know about the shipper, the delivery address, and anything else about the package that can help you identify the package with the customer service team. 

If you supply enough information to identify the package, you can get a status update from the customer service team.

And, if you want, they can give you the tracking number so you can track it later until it is delivered.

Solving DB Schenker package tracking issues

Here is some information on possible package tracking issues when working with DB Schenker.

Why you can't track your DB Schenker package

If you cannot track your DB Schenker package, there are a few steps you should follow. First, verify that you have the right tracking number and input it correctly into the tracking page. And, if you have a specific reference type, make sure that is correct. 

Or, if you just turned your package over to be shipped, it may not be registered in the system yet, even though you have a tracking number for your package.

The tracking number can take up to a day or two to be registered and allow you to track the package. 

Why your DB Schenker package is not updating or moving

Sometimes you may have a tracking number but not see any movement or progress with your package. Do not worry, as this does not mean your package is lost or not moving.

It is not too unusual for a courier to miss scanning a package at a stop when it switches trucks. The tracking system only works when the courier scans your package, so you will not receive any updates if they do not scan it. 

But, be patient as someone will likely scan your package when it comes off the truck or reaches the next package center, and you will get an update on where your package is. 

If you do not see any updates or movement for a long time and it gets past the estimated delivery date, you can contact customer service for assistance. They can try to track down your package location and let you know where it might be. 

Situations like these are rare, so you should not panic, as it is usually the case of a missed scan or a small delay that will likely not even change your delivery date. 

The most important thing to do is have patience if you do not see an update for a day or two. There is a good chance that your package is still moving, and DB Schenker will deliver it on time. 

DB Schenker package tracking status explained

When you track your package, you might see a few different statuses. The most common statuses are “in transit” and “pending.” Read on to learn what these package statuses mean. 

In transit

First, In Transit means the package is on its way to you or the address you shipped it to. Depending on how you sent your package, it could be on a truck, a boat, or a plane. You should see updates as it moves closer to the destination.

Why your DB Schenker package is still in transit

If your DB Schenker package is still in transit, it is between the shipping and delivery destinations. Your package stays in transit until the status changes to delivered, which means it arrived at its final destination. 

How long a DB Schenker package can stay in transit

Your DB Schenker package will stay in transit until they deliver it to you. If you have an expected delivery date and your package is in transit for more than a few days after that date, you should reach out to customer service for an update. 


The other package status is “pending”, which means your package has been picked up or dropped off by the shipper for delivery but has not started its journey to the final destination yet. From pending, it will switch to “in transit” status. 

Why your DB Schenker package may be pending

Your package will be under the pending status for the first day or two after you or the sender give it to DB Schenker. Until they load your package onto a truck, boat, train, or plane for delivery, it will be pending. 

DB Schenker Delivery times

Read on to get an idea of when to expect your DB Schenker package delivery.

DB Schenker delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

In general, DB Schenker delivers from 12 PM to 9 PM. If you know the estimated delivery date of your package, you can expect them to deliver it sometime in that range. However, it is not a guaranteed delivery window, so it could come earlier or later. 

But, if you paid for premium time-definite services, you will have your package delivered one of three times if you shipped nationally: 8 am, 10 am, or 12 noon. 

How late DB Schenker delivers

In general, DB Schenker delivers until 9 PM local time. If you do not have your delivery by 9 PM, it will likely not be delivered the same day. But, this is not a strict deadline, as sometimes they will deliver slightly after this time if they have a couple more packages to go, or they will end the day earlier if they deliver all the packages on a truck before 9.

International DB Schenker delivery times

International deliveries can take up to 30 days if you are shipping a package very far. But, if you are shipping on the same continent, it usually takes around three to ten days. 

DB Schenker has a premium delivery time for international packages, as it does for national packages called the premium 10 and 13. It’s the fastest option for shipping packages internationally. You should expect your package to arrive by 10am, or 1pm on the stated delivery day.

The premium delivery times are good if you have an important package that needs to be delivered, if you are a business that is closed by 9 PM delivery time, or if you just want to guarantee they deliver it by a certain time. 

Lost and missed DB Schenker deliveries

Unfortunately, packages are sometimes missed or lost, an unavoidable part of transporting goods worldwide.

If your package is lost, the sender must file a claim with DB Schenker to resolve the problem. If DB Schenker cannot find your package, the sender will have to resend the item or package, and DB Schenker will help with compensation for the lost item. 

What happens if you miss a DB Schenker delivery?

On the other hand, you might miss your delivery if you need to sign for it or be present for it to be completely delivered. You should do your best to be at the place where the package is delivered so you do not miss it.

You can track the package to help determine when you need to make yourself available for delivery. 

But, if you do miss your DB Schenker delivery, do not worry. They will try to redeliver it the next day, so be present to accept the package. 

If possible, have the sender use the premium delivery times from the section above so you know exactly what time to expect your delivery, not just what day. 

How long will DB Schenker hold a package?

DB Schenker will try to deliver a package multiple times before they have to return it to the sender as undeliverable. Suppose you are expecting a package with them and must be present for delivery. In that case, you should utilize the DB Schenker package tracking system and be available on the delivery date. 

What to do if you haven't received your DB Schenker package?

If you have not received your DB Schenker package by its delivery date, give it an extra day or two to arrive. It may have been delivered to your local courier or scanned too soon by accident, and it will likely still be delivered soon.

If you still have not received the package, reach out to the sender and confirm that they have not been alerted of any delays or issues with the delivery. Sometimes weather conditions, holidays, or customs can delay delivery unexpectedly, but as the package receiver, you may not be alerted of the delivery. 

Or, they may have had issues with the address, and the package was returned to the sender. In this case, the sender will get the package back, and they will have to fix the delivery address or any issues and resend it to you. 

And, if the package sender has not been alerted of any delays or other issues, and the package has not arrived a few days after the delivery date, you should reach out to customer service. They can look into the delay and try to get you a status update.

DB Schenker FAQs

Here, you’ll find answers to common questions about using DB Schenker.

Is DB Schenker delivery fast?

DB Schenker delivery times depend on the distance the package has to travel, the weight and size of it, and external factors like weather and customs.

Packages shipped by plane will arrive faster than those sent by land, but they also cost more to ship because of the expedited process.

The longest that DB Schenker will estimate a package to arrive is 30 days, only if your package is going to the most distant destinations from its original shipping location.

If you send a package on the same continent, it should take between three and ten days to arrive.

But, there are also options for faster delivery to some destinations that will get your package to you by the next day.

When you request a quote for either land, air, or ocean transportation, you need to input where you are sending the package from and where you are sending it.

From here, you need to let them know what type of package you want to ship, with information about the size, weight, and package type. Then, you can see the shipping options and if there are any priority shipping methods available at a higher cost.

Can I track DB Schenker packages by address?

No, you cannot track a DB Schenker package by the address. To track DB Schenker shipments, you need to search with the tracking number or track it in your account. If you do not have a tracking number, contact the shipper or contact customer service for assistance.

How do I know if my DB Schenker package is stuck in customs?

If your package needs to cross international borders, it must go through customs. Most packages will pass through customs and continue on their way without you even realizing it. But, if your package is stuck in customs, you will see its location as a border.

It will likely be there for longer than expected if it is stuck in customs, but that does not mean it will be there forever. Do not worry, and check back in a day or two. Customs should clear it by then and be on the way to your destination.

And DB Schenker is an active Customs Broker, so they are also up to date with all the latest customs rules and regulations. Their knowledge guarantees that your package will pass through customs smoothly and be delivered as quickly as possible. 

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