Sri Lanka Post Tracking

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About Sri Lanka Post

Sri Lanka Post is the official postal service of Sri Lanka. Founded in 1798, the postal service in Sri Lanka has existed in many forms and is one of the oldest governmental postal services.

Sri Lanka Post has 4,738 offices across the country and services all the cities and provinces of Sri Lanka and countries around the world. If you've ordered a package from Sri Lanka, it is most likely getting sent with Sri Lanka Post

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Sri Lanka Post tracking​​

If you've ordered a package from an online courier service in Sri Lanka, they will likely use Sri Lanka Post to ship, track, and deliver your items.

It's the most reliable postal system in the country and the official postal service.

In addition to this, Sri Lanka Post has international capabilities, which makes it ideal for sending packages to foreign countries.

However, the order tracking and sending system works much like any other postal service.

You will likely get two emails when you order a package from Sri Lanka. The first is an order confirmation with your receipt and payment details.

The second email will confirm that the seller has sent your package and will likely include your Sri Lanka Post tracking number. 

​How to find your Sri Lanka Post tracking number​

First, you'll need to find your Sri Lanka Post tracking number. If you ordered from an online shop, the owner of that shop would have gotten that number when they sent your package.

They will likely send it to you with a confirmation email to tell you your package is on its way.

However, if you can't find it in an order confirmation or confirmation email that they have sent your package, you can contact your seller and ask for a copy of the tracking information.

Some sellers don't automatically give it out, but they will send you the number if you ask. 

​How to track your Sri Lanka Post package location​

Once you have the tracking number, there are a few ways to track the location of your package. The easiest is to go to the Sri Lanka Post website and enter the number there.

The site will have up-to-date tracking notifications.

However, you can also use a third-party tracking service for Sri Lanka Post shipment tracking. These work with many different package delivery services.

You can enter the tracking number, but you'll have to specify which courier you are searching for. 

​Lost Sri Lanka Post tracking number​​

Contact your seller if you've lost your tracking number or can't find the confirmation email that shows that they have sent your package.

Even if they've already sent you the information, they will likely be willing to send it again. It's easier than updating you manually whenever your tracking changes.

Losing a tracking number is easily fixed, especially since the seller will likely have records of all their transactions with you.

Do not contact the post office or courier; talk to your seller and find out what information they can give you first.

However, you can't track a Sri Lanka Post shipment without a tracking number. You can contact Sri Lanka post with your personal information and ask them to find a package.

The postal service tracks packages solely based on the number, so they won't have any way to help you. 

​How to track a Sri Lanka package without a tracking number​

If your seller doesn't give you a tracking number and doesn't seem to have one, you might not have a way to keep tabs on a Sri Lanka Post tracking shipment.

However, if your sellers offer an alternative tracking method, that might work.

In some cases, sellers choose to insert tracking numbers into their own tracking system and send customers a link to track the package instead of the number.

It means that you cannot track the package on a website of your choice, but you can still find its location. 

Solving Sri Lanka Post tracking issues​​

Of course, even the best postal services can have issues, and Sri Lanka Post is no exception.

Although the in-country postal service is pretty reliable and quick, international deliveries can be delayed and have tracking issues.

Sending international packages can add a layer of potential problems as well.

Even the smoothest trip can take a while, with thousands of miles to cover, multiple borders to cross, and the complications of international customs.

If you have tracking issues with your Sri Lanka Post package, try these troubleshooting problems below.

Before you confirm your package, find out if insurance is possible for the occasional delay or package cancellation. 

​Why you can't track your Sri Lanka Post package​

Once you've put the tracking number into the website, you should easily track your postal package. However, it sometimes takes a few tries or develops issues as you try to follow it.

If you can't track your Sri Lanka Post package, it might be because you don't have the correct tracking number.

Try again, double-check every number, and contact your seller for confirmation. If that doesn't work, talk to Sri Lanka Post and find out if they've replaced the tracking number for some reason. 

​Why your Sri Lanka Post package is not updating or moving​

If the tracking on your Sri Lanka Post package is working, but the box hasn't been updated or moved in a while, there could be several reasons for this. It doesn't necessarily mean that the package is delayed or lost.

The most common reason a package doesn't update for a while is a more extensive delivery or customs delay. If a traffic backup happens, it will be difficult for any packages to get delivered.

Another possible explanation is that a package can be in a truck for a long time without being scanned. 

Sri Lanka Post tracking status explained​​

Like any postal service, Sri Lanka Post has various labels attached to a package while it gets transported. These labels help the customer know the item's status and where it is.

The first tracking status tags are often "shipped" and "in transit." If all goes well with a delivery, the next might be "out for delivery" or "delivered." However, other tags must be used sometimes and need an explanation. 

​In transit​

If your package is 'in transit", that simply means that it is on the move. Usually, a package will stay in transit until it arrives in your hometown. After this, the tag will change to "out for delivery" or something similar.

An "in transit" tag doesn't necessarily mean anything wrong. The updates are usually not to the tag, but to the location of the item, with scans at each new post office location.

However, there are times when it seems like a package has been in transit for too long. 

​​Why your Sri Lanka Post package is still in transit

If it's been several days and you haven't gotten updates on your Sri Lanka Post package, but it still has an "in transit" status, you might be wondering what is going on.

The odds are that the box is on a long leg of the journey and hasn't gotten scanned in a while.

Of course, there is always the possibility of human error. Sometimes, postal workers forget to scan a package. Even though it's still traveling toward your destination, the location online might not have been appropriately updated. 

​​How long a Sri Lanka Post package can stay in transit

A Sri Lanka Post package will stay in transit as long as necessary. For in-country packages, this might be a day to a few days.

However, international deliveries will likely take longer and can be in transit for up to a few weeks.

"In transit" is not a tag or label to worry about on your package unless it's been several days without another update. The in-transit label will go away soon enough, and the status will change to "out for delivery." 


Although "in transit" is a normal thing to find on a tracking package, "pending" means that something has stopped the box from mobbing, and it's awaiting approval of some kind.

It could be customs, signature approval, or something else entirely.

If your package tracker changes the status to pending, it means that there will be a delay in getting your product.

However, this usually clears up within a day or two, or they will let you know about the changes to your expected delivery date. 

​​Why your Sri Lanka Post package may be pending

Pending means a delay of some kind. Most commonly, this is because there is a general delay in sending the package, and your package gets held back by a few means of transport.

However, it could also be for business reasons or because the package got stuck at customs.

If your package is pending, you can contact Sri Lanka Post to find out if they have any more information for you.

The will most likely be no further information, so you'll just have to settle with being patient and wait for the status to change. 

Sri Lanka Post delivery times​​

Once the package has gone through most of the route to your home, the status will change to "out for delivery."

This change means that the box is at your local post office and will get delivered on the next business day.

However, it's crucial to know when your package will come, especially if you bought something that needs a signature. You don't want to miss the package you've waited so long to get. 

​Sri Lanka Post delivery times: What time will your package arrive​

Because Sri Lanka Post is a state-run postal service, the workers will work the same hours as other people in public services do.

These hours are generally regular working hours, so you can prepare for your package to be delivered between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm.

Although these hours are standard, the delivery times could vary slightly from area to area or country to country.

The rules are different if it's an international delivery because Sri Lanka Post will use a global partner to deliver the mail. 

​​How late is Sri Lanka Post delivers​

Sri Lanka Post attempts to honor their delivery driver's schedules and your privacy. Because of this, the company won't deliver too late in the evening.

However, there are certain times of the year, such as near the Christmas holiday rush, when delivery times get extended.

You can generally expect Sri Lanka Post to deliver by 5 pm or 6 pm. Over weekends, you might get the delivery at 7 pm or 8 pm if you ordered it through priority mail.

The deliveries will primarily stop when the working day is over. 

​​International Sri Lanka Post delivery times​

The delivery times might differ a little if you live outside of Sri Lanka. This is because Sri Lanka Post partners with international post offices to make local deliveries outside the country.

Once the package is outside of Sri Lanka, the postal service transfers it to the next country's postal service.

You should expect your Sri Lanka Post package to get delivered with your regular mail unless you live in a country with a different postal service system. 

​Lost and missed Sri Lanka Post deliveries​​

Not every package always makes it to its final destination. It might have gotten lost in the mail if you've been waiting for a while and still don't have your package.

Alternatively, you might have been at work when the package was delivered.

Either way, there are troubleshooting steps to take if you can't find your package and don't know how to get a replacement or a refund.

Here is what you must do for lost or missed Sri Lanka Post packages. 

​What happens if you miss a Sri Lanka Post delivery​

If you are out of the house or at work when Sri Lanka Post attempts delivery, you might get a note in your mailbox informing you that the mail person tried to deliver the package.

This note will tell you to take the following steps.

In most cases, a courier driver will attempt to deliver the next day again. If that doesn't work, the package will be delivered to a nearby warehouse and held until you can come and pick it up.

You should get a note in your mailbox or email notification when this happens. 

​How long Sri Lanka Post will hold a package​

Once you get a notification from Sri Lanka Post to say they have the package, you should pick it up as soon as possible.

Sri Lanka Post will generally keep a package for up to two weeks, but the timeline might vary if you are an international customer.

However, if you cannot pick up the package sooner than that timeline, you can always contact the warehouse and ask them to hold it for longer.

Give them the pickup date, and most warehouses will likely accommodate you. 

​​What to do if you haven't received your Sri Lanka Post package​

Contact the local postal service if your package shows up as "delivered," but you still haven't gotten it.

There's a chance it was delivered to the wrong address, or someone else picked it up by mistake. In this case, someone may have returned it to the post office.

However, a missing package could have been stolen by package thieves or lost in the mailing process.

If this is the case and you have insurance on the contents, you might get a refund or a replacement from the seller. Contact the police to file a report. 

Sri Lanka Post tracking FAQs​​

Here are some frequently asked questions about Sri Lanka Post package tracking.

​Is Sri Lanka Post delivery fast?​

Sri Lanka Post is relatively fast and reliable, especially when you order from inside Sri Lanka. Outside of the country, more variables could slow down the delivery time, including customs clearance and distance. 

​​Can I track a Sri Lanka Post package by address?​

Sri Lanka Post does not offer address-based package tracking. The reason for this is to protect its customers' safety and streamline the package tracking and delivery process. However, you can ask your seller for a tracking number. 

​How do I know if my Sri Lanka Post package is stuck in customs?

If your Sri Lanka Post package is in customs, it will likely have a "pending" tag attached to it. After a few days, you will get a notification that customs has delayed it and when to expect updated delivery. 

Final Thoughts on Sri Lanka Post Tracking

Although using the Sri Lanka Post website is an excellent way to track your package, it doesn't always work outside of Sri Lanka.

Finding a trustworthy courier tracker to track your package's location and give updated tracking information is essential.

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