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About ABF Freight

ABF Freight is an LTL (less-than-truckload) freight service that transports various goods across the country. 

Currently, ABF freight operates in 48 states in the US and offers flatbed services, moving services, and freight services. 

They do short and long hauls to meet transportation needs and have earned numerous awards. As a sister company of ABF Logistics, they are both subsidiaries of ArcBest Corporation.

ABF Freight package tracking

Keeping updated on your package's status while in transit is a feature that solidifies trust during transportation. 

ABF Freight utilizes a third-party tracking tool called TrackingMore so that you can get real-time updates on your package. 

This service offers mobile and email updates and is compatible with various other platforms, such as eBay, AliExpress, and Magento.  

How to find your ABF Freight package tracking number

When transporting a package with ABF Freight, you will get a tracking number through an automated email from your merchant. 

From there, shipping and updates are in the hands of ABF Freight, and you will be updated regularly on your package's status. 

If any issues are receiving the email and tracking number, a support line on TrackingMore's website can assist you. 

How to track your ABF Freight package location

After locating the tracking number corresponding with the package you wish to track, you can copy and paste the number into your ABF Freight tracking box.

If the number is entered correctly, you should see the tracking information. 

The e-receipt supplied by the manufacturer should also reflect the correct tracking number and, upon clicking it, should direct you to the proper tracking page. 

If for any reason, there is an issue with the status of your tracking information, ABF is there to assist through Arcbest's official website

Lost ABF Freight tracking number

Tracking numbers can easily be lost in an overburdened email or automatically deleted by spam prevention. 

In addition, losing a tracking number can make receiving real-time updates on a package very difficult. 

While many ways to retrieve it, tracking packages without the necessary tracking number is possible. 

How to track an ABF Freight package without a tracking number

While the tracking number is undoubtedly the simplest way to keep an eye on a package in transit, ABF Freight can also keep tabs on a package through a reference number. 

References numbers differ from tracking numbers in which they can be purchase orders, customer orders, company names, or in some cases, a specific phrase that may identify the shipment. 

Reference numbers can be found on a receipt for the product after shipping. Inserting this number into the box given to you by ABF ArcBest tracking will grant you the same 24/7 access to keeping tabs on your package. 

You can also contact customer service to request the tracking number for your order using the information you gave for the shipment process after purchase. 

Solving ABF Freight package tracking issues

While ABF Freight is widely known for its excellent service and shipping speeds, there are situations in which there may be problems with either tracking your order or receiving it. 

Why you can’t track your ABF freight package 

If you cannot acquire tracking information on your package with the tracking number, you would need to reach out to ABF ArcBest to resolve any potential issues. 

Tracking numbers, such as incorrect weight or shipping service upgrades, can sometimes change.

If there is ever a concern regarding an existing tracking number, always reach out to support to have your information adequately updated. 

Why your ABF Freight package is not updating or moving

There could be a variety of reasons why a package ceases to move. If a tracking number shows a package is no longer moving during transit, ABF will give you a link to reach out and discuss why. 

Sometimes inclement weather can delay a time-sensitive transport. 

Damage to the label or product can cause a package to cease moving in tracking or if the package itself becomes lost in between checkpoints. 

The shipping speed selected at the time of purchase can also reflect the rate at which a package moves if a package has remained stationary for a long time. 

Take advantage of ABF ArcBest's customer support to find a solution.

ABF Freight package tracking status explained

The transit process for packages is typically smooth and issue-free, but sometimes some incidents raise questions about when delivery times might change. 

In transit

Real-time package tracking shipment status will reflect delays as it is transported across the nation. 

Several steps during the transportation process make sure a package is not lost along the way. 

Labels on the package are constantly scanned for posting updates and, depending on what is being shipped, will also reflect information if requiring a hold or inspection. 

Why your ABF Freight package is still in transit

There could be many reasons for a package to remain in transit longer than expected. 

Items can be stuck in customs before being released to ABF for ground transportation, in which case the package would appear to be in transit while it awaits clearance. 

Further checks on a package if there is assumed damage is one of the unfortunate but possible causes for a more extended transit period. 

Loss of the package during transit can also make it appear as if it is stuck in a specific location during the shipping process. 

How long an ABF freight package can stay in transit pending

If a package shows pending transit, it usually means that it has been scanned and is awaiting pick-up. 

This status is usually not in a place very long unless it passes through customs, where it may be held longer than usual. 

Pending statuses can last anywhere from 24 to 96 hours before being updated in transit. 

why your ABF Freight package may be pending

A pending package can be the result of delivery changes or other delays. Another pending status can be due to a delivery to a local post office or drop-off point. 

These packages will be kept in a safe area until you can pick them up at your earliest convenience. 

ABF Freight delivery times

ABF offers various delivery and pick-up options, depending on the type of freight or packaging they are transporting. 

Convenience is essential, so they offer several ways to get your package at a time that bests fit your schedule.

ABF Freight delivery times: what time will your package arrive?

ABF offers a simple form to schedule a pick-up or delivery time. If scheduling a pick-up for your package, it is available for pick-up any time between 7 am-7 pm. 

ABF operates around the clock and offers scheduled drop-off times for residential deliveries. 

ABF offers two- to four-hour delivery windows, ensuring the buyer is at home and ready to collect their package. 

ArcBest will give you a specific number to contact to schedule a residential drop-off and make sure you get the best experience possible.

How late ABF Freight delivers

Given that ABF works diligently around the clock, they deliver at all day hours. 

Therefore, it is important to reach out to ArcBest customer support, or fill out a form online, to schedule a proper drop-off time. 

International ABF Freight delivery times

Regarding customs, transit may be delayed, but ABF will offer details during the process and allow you to schedule a proper time for delivery. 

Lost and missed ABF Freight deliveries

Missing a delivery can be anxiety-inducing. 

Packages that have been eagerly awaited during the transportation process can sometimes fall into the wrong hands or fail to be dropped off at a residence or business for several reasons. 

What happens if you miss an ABF Freight Delivery

Given that ABF keeps a neat and tidy scheduling system, clients can avoid the process of missing deliveries. 

Whether a warehouse or residential delivery, ABF offers a large enough window to make sure the client is present to collect their order. 

If you believe you will not be able to collect your delivery, you can contact ArcBest and request a new delivery date and time or request the package for a secondary drop-off point for pick-up.

How long will ABF Freight hold a package?

With over 240 service center locations and a central point of contact through ArcBest, ABF Freight makes it convenient for both deliveries and pick-ups. 

However, if you need a package held for an extended time, you would be required to reach out to customer support to arrange when and where to collect your package. 

What to do if you haven’t received your ABF Freight package 

If there is ever a situation in which a scheduled delivery falls through, always contact ArcBest support to discuss the issue. 

Freight shipment delays should always be communicated, but any questions and concerns can be directed to the customer service number.

ABF Freight FAQs

The  following are frequently asked questions regarding ABF Freight and their shipment methods:

Is ABF Freight delivery fast?

ABF delivery times vary on the shipping method selected. Delivery will also depend on the time scheduled or if pick-up is preferred. ABF attempts to make everything as streamlined as possible and invites all delivery questions to be directed to 800-610-5544. 

Can I track ABF Freight package by address?

You can track ABF deliveries by either the tracking number or an appropriate reference number for the order. 

How do I know if my ABF Freight package is stuck in customs

Packages that are in customs will reflect a pending status. Further information on how long the package will be at that location before pick-up by ABF can be translated by contacting customer support. 

Their support line can request more information regarding a pending status due to customs. 

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