Caribou Tracking

Track your Caribou delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Caribou Tracking 

Caribou is a multi-modal logistics provider operating in Hyde, England, with over 550 employees.

The company gives clients custom and affordable logistics solutions through its real-time package tracking service, parcel delivery, air freight, road freight, sea freight, storage, warehousing, and haulage services.

Caribou is known for its innovation, efficiency, and impeccable customer service. It is one of the fastest-growing shipping companies in the UK—and it's making quite a name for itself. In 2020, it won the Pall-Ex Award for the Highest KPI Performance.  

About Caribou    

Customers can track their packages using the Caribou tracking order tool throughout the delivery process.

Customers receive the most recent information on their packages through the service. It's easy to find the current location and delivery status by entering the tracking number or reference number into the Caribou website.

How to find your Caribou tracking number

You can find your Caribou shipment tracking number in a few different methods.

Following your purchase, the merchant will send you a confirmation email informing you that your order is being processed before being sent out.

After a few days, Caribou will tell you that your order has been dispatched and is currently en route to its final destination.

The online retailer will then transfer your goods to the appropriate networks within their delivery system using the information in your documentation.

Caribou will email you your tracking number once they have received your items. Alternatively, your tracking number will be printed on the receipt if you use a self-service mail label or kiosk.

How to track your Caribou location

The business features a tracking tool on its official website that you can use to track your package conveniently.

You can see the progress and position of your order from the beginning of the journey to the end.

Additionally, you will always receive correct and up-to-date information about your package.

Whether your package travels by air freight, rail freight, same-day delivery, or other Caribou service, you can learn the relevant information about where your package is and when it's likely to arrive.

Follow the steps below to find the location of your Caribou package:

  1. Visit the Caribou website and click "Track a Shipment."
  2. Enter your postcode and 17-digit tracking number, which you can find on your confirmation email or invoice.
  3. Click the "Search" button to view the status of your package.

Lost Caribou tracking number

You can’t trace your order from Caribou if you misplace your tracking number.

So, keep the tracking number you receive for your order until you get your package.

If you've lost your tracking number, the customer service representatives at Caribou can assist you with locating the tracking information for your shipment.

If there are any issues with the information about your package, submit an inquiry on the Caribou website.

The inquiry form will ask for your phone number, so if the customer service representative needs detailed or sensitive information, they'll contact you over the phone.

How to track a Caribou package without a tracking number

As mentioned, without a specific tracking number, Caribou will be unable to find your order.

If you've lost your tracking number, you're probably wondering, "How do I track my Caribou package?"

The best thing you can do is contact the original sender. They'll also get a tracking number once they send the package.

If the sender doesn't have the tracking number either, submit an inquiry to customer service or wait three to five days to see if your package arrives.

Solving Caribou tracking issues

Occasionally, you could experience various problems while tracking your Caribou shipment. Inaccurate information, bad weather, informational gaps, tracking that yields no results, and so on.

When you have these kinds of issues, several factors could be behind them. Below, we'll explore different problems and why they might be happening.           

Why you can't track your Caribou package

If you get an error message telling you that your tracking number doesn't exist or your order can't be located, there could be a few things going on.

First, you should double-check your tracking number. If you enter it incorrectly, it won't bring up any results.

Sometimes tracking numbers have a zero that looks like the letter 'O,' or vice versa. So, try all characters that look similar.

It may be a courier error if you have entered the tracking number accurately, but your package is not showing up in the results.

In this case, the courier didn't scan the package's barcode when they picked it up.

In other circumstances, the barcode may be damaged. This would prevent the package from being scanned as it moves through the system. The tracking information would become unavailable as a result.

Progress might also come to a standstill if the barcode was damaged at some stage while in transit. Once more, due to the inability to scan the barcode.

Another reason you can't track your package may have nothing to do with the package at all.

For example, you might not get any search results if you try to use a tracking site when your internet connection is unstable or unreliable.

So, make sure your internet connection is strong and works on other sites. Or, try tracking your package using a different device or going to a different area.

Why your Caribou package is not updating or moving  

If you're checking the status of your package over multiple days and it's staying in one place for a long time, it could indicate a halt in progress caused by the barcode mentioned above.

The package can be stuck at the distribution facility if the barcode isn't scanned.

International package delivery can seem as though they're not traveling. This is so because couriers frequently save barcode scanning for when the package has arrived at a notable location, like the destination country.

The status of these packages frequently won't have a precise location or city, merely the nation they've arrived in. So, it may show one country for multiple days.

Extreme weather can also have an impact on your package's journey.

If there is a severe storm somewhere along the way, this may result in delays, and your package could stay in one place for several days.

You can contact Caribou if your package hasn't been updated in a while. They will have further details on your package. Additionally, they can tell you when to anticipate updates.

Caribou tracking status explained    

You'll see a few different statuses when you follow your Caribou shipment. Sometimes they can be difficult to understand.

Below, we aim to cover the most common statuses and what they mean.              

In transit       

When your order is updated to 'in transit,' it could mean many things. However, in most cases, you shouldn't experience any issues.

That said, it can be concerning if your package has been 'in transit' for more than a few days.

Below, we'll discuss why your package may be 'in transit' and what it means for your expected delivery date.

Why your Caribou package is still in transit

If your package has been 'in transit' for a few days, it could mean the merchant might have chosen a slower shipping method for your product.

Or, as is common with overseas orders, your package might have run into an unforeseen delay.

Adverse weather conditions, including snowstorms, thunderstorms, and hail, could delay the delivery of the package.

In these cases, there's no need to worry about your package. It will likely be delivered within a couple of days without your intervention.

However, sometimes a package will show 'in transit' if it's been stopped by customs. If this is the case, you'll need to contact Caribou to learn more about clearing your package.

Packages are usually held up at customs for two reasons: insufficient information or illegal items.

If you contact Caribou directly, they can explain what's going on with your order if you think there might be an issue affecting the anticipated delivery window.

How long a Caribou package can stay in transit

Caribou generally delivers packages in less than 14 days. However, it usually takes two to three days for the recipient to get their delivery.

So, your package shouldn't be 'in transit' for more than a few days.

In most cases, a package can be delivered up to a week late without indicating a serious problem.

The main variables affecting your transit time include non-business days, the distance between the destination, the country of origin, weather, and customs regulations.


The status 'pending' can happen at different points during the delivery process, making it a tricky one.

Don't worry if the status of your package is 'pending.' The 'pending' status usually disappears on its own in less than 48 hours.

The several causes of a 'pending' status are discussed below.

Why your Caribou package may be pending

The first reason is that the retailer has generated a label for your product and electronically submitted it, but they haven't delivered it yet.

This kind of pending status will show up early in the delivery process. So, it's likely that this is the reason if it is one of the first statuses you notice.

Another reason is that your package has been delayed.

For example, your package may have been scheduled to be delivered on a specific day, but due to delays at the distribution center, it might or might not make it on time.

If this is the cause of the pending status, it will usually appear somewhere in the middle or near the end of the package's journey.

The final reason for a pending status is that the delivery driver attempted to deliver the package, but no one was there to accept it, and it couldn't be left by the door.

This status usually appears after the order reaches its destination. If your package cannot be delivered, the courier will either try again or deliver it to a nearby pick-up location.

Caribou delivery times    

The size, weight, and destination of your package and the delivery service the sender paid for all affect how long it takes your Caribou to deliver your package.

Here are the details on Caribou delivery times.

Caribou delivery times: What time will your package arrive

Domestic delivery will take between one and five business days. Of course, if it's same-day delivery, you can expect it within 24 hours.

You can anticipate receiving your package within regular business hours. Caribou delivers from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays.

As for a specific time, it depends on where on the postal driver's route your home is located and how late in the day they plan to conclude that route. So, there's no way to tell exactly when it will be delivered.

How late Caribou delivers     

The latest you'll receive your package is 5 pm So, if it's the expected delivery date and 5 pm has come and passed, then your package has likely hit a delay.

Generally, you should wait 48 hours for delays to sort themselves out. If your package takes any longer than 48 hours past the estimated delivery date, contact Caribou to ask about it.

International Caribou delivery times 

Deliveries made internationally by Caribou usually take seven days. But many factors could cause a delay. The longest an international delivery can take is 14 days.

You should contact Caribou to find out when your package will arrive if it hasn't been delivered within 14 days.

Lost and missed Caribou deliveries       

Although Caribou strives to ensure client satisfaction, deliveries are not always hassle-free.

You might occasionally miss a delivery because you were away from home. Other times, a package is stolen or lost.

There are a few things you do to get compensation or a new package if this occurs to you.           

What happens if you miss a Caribou delivery 

If you miss a delivery, the courier will leave a note in your mailbox or on your door to let you know a delivery was attempted.

Usually, a courier will make one or two additional attempts to deliver the package before holding it for pickup.

Suppose you miss all of the attempted deliveries. In that case, you will receive directions on where to pick up your package by a physical note or a status update on your tracking information. 

How long Caribou will hold a package  

As stated, you may need to pick up your shipment from the local post office if you've repeatedly missed deliveries.

Caribou will hold a package for up to two weeks if you can't pick it up or are out of town.

Additionally, you can contact your local pickup location and ask for a specific pickup date. This will prevent them from destroying your package or sending it back before you can pick it up.

What to do if you haven't received your Caribou package 

If you check your tracking and it marks the package as "delivered," but you don't have the package, it might have been taken back to the post office or delivered to the wrong house.

Contact the local postal service to see if they have it using your tracking number.

Every once in a while, packages do get lost or stolen. If this is the case, you start a claims procedure with Caribou to get a refund. You might need to give proof that it was lost.

If you believe someone stole your package, you should also contact the police and report it.  

Caribou tracking FAQs

Do you still have questions about Caribou package tracking? Here are some of the most common questions to give you more information.          

Is Caribou delivery fast?       

Caribou offers quick shipping within the UK and beyond. Most packages can be delivered the same day, overnight, or within three business days.

Due to their access to air freight, even international deliveries are quicker than other logistics services.

Can I track a Caribou package by address?    

No. To track a Caribou order, you must have your tracking number.

If you've lost your tracking number, refer to the section above on lost tracking numbers or contact the merchant or Caribou to see if they can help retrieve your tracking number.       

How do I know if my Caribou package is stuck in customs?

If your package is held up at customs, it will still show as 'in transit' on your tracking information. So, it's difficult to know if it's in customs or if it's just taking longer than expected on its route.

Until you get in touch with Caribou, there isn't really a method to tell if your order is in customs.

The best course of action is to wait it out, as Caribou will contact you if they need more details so that your delivery can clear customs.

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