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Track your Couriers Please delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Couriers Please, a relatively new company founded in 1983, started as an Australian metropolitan courier. While growing, the company developed a fleet of couriers.

Today Couriers Please serves the entire nation of Australia and has recently branched out to include over 220 countries in its international delivery umbrella.

To help with the international side, Couriers Please is a subsidiary of SingPost (Singapore Post). SingPost has a well-established presence in eCommerce logistics in Asia, Asia Pacific, and North America.

One of the things Couriers Please does well is to offer a large network of drop-off and collection points throughout Australia. 

Collections are particularly easy. I entered postcode 2148, chose a random location, and about twenty points popped up.

As you can find, Couriers Please has a lot of rapid developments going on. Without further delay, here is everything about Couriers Please package tracking.

About Couriers Please package tracking

Like all couriers, Couriers Please would fall behind technologically and lose customers without offering modern package tracking through their website and phone apps.

How to find your Couriers Please package tracking number

Couriers Please tracking generates a number when you complete a transaction. You may get your tracking number in an email, from a vendor, or on an invoice near the barcode.

Make sure to keep any paperwork generated at the point of sale. Screengrab anything that will disappear when you close a browser or app. Everybody gets in a rush sometimes and assumes everything needed is in order.

You can also take a second to use your camera phone to snap a picture of your tracking number in case you are the type of person who loses track of paperwork easily.

How to track your Couriers Please package location

The website and app make Couriers Please order tracking easy. As an aside, your tracking number is fifteen digits long. Any time you have the opportunity to copy/paste, doing so will make your life easier.

There are two ways to track Couriers Please orders. The easiest method is to land on the main page and find at the upper right. You will find a red box that reads “Track,” containing a field that reads “Enter Tracking Number.”

The second method, if you want to enter multiple tracking numbers, is to use “Tools,” the second option on the top bar. A drop-down menu appears, and “Track” is the first option.

When you land on this tracking page, the instructions say you can enter up to ten tracking codes separated by a comma.

Lost Couriers Please tracking number

With almost all couriers, not losing your tracking number is critical. Remember that not having a tracking number does not prevent a package from getting delivered. The tracking number mainly exists for your convenience to find a package’s progress.

How to track a Couriers Please package without a tracking number

Unfortunately, if you have lost your tracking number or do not have the correct number, the tracking function on the website will not work.

The website only accepts an active tracking number.

If you do not have a number and an online vendor sent you a package, try contacting the vendor. Mention you need help to “track my Couriers Please package.” Getting in contact with your vendor is the best option for several reasons.

Good customer service is critical to online vendors if they want to compete. Keeping customers happy is part of their business model.

The vendor may get a notification right after you send a message and respond within an hour, or even minutes. As you are probably aware, not many forms of online customer support have such a fast response time.

If contacting a vendor is not an option, you will discover that Couriers Please has a flaw in their contact system. When you land on their contact page, the only option is to fill out a form that requires your tracking number as a mandatory field.

When you find closer, you find that the faint print inside the field says you can put “NA” for all other queries. Not everyone is the same, but I would not feel satisfied having this method as my only choice.

I kept searching and could not find a telephone number anywhere on the website, but another site has their number

Naturally, I cannot guarantee that the phone number is a good option or even handles customer support. Sending messages into a black hole without being able to talk to an agent does not make me feel secure.

Due to the above flaws and resulting hassles of not having a tracking number, find and securely store your tracking number when you get one. Do not lose your Couriers Please order tracking number.

Solving Couriers Please package tracking issues

Most Couriers Please tracking issues arise because of human error, not in the delivery chain, due to inefficiency or a heavy workload. Most packages arrive at their destination on time.

Why you can't track your Couriers Please package

Couriers Please, like all couriers, has a barcode found somewhere on every package that a human must scan. The company informs customers that a scan occurs every time a package reaches a new destination.

A scan will update the Couriers Please tracking order information you find. If you do not find any new information, nobody scanned your package.

There are too many possible reasons a scan has not happened to state here, but most of the time, people expect to find something too soon.

Why your Couriers Please package is not updating or moving

As stated above, a package with no scan does not mean there is a problem. Your package may be going through the normal process, resulting in on-time delivery.

For example, an online vendor may collect orders throughout the day and do final processing the following morning. After the transaction, you may get a tracking number in an email, but your package has not moved.

You will not find a change in your tracking status until Couriers Please gets and scans your package. Furthermore, your package may arrive at a transit facility and sit in a stack of other packages awaiting scanning and sorting.

The facility could be having a busy day or have staffing issues. There is no way you could ever know. Regardless, you will not get an update until someone processes the stack, reaches your package, and scans the barcode.

An important thing to remember is that any courier that becomes a successful business and grows must be successful because of efficiency and good business practices. 

Even if you think your package sits too long during its journey, the company’s reputation is at stake with every package and delivery window. The chances are you will get your package on time just like everybody else.

If a company is successful and growing, the system works.

Couriers Please package tracking status explained

Couriers Please is practically two different companies, depending on whether you get a domestic or international package. Domestically, in Australia, they have the necessary fleet to deliver to all parts of the country.

Couriers Please do not have an international fleet. Yet, they expanded to over 220 countries. The only way such an expansion was possible was to join up with shipping partners.

If you are dealing with an international package, and the tracking information suddenly says DHL or another company, the reason is international shipping partners.

In transit

In transit can mean a package is in a van traveling toward the destination. The code can also fail to convey something else because a barcode scan has not happened, intentionally or by accident.

Why your Couriers Please package is still in transit

When you are waiting on the status of a package to change, the important thing to remember is that no update occurs until somebody scans the barcode.

For this reason, you will have the same “in transit” status whether the driver is on the road or parked at the transit facility waiting for people to finish unloading packages. Once unloaded, your packages may end up in a pile of other packages.

Every package in the pile still has a status of “in transit.” One, two, or three more types of processing take place before somebody starts scanning barcodes.

Since the process relies on scanning, most couriers advise customers to wait if they do not find a change in their tracking status. After waiting a reasonable amount of time, you will probably find a new status update.

You will naturally know when something has gone wrong because the status does not change for an unusually long time. When you feel sure something has gone wrong, contact support.

How long a Couriers Please package can stay in transit

As stated above, the advice is to wait, and you will probably find a status update within a reasonable time. In addition, how long you should wait depends on the distance your package travels.

To get an idea of how long you should expect to wait before a package completes its journey, use the Couriers Please Coupon Calculator. The calculator determines if you can use coupons as payment.

However, the calculator also has a transit time. Some of the transit times might come as a bit of a shock. 

For example, if a package must go from Sydney to Perth across Australia, the delivery time is 11 business days. That delivery time will probably take two weeks and include two weekends.

At some point in your package’s journey, you should expect to find the status “in transit” for days, maybe a whole week, before arriving at a transit facility or hub of some sort.

Even though 11 business days is a long time, Couriers Please probably allow so long because that time gives a bit of cushion in case of any delays.

If your package is in transit for over two weeks, you should probably contact support, so they can attempt to find your package or find out what happened.


Pending is uncommon unless an international package has to go through customs or something of that nature.

Why your Couriers Please package may be pending

As stated above, pending usually accompanies inspections such as customs during international transport. There are some other instances where an official may want to inspect the order.

Since Couriers Please works with other carriers, different tracking statuses may appear. When a package reaches a sorting facility, they might use the word pending in sorting and scanning before your package leaves the facility.

Couriers Please Delivery times

If you find different couriers, you will notice a consistent trend. In most countries, couriers operate during standard business hours from the morning to the afternoon or early evening.

Couriers Please delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

As previously discussed, delivery times can vary greatly across Australia, sometimes taking as long as two weeks. Once a package arrives at the delivery facility, the delivery time does not take much longer.

Of course, factors such as rural areas play a role. Most of the time, if your package arrives by 9 am at the facility, delivery can occur between 11 am and 1.30 pm. 

When your package arrives from 11.30 am to 1:59 pm, delivery occurs from 2 pm to 5.30 pm. Everything arrives from 2 pm until the close of business at 5.30 pm and gets delivered from 7.30 am to 10.30 am the next business day.

How late Couriers Please delivers

Couriers Please close their offices at 5.30 pm, which is the latest delivery time. Some exceptions may occur for locations such as hospitals and correctional facilities.

International Couriers Please delivery times

Couriers Please work with other carriers on international deliveries, so their domestic delivery times do not apply. However, a time between 4 pm and 6 pm are standard end-of-business day delivery times in all modern countries.

If you have a critical need to know, use your tracking number to find who your new carrier is overseas. Once you do that, put a search term such as “DHL delivery times” into your browser. Your result should find similar to mine.

Lost and missed Couriers Please deliveries

Missed deliveries are usually a minor issue. Couriers have systems in place to reschedule a delivery without a hassle. Lost packages are a different matter but are also uncommon.

What happens if you miss a Couriers Please delivery

Missing a delivery is no problem. Couriers Please have several options in place so you get your package without difficulty. You should find a yellow card when a delivery failure occurs.

The card has a Delivery Advice Number which you enter in the field titled “Card Number.” From there, you have four options: 

  • Redeliver to the same address
  • Redeliver to a new address
  • Depot pickup
  • Pickup and dropoff locations

How long Couriers Please will hold a package

Couriers Please hold packages for 7 days. Uncollected packages exceeding the 7-day limit get returned to the sender.

What to do if you haven't got your Couriers Please package

Thankfully, disappearing packages are quite rare, but anything can happen. If you do not get a package, use your tracking number first to find the last place where somebody scanned the barcode.

If you cannot make any progress another way, fill out an online customer support form.

Couriers Please FAQs

These are just a few questions. If you want a full list of FAQs, for both domestic and international, visit the website.

Is Couriers Please delivery fast?

Couriers Please has incredibly fast delivery times across metropolitan areas such as Sydney and nearby outlying areas. Because Australia is a geographically large country with challenging conditions, sending packages cross-country can take a week or two.

Can I track Couriers Please package by address?

Unfortunately, you cannot track by address. The tracking number is the only piece of information your package tracker accepts.

How do I know if my Couriers Please package is stuck in customs?

Using your tracking number is the most reliable way to gather such information. Because Couriers Please ships through partners internationally, you might get any number of different tracking statuses.

Some statuses only notify of arrival at customs, followed by clearing customs. Other statuses include a notification of a delay at customs.

The other possibility is that customs holds your package and sends you a notification. The problem with this method is that an efficient customs department might notify you immediately, but a poorly run department might take a long time.

The safest method is to contact customer support if you find that your tracking status has not changed for a suspicious amount of time after arriving at customs, say between two to three days.

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