Collect Plus Tracking

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Collect Plus Tracking

Collect Plus is a leading parcel delivery and returns service operating in the UK. At its core, it represents a vast network of over 10,000 local stores that function as accessible pick-up and drop-off points for parcels, catering to the evolving needs of online shoppers and retailers. This ingenious approach ensures that, irrespective of their schedules, customers can conveniently send, collect, or return their packages within the expansive working hours of partnered stores. Beyond sheer convenience, Collect Plus emphasizes transparency, equipping users with a state-of-the-art tracking system that offers real-time updates throughout a parcel's journey.

Collect Plus is not a courier themselves, nor do they provide delivery services, they provide the locations to retrieve, send and return packages, and they provide a Collect Plus tracking system that will keep an eye on your package's location.

About Collect Plus tracking

Collect+ offers a multilevel package tracking service dedicated to tracking your package and notifying you when progress is made. 

Collect+ connects a network of locations, including newsagents, supermarkets, and convenience stores, and can track your package's location between all of their locations.

Most Collect+ locations and stores are open 7-days a week, so it is easy to schedule package pickups or orders.

The company does not give end-package services. However, they are a connecting point for various entries and exits in the transit process.

You can track your Collect Plus package here, or alternatively, you can use Circuit package tracker, which will track your package regardless of which Collect Plus courier partner you use.

How to find your Collect Plus tracking number

One of the simplest ways to find your Collect+ tracking number is to check your email. If you buy your package from the Collect+ website, you should get an email with your tracking number shortly afterward.

If you accidentally deleted your email, you could check the backlog with your entire receipt history from the Collect+ website. Create an account using the email address used to buy labels, and you can view any Collect+ tags on your page.

You must have dropped off your package in person if you did not buy your label directly from the Collect Plus website. Your tracking number can be found on the receipt given upon package drop-off.

You must check with your retailer directly if there are any other issues with a physical Collect Plus tracking number.

How to track your Collect Plus package location

By entering your tracking reference number on the Collect+ website, you can track the current location of your package.

The location given to you will be the last place the package was scanned. This means that certain packages may be in transit between checkpoints. 

Collect+ does not offer live tracking, so there is no way to pinpoint an exact location of a package in transit using Collect Plus tracking. 

Lost Collect Plus tracking number

If you do not currently have access to your Collect+ tracking number, you can still track your package's location. 

However, if you want to replace your Collect+ tracking number, you can find it using one of two methods.

If you buy your package from the Collect Plus website, you will get an email with your tracking number shortly afterward. Check your email to verify your Collect+ package tracking number.

Check your spam folder and trash bin if you need help finding this email.

If you dropped your package off in person, you should receive a receipt verifying this drop-off. Your tracking number can be found on the receipt given upon package drop-off.

How to track a Collect Plus package without a tracking number

Sometimes mistakes happen. If you lose your receipt for one reason or another, you can still track your Collect+ package while it is in transit.

Whether you deleted your email or misplaced your receipt, you can check the backlog with your entire receipt history on the Collect+ website. Create an account using your email address used to buy labels, and you can view any Collect+ labels on your page.

You can also use this Collect+ account to track any in-flight packages linked to your current email address.

Solving Collect Plus tracking issues

If you have your package tracking number and access to the Collect+ website, you can easily track your package. Even so, you may encounter an unforeseen issue preventing you from tracking correctly. 

Below are a few common problems you may encounter while attempting to track my Collect+ package.

Why you can't track your Collect Plus package

If you can't track your Collect+ package, the first thing to do is ensure you are using the correct information. Collect+ shipment tracking only works if you are working off of the correct information.

Take a moment to verify that you are on the correct Collect+ website. After verifying you are in the right place, make sure you are using the track tab. This tab is located next to the find and return tabs, so it is easy to use the wrong one by mistake.

Another common issue is with the tracking number itself. Type in the correct Collect+ tracking number from your email or receipt. Sometimes a second look is needed to verify everything is correct.

Suppose you have double-checked that your information is correct and there is no user error. In that case, you must consult Collect+ directly for further help. Visit the Collect+ contact page for other inquiries about a specific issue.

A track Collect+ shipment should be available for viewing on the Collect+ website if it is in the company’s care.

Why your Collect Plus package is not updating or moving

The first thing to remember when tracking a Collect+ package is that the company does not offer live tracking. Collect+ tracking shipment  is managed through a system of checkpoints each package will pass through.

Because Collect+ uses a checkpoint system, there may be an extended period when a package is marked at the exact location. This does not necessarily mean that your package is not moving.

It is pervasive for a package to be marked at the exact location for an extended period if there is a long distance between checkpoints. Your package may very well still be moving. It might just be in between notable locations.

Collect Plus tracking status explained

The Collect+ tracking system is relatively straightforward to understand. 

A package is dropped off at one of many Collect+ drop-off points. Then a package is processed and sent into transit for delivery. After being transported to the correct destination, a package will be ready for pickup, and you will be notified.

In transit

Contrary to popular belief, "in transit" differs from "out for delivery." When a package is in transit, it is moved through the delivery system to get it where it needs to go.

While a package is labeled as in transit, it can be in many places. A Collect+ package in transit might be on a boat, in a plane, in a delivery truck, or at a warehouse. All this status really means is that the package is on its way, and is not an indicator of distance.

When a package is no longer in transit and is at your desired destination, you will get a notification code by email or text message to notify you. 

Why your Collect Plus package is still in transit

If your Collect+ package is still in transit, it is somewhere between the sending and pickup points. This also means getting from place to place may take some time. Something as simple as rainy weather may delay the delivery process.

There are several reasons a Collect+ package may still be in transit. Delivery drivers take the utmost care to ensure your package is handled correctly and that safety guidelines are followed.

If your package comes from another country, it may also take time to follow import and export laws.

Whatever the case may be, know that Collect+ workers are working tirelessly to get your package to you as quickly and safely as possible.

How long a Collect Plus package can stay in transit

The time it takes a package to be delivered can vary greatly.

If a package is coming from another country, import and export laws may work to delay the process. Foreign packages are also farther away than domestic ones, so a long-distance exists between destinations.

Working conditions and the weather are also a factor in delivery time. A shortage in delivery drivers, heavy traffic, and rain are just some of the many variables that can slow delivery down.

A good rule of thumb is to give your package a month to arrive. Even under the most strenuous conditions, a package will usually arrive at its destination within 30 days. Suppose you wait a month, and your package sees no discernable progress. In that case, you should consider contacting the company to ask about its whereabouts.


A pending package is a package that has yet to be in transit. This likely means that you just ordered your package and are waiting for delivery from a seller.

If your package has a pending status, it means that Collect+ is aware of your package and will have it soon if they don't already.

Why your Collect Plus package may be pending

A pending package status is no cause for concern. This is a normal process, meaning your package is accounted for.

You should only worry about a pending package status if it stays for more than a handful of days. If your package had been pending for a week or more, it might mean an issue with its content or weight.

If there is an issue with sending your package, Collect+ will contact the seller and update you of any further delays. If you do not get any information or updates after several weeks, contactCollect+ or your seller directly for help. 

Collect Plus delivery times

Delivery times for Collect+ vary depending on where you live and where your package is coming from. Much like the time spent in transit, the time it takes for your package to be delivered will depend on outside variables such as distance and working conditions.

Collect Plus delivery times: What time will your package arrive

Collect+ deliveries range from 7 am until 7 pm. The time your package arrives will depend on where you live concerning the delivery route and the speed of deliveries for that day.

Regardless of when your package arrives, the delivery driver will bring it to your doorstep during these hours.

How late Collect Plus delivers

Collect+ delivers well into the evening; you may get the package as late as 7 pm. This may seem intimidating but know that even if you aren't home when a package arrives, you will still get your package.

Drivers are trained to either leave packages in a safe place or attempt redelivery within the following days.

International Collect Plus delivery times

Delivery times for international packages will not vary from domestic ones, as deliveries are always made between 7 am and 7 pm. That being said, it should be noted that foreign packages may take longer in transit, and the delivery may not come as soon as with a domestic product.

Lost and missed Collect Plus deliveries

While it is rare for a Collect+ delivery to be lost, anything can happen. There is a multitude of variables that go into package deliveries, and unforeseen forces can play into their whereabouts.

Similarly, things can happen that keep you from a Collect+ delivery. Sometimes life is hectic, and you may miss your scheduled delivery time. 

Below is what you should do should an issue arise.

What happens if you miss a Collect Plus delivery

If you miss your initial Collect+ delivery, that is ok. One of several things will happen.

First, the delivery drivers at Collect+ are trained to look for safe places to leave your package. If your home has a garage, shed, side entrance, or an enclosed porch, the driver will leave it there, and you will be notified it is at your door.

If your neighbor offers to take a package, they can sign for it, and you will be notified of the house number it was left with. If you know you won't be home, you can ask a nearby friend to accept it.

Suppose no one can take your package, and there is no discernable place to leave it safely. In that case, the driver will attempt to make up to 3 more attempts to deliver your package within the following days. During this time, you may collect your package by going to your local depot and getting it yourself.

If you miss your delivery several times, your package will be returned to the depot until you can pick it up. If this happens, the driver will leave a note with further instructions at your doorstep.

How long Collect Plus will hold a package

If your package cannot be delivered, it will be returned to the local depot for you to pick up. This facility will hold your package for the next ten days.

Suppose you cannot pick up your package using your collection code during these ten days. Your package will be returned to the Collect+warehouse, and your account will be refunded for the delivery costs.

What to do if you haven't received your Collect Plus package

Suppose you have not received your package and need to collect it yourself. In that case, you will need the collection code given to you through email or a Collect+ delivery driver.

Take this code to your local depot, then take your package and leave. Packages will only be released to those with the collection code for security and safety reasons.

Collect Plus tracking FAQs

We have covered a lot of information, but you may still be left with an unanswered question. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that don't fall under any former categories.

Is Collect Plus delivery fast?

Collect+ deliveries tend to take between a few days to a few weeks. The time between the package's initial order and delivery at your door is subject to many variables. It may take as long as a month under the worst conditions. 

Once a package is at your local warehouse or store, it will be considered out for delivery. It takes for a package within range to be delivered is 1-3 days, so you can expect to get your package shortly after being marked as out for delivery.

Upon ordering an item, a customer who chooses express delivery will have their package prioritized and delivered within 24 hours.

Can I track Collect Plus package by address?

Collect+ does not offer live tracking or tracking by address. The company does not pinpoint the exact location of packages in transit between checkpoints or warehouses.

You can track a Collect+ package's location by using the tracking number on your receipt or email. This code can be used on the Collect+ website to locate the last checkpoint at which your last package was seen.

How do I know if my Collect Plus package is stuck in customs?

While there is no way to know if your Collect+ package is stuck in customs, a good indicator is if it has been at the same foreign checkpoint for an extended period.

If your package has stayed in another country over a week, that is a good sign that it may be held up in customs. Suppose there are any issues with the package or its contents. In that case, Collect+ will contact the sender and notify you of any further delays.

If you do not hear from the company or your initial sender, you may need to contact them for further help.

A better alternative to Collect Plus tracking

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