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What is Asendia Package Tracker?

The Asendia Package Tracker is a shipping and tracking platform that provides an overview of all your domestic and international Asendia packages. It tracks mail, catalogs, press, and small parcels shipped by Asendia or its’ partners. It is ideal for e-commerce vendors for several reasons. It offers an organized tracking dashboard. A detailed overview is available for retailers to view, and reporting can be customized to suit the needs of the business. It offers email notifications and alerts about packages. In addition, full tracking with delivery confirmation is offered to 55 countries around the world.

Who are they? What do they deliver?

Asendia is an international courier that caters to e-commerce companies. Founded in 2012 by La Poste and Swiss Post, Asendia brings together international and local expertise with a network delivering to over 200 countries and territories. Asendia is at the forefront of providing e-commerce parcel solutions for e-tailers selling internationally.

Asendia delivers mail, catalogs, small parcels, and other items, focusing particularly on e-commerce vendors shipping internationally. They expedite international packages within the United States, then hand the packages off to local carriers in the destination country. Asendia handles all of the customs paperwork and package labeling, allowing the shipper to focus on their business, while Asendia focuses on getting the packages delivered to the customer.

Where in the world do they deliver?

Located in 4 continents, Asendia delivers parcels and mail worldwide. They expedite international packages within the United States, then hand them off to local carriers once the package reaches the destination country. Again, because Asendia handles all of the customs paperwork, it’s enabling the shipper to relax and leave the forms to professional shippers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the frequently asked questions about Asendia Package Tracker are answered here. If there are package-specific questions, they should be directed to Asendia Customer Service.

Can I track an Asendia package without a tracking number?

No. In order to track an Asendia package, you need to have a tracking number. You can locate your tracking number in the shipping confirmation email received from your vendor, or it could be on the online store order page. If you cannot find it there, you may need to call your vendor directly and obtain the tracking number from them.

Does Circuit offer better tracking than Asendia Package Tracker?

The two aren’t comparable in many ways. Circuit is a delivery route planner, primarily, instead of a shipment management dashboard, like Asendia Package Tracker. Although Circuit can operate as a shipment management dashboard, that isn’t the primary role it serves. Asendia Package Tracker is solely a shipment management dashboard.

Asendia handles all customs paperwork for the shippers and provides the shipping labels for the shipper to use. This ensures that packages are correctly labeled, and ensures a smooth, paperless customs clearance. Parcel data is handled by Asendia, so there are no snags being cleared internationally, and the shipment can move smoothly to its destination point.

How late does Asendia deliver?

Delivery times vary from one class of mail to the next. It also can vary greatly depending on the delivery company or post office delivering the package to the destination point. However, the transit status of the package can be found by checking the Asendia Package Tracker for updates.

If there isn’t any updated information in the Asendia Package Tracker, you should confirm the delivery window provided by the vendor, and if the delivery is outside of that window, contact customer service for assistance. Verify that the tracking number you have been provided is accurate, and contact Asendia for further assistance.

How long does it usually take to deliver an international package with Asendia?

In general, it takes between six and twenty-one days, but that is dependent on the origin and destination of the package. Typically, most packages do fall between this window. The shipper will typically give a delivery window that lists the earliest and latest date of arrival per their estimate. If you are anticipating a delivery, and it is outside of the delivery window, contact customer service to look into the status of the delivery.

How long will Asendia hold a package?

Asendia will attempt delivery several times, and if it cannot be made, a notification will be sent notifying the recipient of the location of the package, and the pick-up times and location for the package. The package is either held at a local post office or a pick-up station. It is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that arrangements are made to pick up the package as agreed with the holding entity.

How do I sign for an Asendia package?

Many Asendia packages don’t require a signature unless they are fully tracked with a signature on the delivery option. Most of the time, it is delivered directly to the mailbox or to the post office. However, if it does require a signature, the recipient needs to provide one at the time of delivery in order to accept the package from the carrier.

How do I track an Asendia package with Circuit?

Simply use the Circuit Package Tracker, and enter the Asendia tracking number into the field. It should provide all information related to the movement of the package. If the carrier is known, use the drop-down option to select the correct carrier, then search. It should return accurate information on the location of the package and the estimated delivery date.

What should I do if I haven’t received my package from Asendia?

If you don’t have your tracking number, get it from the shipper. Once you have your tracking number, check to see if the delivery is outside of the window provided by the shipper. If it is past the delivery window expected date of delivery, contact customer service. Customer service will assist you in filing a claim if necessary and can provide more detailed information on the reason for the delivery delay.

What happens if Asendia loses my package?

In the event that a package should be lost in transit, there is a claims process to be refunded your monetary losses. Contact Asendia customer service, and request information on beginning a claim. The claims process involves filling out forms, and it can take some time to complete. Once a claim is approved, the customer is reimbursed for the lost package using the shipping declaration information.

What happens if I miss my Asendia delivery?

If it is possible to reschedule the delivery, you’ll receive a notification. If not, either a new delivery attempt will be scheduled, or the package will be held at the local post office or pick-up station until package pick-up can be arranged with the recipient. Usually, the courier will attempt delivery two or three times before it is left for pick-up at a post office or pick-up station, but not always. It depends on the type of delivery, and the courier attempting the delivery.

What time will my Asendia package arrive?

You can check the Asendia Package Tracker for updates on the location of your package. Delivery time will vary by carrier, and by class of mail, so it is important to check the Asendia Package Tracker to estimate the time of package arrival.

Where is my Asendia package?

The Asendia Package Tracker will update every time the tracking number is scanned. The scan could be due to a move between shippers, an arrival at a post office or delivery station, or an arrival at a third-party warehouse. Any of these changes will be scanned, and updated, allowing you to see the current location of your package.

Where is my Asendia tracking number?

Your Asendia tracking number can be found in the shipping confirmation e-mail you received from the vendor. It could be on the online store order page, or you may need to contact the vendor you purchased from in order to get your Asendia tracking number.

Why is my Asendia package not moving?

Tracking can have several days between scans. Not necessarily because the package isn’t moving, but because the package isn’t changing couriers or going through delivery stations, so it doesn’t get re-scanned. Once the package changes hands or arrives at a sorting station, it will be scanned into the package tracking dashboard, and the location will be updated.

Why is my Asendia package pending?

When a package shows as “pending”, it means that it is a newly added package, pending to track. There isn’t any registered movement for the package outside of having a label printed to ship, and acknowledgment of the package into the shipping system.

In conclusion

Asendia offers both merchants and customers the ability to see shipping updates in real-time. This fields customer complaints by providing current tracking and allows for estimated delivery times. The package tracking dashboard was designed with ease of use as its’ goal, and it uses a simple format to allow users to find their information quickly, and without laboriously navigating through web pages.

Asendia Package Tracker uses an organized tracking dashboard, and e-mail notifications and alerts to keep the merchant and the customer on the same page at all times.

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