Bluedart India Tracking

Track your Bluedart India delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Bluedart India is a courier company that delivers to over 35,000 locations in India and more than 220 countries worldwide through its DHL partnership.

To find your package with Bluedart India tracking, helpful tools such as their Price Finder tell you precisely what they will charge to send your package—anywhere in the world.

Bluedart India tracking

As with most modern courier companies, tracking your Bluedart India package is a simple process that only needs you to enter your tracking number into a search.

How to find your Bluedart India tracking number

If you’re shipping a package with Bluedart India, they will give you a waybill. The waybill has a barcode with an 8 to 11-digit number. You can use this number to track your shipment.

If you are expecting a package from Bluedart India, you should get an email or online confirmation from the seller or vendor. It’s a good idea to save this, as you may need to refer to it later on.

How to track your Bluedart package location

There are two ways to get Bluedart India tracking.

The first and easiest is to use the search above, and Circuit Package Tracker will let you know where your package is, where it has been, and its status.

The second way to track a Bluedart India package is to visit the Bluedart website. When you land on any page on the site, a green box should appear that reads “TrackDart” at the top.

Then, choose “Waybill” or “Ref No,” enter your number and press the green “GO” button. If you have multiple items to track, enter each tracking number separated by a comma.

Lost Bluedart India tracking number

Not knowing where your package is or when it will arrive can be frustrating and a waste of time. Fortunately, losing your Bluedart India tracking number is easy to fix.

How to track a Bluedart package without a tracking number

You must have your tracking number to trace your Bluedart India package. The three best ways to get the number are to contact the sender, contact Bluedart support, or visit a 24-hour counter.

If you’re expecting a package, then contacting the sender or seller to ask for the waybill is the easiest option.

The next option is to write to or call Bluedart India support.

Lastly, for domestic packages within India, you can visit a 24-hour counter, such as at Mumbai airport.

Solving Bluedart India tracking issues

If you have a problem with Bluedart India tracking, human error is usually the cause. Below you’ll learn why this is and some practical solutions to help.

Why you can't track your Bluedart package

A person has to scan the barcode on a package every time new handling happens  New handling means that a package arrives somewhere, gets scanned, sorted, and sent to another location.

You usually can’t track your Bluedart India package immediately after placing an online order. This can take a couple of days.

Ideally, you would place an order, and your package would be in transit with the courier company on the same day. In reality, vendors usually pack and send packages on the following business day.

Once Bluedart India has your package, they will scan it at a sorting facility. The seller should have already sent you the waybill (your tracking number). After the team at the Bluedart facility scan your package, you can use this to trace its progress.

Why your Bluedart package is not updating or moving

Sometimes, you may find your package doesn’t progress for a few days. There can be several reasons for this, including poor weather conditions and a delay at customs or the facility.

Read on to find out what the most common Bluedart India tracking status’ mean, and what you can do if your package stops moving along its route.

Bluedart India tracking status explained

Bluedart uses a simple set of tracking statuses to let you know where your package is and when something happened.

In transit

When a package is in transit, Bluedart India uses the status “Shipment Further Connected.” This status always follows “Shipment Arrived.”

These two statuses will always state the city your package is in, along with the word “hub.” Together, they tell you when your Bluedart package arrives and departs from a particular hub in a city.

The next Bluedart tracking status will be “Further Connected.” This means it travels to the next hub, where the courier company will mark it as “Arrived” once they have scanned it.

Why your Bluedart package is still in transit

Bluedart packages move across India, a large country with hefty traffic in most cities. On smaller roads, India is still a country where traffic can stop because a herd of animals is crossing.

India is also a congested country with the world’s second-highest population of over a billion and growing. So if your package stays in transit for a long time, these unavoidable delays are probably the cause.

Plus, an in-transit Bluedart status will not change until someone scans the barcode on your package at a facility.

Understanding the effect the barcode has on a tracking status is crucial. Your package may arrive at one of the busiest hubs in India and sit in the delivery truck for at least an hour before workers can start unloading the cargo.

Then all unloaded packages have to go through a sorting and barcode scanning process. After sorting, your package could be on hour number two, after arriving at a hub without Bluedart India or DHL scanning it.

How long a Bluedart package can stay in transit

As is always the case, how long a package can stay in transit depends on the journey. For international shipments, Bluedart teams up with DHL to reach the maximum number of countries.

The journey could take many days if your package needs to travel through India, reach an airport hub, go on an international flight, land in another country, and travel through cities before reaching you.

Because of the challenges of sending in India, the journey could also take several days to go from southern India through several hubs to northern India.

Fortunately, Bluedart India has a transit time and price finder, so you can find exactly how long your package should take. If you test southern India to northern India, you will find the transit time is close to a week.


Instead of the word pending, Bluedart uses the status “[Insert Problem] Will Impact Delivery.”

Why your Bluedart package may be pending

Often the problem is a “Network Delay,” which means there may be a problem processing packages at a hub. Another problem that impacts delivery reads “Wrong Pincode.”

You may find some statuses which indicate that Bluedart needs help resolving a problem, so the process is on hold. “Consignee Not Available” followed by “Undelivered Shipment Held at Location” are two examples.

There are times when you may have to infer that the status of a package is pending. For instance, if your package arrives at customs and stays there for several days, you can assume your package is pending approval from customs.

Bluedart Delivery times

If you deal with sending companies worldwide, you will find that business hours and days are usually similar. 

Part of the similarities is that many companies work together to complete deliveries. Naturally, they need to keep identical business hours so packages can transfer smoothly.

Bluedart delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

Bluedart has some services that are available 24 hours a day. However, their standard office and delivery hours are up to 8 pm. They also only close on Sundays.

How late Bluedart delivers

Monday through Saturday, you should get your package no later than 8 pm. Bluedart India tries to get shipments out before noon, so deliver most packages before the evening.

International Bluedart delivery times

International delivery times for Bluedart are challenging. The reason is that many international deliveries get handed off to local couriers within various business hours.

Generally, most packages will arrive between the standard business hours of 8 am and 5 pm.

Bluedart also partners with DHL for international shipments. This partnership means that international packages will go to some locations where DHL has a significant presence and some locations where they do not.

The size of DHL is vital because if they have a country blanketed with their trucks, the DHL delivery times will apply. In this case, DHL will deliver by 6 pm.

If DHL passes your package to a local courier, their delivery structure takes over. The latest time will probably be around 5 pm.

Lost and missed Bluedart deliveries

Fortunately for shippers worldwide, not many couriers manage to survive if they have a problem with losing packages. Despite the solid industry-wide track record, accidents happen.

The excellent news about missed deliveries is that they rarely cause problems other than a delay in receiving your package.

What happens if you miss a Bluedart delivery

If you miss a delivery, Bluedart India will make three delivery attempts over the next few business days.

Most companies only make one or two delivery attempts, leave a card, and hold your package for a while. The next step is to return your package to the sender.

Bluedart India returns to the sender if the third delivery attempt fails.

How long Bluedart will hold a package

Bluedart only holds packages for a few days while they attempt up to three deliveries before returning your package to the sender.

What to do if you haven't got your Bluedart package

If you use the Bludart India waybill tracker and are sure that enough time has passed to show a delivery problem, first contact your package sender and then Bluedart Support.

The sender should get more information about your package than you can and launch an investigation, if necessary.

Bluedart Support can do the same thing, but you may wait longer for a response.

Bluedart India tracking FAQs

You’ll find answers to the most common Bluedart India tracking questions below. Additionally, they have a comprehensive list of FAQs on their website.

Is Bluedart delivery fast?

Overall, the answer is, yes. Some people might think that a week is a long time to get a package from southern to northern India. However, the country is geographically large and filled with over a billion people.

Considering the challenges, the delivery times are fairly fast.

Can I track a Bluedart package by address?

You must have your waybill or Bluedart India tracking number from the sender. If you do not have the tracking number, first contact the sender. You can also contact Bluedart support. However, it may take longer for them to respond.

How do I know if my Bluedart package is stuck in customs?

Customs should email you if they choose to hold your package. You can contact your local customs office if your tracking status shows customs holding your package.

If you place an online order, you can also contact the sender or Bluedart support for help. In this case, the sender is usually the fastest way to get an answer. Either way, an investigation should uncover why customs are holding your package.

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