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About CDEK

CDEK is a Russian-based shipping company founded in 2000. They began as a fulfillment company for an eCommerce store, but when the store closed, they continued to ship across Russia and internationally.

Today, CDEK delivers to 23 countries in North America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia, though its primary focus is providing delivery services in Russia.

CDEK delivers nearly 300,000 packages every day for over 140,000 online stores. It has over 3,500 offices in 25 countries around the world. 

CDEK offers delivery to your door and to their franchised locations for pick up. They offer low-cost shipping for documents and packages under five . Most of their shipping is into Russia, either domestically or internationally from China. 

If you want to track a CDEK shipment, you will need the tracking number for your package. You can track your CDEK package using your package tracking number

CDEK package tracking

Below, you’ll learn how to find your CDEK tracking number and get an estimate of when your CDEK package will arrive.

How to find your CDEK package tracking number

If you ordered a product shipped through CDEK, the confirmation email sent to you when you made your purchase will likely have a CDEK shipment tracking number.

If the confirmation email does not have a CDEK tracking shipment number, check for a sent package email or notification. If your confirmation notification does not, this email will likely contain your tracking number. 

Contact the sender for the required information if both emails do not have the tracking number.

How to track your CDEK package location

To track a CDEK package, enter your tracking number in Circuit Package Tracker or in CDEK’s internal tracking system.

The results page should give your package’s last known location, previous locations, and the estimated arrival time. 

You can also download the Circuit Package Tracker app and use notifications to know exactly where your package is.

Lost CDEK tracking number

If you do not have your CDEK package tracking number but would like to track your package, there are many ways of finding out where your package is currently and estimating when it will arrive.

How to track a CDEK package without a tracking number

You may contact the sender and ask for your tracking number so that you can track your package if you have lost the information.

If you cannot get in contact with your sender, try contacting CDEK customer service for your area. They may be able to get in touch with the sender or give you an estimated arrival time.

If you are the sender and have lost your package tracking number, you can also try contacting CDEK customer service, or contact the package recipient and find if they have the number.

Unfortunately, CDEK does not offer any other way of tracking packages, so you will likely have to wait for the package to arrive if you cannot obtain your package tracking number.

Solving CDEK package tracking issues

If you’re having trouble tracking your package, there are several things that may be causing the issue, including shipping delays and unsent packages. 

Why you can’t track your CDEK package

If you’re having trouble tracking your CDEK package, there are a few possible reasons and solutions.

If you have your CDEK package tracking number and it is not showing up in the tracking system, it is possible that the label has been created but not sent.

This means that the sender has gotten the package ready for sending and created the packing slip but has not yet dropped off the package, or the package has not been picked up from the drop-off point.

If you only recently received your package tracking number, wait a few days and find if your package gets picked up. You can turn on notifications for pick up and tracking by downloading the Circuit Package Tracker Package Tracker for free.

If it has been several days since you received your package tracking number, or you are the sender and know the package has been picked up or dropped off, start by double-checking that you have entered the tracking information correctly.

If you have entered all of your information correctly and your package is still not showing up in the tracking system, it is possible that it was not scanned correctly by the warehouse.

While most shipping services now offer accurate and up-to-date tracking information, mistakes do happen, and it’s possible that the package will be scanned correctly at the next location.

Waiting a few days may resolve the issue if this is the case.

If it has been several days or weeks and your package is not showing up in the tracking system, contact CDEK’s customer service so they can resolve the issue. 

Why your CDEK package is not updating or moving

Packages often stop moving and updating when shipping delays or the CDEK tracking system is broken.

If your package is no longer updating, wait a few days to find if the problem resolves itself. 

Delays in packages and international shipping can sometimes take weeks to resolve, so if your package is coming from another country, be patient.

If it has been over a few weeks and your package has still not been updated or moved in the tracking system, have the tracking number handy and contact their customer service for assistance. 

CDEK package tracking status explained

While the location updates of your package from package tracking services can be useful for knowing progress, tags and status updates may be more difficult to understand.

Below are some tags you may find in package tracking, what they mean, what you can expect next, and what you should do if problems arise.

In transit

‘In transit’ generally means that your package is on the way. It does not necessarily mean that your package is actively moving, however. In transit may mean your package is at a shipping or transit facility. 

Why your CDEK package is still in transit

Your CDEK package is likely still in transit because it has not reached its destination or final shipping facility.

For the last leg of delivery to the recipient, packages will frequently say ‘out for delivery’ instead of ‘in transit.’

If your package still says ‘in transit,’ it is likely traveling between shipping facilities and not on the way to the recipient. 

How long a CDEK package can stay in transit 

How long your package stays in transit can vary depending on how far it needs to travel. In most cases, packages will arrive in about seven days, so the time in transit should be less than that.

International packages may stay in transit for weeks or months, depending on the type of service paid for and the countries involved. At the same time, most domestic deliveries should arrive within two weeks.


Usually, packages are tagged as pending if the label is created, but the package has not been dropped off by the sender. Occasionally, a pending tag may result from a delay, meaning CDEK cannot give you an accurate estimate for arrival time. 

Usually, pending tags on packages resolve by themself in 24 to 72 hours.

Other CDEK status information

CDEK has various tracking states that you may find when you look to find where your package is. 

CDEK status tags and their meanings

Most status tags are more specific versions of ‘in transit.’ Most mean that a package has arrived at a shipping facility, is leaving a shipping facility, or is on a truck, plane, or boat. 

CDEK status held by customs

This status tag means that customs is holding your package. Customs officials often go through packages delivered internationally. 

Your package having a ‘held by customs’ status for a short time, or even up to a month, is nothing to be concerned about and will likely resolve itself.

CDEK status addresfind not available, unsuccessful delivery

If your package tracking has this status, it most likely means that CDEK has attempted delivery, but you were not available to receive the package. 

CDEK status unsuccessful delivery

This status may mean that the delivery address was not valid or that there was nobody there to receive the package.

CDEK status shipment information received

A status of ‘shipment information received’ means that the sender has created the label for the package but has not dropped it off yet, or the package has not been picked up from the initial drop-off facility.

CDEK delivery times

CDEK offers two kinds of deliveries: deliveries right to your door and special location pick-ups.

How long a package takes to arrive depends primarily on where it is shipping from, its destination, and the type of service selected when sending the package.

For the most part, CDEK estimates that packages will take five or more days to arrive.

CDEK delivery times: what time will your package arrive?

CDEK delivers most packages on weekdays during regular business hours, usually between 8 am and 8 pm. 

CDEK is one of the most extensive delivery services in Russia. Delivery times to most places in Russia are 9 am, 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, and 6 pm. 

How late CDEK delivers

CDEK delivers packages during regular business hours and not 24 hours. You can expect packages to arrive no later than 8 pm. 

International CDEK delivery times

CDEK delivers packages to 23 countries around the world. If you are receiving a package shipped internationally, packages can take weeks to months to arrive.

Within Russia, packages will usually arrive in a few days. If you’ve paid for express shipping, domestic Russian shipments can arrive in as little as 24 hours. 

Lost and missed CDEK deliveries

Missing the delivery window can be frustrating, but you will still be able to receive your package.

What happens if you miss a CDEK delivery

If you miss a CDEK delivery, you can pick up the package at one of their facilities or reschedule the delivery by contacting CDEK directly.

CDEK offers scheduled deliveries, so if you are worried about missing the delivery, contact customer service to schedule a drop-off. You can also ask them to hold the package at a facility to pick up if that is more convenient for you.

How long will CDEK hold a package?

In most facilities, CDEK will hold a package for up to 45 days. If you are not sure you will be able to pick up your package in that timeframe, contact their customer service as quickly as possible.

What to do if you haven’t received your CDEK package

Contact customer service immediately if you have not received your package and the tracking information says delivery is complete. 

If the tracking information does not say delivered, but it is past the estimated delivery time, the problem will likely resolve itself with time.

CDEK delivery locations

CDEK delivers packages in 23 countries: Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Korea, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, the UK, the United States, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. 

Most of CDEK’s deliveries are in Russia, where they have most of their customer pick-up and drop-off facilities. CDEK’s fastest domestic delivery times are available only in Russia.

CDEK delivery partners

CDEK partners with many companies that ship internationally, including AliExpress, eBay, and Shein.

If you are located in Russia and ordering a package from one of these companies, CDEK will likely be in charge of delivering your package. 

CDEK also fulfills the final-step delivery service for other companies sending packages into Russia. If you mail a package to Russia using a different service, the delivery may be completed by CDEK once it reaches the country. 

CDEK Opportunities

CDEK has opportunities for companies and those looking to open a franchised location of their own. 

CDEK fulfillment services

CDEK offers a special service to US online retailers trying to enter the Russian market. Using CDEK fulfillment, you can store your goods in their warehouses while selling to your Russian customer base.

When your customer buys an item, CDEK will mail the package to the customer from inside Russia on your behalf.

This service can help your customers get the items they bought much faster, as your product has already gone through customs and is close to the customer. 

CDEK will be able to deliver your product all over Russia and Kazakhstan in as little as one day.

CDEK fulfillment services can save you lots of time packing and shipping individual orders internationally.

CDEK fulfillment service prices

CDEK fulfillment will store your products for $1.28 every cubic meter daily. They will ship your items for $0.28 each after the first item, which costs $2.27 to ship.

If you use their fulfillment services, you will need to pay 1% of the insurance for the declared value of your goods daily.

If you are a company or small business shipping lots of items into Russia, CDEK fulfillment services might reduce the cost of storing and shipping your goods.

CDEK franchising

CDEK has franchising opportunities available all over the world. Becoming a franchifind of CDEK will allow you to use their logistics for shipping while you find a branch in your local area.

CDEK offers training for those who want to become franchifinds, as well as lots of free and accessible information about how to get started.

CDEK frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common questions regarding CDEK

Is CDEK delivery fast?

CDEK delivery can be very fast, depending on where the package is shipping from and its final destination. Domestically, CDEK can deliver packages within as few as 24 hours.

Can I track CDEK packages by address?

You can only track a CDEK package if you have the tracking number. You cannot follow a CDEK package by address, sender and date, or other relevant information. 

How do I know if my CDEK package is stuck in customs?

In the United States, customs can hold packages for up to two weeks. If your package has not been in US customs for more than two weeks, it is likely still being checked by officials and is probably not stuck in customs. 

In most countries, if your package is stuck in customs, your government will mail you a detainment letter informing you that your package will not be arriving. 

Can I send a CDEK package from my house?

No, CDEK packages from the United States must be dropped off at one of CDEK’s offices.

To send a package using CDEK, either bring the item you want to send to one of their locations or fill out the forms found on their website and drop your packages off.

Tracking a CDEK package

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