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Why Circuit?

A Circuit delivery is efficient from start to finish

Plan, optimize, and assign routes faster. Instantly adapt to last-minute changes with live tracking and route management.
Easy-to-follow app saves time and fuel. Drivers can create routes, react to updates in real-time and share proof of delivery.
Automatic customer notifications provide accurate ETAs and tracking, reducing the likelihood of failed deliveries.

How does it work?

Synchronized delivery software for dispatchers and drivers


Automatically import delivery data

Dispatchers or drivers can add the info required to create a route. Submit complex or simplified route data depending on your needs

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Upload a spreadsheet

Use a CSV or Excel file to accurately and easily import hundreds of stops

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Connect 3rd party platforms

Create a custom API integration, no-code Zapier workflow, or import orders straight from Shopify


Create fully optimized delivery routes

Save countless hours by calculating the most efficient route in just one click. Optimize your route further with stop-specific settings

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Optimize your route

The best route is created by considering every factor that could impact delivery

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Customize stop details

Add unique requirements to optimized routes with flexible customization options


Track and manage deliveries in real time

Handle last-minute issues with live route tracking and editing. Maintain friction-free delivery by updating all users simultaneously

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Edit live routes

Swiftly make and communicate changes to live routes with minimal impact

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Send instant updates

Keep your drivers and customers up to date with real-time notifications

More features

Everything you need for successful last-mile delivery management

Kristy (Business owner)

We always had many compliments on the simplicity of the delivery process from our employees, whether they were brand new or working for months with the software.

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Help & FAQs

Everything you need to know about Circuit for Teams

Yes! Try an unlimited version of Circuit for Teams with a 14-day free trial.

We’ll send you an email reminder before your trial is due to end. Cancel your free trial anytime without being billed, or allow your free trial to end and roll into a monthly subscription automatically. 

See our Pricing page for more information about plans.

Yes. It usually takes dispatchers just a few minutes to learn how to import stops, create routes and send routes to drivers. Thanks to its easy-to-use design, drivers using the delivery app typically require no training and can start making deliveries immediately.

Circuit for Teams offers businesses increased efficiency at every stage of the delivery process. From saving dispatchers countless hours route planning or reducing the time drivers spend at a stop, we’ve optimized every last detail of last-mile delivery to save you time and money.

Yes. Each plan includes a base number of drivers, and you can add additional drivers at a set cost per additional driver/per month. Circuit for Teams gives you the flexibility to add and remove drivers from your team at any time.

See our Pricing page for more information about plans.

Yes. We offer an API, Shopify, and Zapier integration to make using Circuit for Teams with your existing software platforms as easy as possible.

See our API and Integrations help articles for more information.

Yes. Circuit for Teams is used in over 120 countries worldwide. Our route planning software uses global address data to map the perfect route for any region.

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