Nacex package tracker

Nacex is a leading courier company throughout Spain, Portugal, Andorra, and Benelux. 

About Nacex

Nacex was founded in 1995 in Spain and is part of the Logista Group, a leading distributor of services and products to local businesses in Southern Europe. 

Nacex has grown into one of the largest freight and logistics companies with a fleet of over 1,500 vehicles and over 300 franchises. 

Nacex offers express courier services and various value-added services available for customers outside of freight and transportation services. 

Nacex commits to maintaining the highest level of customer service and satisfaction possible, and Nacex backs up its customer service and satisfaction with fully guaranteed delivery.

Nacex package tracking

We know it's important to have a way to make sure your packages — whether being sent or got — are on the correct path. 

A tracking number is critical to monitor your package's progress.

How to find your Nacex package tracking number

Once you choose Nacex to be the courier for your package, you will pay for the service and obtain a tracking number on your receipt.

A tracking number is a delivery tool since you will always want to know where your package is and when the expected delivery date will be. 

Whether you send or get a package, you will get a tracking number with Nacex. The tracking number will give you full access to your individualized package information with Nacex. 

Make sure you keep your tracking number safe until your package is delivered, and you can dispose of the personalized number.

How to track your Nacex package location

Nacex tracking is easy and convenient. Once you get your tracking number, you can access the official Nacex website and use the online tracking tool

Enter your tracking number to get your package's information. 

You can also contact Nacex's customer service department by email, phone, or Twitter and give your tracking number for your package's most up-to-date information. 

Lost Nacex tracking number

If you lose your tracking number, how are you supposed to keep track of your package?

How to track a Nacex package without a tracking number 

If you lose the Nacex tracking number for your package, you can try to use the reference number associated with your order to track your package.

If you cannot find your tracking or reference number, call or email Nacex and ask for your package's tracking number or status. 

Solving Nacex package tracking issues

It’s not often that issues arise during the transportation of your Nacex package, but occasionally mistakes and errors occur.  

Why you can't track your Nacex package

There may be several reasons you cannot track your Nacex package.

Scanning mistake

Nacex sends more than 100,000 packages an hour. Due to the large number of packages being handled, sometimes scanning a package barcode can be missed. 

Occasionally, a barcode is scanned correctly, but the system malfunctions, and your package barcode is not appropriately updated.

When the barcode is missed or not updated correctly, your package information will not be updated in the Nacex tracking system.

Typing error

Verify the number you typed into the Nacex website was entered correctly and without error.

The wrong address

If your package is addressed to the wrong person or the address is not valid, Nacex will be unable to complete delivery. 

The tracking information is no longer available for you to find, and your package will be returned to the sender.

Internal Nacex errors

Nacex occasionally experiences technical difficulties, and they do not show the most up-to-date information. They recommend you wait a few minutes and try again when this happens.

Sometimes it is helpful to refresh your browser. 

Once your package information is updated internally, you will get the most up-to-date information.

Damaged Packages

Nacex takes exceptional care of its customer's packages and fully guarantees delivery. However, a package can sometimes become damaged in transit for various reasons. 

If damage to your package occurs, you may be unable to track your package while Nacex pulls your package out of transit for repair. 

Typically, they will replace the packaging and the barcode and send your package back into the transportation line. 

Once your package is ready, the new barcode will be scanned, and you will find your tracking information.

Lost package 

Although very rare due to their fully delivered guarantee, the tracking information will become unavailable if your package gets lost in transit. 

If you notice your package has not been updated in several days to weeks, you should contact Nacex customer support directly for help retrieving your lost package.

Package is not registered yet

It takes a little time for your package tracking information to be uploaded into Nacex's internal system. 

Once your package is registered, you will find updated tracking information for your package.

Why your Nacex package is not updating or moving

When you’re waiting for a package to be delivered and the tracking information has not been updated in a while, it can be frustrating! 

Once your package gets correctly scanned into the system, it can take a few hours to get an updated status to reflect the details of your package origination accurately. 

There are lots of reasons why package information may not be updated correctly. Most of the time, the answer is simple – the delivery or entering of your package information is not updated. 

Rest assured that most of the time, your package will eventually be updated, and you will continue tracking your package to its destination. 

When a package is not updated or moving, your package might become stuck in customs. This can happen if the contents are prohibited or the paperwork is incorrect.

Other reasons that a package can appear as not being updated or moving is because of human or technical errors. The package can appear stuck if a barcode is missed during handling or the system malfunctions during a barcode scan.

If your package is damaged during transit, it may appear to stay at one location. The package needs to be re-packaged to be safe, and with new packaging and an updated sending label, it will be ready to go. 

Once your package is ready for the next move, it is scanned in for the next and the information will be updated. You will start to find your package on its way.

Nacex package tracking status explained

There are different statuses to highlight each step of the delivery process.

In transit

In Transit means that your Nacex package is still in the process of being delivered. 

Why your Nacex package is still in transit

When the package you are waiting for through Nacex shows that it is in transit, it means it is on its way to the next location in the delivery process. 

It may also mean your package is got and processed at a holding site, also known as a waypoint.

Sometimes your tracking status may show as in transit, but your package was at the holding area, which could be a local post office. When a package arrives at the post office, your package waits to be scanned into the system. 

Once your package is checked, the status updates to a got package, and your package becomes ready for pick up. The package also may show in transit when it has arrived at a USPS facility and is awaiting pick up or final delivery.

Once your package leaves the post office or USPS facility, it will continue to show as being in transit since it has not been delivered and is in the carrier's possession, waiting for delivery.

In addition to arriving at a holding location, your package could also be departing a holding location which means it could be: 

  • Handed to a carrier for delivery
  • Left from the post office
  • Left from an inward office of exchange
  • Forwarded to another inward office of exchange

The transit status may show on your package tracking information if your package has arrived at customs. 

When your package arrives at customs, it must undergo thorough screening. The tracking status will show as in transit whether your package has arrived, departed, or is currently being held by customs.

If an unsuccessful package attempt, your package status will show as in transit. There are many reasons why a delivery attempt may fail, but usually, the carrier cannot reach your location. 

Packages usually require signatures for delivery, so if a delivery attempt was made, but no one was available to sign, your package will show as in transit.

How long a Nacex package can stay in transit

Depending on where your package is going, it may stay in transit for over a month. If the time of your package showing in transit becomes too long, you can direct your inquiries to Nacex customer service for help.


There are several reasons why a Nacex package can show as a pending status. 

Why your Nacex package may be pending

When a Nacex package shows a pending status, the delivery timeframes are changed based on some delay. Nacex could not resolve the delivery delay, causing a pending status.

Several things can cause packages to experience delayed delivery, resulting in a pending status of your Nacex package. Situations that Nace is unable to control, like the ones listed below, all can play a factor in a delayed delivery causing a pending status:

  • Bad weather conditions
  • Staff shortages 
  • Facility catastrophes like fires
  • Delivery vehicles break downs 
  • Increases in delivery volumes – expected or unexpected

When a package becomes stuck in customs, the status of your package may also appear as pending. 

There are several reasons why packages may become stuck in customs. For example, if a package contains items prohibited from entering that country, it will be delayed and can show as a pending status until resolved.

When an item is going to be inspected at customs, there is required paperwork that must be completed in full and accurately for your package to be released from customs. If the paperwork is incorrect or incomplete, it can cause a hold-up in the customs department. 

Until the paperwork issues get resolved, the item will not leave customs and will continue to show as a pending status on the Nacex website.

Lastly, there may be additional unexpected taxes owed on your package. Once the outstanding amount of taxes is paid, the item is cleared to leave customs and will be updated to in transit.

Nacex delivery times

Nacex delivery times are generally a quick turnaround.

Nacex delivery times: what time will your package arrive?

Delivery times will also vary depending on your package and the selected delivery time frame. 

The exact delivery time of your package can be found on the Nacex official website under your package's specific tracking information. However, sending from Nacex to the United States usually takes approximately one week to several weeks, depending on customs.

Nacex also offers several specialized mail services you can select from. These services can deliver your mail the next day by specific delivery time frames such as 8.30 am, 10 am, and 12 pm. 

There are also next-day and Saturday delivery options which can be more expensive due to their expedited nature.

Receiving surface mail can take up to two to five business days when delivered in the same country. Outside of the same country, it can take one to several weeks. 

Nacex also offers special delivery by sea options, usually handled within 24 to 48 hours.

How late Nacex delivers

Nacex is usually open from 7 am until 7 pm., with delivery occurring by 7 pm.

International Nacex delivery times

International Nacex delivery times are based upon the specific country's carriers.

Lost and missed Nacex deliveries

Once in a while, a package may get lost during transit, or a recipient may miss a delivery.

What happens if you miss a Nacex delivery

Sometimes delivery is attempted when you are not home. If you are not home to accept, your package may still show as delivered, but it was left with a neighbor or taken to a local post office and is now pending pick-up.

How long will Nacex hold a package?

Nacex will hold a package for up to a maximum of 15 days if there is a reason you are unable to pick up your package right away. You will have plenty of time to collect your package from the Nacex holding center. 

If your package is not picked up within 15 days, your package will be returned to the sender, and the staying order costs must be paid.

What to do if you haven't got your Nacex package

If you are awaiting a package sent through Nacex, you should contact Nacex directly to obtain the necessary and correct help for your situation. There are several ways that you can contact Nacex.

They have communication methods available by phone, email, Twitter, or making an in-person visit to your nearest Nacex location.

If Nacex discovers that the package you are waiting for is lost, damaged, or stolen, they will give you the options necessary to resolve the situation and get your package back on track.

Nacex FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Nacex.

Is Nacex delivery fast?

Nacex delivery timeframes depend on the delivery method selected when sending your package. There are several delivery time frames to choose from; premium delivery, express delivery, next-day delivery, Saturday delivery, and by sea delivery.

Can I track a Nacex package by address?

No, you are unable to track a Nacex package by the address. The only option to search online is using your tracking number or reference number for the specified package. You can also call, email, or visit a Nacex location.

When you speak with a Nacex customer service representative, you can give them your address information. They should find the information regarding your package to advise you on its current status and location.

How do I know if my Nacex package is stuck in customs?

Imagine your essential Nacex package gets stuck in customs; there are a few things that may indicate this frustrating situation. 

Your package tracking information may not appear updated and show as pending or in transit, and your package's location will also be in customs with the above-updated status.

However, if your package gets stuck in customs and cannot be released, you will usually get a letter from the customs department stating that your package has been detained. 

You want to keep a close eye on your mail when sending a package internationally so you can find out about this specific letter if your package becomes detained.

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