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Track your Anteraja delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you’ve ever sent mail within Indonesia, chances are you’ve used Anteraja—one of the fastest-growing logistics companies transporting packages to 34 provinces across the country.

Anteraja sends approximately one million packages across Indonesia daily, guaranteeing to deliver them within eight hours!

The company caters to business and retail customers with standard (one to two days) next-day and same-day shipments.

So it’s critical to know where your Anteraja package is to avoid the frustration of a missed delivery.

Below, we’ll explain Anteraja and cover the type of delivery they offer. Then we’ll explain how to find and understand any tracking issues and resolve them.

Anteraja tracking guide

Whenever you use Anteraja for shipping, you'll always know where your delivery is and know when to expect it with your tracking number.

Usually, Anteraja tracking numbers are 13 characters and include two letters, nine digits, and two letters—but they can differ based on the package contents and destination.

Knowing where to find your Anteraja tracking number is essential, as you cannot trace your package without it.

A note before you dive in: You’ll find links to helpful information on Anteraja tracking throughout this guide. In each case, follow the link for an English page translated by Google.

How to find your Anteraja tracking number

Like most courier services, Anteraja uses a barcode and tracking number system to keep tabs on your package from the sender to your door.

Handily, Anteraja gives all packages a tracking number. So you can track your package even if it’s small enough to fit into a regular envelope.

The seller will send your Anteraja tracking number in a confirmation email or SMS if you place an order online.

As a sender, Anteraja will include the tracking number on your receipt or in your confirmation email.

How does Anteraja tracking work?

Depending on where it's going from and to, your package may travel through many checkpoints to its destination. Anteraja will scan it at each scheduled stop.

When an employee scans your package, your tracking number will update Circuit Package Tracker with the location and status.

How to track your Anteraja package location 

There are a few ways to trace your Anteraja package, but the easiest is to use the Circuit Package Tracker search at the top of this page.

You can also track a package on the Anteraja website or download the Circuit Package Tracker app for worry-free shopping.

To use Circuit, copy and paste the number from your confirmation email into the search above and hit “Track package” or enter to get your package's status.

Lost Anteraja tracking number

How to track an Anteraja package without a tracking number 

Finding an Anteraja package is only possible if you have your tracking number.

If you've already gone through your emails and still need help, the fastest way to find your lost tracking number is to contact the sender and ask them for it before asking Anteraja.

Remember that if you’re not the sender, you'll have to verify your identity, name, address, email, and phone number before Anteraja can help find your tracking code.

Solving Anteraja tracking issues 

You might have tracking issues for a few reasons—the good news is most are due to a simple error, and Anteraja rarely loses them forever.

Anteraja does not offer international package shipping, so most tracking issues happen due to poor weather and traffic delaying the courier at the domestic destination.

Here’s why you might not track your package, why it is not updating or moving, and how to solve common tracking problems fast.

Why you can't track your package

If you’ve placed an online order, the merchant should send you a confirmation email with your tracking information after Anteraja collects it.

However, even after Anteraja has collected your package, they may still need to notify their tracking system so you can trace it.

Other reasons you can’t track your Anteraja package include missed delivery, poor weather, or heavy traffic—especially within a large and widely-populated country like Indonesia.

Also, if you're waiting for a package during the holiday season or at a time of year when there are a lot of orders and gift-giving, you can expect a longer wait time.

In a less likely event, Anteraja may damage your package or its label during transit. They will post it back to the sender if this is the case.

You can search your Anteraja tracking number in Circuit Package Tracker above to find your latest status.

Why your Anteraja package is not updating or moving

Anteraja doesn't update package tracking in real-time; instead, you can expect updates whenever a worker scans the package at a checkpoint location on the route.

So if your package hasn’t moved in Circuit Package Tracker for a couple of days, it may be on an extended part of the journey, between checkpoints and without Anteraja scanning it.

Additionally, how long you should expect Anteraja to have your package also depends on your chosen delivery service — from eight hours to a few days.

Finally, other local factors include poor weather conditions and slow transport across the many Indonesian islands.

Check your package in Circuit after a few days and contact the sender or Anteraja for help if your status is still the same.

Anteraja tracking statuses explained 

There are several tracking statuses for Anteraja deliveries. These include in transit, pending, and out for delivery, along with other, less common status updates.

Here’s a guide to the most common tracking statuses and how to find and fix any issues.

In transit

If your package is “in transit,” this is good news–the sender has given the package to Anteraja, has started its journey, and is on the way!

The status of “in transit” will update as Anteraja scans your package at various locations and checkpoints along the route.

Why your Anteraja package is still in transit 

Your Anteraja package may be in transit for many reasons. For instance, inclement weather, a general delay, or holidays—all of which can delay the arrival of your package. Most commonly, the sender added the wrong address to the package.

Since Anteraja sends domestically, you don't experience specific issues, such as unpaid customs fees or improper documentation for global sending.  

How long an Anteraja package can stay in transit 

Customers who use standard sending can expect their package to reflect "in transit" for approximately three business days. 

Express sending can arrive the same day or one to two days, and the economy can take four to six days—it's the cheapest option.


Another standard Anteraja tracking status is “pending.”It means that something has paused your package from moving forward in its journey.

Usually, Anteraja needs to scan your package into the system at a new location or—for international deliveries—a new courier needs to register it in their tracking system.

Why your Anteraja package may be pending

Your Anteraja package could still be pending if one of the workers needs to scan it into the system. Alternatively, it may still be in the process of getting transferred from one hub to another. 

Anteraja delivery times 

Anteraja delivery service is accessible throughout multiple regions in Indonesia. This company offers three primary services: Regular, Next-Day, and Same-Day Service. 

The maximum weight limit is 50 kilograms for the regular mail service and the Next-Day sending. The package can be up to five kilograms for the Same-Day service. 

Additionally, customers can choose the pickup service where an Anteraja representative comes to retrieve the order from their home. 

This option is more convenient for customers because they can stay in their homes and businesses to take your package to the nearest Anteraja office, which is how it usually works. 

You can place an order for a pickup online, through the Anteraja app, or by using WhatsApp.

You must choose between time slots based on when the workers are available. Then, they will take the Anteraja tracking order to the Anteraja branch or staging office closest to the sender. 

Later, your package gets transported through several Anteraja warehouses or hubs in the destination city before it makes its way to the final address. 

Customers can easily track your package during this process, and if they have any complaints, such as your package arriving after the estimated time, contact Anteraja directly. 

The customer service department will work to address any delivery time concerns quickly and efficiently. 

Anteraja delivery times: what time will your package arrive?

There are various time frames during which your package can arrive, contingent on which sending service the sender selects. 

  • Regular Mail: The Regular sending method takes at least two to three days for your package to arrive to the recipient, which is standard. 
  • Next-Day Mail: When the sender wants your package to arrive by the following business day, they'll pick up this service. Deliveries usually happen by 4 pm, but sometimes it can be as late as 6 pm. 
  • Same-Day Mail: This delivery service is the fastest, with packages arriving in as little as eight hours and not more than 15 hours. The sender has to ask for same-day delivery by 8 am. 

*These are the standard timeframes for domestic deliveries. 

How late Anteraja delivers 

It is possible to ask for a customized delivery slot from Anteraja, as they try to accommodate customer requests as often as possible. 

If you need a different time than they usually deliver, you can ask them to leave the order at the nearest depot to your home. 

Anteraja's courier service has two departments. There are separate branches that handle pickups and another that takes deliveries. The Sprinter, as it's called, works from 8 am to 8 pm collecting shipments. 

The Expeditionary branch transports packages from one depot office to another based on the destination address. This branch works 24 hours a day, including national holidays and weekends. 

Anteraja delivers packages according to the following schedule:

  • From Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm
  • On Saturdays with special handling options for delivery by 12 pm
  • Next business day delivery at 3 pm to most addresses, or by 4:30 pm if you live in a remote area. This delivery finishes by 8 pm at the latest. 
  • From Monday to Friday, there are Express, Priority, or Next working day delivery at 10:30 am to most addresses. There is guaranteed delivery at noon, 4:30 pm, or 5 pm for those who live in remote areas. 

International Anteraja delivery times

Anteraja needs to make international deliveries, though it is a goal they would like to accomplish in the coming years.

At this time, they are focused on growing the company and continuing to create innovative solutions that will make it easier to expand and offer lightning-fast sending services based on technology. 

Lost and missed Anteraja deliveries 

Lost and missed deliveries are common problems when sending packages, tiny shipments. 

Since this is more of an issue with international orders, you likely will experience a few problems with Anteraja in such a short timeframe. 

You have a few options if your package still gets held up or lost while in transit from pickup until delivery. 

What happens if you miss an Anteraja delivery?

In case you miss a delivery from Anteraja, they will likely leave a note informing you that they attempted to deliver your package.

It's essential to make sure you're home at the time of the delivery to prevent any miscommunication, or your package will get delivered to a neighbor or left at the door. 

The company doesn't explicitly state what they would do if you missed the delivery, but some consumer reviews have mentioned that they got a phone contact and a note. 

Depending on which the sender requested service, you may get asked to retrieve your package from the Anteraja office. 

Since Anteraja handles such a large volume of shipments daily, they may have yet to attempt to re-deliver your package based on their daily schedule.

If you fail to pick up your package and are not home to get the delivery, your package gets returned to the sender. You'll then have to ask the merchant to send your package again. 

How long will Anteraja hold a package?

Anteraja doesn't hold packages, as they pride themselves on speedy delivery service throughout Indonesia. 

They usually stay within three to four days for a successful delivery, depending on the delivery region. 

There could be exceptions to this protocol if exceptional circumstances require a courier to hold your package in an emergency.

Anteraja will take your package to the nearest depot. The recipient must then get your package within a specified timeframe. 

What to do if you haven't got your Anteraja package

If you don't get your package from Anteraja, you should check your tracking number details to make sure everything has stayed the same. 

If everything seems normal, or your package says it has gotten delivered, but you still need to get it, contact customer service immediately. They will happily work with you to find your package and resolve the situation. 

Anteraja tracking FAQs 

Here are quick answers to a few commonly asked questions about Anteraja tracking:

Is Anteraja delivery fast?

The Anteraja "Regular" service is a cheap and affordable sending service throughout Indonesia. 

The estimated time for regular service is pretty fast, which is a minimum of two days for your package to arrive at the destination address, depending on the distance between the sender and the recipient of your package.  

Can I track an Anteraja package by address?

There are alternative methods to tracking your Anteraja package, including giving other details on the receipt the sender gets when they send the order. 

You should get a copy of this receipt with additional information once the seller sends your package.  

Usually, you will need your tracking number first, but if you still need to get it at your disposal, you might use other details to identify your order. 

In general, it's best to have your tracking number handy to avoid tracking complications.

Anteraja tracking conclusion

Anteraja is a reasonably new and expanding delivery company that specializes in fast service for clients all around Indonesia. 

As they continue to experience growth, they hope to expand their services to include international clientele.

To track your order, enter your tracking number into the search box, and let Circuit take it from there.

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