Circuit for Teams: Route Planning Made Easy

Route optimization software for multiple drivers

Simplify your delivery operation and save hours each day. Circuit for Teams makes it easy to optimize multiple driver routes, keep customers updated, and get proof of delivery.

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1000+ dispatchers use Circuit for Teams to manage their delivery operations and save time

Annual deliveries

Build routes in less than 5 minutes

Got a list of stops and list of drivers? We'll handle the rest – no need to spend hours each morning manually figuring out the best way to allocate your stops between the drivers.

Spreadsheet import

Export a list of deliveries and import it into Circuit for Teams in 2 minutes or less. Got notes and other info you want drivers to see, that's not a problem either.

Driver Tracking

Track the progress of your drivers in the field. See where they've been, where they are and where they're going in real time.

Time windows / priorities

A customer paid for morning delivery, or a specific time slot? Include this in thespreadsheet or add manually and we'll ensure drivers arrive in time.

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Track and manage everything

Driver tracking, proof of delivery, notifications, ETAs - Circuit provides everything you need to deliver successfully.

Perfectly accurate ETAs

Need to know what time your driver will arrive at stop 5? Circuit for Teams's ETAs update automatically depending on whether the driver is behind on ahead of schedule.

Proof of delivery

Need to know who signed for that package? Recipient names, signatures and photo proof are synced and saved for every stop.

Customer Notifications

Give your customers peace of mind with upto date notifications available via email or SMS.

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Support team

How Burd Eggs Saved 30+ Hours a Week in Payroll

When Zac started using Circuit, his direct-to-consumer delivery business became streamlined. Everything he needed for route optimization and tracking was available in the Circuit software.
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1000+ businesses love Circuit for Teams

“Circuit really saves us a lot of time, it saves us a lot of mental energy. So more than just those saved hours, I and my time are a lot less exhausted.” Zac Burd of Burd Eggs
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Stoke Cold Pressed Juice
Bobcaygeon Brewing Company
OK Kombucha
Alphabet Brewing Co.
The Chocolate Lab
Coco Market

Fair pricing that scales as you grow

For 3% of what you pay your drivers, you could have them deliver 20% more packages


Ideal for individuals and small businesses

$40 /driver/mo

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Key features

  • Create and allocate routes
  • Live track route progress


Ideal for retail and medium businesses

$60 /driver/mo

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Key features

  • Everything in Dispatch
  • Import spreadsheets
  • Proof of delivery
  • Recipient email notifications
  • Recipient SMS notifications


Ideal for dispatchers at high-delivery couriers

$100 /driver/mo

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Key features

  • Everything in Recipient
  • Export data to other services

Everything you need for your delivery operation. All in one place

Optimize, track, and manage your delivery operation, with no map books, no local area knowledge, and no learning curve; just multiple optimized routes, driver tracking, and customer notifications, in just a few clicks.

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