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Track your Correos Express delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

About Correos Express

Correos group is a leading Spanish logistics and postal company by size, presence, and people.

Correos Express is a part of the group specializing in fast and reliable domestic and international package deliveries—with a large transport network and offices across Spain.

Correos Express tracking

Correos Express will send you a tracking number by email. You can track your Correos Express package by entering your tracking number into the search bar on the Correos Express website.

The Correos Express network will update your tracking information in real time as your package moves along its journey. The tracking information will show your package's location and expected delivery date.

Correos Express uses trusted delivery partners to help them deliver packages based on your recipient’s location. Your tracking number makes knowing where your packages are easy and convenient. First, let's find out how the process works.

How to find your Correos Express tracking number

You will get a tracking number when your package gets sent with Correos Express. This number will display on your sending label and receipt. To track your package, you will need this number.

The tracking number is 16 characters long and comprises letters and numbers. It will be something like this: CX98765432101. Please keep your receipt until you get your package so that you may resolve any issues as soon as possible.

How to track your Correos Express tracking package location     

To track your package, enter your tracking number into the search bar on the Correos Express or partner website, or visit the website of their delivery partner listed on your receipt. 

Correos Express tracking gives you access to many partners to find the best for your needs. Your delivery partner will depend on where you send your package to and on your current location. 

For each partner, the process is the same. You can even track many packages at once by entering your tracking numbers, separated by a comma.

You'll find your package's current status and expected arrival date as soon as you've entered your tracking number.

Lost Correos Express tracking number  

Losing your Correos Express tracking number can create a lot of stress—from not knowing when your package will arrive to worrying about where it is. Not to mention having to deal with missing your delivery or being unable to track it.

The good news is that there is a way to get it back. Finding your Correos Express tracking number is simple; you just need to follow their process to get access. Here’s how:

How to track a Correos Express package without a tracking number

You can still track your package if you have lost your tracking number. The best way is to contact Correos Express customer services and ask for your tracking number.

Once you have your tracking number, you can enter it into the search bar on the Correos Express website and track your package.

If Correos Express has sent your package through a partner company, you must contact them directly for your tracking number. If this is the case, you will have email confirmation from the delivery partner.

The best way to avoid losing your Correos Express tracking number is to keep it in a safe place. A good idea is to take a photo or write it down in a notebook. Just make sure you have it readily available when you need it.

It gives you one less thing to worry about, and you can track your package without any issues. You can also use the free Circuit Package Tracker app to set up notifications whenever your package changes location and status.

That way, you’ll get Correos Express tracking in real-time and know exactly when your package will arrive.

Solving Correos Express tracking package tracking issues

Problems can happen with the sending process. Let's take a find at the most common Correos Express tracking issues.

Why you can't track your Correos Express package       

There can be a few reasons you can't track your package. The first reason is that your tracking number got entered incorrectly. If this is happening, add the tracking number again and hit send.

The second reason is that the tracking information can take up to 48 hours to update. So, if you just sent your package, give it some time and check back later.

The third reason is that your package might be on a truck or in transit, and the information has not been updated yet. Give it some time, and it will update eventually.

The last reason is that there might be an issue with the tracking system. The most effective solution is to contact customer service and give them a detailed explanation of the problem. Then, they will help you sort your Correos Express tracking issues.

Why your Correos Express tracking is not updating or moving   

There are many reasons why your Correos Express tracking information does not update.

The first is that your package has gotten held in customs. So you must wait until the status changes.

The second reason is that the tracking information has not yet been updated. It is usually because your package is in transit or on a truck.

In this situation, the best thing is to wait a day or two and check back. The information should eventually update. If it does not, you can contact Correos Express customer services. They will help you track your package.

Correos Express tracking status explained       

Once you drop off your package, there are nine possible statuses your package can go through before collecting it. They are:

  1. Information received
  2. Out for delivery
  3. Available for pickup
  4. Failed attempt
  5. Delivered
  6. Pending
  7. In transit
  8. Expired
  9. Canceled

The two most commonly reported Correos Express tracking issues are ‘In transit’ and ‘pending.’ More detail on them is below.

In transit        

It means that your package is on its way to the next destination. Your package is moving through the sending process and should be delivered soon. The transit status gets used for packages sent by truck, train, or plane.

Why your Correos Express tracking package is still in transit

Patience is key when tracking a package. Depending on the location your package is getting sent from, it can take time for it to reach its destination. Here are the reasons your package may get stuck in transit.

Service type: Delivery times vary considerably depending on your chosen service type. Some services may take up to three months to ship a package.

Custom checks: When sending items internationally, you must include any necessary declarations. The documentation might occasionally result in unexpected delays.

International package sending: When a package comes from another country, it might take longer for delivery.

How long a Correos Express tracking package can stay in transit

Domestic orders (those within Spain) usually arrive within three to five days. International orders can take anywhere from seven to 21 days. 

You should contact the sending company if your package is in transit after this time frame. They will help you track your package and find out where it is.


Pending means that the sending company is still waiting for information about your package. It can happen if you just sent your package and the tracking information hasn't yet been updated.

Why your Correos Express tracking package may be pending

Here are a few reasons your tracking information hasn't been updated yet.

  • The delivery partner may be waiting for more information from you. For example, they may need your address or a list of the items you sent.
  • The delivery partner is waiting for more information about your package. For example, they may need the weight or dimensions of your package.
  • The delivery partner needs more information about your recipient. For example, they may need the recipient's phone number or email address.
  • The delivery partner may be waiting for more information about your delivery. For example, they may need the delivery date or time frame.
  • The delivery partner is waiting for more information about the route. For example, they may need the starting location and the destination.

Correos Express tracking delivery times        

We've mentioned some delivery times above. So let's take a deeper find at them.                     

Correos Express tracking delivery times: What time will your package arrive     

Delivery times vary and depend on the service type you elect. Be aware that some packages can take up to 90 days to arrive. The service types are listed below.

Responsible sending

This non-urgent order allows us to optimize delivery routes by waiting until the vehicle is full, which helps reduce pollution. For smaller items weighing up to 30 kilograms, DHL can deliver within 48 to 72 hours of availability.

Flat rate

Flat rate sending lets you decide the delivery date based on your desired price.

Paquete Azul

These packages increase security and peace of mind by only delivering when the recipient can sign. Packages 30 kilograms or less get delivered within 72 hours.

How late Correos Express tracking delivers         

Correos Express delivers packages no later than 6 pm.

International Correos Express tracking delivery times     

Correos Express delivers packages between 8 am and 6 pm. Customers will get their package the next business day if not delivered by that time.

Lost and missed Correos Express tracking deliveries       

Losing a package can happen. So if the Correos Express tracking shows your package got delivered, but you can't find it, don't worry! There are steps you can take to solve the problem.

What happens if you miss a Correos Express delivery    

If you miss a Correos Express delivery, the delivery driver will leave a notification at your door. A message will get sent to you if your item gets delayed. It will give instructions on rescheduling delivery or collecting your package from a depot.

How long Correos Express tracking will hold a package  

If you don't rearrange delivery or pick up your package within five days, it will get returned to the sender. However, if Correos Express leaves your package with your nearby postal service, they will hold it for up to 30 days.

What to do if you haven't received your Correos Express tracking package        

Check with your neighbors if your Correos Express tracking status is marked as delivered, but you can't find your package. It's also possible that the delivery status was updated by mistake. It can happen if there is a glitch in the system. 

Contact Correos Express customer service if you still can't find your package. However, if delayed order updates are causing you to worry, here are some potential reasons why:

  • The destination may affect how long it takes for a package to be delivered. Locations further away from the sending area may have delayed deliveries.
  • If a package is coming from another country, assume it will take a while to deliver the item.
  • Sometimes mistakes in customs declarations can cause delays in package delivery. For example, if an item gets marked as a gift when, in actuality, it is a commercial order.
  • It's always possible that poor weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances may cause delays in package delivery.

Contact Correos Express customer services for help if you don't know where your order is.

Correos Express tracking FAQs   

Here are some common questions about Correos Express tracking.

Is Correos Express tracking delivery fast?             

Correos Express is a quick and efficient delivery service. In most cases, packages get delivered within 48 to 72 hours. You will get notifications updating you on the status of your package to give you time to plan accordingly. 

However, Correos Express tracking does not deliver on weekends or holidays. 

Can I track the Correos Express tracking package by address?         

No, you cannot track your Correos package by the address. You must have your Correos Express tracking number.

The good news is that you can get your Correos Express tracking number if you contact customer services and give them your package information.

How do I know if my Correos Express tracking package is stuck in customs?

If you think your package may be stuck in customs, the best thing to do is contact Correos Express customer service. 

In most cases, they will update you on the status of your package and let you know if there are any delays. If your package gets stuck in customs, there is a reason.

It could be due to an incorrect customs declaration, or your package is from another country. In any case, Correos Express customer service will help you resolve the issue and get your package delivered as soon as possible. 

The best thing to do at this point is to stay patient and wait for updates from customer service.

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