UPS Ground Tracking

Track your UPS Ground delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you’ve ever considered sending packages across the United States, chances are you’ve thought about UPS Ground. One of the leading services for standard delivery within North America, along with rivals FedEx.

However, It’s critical to know where your UPS Ground package is to avoid a missed delivery.

Below, We’ll define what UPS Ground tracking is and cover the difference between status updates. Then we’ll explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

UPS Ground tracking 

UPS Ground package tracking is easy and keeps you updated on where your package is. Usually, you'll need a tracking number to track UPS Ground packages.

If you're interested in UPS Ground order tracking, here's where to start.

How to find your UPS Ground tracking number

A tracking number is a unique code, usually a string of numbers with a few letters, that companies use for securely identifying packages.

Usually, if you've recently ordered an item, you'll get a tracking number in an order confirmation email from the vendor or US. 

If you're struggling to find this email, you can check your spam, trash, or other folders to check that your email hasn't sorted them incorrectly.  

Alternatively, if you were the one who sent the delivery, you can find the tracking information on the receipt.

How to track your UPS Ground package location 

Once you have your tracking number, UPS Ground order tracking is easy. The fastest is to use your code in the Circuit Package Tracker search above.

You can also head to the UPS Ground website. The UPS Ground homepage has a search box where you can enter your tracking number directly.

It should immediately pull up the information for the current status of your package and its tracking history. You can also download the Circuit Package Tracker app and enter your tracking number. 

If you have an account with the US, UPS can save your tracking information to make it more convenient. The company can also send you alerts for any tracking updates.

No matter the option, you should find the status of your UPS Ground item in minutes.

Lost UPS Ground tracking number

Sometimes, accidents happen where you may lose your UPS Ground tracking number.

Luckily, the company prepares for these scenarios, and there are two possible methods where you may recover your information.

How to track a UPS Ground package without a tracking number

First, UPS Ground tracking has a convenient service for anyone who chooses to have one of their free accounts.

When you have a UPS Ground My Choice account, the company will automatically associate any packages coming to your address with your account.

This service means you should find UPS Ground order tracking information in your online account without a tracking number. Log in and check the tracking tab to find out if any packages are coming your way.

You can copy your tracking number from here if you'd like to share it with anyone.

Alternatively, UPS Ground also offers a tracking method through a reference number.

The reference number is some identifier created by the shipper. You may find the reference number in a confirmation email.

From the UPS Ground website, choose the option to track by reference number. You'll also need details about when the shipper sent your package, where from, and where it's heading.

With that, UPS Ground may find your tracking information.

Finally, if all else fails, you can consider reaching out to your vendor to find out if they have the tracking information and can resend it.

Solving UPS Ground tracking issues 

UPS Ground will be working hard to deliver your package, but occasionally issues may arise. These can range from delays like holiday hours to severe scenarios like lost items.

No matter what, here's a list of what you can do to keep your UPS Ground order tracking under control.

Why you can't track your UPS Ground package

If you have your UPS Ground tracking number but can't track your UPS Ground package, you may have an issue with the system.

Sometimes online services can have maintenance or face issues. First, check your internet connection and refresh the page. If the problem persists, you may have to wait a few days.

Occasionally when trying to track UPS Ground shipments, you might run into an issue where UPS Ground hasn't gotten the item. In this scenario, the shipper bought a label, and you got the information, but your package hasn't begun the travel process yet.

Finally, if you manually enter your tracking numbers, you might want to double-check the typing for errors. The long strings can be easy to mistype.

If you wait a few days and still have no success, you might want to contact UPS Ground to address the issue.

Why your UPS Ground package is not updating or moving

UPS Ground order tracking can be exciting, especially if waiting on a meaningful item. But, this excitement makes delays or slow-moving progress seem particularly agonizing.

Slow updates don't always mean your package is moving slowly. For international shipments, you usually only get updates at major hubs.

So your item may be moving more often than you find but is only being scanned in central cities or across borders.

However, some scenarios in which your UPS Ground tracking may have delays. For example, holidays, local weather events, or emergencies can all lead to unexpected holdups.

If your UPS Ground tracking doesn't update for a few days and you feel there's an issue, you can contact UPS Ground for the most current information.

UPS Ground tracking status explained

During UPS Ground order tracking, the company will display a variety of statuses. These conditions help you understand where your package is and how far along in the process it is.

Here are the UPS Ground tracking statuses so you can feel confident about your item.

In transit    

The UPS Ground order tracking status "In transit" means that UPS Ground has your package and has begun sending it.

Your order is safely in the hands of the USPS, going through their warehouses and couriers.

You should contact UPS Ground directly if you have any issues during this phase. They will be solely responsible from this point forward.

Why your UPS Ground package is still in transit

For UPS Ground tracking, your item will be in transit for a long time. This phase is when most of the traveling happens, so it makes sense that the section is the longest.

If you're waiting on an international order, this is particularly true. Your item may be safe as it travels between countries, even if it is in transit for a significant time.

However, some issues can arise during this phase that can cause delays. For example, UPS Ground order tracking can run into order updates, weight discrepancies, address issues, or other general emergencies that can keep it in transit.

Usually, you have nothing to worry about, but if it seems to have been too long and you suspect an issue, feel free to contact the US. They will tell you exactly where your package is within their process.

How long a UPS Ground package can stay in transit

UPS Ground shipments will try to keep your deliveries quick.

For deliveries within the United States, you can expect the item to reach its destination in 1-5 days. UPS Ground has multiple options to expedite sending.

Even though international shipments take longer, UPS Ground does a quick job. Usually, they will ship an item within 7-9 days.

These timeframes are ideal, so your item may take slightly longer if it runs into holidays, weekends, or local weather issues.


If you try to track a UPS Ground order and find a "Pending" status, it means that UPS Ground is preparing for your item but doesn't have it yet.

This time is usually a waiting period that happens before sending, and not all deliveries will go through a pending phase.

Why your UPS Ground package may be pending

The pending status for UPS Ground tracking has a few possible explanations.

Most likely, the vendor or shipper bought a shipping label online but hasn't brought the item to a UPS Ground store. The UPS Ground company is waiting for it and is ready to start sending it once this happens.

Sometimes the UPS Ground warehouse may be backed up, so your item could be waiting to be processed. Usually, your package is safe, just slightly delayed as they work through their items.

Finally, your item may also be pending if the shipper drops the item off during odd hours or on holidays. UPS Ground will get to your item as soon as they open.

UPS Ground delivery times 

With UPS Ground order tracking, you'll get to know the expected day of delivery, giving you a general window for when your package should arrive.

International and local shipments usually come at different times, but you should always be aware of what day to expect your item.

For deliveries within the United States, UPS Ground has set business hours that give you a timeframe for when you will get your package.  

UPS Ground delivery times: What time will your package arrive

Generally, UPS Ground will ship within the United States as early as 9 am and as late as 9 pm.

If the order is international, your package may come at a different time with another courier.

When you have a UPS Ground My Choice account, you may get a custom timeframe on the day of delivery for when you can expect your package.

How late does UPS Ground deliver

UPS Ground delivers as late as 9 pm and even extends these during holiday seasons to residences.

However, they usually operate within typical working hours when handling shipments that go to businesses, so the items never are left at empty buildings.

International UPS Ground delivery times 

Sadly, it's hard to estimate the delivery time for international items. UPS Ground will likely transfer your package to a local courier to carry out the final delivery.

Usually, you can expect your item to come earlier or around the same time as your mail.

Lost and missed UPS Ground deliveries  

Ultimately, people run the US, so errors or mistakes can happen where your item may be lost, or you could miss the delivery.

Usually, this doesn't mean that everything is lost. You may still recover your package safely.

UPS Ground tracking is crucial because it allows you to catch any issues as soon as they happen.

What happens if you miss a UPS Ground delivery  

If you miss your UPS Ground delivery, you have a few options to get your package.

First and foremost, if the item has no special needs, they will leave your package on your porch. Otherwise, they will leave a delivery notice to notify you they attempted.

This notice will have tracking information and details for the next steps. It may also have a way for you to waive signature needs so they can leave the order next time.

Usually, UPS Ground will try to redeliver the item the next business day. They will reattempt for up to three days but may ship the item back to the sender past this point.

If this doesn't work for you, you can try and reschedule the delivery online. You can also reroute your package to send it to a pickup location through UPS Ground My Choice.

How long will UPS Ground hold a package? 

Usually, UPS Ground will hold your item for up to 5 days within one of their general customer service stores.

If you send your package to a UPS Ground store through UPS Ground My Choice to pick up the item, they will hold it for slightly longer, up to 7 days.

What to do if you haven't got your UPS Ground package

If your package isn't there when your UPS Ground tracking says it was delivered, or if it's a long time past the expected delivery with no updates, there may be a problem.

Today, package theft has become a widespread issue. Over 49 million Americans have had their items stolen.

When your UPS Ground order tracking says delivered, but you have no package, this could be the case. Package thieves often take items off porches during the day when no one is home.

To help prevent this, you can try to set up security systems or find a way to cover your porch area. This tactic makes it harder for potential thieves to notice your items.

Alternatively, a lack of updates or an error with delivery could mean that UPS Ground has lost your item during the sending process.

You should immediately contact UPS Ground in either scenario to file a claim. They can give you the best information about the current status of your item.

Additionally, they may compensate you for lost items.

Make sure you have all your tracking information ready if you plan to contact UPS Ground or file a claim.

UPS Ground FAQs  

With all the basics of UPS Ground tracking covered, you may still have a few questions.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about UPS Ground tracking.

Is UPS Ground delivery fast? 

UPS Ground prides itself on quick deliveries and offers multiple expedited sending options.

Even their typical speeds are relatively fast. Within the United States, they can make a delivery from one side of the country to the other within 1-5 days.

International shipments are slower, but UPS Ground delivers between 7-9 days. It can be fast compared to other delivery services that can take up to a month to handle international items.

These timeframes are without any delays.

Can I track UPS Ground packages by address? 

You can track UPS Ground shipments with an address if your package comes to your home.

To do so, you'll have to sign up for a UPS Ground My Choice account. This free service will give you tracking updates for any UPS Ground package heading toward your home.

If you are the shipper, you likely can't track the item with the destination address alone. However, you can try to track it with the reference number, sending address, and destination address.

How do I know if my UPS Ground package is stuck in customs?

The customs process is a part of international sending when an item has an inspection between countries.

International UPS Ground tracking doesn't update as often, usually only when the item arrives in large cities.

If you notice your item is stalling at a station near a border for a few days, there's a good chance it is in the customs process.

You can try waiting a few days to find out if the status updates across the border.

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