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Track your Best Express delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you’ve ever bought something from Malaysia, chances are you’ve used Best Express. The region's leading freight and logistics courier, transporting individual packages and full truckloads to 20 countries worldwide.

However, It’s critical to know where your Best Express order is to avoid the frustration of a missed delivery.

Below, I’ll explain Best Express tracking and cover the difference between status updates. Then explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

Best Express tracking

With Best Express package tracking, you can monitor your package throughout its journey. Including where it has been, where it is now and at what status.

How to find your Best Express tracking number

When you use Best Express to ship a package, you will get a receipt with your tracking number  Type this number into the Circuit Package Tracker search above.

If you pay online, your Best Express tracking number is on your e-receipt. You can copy and paste it from the email into the online tracker.

If you place an online order, the merchant will send you a tracking number after Best Express has collected your package. Check your emails and contact the seller if you cannot find it.

How to track your Best Express location

Enter your Best Express tracking number into Circuit Package Tracker to find when the seller sent the order and its location.

Best Express will scan your package and update your tracking whenever it reaches a facility on its way to you.

Lost Best Express tracking number

If you didn’t get a Best Express tracking number, you have no idea where your package is now or when it might arrive. Getting a tracking number can keep you informed.

Check your information from the seller or store if you’re expecting a package from Best Express. You might have a tracking number on your email that you overlooked.

Contact the store or seller directly if you don’t have a tracking number. They can find their records to get you the information you need.

You can also try contacting Best Express.

How to track a Best Express package without a tracking number

It’s hard to get details about Best Express package tracking without the number. You should first contact the store or seller that sent your package to find out if they have the information.

Sometimes the seller might send the wrong number or forget to send the email.

If you cannot get your tracking number from the store or seller, contact Best Express for help.

Solving Best Express tracking issues

Sending packages worldwide requires much work, so losing a package is not uncommon. If you think you’re having tracking issues, these resolutions may help.

Why you can't track your Best Express package

Some common issues may keep you from tracking your Best Express package. First, you may not have copied the tracking number precisely, so double-check this and try again. If this isn’t the tracking issue, other possible causes include:

Best Express may not have collected your package yet. It can take time for sellers to tell Best Express they have an order for pickup.

For example, if you placed an order on Friday, the seller may not ship it until Monday. In this case, Best Express tracking will not be immediately available.

Rarely the Best Express tracking system has issues. These are unusual, and Best Express resolves them quickly.

If you think either reason is the case, wait a couple of business days and then check Circuit Package Tracker before contacting Best Express for help.

Why your Best Express package is not updating or moving

Best Express tracking can stall for several reasons—the good news is that it’s not usually a cause for concern, and most issues are easy to resolve.

The first (and most likely) reason for the lack of progress on the route is after a Best Express courier collects your package.

Best Express updates your package tracking status on arrival at and after leaving scheduled delivery hubs on its route. Sometimes you can experience a short delay between these points.

Rarely technical problems can also cause Best Express tracking to show an error.

If your delivery has any of these delays, wait 24 hours and then contact Best Express for help.

Best Express tracking status explained.

Best Express packages go through many stages, from the starting address to your door. Each new step will show a different tracking status.

Learn the most common Best Express tracking statuses and how to resolve issues with this guide.

In transit

When you go to track my Best Express package and find the words “in transit,” that means your package is on the way. The status shows up once Best Express has the order.

Why your Best Express package is still in transit

The company has the order if your Best Express package says it’s “in transit.” They are sending it through their network, and it’s making its way to you.

How long a Best Express package can stay in transit

Best Express is a quick-sending company, so regular deliveries should take fewer than ten days. You might find the “in transit” status during that entire time.

Once you have your package, Circuit Package Tracker will show it as delivered.


The “pending” status means Best Express are waiting to process your order. You’ll find this phrase before your package starts moving.

Why your Best Express package may be pending

When you find your Best Express package tracking and the pending status, it usually means that the company doesn’t yet have your package.

Once Best Express accepts your package from the store or seller, they scan it into their system. The status will change from pending to in transit.

Best Express delivery times

Many couriers now deliver packages at all hours, from as early as 5 am to as late as 10 pm. They often work every day of the week, including weekends.

Knowing when Best Express delivers helps you know when your package might arrive. Though delivery times vary according to the couriers, the business information can keep you updated.

Best Express delivery times: What time will your package arrive

You might find the estimated arrival time when you check your Best Express tracking order. That helps you know when to expect the courier, often giving you time for the latest delivery.

Best Express is open from 9 am to 9 pm on weekdays. They even give service from 9 am to 9 pm on weekends. However, delivery details may vary depending on your courier’s workload.

How late Best Express delivers

Since Best Express is open until 9 pm, they most likely deliver that late. The exact delivery times can vary depending on how late the drivers work.

International Best Express delivery times

Though Best Express sends internationally, they still follow the same service hours regardless. You can expect your package in your local time zone between 9 am and 9 pm.

You should track the Best Express order to know when you expect delivery. You'll watch your package in motion even if you don’t get an exact time.

Lost and missed Best Express deliveries

You can check your package’s progress with Circuit Package Tracker and still miss a delivery. Sometimes drivers can get to your address quicker than expected, and you might not be home.

What happens if you miss a Best Express delivery

It might not matter if you’re not home when the Best Express delivery driver arrives. Couriers can leave some packages even if you’re not there.

For packages that need a signature, you’ll find a notice that you missed the delivery. The driver will mark when they deliver again. You can make sure you’re home for it.

How long will Best Express hold a package?

You don’t need to worry about Best Express getting rid of your package if they can’t deliver it to you. They’ll try to deliver it several times, so you have a chance to accept it.

If there’s a problem preventing delivery, you can contact Best Express to resolve the issue.

What to do if you haven't got your Best Express package

Check the tracking status of your package with Circuit Package Tracker. If it says delivered, check around your front door and porch. The driver might have hidden your package out of sight for safekeeping.

You should contact the company for delivered packages but not on your property. Give them your tracking number and find out if they can give you additional information.

If your package still says it’s in transit, you can wait another day or two to find out if it has arrived. Once you’re past the estimated delivery date, contact the company for help.

Best Express tracking FAQs

You’ve learned how to track Best Express packages and when you can expect deliveries. If you need further information, check out the answers to these frequently asked questions.

Is Best Express delivery fast?

Best Express delivery is fast. The name is more than just a catchy title. The company has a 4.8-star review online, with many customers mentioning the delivery speed.

When you’re following your Best Express order tracking, you’ll find how quickly your package moves. Even international packages don’t take long to arrive.

Some customers said it took less than ten days for international delivery. With many couriers having transportation issues across countries, this is a fast timeline at an affordable price.

Best Express is covered if you want to use a reliable sending company without paying a high delivery price. They ship quickly and securely.

Can I track the Best Express package by address?

You need a tracking number to find your Best Express package, and Best Express may not make the final delivery.

For example, customers in the United States may find DHL or USPS will deliver their package to their door, even though Best Express was the original shipper.

In those cases, you may find a way to track your package by the address. However, services will differ between couriers.

How do I know if my Best Express package is stuck in customs?

Customs officials need to know that your cargo's contents are legal and acceptable for international packages. Packages have labels to give this information.

Some packages don’t have paperwork for customs. If you didn’t fill out a form before sending an international package, it might stop at customs. Your seller could have the same issue.

You can contact customs for information if you think they have your package. You’ll need to give them information like your name, address, and possibly your package tracking number.

When you’re tracking an international package, keep an eye on it as it crosses borders. If you find a lack of movement at that point, get help from customs officials.

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