Amazon India Tracking

Track your Amazon India delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Amazon India Tracking

Everyone has heard of the eCommerce company Amazon which launched in the US in 1994. After becoming the largest company in the world, the US market became saturated.

About Amazon India

Amazon India tracking started in 2013 with very little advertising but still got over 10,000 orders on the first day. Launching in India made more sense than in China where stiff competition already existed.

Amazon India covers the entire subcontinent and allows the sending of orders worldwide. Local Asian and Southeast Asian markets are the easiest to access internationally.

Amazon India tracking

Amazon India package tracking works differently than tracking with couriers. The reason is that Amazon is the marketplace where you have an account and buy something, but in many cases, the courier is another company.

Despite the statuses coming from another company, you can usually rely on Amazon India to give good tracking updates.

How to find your Amazon India tracking number

The Amazon India tracking shipment method does not need a tracking number for the receiver, although you can still get the number if you want to use another tracking service.

The sender will get the tracking number in the normal way upon creating an order and getting an invoice and a receipt from the courier that delivers the package. 

The sender will often find the tracking number in the corner of a receipt. Sometimes the sender prints the sending label, which has the tracking number under the barcode.

The receiver may still get the tracking number from the sender in an email or text message, but the Amazon India account should have all the necessary information as well.

To access your order through your Amazon account find the “Returns & Orders” button on the upper-right on any page of the website. You will have to log in if you have not done so yet.

Find the order you want to track and choose “Track Package” next to the order.

Using the app is similar except you find the three horizontal lines on the upper-left which drops a menu down. About one-third of the way down, you will find “Your Orders.” This button leads you to everything about past and present orders.

When you find your order, a new page comes up, and “Track Package” is the first button on the page. Whether using the app or the website, you will find a tracking ID after choosing your order.

All the details should appear. Sometimes senders use a service that does not get reported to Amazon. Ask the sender first whether or not Amazon should have the tracking information if you do not find anything.

How to track your Amazon India order location

The instructions to track an Amazon India shipment do not differ from finding the tracking number in your Amazon India account. All the information is on the same page or in the same section.

Follow the instructions above for finding the tracking number on the website or in the app. As long as Amazon has a link to the courier, the tracking information is in the same place as the tracking ID.

Lost Amazon India tracking number

The only ways you can lose an Amazon India shipment tracking number are to delete a message from the sender or to get locked out of your Amazon India account.

How to track an Amazon India package without a tracking number

When someone says, ‘I lost my tracking number, how do I track my Amazon India package,’ the answer is simple. The design of Amazon India tracking does not use the tracking number anyway.

You log into your account, go to your orders, and find the tracking information for your package. In the same section, you can find your tracking ID if you want to use another tracking service.

If you want the tracking number because you want to use another service, you will need the number. Most courier tracking tools have only one option in the tracking field, which uses the tracking number.

Contact the sender to get the number if you cannot find the full tracking information in your Amazon India account. On the app and the website, there is a button that says “Contact seller” on the first tracking page.

Check to find if the sender also sent you an email or text message containing the tracking number. Never delete any messages about your order even if you feel that the extra information is redundant.

Solving Amazon India tracking issues

Once you start tracking, the experience will be similar to using a tracking tool that uses a tracking number, despite logging into your Amazon account.

Some issues may arise. Human error or a scheduling misunderstanding is often to blame.

Why you can't track your Amazon India package

Some senders use an alternative courier service that they have to report to Amazon India, or the tracking details will not get loaded. Contact the sender and ask if your order is with an alternative service if you do not find anything.

Sometimes the sender uses a service that Amazon knows how to track automatically, but you still do not find any details. The reason is usually that the courier did not scan the barcode yet.

Your order could still be with the sender in the office. The sender might need an extra day or two to give your order to the courier. Needing more time could be because of non-working days or holidays.

Your package might be traveling to an office or a facility where somebody will scan the barcode. Once the courier scans the barcode, the first tracking status loads, and transit starts.

If you place your order and do not find the first tracking status for two working days, contact the sender and ask if the courier has the package yet. The sender will probably tell you the package is about to go out or just went out.

Why your Amazon India package is not updating or moving

A package can get lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed in transit. However, the reason a package stops updating during transit is probably because of no barcode scan again.

The reason the barcode scan can delay tracking both at the start of transit and in the middle is because of delays. With an international order, the delay could be a stop at a customs office.

The delivery truck could get held up at any stage of the journey. Common delays for drivers are heavy traffic, bad weather, vehicle problems, and natural disasters. Many countries flood during heavy rains.

Sometimes the driver experiences a delay, such as heavy traffic, and arrives at a busy facility and has to wait to unload packages. Packages that have not had the barcode scanned could be waiting on pallets and in bins.

The staff will work as fast as possible but might not have enough people to avoid delays. Still, the problem should not affect the delivery date because couriers schedule delays into estimated delivery times.

Amazon India tracking status explained

The number one thing to understand about Amazon tracking statuses is that since the courier is any one of many other companies, Amazon takes the meaning and creates a new tracking status.

Different companies use unique tracking statuses, so you would not find the same wording by tracking with the courier who has your order.

In transit

Amazon dropped the word “transit” in favor of giving statuses that show departures and arrivals. This decision means the whole journey is the transit time, which is full of stops and starts.

Why your Amazon India package is still in transit

The reasons a package stays in transit longer than expected can differ greatly between international and domestic orders.

Domestic orders do not usually have security stops, and the transit time resembles the travel time between locations. A security checkpoint can stop an international order. The most likely place is a customs office.

Stopping at a customs office does not always mean that orders get delayed, but the stop can easily go on for longer than expected. Sometimes the country does not allow the contents of the package to enter.

Other times, the customs office wants you to pay duty (tax) on the item(s) in the package. Find out if you must pay a duty as fast as possible because the office might not hold the order for any longer than 30 days.

Domestic orders have usually experienced a delay that may be on the road or at a facility. The reasons could range anywhere between staffing issues, accidents, or natural disasters.

How long an Amazon India package can stay in transit

Since senders can choose between several different couriers, sending times can vary. In general, domestic orders should complete in 1-3 business days. Allow at least five working days if your package is late.

International orders are different because customs can stop a package for a long time, which can take up to 30-40 days in extreme cases. 

A customs office can also stop a package that they will never release unless the receiver pays the duty. After about 30 days of holding the package, the customs office may destroy the contents or return everything to the sender.

Always make an effort to find out if you owe duty as soon as possible so that you do not risk losing the package permanently.

Contact the sender by the sixth or seventh day for help with domestic orders. Wait about the same amount of time to contact the sender if your package enters a customs office and nothing happens.


Amazon refers to a pending status as a “delay.” When a package enters a customs office, getting through inspection is also a pending status.

Why your Amazon India package may be pending

The two most likely pending statuses are delays and a security stop, such as a customs office. Delays can happen on any kind of order, domestic or international. Amazon adds “...due to external factors.”

These factors can mean the courier made a mistake that caused a delay, had an accident, experienced heavy traffic, or suffered a natural disaster.

The time between every arrival and departure at a facility or a customs office constitutes a pending status. Wait to find a departure status after every arrival.

The only difference is that your order should get through facilities within hours or 1-2 days at the most. However, you have to be more patient and allow as much as seven business days for customs offices before getting suspicious.

Amazon India delivery times

Delivery times from Amazon orders can vary greatly because many different couriers could handle the order. The time of day falls into a range most of the time. The number of days an order takes should be short.

Amazon India delivery times: What time will your package arrive

Amazon India claims that your package will arrive by 11 am for morning deliveries and by 10 pm for same-day. For all other orders, delivery can fall anywhere between 6 am and 10 pm.

Since the two extreme times are early and late, couriers should only contact you by phone, ring the doorbell, or knock on the door between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm. Earlier or later times may get used for scheduled deliveries.

How late Amazon India delivers

The latest time is 10 pm, although couriers will not do things that could disturb you like knocking on the door later than 8 pm. The last two hours are available if someone schedules a late delivery and knows the courier is coming.

International Amazon India delivery times

Everything changes with delivery times on international orders because a local Indian courier may handle the order inside the country and transfer the package to an international courier.

The international courier may complete delivery or give the package to a local courier in the destination country. Residents of some European and Asian countries know that deliveries can come late.

In other countries, people know that couriers keep the same hours as businesses from the morning to about 4:30-6 pm. You can ask the sender to find out which courier will handle delivery and get a delivery time.

Lost and missed Amazon India deliveries

Lost deliveries may get annoying with Amazon because you can have the seller replace damaged items as long as they arrive. Missed deliveries are usually nothing to worry about as long as your address is correct.

What happens if you miss an Amazon India delivery

Missing an Amazon India delivery is usually nothing to worry about. You should get the package the next business day. Most couriers either attempt redelivery the next day or leave a note and hold the package.

Either way, you should find a note. You can use the instructions on the note if the courier redelivers, but you want to set up an appointment time.

The thing to understand about redeliveries versus holding periods is that the holding period ends after the maximum number of attempted deliveries. The courier will probably return the package to the sender after about three failed deliveries.

Couriers that hold packages for pickup should return the order to the sender after about fifteen days.

How long Amazon India will hold a package

Amazon is not the courier, so you will have to find the courier in your orders section and search for their policy.

What to do if you haven't received your Amazon India package

The first thing to do is wait a couple more business days because the package may come late. Verify that an international order is not in a customs office. You can contact the courier or the sender for help.

As usual, the sender is usually more helpful.

Amazon India tracking FAQs

You can use the extensive help section on Amazon India to find the answers to more questions.

Is Amazon India delivery fast?

Yes, but a sender can choose an alternative courier who could be slower than others. Normally, you can expect deliveries in India within 1-3 business days.

Can I track an Amazon India package by address?

Yes, in most cases you will log into your account and find all your orders in one section. The package address is one part of the information you will find and may help you identify an order.

How do I know if my Amazon India package is stuck in customs?

You should get a tracking status update as well as a notification from the customs office. Sometimes neither of these options works, so you can use the tracking status to determine what happened.

If your tracking status does not mention that your package entered customs, you can tell if the last tracking status was about landing in a new country.

After landing in a country, everything has to go through security checks and a customs office. You can safely assume that your package did not get through customs if your tracking status never showed an arrival at a facility after landing.

Allow about a week before making contact because some customs offices are slow. Contact the sender if you want more information or help.

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