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Track your An Post delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you’ve ever considered sending a package within Ireland, chances are you’ve thought about An Post. The state-owned postal service sends domestic mail and packages to every part of Ireland, the UK, Canada, and France.

To keep tabs on your An Post deliveries, select a type of An Post service with tracking included, and you’ll know exactly where they are.

Below, I’ll define An Post tracking and cover the difference between status updates. Then I’ll explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

An Post tracking

It’s easy to track your order with An Post. Here’s how to find your tracking number and follow your order to its destination.

How to find your An Post tracking number

Every package sent with An Post gets a tracking number. All An Post tracking numbers consist of two letters, followed by nine numbers ending in “IE.”

If you are expecting an An Post package, the sender will email confirmation with your tracking number. Check your inbox and contact the sender if you have lost it.

How to track your An Post location

If you're wondering where your An Post package is, Circuit Package Tracker can help you find it on its delivery route. All you need to do is enter your tracking number in the search above to get updates on your package’s location. You can also use the An Post Tracking service.

An Post doesn’t control the delivery of items once they leave the country.

Lost An Post tracking number 

It can be frustrating not to know where your package is or when it will arrive. You must use your AN Post tracking number or barcode to trace your package, but it’s easy to find your tracking number online with your AN Post account.

How to track a An Post package without a tracking number

When you place an online order, the seller should send you a tracking number in your confirmation email, so search your inbox and junk folders to check.

You can also contact the seller if you placed an order and cannot find your An Post tracking number. 

If you are sending a package with An Post, you can take the following steps to find your tracking number:

  1. Log into your An Post account.
  2. Search through your recent orders.
  3. Find the lost tracking number.

Solving An Post tracking issues 

Are you having trouble tracking your An Post order? Here are some solutions to help. 

Why you can’t track your An Post package

You might be expecting a package soon and can’t figure out when exactly it will arrive or where it is in the process. Be aware that not all An Post package services include tracking.

Whether you’re sending internationally or within Ireland, paying for a service that includes An Post tracking is always a good idea. Without this, you won’t know where your package is.

Why your An Post package is not updating or moving

Your package may not appear to move if it has an unexpected delay. There are many reasons, including poor weather conditions or road traffic at the destination.

The most likely cause of an international delay is customs holding it. Once packages leave customs, An Post must wait for confirmation of the status in the country of delivery before they can update your delivery tracking.

Often, customs can hold a package for extra time due to a high volume of shipments or because the package contents are not allowed in the country. You can contact your local customs office if tracking shows customs have your shipment and they have not contacted you.

An Post tracking status explained

Want to learn more about An Post tracking? Here are some explanations for terms used in An Post tracking system. 

In transit,

This term refers to the location of your order from its origin to its destination. 

Why your An Post package is still in transit

If you are tracking your package and find the “in transit” message, do not worry, as it is on its way. This message tells you your package is between the collection warehouse and the delivery address. 

A package can stay in transit for a long time for several reasons. Sometimes packages experience interruptions or delays during transit. 

To avoid any delays or hiccups along the way, An Post advises you to double-check all information of addresses and the addressee when sending packages. 

You must be aware of the country's banned items and customs process if you are shipping internationally.

How Long an An Post package can stay in transit

Transit time will vary depending on where your An Post package is going from and to. 

If you are sending and receiving packages within Ireland, An Post guarantees they will deliver to anywhere in the country within five days. For packages traveling over a longer distance, it is more likely to take an extra day or two.

If you are expecting an order from another country, your package’s transit will be longer depending on the length of its journey. 

For packages from the United Kingdom, you can expect to get them within six full business days. Packages coming from other countries will take longer but no longer than sixteen full business days. 

You can always check or estimate the timeline of your package’s order using An Post’s calculation service


The message "pending" with a courier usually signals that the delivery is interrupted. When a package is pending, you can expect the delivery to take longer than usual.

Why your An Post package May be pending

The status of “pending” is normal. It usually means that An Post needs to scan your package at the next point of its journey as it passes from facility to facility on its route.

If you have dropped off your package at An Post office, it is more likely that you will find a “pending” message in your account until they can scan it into the system.

Contact An Post for help if your package is pending for longer than three business days.

An Post delivery times 

What time should you expect your An Post mail? Read on for more about An Post delivery times, policies, and services.

An Post delivery times: when will your package arrive?

Your An Post package will take between two and five working days if you are expecting delivery within Ireland. Contact An Post if your mail takes longer than five working days.

International An Post deliveries take up to 15 working days. Contact An Post if your package takes longer.

How late does An Post deliver

An Post delivers all packages from Monday to Friday in Ireland between 8 am and 5 pm. You can also get delivery on Saturdays in urban areas from 8 am to 12 pm. 

International An Post delivery times

For international delivery, An Post will pass your delivery onto a partner postal service or courier in the destination country to make the final delivery. Most courier companies work from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm as standard.

Allow up to fifteen working days to get your package. 

Lost and missed An Post deliveries 

Being home to get an order can be challenging. Here’s what to do if you miss your An Post delivery. 

What happens if you miss an An Post delivery

If you miss a delivery, An Post will let you know they called by leaving a missed delivery note and then return your item to your local Delivery Service Unit.

You can then either collect your post from your local Delivery Service Unit or ask An Post to redeliver it using the An Post online service. For this, you must include the following:

  • The item details from your “Sorry we missed you” notice.
  • The original address.
  • The address you would like An Post to redeliver to.

An Post will send you a confirmation email once you have completed the application. They will then try and redeliver your package as quickly as possible.

For international deliveries, An Post will pass your package onto a partner postal service or courier in the destination country to make the final delivery. They will have different processes for handling missed deliveries so check with the courier once they give you confirmation.

How long An Post will hold a package

An Post Local Delivery Service Units will hold packages for different reasons and lengths of time dependent on the type of mail or package:

  • Standard post and packages for up to five working days.
  • Registered and signed for packages for up to three working days.
  • International post for up to sixteen working days.

An Post will return held packages to the sender with an explanation sheet if you fail to collect them. 

What to do if you haven't got your An Post package

An Post will attempt to deliver your package once. After that, you can choose to redeliver it using the “Sorry we missed you” card. 

An Post advises you to wait five working days for standard packages or fifteen working days for international packages contacting them.

An Post tracking FAQs 

Below are the most frequently asked questions about An Post tracking. You can also check out the useful help section on their website for more information on the An Post.

Is An Post’s delivery fast?

An Post guarantees delivery of standard packages within two business days anywhere in the Republic of Ireland.

Can I track An Post packages by address?

You can only track An Post packages with a tracking number, you cannot use an address. You should have your An Post tracking number. Check with the sender if you can't find it.

How do I know if my An Most package is stuck in customs?

Circuit Package Tracker will show you if your An Post package is stuck in customs. Customs should also have sent you communication if they hold your package.

Customs may be waiting to clear your package because they are wary of the contents, or you need to pay additional taxes. Contact your local customs office if tracking shows your package is in customs for a long time and they have not contacted you.

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