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Cainiao is a Chinese global tracking system that supports 152 nations and has 70 supported carriers worldwide. Their goal is to give the best tracking for cross-border (From China to the world) shipments around the globe. Cainiao partners are some of the worlds best, among theirs partners are UPS and FEDEX and Chinese carriers like Pony Express and others. They partner with the delivery companies to track the delivery of goods from Alibaba and other Chinese exporters and importers around the globe to make sure that shipments move quickly and efficiently through customs or any other problem that may arise during the shipping process.

Cainiao is a global tracking system and is not in charge of any shipping, delivering or mail. Cainiao partners with major shipping companies from around the world to track their cargo and international packages specifically from China so that they arrive at the promised time. They partner with large exporters like among other exporting sites to make sure their shipments arrive in a timely manner and if the package and shipment run into trouble at customs you will know when the package is scanned and updated.

Cainiao tracks shipments from all over the world because they are a global package tracking site they do not deliver any goods. . They support countries in Europe, South America, North America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. For a more thorough list of countries supported by Cainiao and their shipping partners visit their countries supported page here for more info. Circuit Package Tracker offers the same service for free and follows your package every step of the way.

If you’re sending or waiting for a package with Cainiao and you want to know exactly where it is, try Circuit Package Tracker for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track a Cainiao package without a tracking number?

Cainiao is a global order tracking site and cannot assist you with out a tracking or waybill number. Please check with your shipping company to obtain a tracking number and for more information about your delivery. Circuit Package Tracker also requires a tracking number but it’s an easy stress free way to track your package once the tracking number or waybill number is located. Simply enter the tracking number on our site and have an answer in seconds.

Does CircuitPackage Tracker offer better tracking than Cainiao?

Circuit Package Tracker offers easier tracking because you can search different carriers in one place instead of having to go to several websites to track your shipments. Circuit Package Tracker can track any package around the world for free in seconds from any carrier, country, or shipper as long as you have a tracking number or waybill number. Try a stress-free easy way to track your packages.

How late does Cainiao deliver?

Cainiao is a global Package Tracking system and does not offer delivery instead they have partners that handle that part of their operation. Cainiao tracks packages to and from China that have been internationally shipped and is not able to provide delivery only tracking of shipments made through their shipping partners. For more information about delivery times and dates, contact the original shipping company.

How long does it usually take to deliver an international package with Cainiao?

The amount of time it takes to deliver a package is determined by Cainiao’s shipping partners. Cainiao does not deliver it only tracks global shipments of goods from China. For shipping information please check with their shipping partners website or the company listed as the sender. Unfortunately, Cainiao only tracks packages they do not ship. They can show you where your package is on the shipping cycle but unfortunately, they do not deliver. You can easily keep track of your packages using Circuit Package Tracker too. Once you have your tracking number, just enter the numbers in the required field and see which stage of its shipping journey your package is in, if you should contact customs if it is stuck, or if the address is undeliverable and you have to change it.

How long will Cainiao hold a package?

Cainiao does not hold packages because they have no storefronts. Instead, they offer a global Package Tracking system to help check the location of packages shipped through one of their partners from China. Check with your local post office or package delivery service to learn more about the limitations and rules for holding your package longer than expected.

How to sign for a Cainiao package?

Check with Cainiao shipping partners for information on how to sign for your delivery. Cainiao only tracks global packages they don’t deliver the goods themselves so it is best to contact the shipping partner that has been used if you have further questions about ID requirements for signing for a package.

How to track a Cainiao package with Circuit Package Tracker?

To track a package with Circuit Package Tracker enter the tracking number given to you by the shipper and enter it in the search box.

What do I do if I haven’t received my package from Cainiao?

Cainiao is a global order tracking website. They do not ship instead they partner with different shipping companies to be able to track their packages and show which step of the shipping process the shipment is in. If the package shows lost, pending, or the delivery can’t be made contact the shipping company directly.

What happens if Cainiao loses my package?

If a package cannot be found on Cainiao’s tracking website please check with their shipping partners for further information about your package. If your package is lost, please contact the shipper and the shipping company to try to locate your package. If your package is stuck in customs the message will display held by the customer or held by destination. The best way to find your package is to look it up on the Circuit Package Tracker and with the information shown contact the shipping company that shipped your goods.

What happens if I miss my Cainiao delivery?

If you miss a delivery by one of Cainiao’s shipping partners, contact them directly and not Cainiao. If while checking the status of your package you read the words "waiting for pick" it means that a delivery attempt was made by one of Cainiao’s partners as the package did not get delivered.

What time will my Cainiao package arrive?

Your package will arrive at the time that was scheduled when the delivery was scheduled through one of Cainiao shipping partners. Cainiao is a global package tracking system from China that tracks the delivery of exports around the world. Check with your shipper to check the time of arrival for your package or cargo shipment.

Where is my Cainiao package?

Cainiao can track your shipments from China that have been shipped from other shipping partners. Cainiao will let you know where your package is, if it is stuck in customs, or if the address was undeliverable. If an error code happens contact the shipper and not Cainiao.

Where is Cainiao tracking number?

You should have received a tracking number from the retailer that you purchased your items from or from the waybill for a large delivery. When the tracking number or waybill number is found, enter it on the Circuit Package Tracker main page, press enter, and have a status report of your delivery in seconds.

Why Is my Cainiao package not moving?

When you go to the Cainiao global tracking page or the Circuit Package Tracker page and enter your tracking number and your shipment is not moving it can be because of these factors, the item was detained in customs, the address or telephone number used is not valid, and/or the package has not been updated since its last move. Circuit Package Tracker does the same function easier and more streamlined.

Why is my Cainiao package pending?

When Cainiao shows package pending when you check with their package tracking software it could mean a variety of things. Their shipping partner received the tracking number but has not received the package, the tracking number is incorrect, or they simply have not scanned it and entered the information into their system. Contact the shipper to check on pending packages.

If you’re sending or waiting for a package with Cainiao and you want to know exactly where it is, try Circuit Package Tracker for free.

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