Chunghwa Post Tracking

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Chunghwa Post Tracking

Chunghwa Post Company Limited (Chunghwa Post for short) is the official postal service of Taiwan, with 22 post office locations throughout the island nation and over 25,000 employees.

With a history dating back over a century, Chunghwa Post was reorganized by a government resolution into a corporate structure in 2003 and is now wholly owned and operated by Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

Chunghwa Post provides fast and reliable delivery services for letters and packages for Taiwan’s 24 million residents.

About Chunghwa Post

As Taiwan's official postal service, Chunghwa Post offers a full range of domestic and international mail services and express mail solutions inside and outside Taiwan.

In recent years, Chunghwa Post has added international small package delivery and cargo-to-post logistics to its growing range of services.

With the ever-growing popularity of online shopping and eCommerce sites throughout the region, Chunghwa Post’s inbound and outbound traffic has risen, and package volumes are steadily increasing.

In addition to mail and package delivery services, Chunghwa Post also offers banking services (including ATMs and electronic remittances), financial products (government bonds and mutual funds), and life insurance products. 

With a growing number of self-serve centers throughout Taiwan, including 24-hour digital post offices, Chunghwa Post is becoming a one-stop shop for many basic needs. 

But at the core of Chunghwa Post's operations are postal services, which Chunghwa Post has provided for over a hundred years.

Chunghwa Post tracking

Whether you are waiting excitedly for a package to arrive or sending an important document, you can track your order with Chunghwa Post’s user-friendly online tracking tools.

These are the types of services that you can track through Chunghwa Post’s website:

  • EMS (Express Mail Service)
  • EMS mainland China
  • International letters
  • International packages
  • Letters and packages from mainland China

Chunghwa Post’s tracking services provide real-time data showing your item’s shipping progress and estimated delivery date.

Keep reading to learn how to track a letter or package through Chunghwa Post’s online tracking system and what to do when things do not go according to plan.

How to find your Chunghwa Post tracking number

Your Chunghwa Post tracking number should appear on any paperwork associated with the letter or package, be it a packing slip, invoice, order confirmation, or shipping notification.

In the case of a package, your Chunghwa Post tracking number will likely be in any email or text correspondence you received when placing your order. These notifications may even contain links to Chunghwa Post’s online tracking platform.

How to track your Chunghwa Post location

You can track your Chunghwa Post letter or package location by entering the item’s tracking number into Chunghwa Post’s online tracking platform (the “Track and Trace Service” page).

From the main tracking service page on Chunghwa Post’s website, navigate to the tracking portal for the delivery method you used. 

For instance, use the “International/Mainland China Tracking Service” for letters and packages originating from mainland China and international origins.

Track domestic Chunghwa Post letters and packages with the “Domestic Express/Letter-Post/Parcel Tracking Service”.

Lost Chunghwa Post tracking number

Although tracking a Chunghwa Post letter or package involves minimal time and effort, you must input a tracking number to determine its location and estimate the delivery day.

Losing or forgetting a tracking number is a common occurrence, and fortunately, there are ways to retrieve it if it has been misplaced or neglected.

Searching through your text messages or emails for correspondence from the seller or shipper will likely turn up your lost tracking number in no time.

Alternatively, you can contact Chunghwa Post’s customer service department for assistance with recovering your tracking number.

Separate offices handle inbound and outbound deliveries, and specialized divisions deal with EMS, air letters, air packages, surface letters, and surface packages.

How to track a Chunghwa Post package without a tracking number

The high volume of letters and packages handled by Chunghwa Post daily makes it virtually impossible to locate an item without a tracking number unless you know its most recent location at a Chunghwa Post office or facility.

Fortunately, you can probably recover a lost tracking number by contacting the appropriate Chunghwa Post customer service desk.

In the case of international letters and packages originating from a foreign country, Chunghwa Post acts as what is known as a last-mile carrier, meaning that it handles the final leg of an item’s journey to the recipient.

Contact information for Chunghwa Post’s international courier partners can be found on the “Track and Trace Service” page. 

Among the over 80 countries listed are origins with heavily trafficked shipping corridors, including mainland China, the US, and nations throughout Asia, Europe, Central and South America, and Africa.

A missing tracking number may be located by contacting the first-leg courier, and Chunghwa Post's website provides vital contact information to get the tracking process started.

Solving Chunghwa Post tracking issues

Despite its long history and recent modernization, delivery, and transportation issues can still occur with Chunghwa Post letters and packages. 

Occasional delays are unavoidable with mail and package delivery, even with the most reliable and reputable companies. This is particularly true for items shipping internationally, where border crossings and customs procedures are involved.

Fortunately, you can resolve many delay issues by contacting Chunghwa Post's customer service team, either through email or by speaking with an agent.

Why you can’t track your Chunghwa Post package

If you encounter difficulty tracking your Chunghwa Post package, confirm that you have the correct tracking number. Also, verify that you are typing the characters into the tracking service correctly.

The software and technology used by couriers like Chunghwa Post are very sophisticated to process the enormous volume of items flowing through its system. But they are not bulletproof.

Computer systems like those used by Chunghwa Post and other international postal services occasionally shut down or crash due to glitches or software updates. 

Although these situations can be very frustrating, they can usually be resolved quickly. If you can’t track your Chunghwa Post package online, give it a few hours or try refreshing your web browser.

Simple human error is another potential reason you can’t track your Chunghwa Post letter or package. Oversight may have prevented your item from being scanned or processed at a checkpoint, and this can lead to delayed updates or inaccurate status reports.

But with so many backup systems and monitoring procedures in place to prevent the loss of packages, even human mistakes can be caught early on, and most delay problems will be resolved by Chunghwa Post and its carrier partners in short order.

Why your Chunghwa Post package is not updating or moving

Some of the most common reasons why your Chunghwa Post package is not updating or moving are weather-related. Because letters and packages travel by air, sea, or land, Mother Nature can negatively impact these transportation methods.

When figuring out why your Chunghwa Post package seems stuck and not moving, you may need to consider whether a natural event is responsible.

It is also possible that the seller or shipper of the item has not yet handed it over to the local carrier for pick-up. 

Another common situation is a technological problem affecting the real-time data provided by Chunghwa Post’s tracking system. The information displayed on the website may not be current because real-time updates are not happening.

Your letter or package may be on its way to you, but the computer system has not updated its current progress.

Another common situation is that the first-leg carrier has not handed off your package to Chunghwa Post yet, so its last-leg progress cannot be tracked. Once in the custody of Chunghwa Post, your tracking number should provide updates on the item’s status.

Chunghwa Post tracking status explained

Not too long ago, sending letters and packages was a waiting game filled with plenty of questions and very few answers. 

Before computers and smartphones, there was no way to get tracking information from postal services like Chunghwa Post other than to say, it will get there when it gets there.

But now, you can get real-time delivery information for your package by using Chunghwa Post’s online tracking service. 

Once you have entered your tracking number, you will see the current shipping status of your item. This information falls into two categories: in transit and pending. Here’s what they mean.

In transit

When your Chunghwa Post package is in transit, it means it is in the midst of its journey from the point of origin to the final leg (known as the last mile).

In other words, your item is well on its way but is still on the plane, boat, train, or truck heading toward the final destination.

Once a letter or package is placed on a delivery truck, its status changes from in transit to out for delivery, indicating that the recipient can expect to receive it that same day.

Why your Chunghwa Post package is still in transit

If you track your item and the status repeatedly shows it is still in transit, an unexpected delay has likely occurred.

Poor weather conditions are beyond anybody's control, and depending on the severity, they can cause significant disruptions to the operations of postal services like Chunghwa Post.

For instance, a severe storm, like a hurricane or typhoon, can divert air traffic or cause flight cancellations, resulting in letters and packages getting stuck in limbo until conditions improve.

Or, perhaps heavy rain has washed away a vital road or flooded a major highway, making ground transportation impossible until the waters recede.

The time of year can also affect delivery schedules and cause packages to remain in transit longer than usual. For instance, during the holiday season (Christmas and New Year), package volumes surge and can cause backlogs that may result in longer transit times.

How long a Chunghwa Post package can stay in transit

The length of time a Chunghwa Post package can remain in transit depends on circumstances, such as weather conditions and shipping traffic.

Another factor affecting transit time is how far the package must travel and what part of the world it originated from or is destined for. These are the typical transit times for Chunghwa Post:

  • Between Taiwan and nearby Hong Kong and Macau, the transit time is only 1 to 2 days for international EMS services
  • For other parts of Asia, this increases to an average of 3 to 5 days
  • For the US, the average transit time is 4 to 5 days
  • Central and South America transit time averages 5 to 7 days
  • Packages moving between Taiwan and Europe need 5 to 8 days in transit
  • For Africa, the average transit time is 6 to 9 days

If your package stays in transit for significantly longer than these times without an explanation such as a weather delay or heavy package volume, then it may be wise to contact Chunghwa Post customer service for a delivery update.


When your package has been processed by the shipper and is scheduled to be transported, its status is pending. This means the first-leg carrier has the item’s information entered into its system.

The next step is for the package to transition from pending status to in transit, which means it is moving toward its destination.

Why your Chunghwa Post package may be pending

If your package's status shows pending for more than a day or two, it may not necessarily be a sign that something is wrong.

Many companies generate a shipping label shortly after an order is placed. This produces a tracking number but doesn't mean it has left the shipper's warehouse. 

Depending on what time the order was processed, the package may not leave the shipper’s warehouse until the next day or so. You may be attempting to track an item that hasn’t even begun its journey yet.

Wait for a shipping notification from the seller or shipper for confirmation that your package is on its way to you.

Chunghwa Post delivery times

Chunghwa Post has earned a strong reputation for fast and reliable delivery service and this includes its delivery schedule. 

Delivery times depend on the type of mail service involved and what part of Taiwan is involved.

Chunghwa Post delivery times: What time your package will arrive

For ordinary mail and local packages, deliveries will typically occur before 2:00 pm. For other order types, such as express mail, deliveries will usually be made by 3:00 pm.

How late Chunghwa Post delivers

Chunghwa Post usually delivers packages by 3:00 pm. However, arrangements can be made with your local post office to schedule a nighttime delivery. This request must be made by telephone or in writing.

This service is not available in certain parts of Taiwan, and a fee may apply.

International Chunghwa post delivery times:

The international delivery times vary depending on the destination country and region. For example:

  • For Hong Kong and Macao, the delivery time is 1-2 days
  • For Japan and Korea, it is 2-3 days
  • For Australia and New Zealand, it is 4-6 days
  • For Canada and USA, it is 4-5 days
  • For most European countries, it is 4-7 days, and 
  • For most African countries, it is 6-8 days. 

These are the estimated delivery times that commence from the mailing date, excluding the customs clearance date. 

Lost and missed Chunghwa Post deliveries

Even though you may be expecting a package to arrive, unexpected things can happen, and you may miss the delivery.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to retrieve a missed Chunghwa Post delivery.

What happens if you miss a Chunghwa Post delivery

If you miss a Chunghwa Post delivery, contact your local post office by telephone or in writing to arrange alternate delivery.

Options include nighttime delivery when it is more likely that you will be home, or you can arrange for a package to be delivered to your workplace.

How long will Chunghwa hold a package

The holding time for a package depends on the type of service and the recipient's address. For example:

  • For domestic parcels, the holding time is 15 days for home delivery and 30 days for iBOX collection. 
  • For international EMS, the holding time is 7 days for home delivery and 30 days for iBOX collection

If the package is not claimed within the holding time, it will be returned to the sender or disposed of according to the regulations.

What to do if you haven’t received your Chunghwa Post package

If you haven't received your Chunghwa Post package and the tracking service is showing it is out for delivery or has been delivered, you should contact your nearest post office branch.

The package may have been delivered to the wrong address or inadvertently left behind on the delivery vehicle or at the post office.

If the package cannot be located and is determined to be lost, you are entitled to file a claim and receive compensation. You will be required to provide the shipping documents and verify your identity.

Chunghwa Post tracking FAQs

These are a few commonly asked questions regarding Chunghwa Post tracking.

Is Chunghwa Post delivery fast?

Chunghwa Post offers fast and reliable delivery. For EMS, packages between Taiwan and major shipping corridors like the US, Europe, and Asia, can be delivered within a week or so.

Can I track Chunghwa Post delivery by address?

To track a Chunghwa Post package, you will need to enter a tracking number. Tracking a delivery using an address is not currently available.

How do I know if my Chunghwa Post package is stuck in customs?

All packages moving internationally must clear customs in the destination country. Most of the time, this process runs smoothly and efficiently as long as necessary paperwork and declarations are in order.

Sometimes, however, a package can get held up in customs due to improper documentation or an issue with the contents.

If your package has arrived but seems to be stuck in limbo, there may be a customs issue that must be resolved before it will be released. 

You should receive a notification of the problem but you should also reach out to Chunghwa Post customer service to inquire about the exact cause for the delay.

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