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Chronopost is a French courier company that delivers parcels worldwide. The company is a member of La Poste, a postal service in France that is also the owner of DPDgroup. Chronopost specializes in providing express shipping and service delivery worldwide. Today, the company has a network of 9700 France pick-up points and around 42000 throughout Europe. Chronopost has 87 branches and 12 hubs to ensure clients get safe and secure deliveries and on time. Every day, Choronopost delivers about 5.2 parcels to its clients worldwide. 

Some of the delivery services offered by Chronopost in France include next-day service, a service that is unavailable in some countries. The location of the delivery determines the next-day service. Also, documents and parcels weighing below 30 kgs may be included in the next-day delivery where the receiver will get their package before 10:00 am. Your location will determine the services you get for international services, and it is essential to keep in mind that the company only delivers packages weighing less than 30 kgs. International regulations need Chronopost to verify its customers and recipient exports.

Other services that Chronopost offers to its customers include:

  • Parcel collection
  • Express delivery times
  • Insurance and delivery rescheduling
  • Shipping of parcels locally and abroad
  • Simplified return and exchange policy
  • Fast processing, drop-offs, and collection
  • Consideration of the goods particular characteristics
  • Good insurance

Chronopost delivers a wide selection of goods, including standard parcels, sensitive goods, gifts, important documents, clothes, vinyl, foods, palettes, among other things. The goods get delivered to their destination express and in a secure way both in France and abroad.

Chronopost delivers in France and provides reasonable shipping rates for shipping from France to other countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Spain. In total, the company serves 230 countries and regions worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track a Chronopost package without a tracking number?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to track your package without a tracking number. The receiver and the sender of the Chronopost package should receive the tracking number to make the process easier. If you are the sender, you will get a coupon if you get your parcel to Chronopost France, and the receiver should ask for the tracking number from the sender. If your order is from webshops, this must apply. Therefore, if you do not have a tracking number yet, you should consider looking into the stores where you bought your items.

Does Circuit offer better tracking than Chronopost package tracking?

The circuit does not provide good package tracking like Chronopost. There are many benefits of using Chronopost, including:

  • Delivery of goods in an efficient and timely manner
  • Express deliveries on orders in France
  • Innovating shipping services like mail redirection
  • Safe and secure deliveries
  • Correct Chronopost worldwide tracking
  • Enhanced accountability
  • Improved transparency
  • Online posting of available parcels

How late does Chronopost deliver?

Every delivery is unique, and this is why Chronopost adapts to the needs of its clients. The delivery of parcels is done between two to five days on average. The receiver can get the package between 8 am and 10 pm on Mondays to Sundays based on their select option.

How long does it usually take to deliver an international package with Chronopost?

Chronopost prides itself in express delivery for international parcels. When you send a parcel abroad, they take around 2 to 5 days to reach the sender spending on their location. Chronopost also delivers documents and goods for Oversees France, which takes about two days between its departments Oversees. The parcel takes around 48 hours if it goes through metropolitan France.

How long will Chronopost hold a package?

When your parcel is delivered to your local pick-up point, it is available for about two weeks at the post offices and the company's branches. The package is held for eight days and only three days from the pick-up stations known as lockers from pick-up points. To pick your item from the pick-up point, you should carry an identification item or send a person to pick your parcel with your identification card. When a parcel is not picked within the given deadlines, it is returned to the sender.

How to sign for a Chronopost package

For international deliveries, a signature is needed after delivery, but if you want to get a signed delivery receipt, you will be expected to pay more. If your shipment was made online, you should log in to Chronotrace, a free service that allows clients to view a pdf copy of the distribution slip signed by the recipient or stamped. With the slip, you can print or e-mail the scanned proof of delivery that contains the legal proof.

How to track a Chronopost package with Circuit

You can track a Chronopost package using a circuit package tracker. All you will need is a tracking number given to you in an e-mail or SMS by the store you bought from or Chronopost. Once you have the number, enter it into Circuit and click on 'Track my package,' where you will be shown the different stages that your parcel has been going through and the current location where it's held. Sometimes you will also get the estimated time of parcel arrival from the site.

What do I do if I haven't received my package from Chronopost?

Your parcel can be tracked online using the provided tracking number sent to you via e-mail on the day the package was shipped. If your parcel has been marked delivered, but you still don't have it, you should enquire from your concierge or neighbors to check if another person took your parcel for you. If they do not have it, you can visit the post office and take your tracking number and ID with you because you may not have received a delivery notice from the post office, which happens regularly. If another person took your package and cannot get it from them, you can contact Chronopost customer service. Sometimes the status of your parcel may not have been updated for a few days, and you haven't received it. You should also contact customer service for more information about the package.

What happens if Chronopost loses my package?

If you are the receiver of the package, you should contact the sender about the parcel. However, if you are the sender and the package gets lost, there will be an investigation to determine if Chronopost is liable. If it is, you will be compensated for your good's original value, the costs of repairs, or the costs that will be incurred to restore your documents. You will get up to €250 for every parcel, which can be claimed against the receipts.

What happens if I miss my Chronopost delivery?

Chronopost understands that sometimes the unexpected may happen, which will cause you to miss your delivery. You can use Predict that will help you to choose an alternate day for delivery that suits you, and you can choose to get your package delivered at home or nominate a neighbor to pick it for you. You can also rearrange the delivery for another day depending on the sender's choice, or you can pick it at the local pick-up up points, which is more convenient.

What time will my Chronopost package arrive?

You will get your package any time between 8 am and 10 pm from Monday to Sunday, depending on the sender's option.

Where is my Chronopost package?

To know where your package is, you can track it using the tracking number provided to you. There are several ways you can access the tracking information, including the Chronopost website, Chronotrace, Ship24 website, and the Chronopost application. Once you visit any of these platforms, you will get all the information about your package and its future location.

Where is my Chronopost tracking number?

Your tracking number can be found on the mobile application for Chronopost or their online tracking module. Once you enter your parcel number, you will get a tracking number composed of 13 characters if you are in France. for parcels from abroad, the tracking number consists of 15 characters.

Why is my Chronopost package not moving?

Your package may stop moving mainly because the tracking of your parcel has stopped updating. Small delays in deliveries cause such problems. There may also be a delay in the tracking system that makes the progress of our parcel not to register. However, if the parcel does not move for over two days, there may be complications with your delivery, and you can check what issues there are in the account.

Why is my Chronopost package pending?

Delays in the system may cause pending, but once the system updates, you will see the progress of your package, its past and future locations.

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