Delivery Route Optimization Software Made Simple

Circuit is a better way to plan fast, efficient delivery routes. It incorporates live traffic-data and special cases (like time-sensitive deliveries) so you can automatically send your drivers the best routes each day.

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A Route-Planning Solution for Your Daily Operations

Many delivery businesses don’t have centralized systems for planning vehicle routes. Oftentimes, different delivery drivers use different methods. This can lead to wasted time and fewer deliveries.

Gain an edge on other courier companies by spending less time planning better routes. Your delivery drivers can finish faster with a route planner like Circuit for Teams.

A Dispatching Tool Designed for an Easy Customer Experience

Bring order to your delivery operations. With Circuit, dispatchers can input dozens to hundreds of stops. From there, they can let the software handle the rest with dynamic-route planning.

With Circuit, dispatchers can:

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Track drivers in real-time (and in the context of their daily route).
  • Organize their route-planning workflow.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing accurate ETAs.

Ready for a routing-software solution that makes dispatching easy?

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How Fleet Management Software With Circuit Makes You Faster Than Your Competition

  • Optimize Stops With Normal or ASAP Priority: Identify the most important stops of the day. Then, leave Circuit to plan your most optimized routes automatically.
  • Enter Your Desired Time Windows for Delivery: Circuit makes it easier to optimize for delivery time frames of specific packages. When delivery-route planning, Circuit can also factor how long your average deliveries take.
  • Re-optimize Routes in Real-Time: Prepare for the unexpected. If drivers encounter roadblocks or traffic, it's easy for them to override directions to take a more efficient way. Unlike other route planning software, Circuit can re-plan in the middle of delivery.

Management Solutions Pricing


per driver per month

  • Unified billing
  • Efficient route optimization
  • Mobile driver app
  • Desktop application
  • Parcel distribution
  • Live tracking
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per driver per month

  • Unlimited stops
  • Mobile driver app
  • Dispatcher web app
  • Spreadsheet importing
  • Multi-driver routes
  • Live tracking
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What Drivers Say About Using Circuit

This app makes me the fastest DHL courier in my region. Other drivers can’t keep up with my ability to constantly re-optimize my routes or make manual changes. It allows me to keep up with my busiest routes and days

This app is exactly what I wanted. I do 100 stops per day and Circuit optimizes them exactly how I need it to!

I do 135 stops a day and with Circuit I can sort them from my phone. After that I just let it guide me, it’s that easy.

Why Choose Circuit to Plan Optimal Routes for Your Courier Company?

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Use with Android or Apple Smartphones

Drivers Can Use Their Favorite Mobile Apps (Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, and More)

Import Multiple Stops Using CSV

Keep up with growing business needs with a route manager that streamlines delivery operations. Start your free trial with Circuit for Teams.