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What is DAI Post?

DAI Post is an Australian-owned company specializing in eCommerce, wholesale international inbound package delivery in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

One way that many companies are using DAI Post services is to give them a physical store presence in other countries. This allows them to offer customer service, active returns, and storage for customers in the country. 

What do they deliver?

DAI Post offers high-volume delivery of packages that are tracked and sent by standard or international couriers.

Their service gives you full package tracking, so you know exactly when to expect your package, or when it's been delivered

Air freight is also available for larger shipments through their partner freight companies at an additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track a DAI Post package without a tracking number?

You can try to find your DAI Post package with the sender's name by contacting DAI Post. You can also try and contact your local post office to get more information about your package.

Does Circuit Package Tracker offer better tracking than DAI Post?

Just like with Circuit Package Tracker, you can track the entire journey of your DAI Post package with their online package tracker. However, if you download the Circuit Package Tracker mobile app, you’ll also get notifications so that you know exactly when your order will arrive.

How late does DAI Post deliver?

DAI Post is a trusted freight consolidator and gets you your packages quickly and effectively. They are the wholesale supply chain partner to some of the world’s best-known freight consolidation companies.

However, they are still subject to any things that can impede regular mail services, such as weather or natural disasters.

How long does it usually take to deliver an international package with DAI Post?

Delivery may take up to two weeks or more, depending on the package. If you have any questions that can't be answered online, it's best to contact them directly.

How long will DAI Post hold a package?

It's best to contact DAI Post directly if you haven't had your package after two weeks.

Your package should be safe for up to three months if it is being held at the post office.

How to sign for a DAI Post package

You must sign for your DAI Post package when it is delivered, and it can only be signed for by the person whose name appears on the package.

How to track a DAI Post package with Circuit Package Tracker

It’s easy to track your package with Circuit Package Tracker. Simply enter your DAI Post tracking number to find out exactly where it is on its journey.

What do I do if I haven't received my package from DAI Post?

You can contact DAI Post directly if it has been more than seven days since your package was shipped.

What happens if DAI Post loses my package?

Contact DAI Post directly for help. You will need proof of ownership to claim a lost package.

What happens if I miss my DAI Post delivery?

You can contact DAI Post online or in person. If you're at home, you will have a missed delivery slip to fill out and leave in your mailbox for the next driver. The slip will tell them how long to hold onto the package before returning it to DAI Post's main office.

What time will my DAI Post package arrive?

DAI Post doesn't work on a specific schedule.

If you have a tracking number, you can use Circuit Package Tracker to check the status of your package and get additional information about its delivery date and time.

Where is my DAI Post package?

You can either use Circuit Package Tracker or visit the DAI Post website and enter your tracking number to find out where your order is.

Where is my DAI Post tracking number?

The tracking number will be in your DAI Post confirmation email. Contact DAI Post customer services if you cannot find it.

Why is my DAI Post package not moving?

There could be several different reasons for this. It's important to know that sometimes international packages can get stuck at customs, or it might just take a few days to properly clear the package through DAI Post.

If it's been a couple of days and you don't have any other updates from Circuit Package Tracker, then it's best to contact DAI Post directly.

Contact DAI Post customer services if your status has been "In transit" for over two weeks. They're generally very quick to respond.

Why is my DAI Post package pending?

This usually means that your package is being processed by a sorting facility. There's nothing you can do at this point except wait for further updates from the tracker.

In most cases, once your package reaches a sorting facility, it takes an average of 24-48 hours to get sorted and begin moving again.

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