Lion Parcel package tracker

No matter where your package originates from, you deserve to know where your goods are at all times. Knowing the location of your packages gives you peace of mind and says a lot about the shipping service you’re using.

About Lion Parcel

Lion Parcel services are based in Indonesia and ship internationally at affordable prices. 

Founded in 2013, the company is fairly young compared to other shipping companies but has earned a good reputation with its customers.

The Lion Parcel package tracking company is a part of the multinational Lion Group, which owns an international airline in Indonesia. 

This feature gives the shipping service access to hundreds of service offices and distribution centers. They also have access to a private transportation network composed of airplanes, trucks, and motorcycles.

Lion Parcel’s shipping services are available to both commercial and independent customers. 

Their connections with Indonesian retailers also indicate their drive to establish strong connections with local customers. You can see this displayed in their quality customer service as well.

Lion Parcel Package tracking

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, “how can I track my lion parcel package?”, the information below will be useful. 

If you aren’t familiar with this courier service, the following sections give a comprehensive overview of how to track Lion Parcel shipments.

How to find your Lion Parcel package tracking number

Lion Parcel is excellent at sending customers their tracking numbers by email and text. Once the company processes your payment, you should receive a notification with your unique tracking number.

If you can’t find emails from the company, it may be worth checking your email’s junk or spam folders.

Alternatively, you can use the Lion Parcel App to find your tracking number. To do this, you must log in to your account with Lion Parcel to find your tracking number.

Lion Parcel tracking numbers usually consist of 10 to 20 numbers and may contain dashes. For example, it could look like 1120648891524 or 11-20-6488514.

How to track your Lion Parcel package location

You can use the Lion Parcel App to track your packages when in transit. However, you can also use a universal tracking tool, like Circuit Package Tracker

Certain methods will give you detailed updates on your package, but Lion Parcel’s app can show you exactly where its delivery trucks are. 

It’s important to note that the company doesn’t specify whether this works for national and international shipments.

Lost Lion Parcel tracking number

Let’s say that you never received a tracking number from Lion Parcel. Or maybe you can’t find it. How do you track your package? Is there a way you can retrieve your tracking number without your receipt?

How to track a Lion Parcel package without a tracking number

Most tracking tools won’t let you track your package without a unique tracking number. However, several alternatives can get you back on track.

To start, you can contact Lion Parcel’s customer service. Your information should be attached to the package in their records, so they can find the package by confirming your name and information. 

They can give you your tracking number, and you can track it that way. Or, they can let you know where your package is currently located.

If you believe your package should have arrived when you realize you’ve lost your tracking number, you can contact the recipient. 

This method is the easiest way to check that your package has reached its destination, even without a tracking number. Some services can also update the recipient on tracking as well.

Solving Lion Parcel Package tracking issues

When you don’t see updates on your package’s tracking, you may feel like the worst has happened. And while lost or stolen packages can happen, there are other explanations for a missing or stationary package.

Here’s some more information on Lion Parcel’s shipment tracking.

Why you can’t track your Lion Parcel package

There are several reasons why your tracking information isn’t showing up. First, double-check that you’re typing in your tracking number correctly. This error is the most common reason why you can’t track your package.

If you typed in your tracking number correctly and nothing is showing up, your shipment may be delayed. 

Either it’s at a shipment facility, or it could be held up at customs. These instances can cause an error in your tracking updates and prevent new updates from appearing.

Another reason your Lion Parcel tracking shipment might not show up is the label got damaged in transit. 

While a damaged tracking number won’t get too much in the way of the package getting delivered, you won’t get updates on it. If the entire label gets damaged, the item may get stuck at a shipping facility.

Why your Lion Parcel package is not updating or moving

Many of the same reasons why you can’t track your package are why your Lion Parcel package isn’t updating. 

If your shipment gets delayed, it can get scanned into the system but remain in the facility until it’s ready to leave. Sometimes this is due to inclement weather, and other times this is because of an issue with the package.

If the package has a damaged label, this can delay shipment until the facility can determine how to ship it out. When the label is entirely damaged, shipping facilities will hold onto it until the sender starts a claim. Then they can properly return it to reach a safe destination.

Additionally, if there is an issue with the goods inside the package, the shipping facility will hold onto it. It’s possible that your items don’t meet certain restrictions or not all goods are accounted for.

Customs is notorious for holding onto a package for an extended period if they find an issue with it.

More often than not, the driver handling the package might not scan the item before moving it to its next destination. This error can cause a delay in your updates until the package reaches another place where it can get scanned.

Lion Parcel package tracking status explained

Here are the most common tracking statuses on your package’s tracking page. If you see a status on your tracking information that isn’t listed below, you can contact customer service to inquire about it.

In transit

This label means your package is on its way to its next destination. And while it means that the package is moving, sometimes it isn’t making progress to its next destination.

This status isn’t to be confused with “out for delivery,” which usually means the package is on the last leg of its journey to the recipient’s door.

Why your Lion Parcel package is still in transit

There are many reasons why your Lion Parcel package is still marked “in transit.” Many of which we have already covered previously.

 Essentially, if your package runs into issues at a shipping facility before reaching its destination, it will be left labeled as “in transit.”

An incorrect or incomplete address is the most common reason for holding back shipments. If Lion Parcel doesn’t have all of the necessary information to properly deliver your package, they will hold it. 

If you realize there were some incorrect or incomplete details, let them know as soon as possible.

Another common reason your package may get delayed in transit is not meeting customs requirements. This situation is especially true if your package is being shipped internationally and needs to meet foreign requirements. 

If your package doesn’t have the proper customs documents, it can get stuck in transit.

Your package could also get held up due to unforeseen weather or traffic conditions. Some common weather conditions that halt your shipment include:

  • Hail 
  • Snow
  • Thunderstorms
  • Severe heat

 You can also expect delays if you order or ship out your package during the holiday season.

Lastly, your package may get delayed in transit if deemed undeliverable, meaning it’s damaged or contains restricted items.

Shipment companies will scan shipments at different locations before arrival and can check packages for forbidden items if they suspect something dangerous.

Comparatively, if your package is damaged, employees can easily determine whether there are forbidden items in the parcel. No matter if your package is safe or not, employees will have to properly secure the package before continuing its shipment.

How long a Lion Parcel package can stay in transit

Depending on where your package is being sent to, transit times vary. Local shipments in Indonesia can take up to five business days. International shipments within Asia can take up to one week. Outside of Asia, delivery times can take up to 12 days.

If your package takes longer than these times to reach its destination, contact Lion Parcel’s customer service for assistance.


While “in transit” is a familiar sight to frequent shippers, “pending” is a less welcome phrase. 

You may think something is wrong with your shipment when you see the word “pending” on your tracking dashboard. However, there are other ways to explain a “pending” package that isn’t as worrisome.

Why your Lion Parcel package may be pending

Typically a package will show up as “pending” when it is waiting for its next label scan. While most packages get scanned within one or two days, holidays and peak seasons can slow things down considerably. 

Your package could have arrived at a sorting facility, but it hasn’t been scanned into their system yet.

Other things that can push back your delivery day. For example, bad weather, tech issues, and even power outages can get in the way of your shipment arriving on time. When these things happen, your tracking will reflect your package’s status as “pending delivery.”

Lion Parcel delivery times

You can easily find out how long a package will take from the store to your doorstep. But what time will that package arrive at your home? Do you need to worry about your package arriving in night?

Lion Parcel delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

If you track your package online, you will most likely receive an estimate about the date and time your package will arrive. These estimates can change, especially if the end location is in another country.

However, these estimates get more accurate closer to your delivery day. 

You can expect your package to arrive between 8 am and 6 pm. It will never arrive after or before standard working hours.

How late Lion Parcel delivers

Lion Parcel doesn’t deliver past 6 pm. This time would be the latest that your package can arrive.

International Lion Parcel delivery times

No matter what time zone Lion Parcel is delivering to, they will keep the same delivery schedule of 8 am to 6 pm. 

If you’re delivering an item to another country, you can use an online timezone converter to determine what time it will be in your home country when the package arrives.

Lost and missed Lion Parcel deliveries

What happens if your package isn’t just waiting for its turn to get scanned? What if you missed your package’s delivery to your address? Most importantly, what do you do when your package gets lost?

What happens if you miss a Lion Parcel delivery

Typically, courier services will notify you when they attempt delivery. Whether that be through text message, email, or a door tag, they will tell you that they tried to deliver your package and failed. 

They will attempt to redeliver your package before holding onto it at one of their facilities for you to pick up.

If you aren’t sure whether you missed a delivery, you can always contact customer service to check if a delivery attempt is on their records.

How long will Lion Parcel hold a package?

Lion Parcel should hold onto a package for a week. Courier services will only hold onto an item after a few failed delivery attempts. 

While they can hold onto a package for the recipient, courier services aren’t storage facilities. If the recipient doesn’t pick up their package before that time frame is over, Lion Parcel will return the item to the sender.

What to do if you haven’t received your Lion Parcel package

If your package hasn’t arrived by its estimated date or has been in limbo for a long time, you should call customer service. 

You can start a claim to either receive it from the facility it’s being held at or get compensated for the missing items.

Lion Parcel frequently asked questions 

Are you still wondering about Lion Parcel’s package tracking and general services? Below are some frequently asked questions about the company and its services.

Is Lion Parcel delivery fast?

Lion Parcel’s delivery times are one of their best attributes. Within Indonesia, Lion Parcel delivers in roughly five days. Their nationwide express services can be as fast as 24 to 72 hours.

If Lion Parcel is shipping internationally, their delivery times will vary depending on where the package is going, what service the customer wants, and whether the item needs to get cleared by custom. 

For locations in Asia, the regular shipping time is one week. Express services to Asia can take three to five days to arrive.

Outside of Asia, Lion Parcel typically delivers their packages in 7 to 12 days.

Can I track Lion Parcel packages by address?

There isn’t a way to track a Lion Parcel package by an address. If you know other information related to the package (such as the corresponding phone number or name), you can give it to customer service to find it.

If you lost your tracking number, you should contact Lion Parcel’s customer service to recover it or receive updates on the package’s status.

How do I know if my Lion Parcel package is stuck in customs?

If customs is holding your package for reasons related to their department, you should receive a notice. If your package is being held for extra fees or documentation, you should receive a letter saying as much.

In your notice, customs will tell you why they seized your package and what steps you can take to retrieve it. 

You can potentially work with Lion Parcel’s representatives to settle the dispute, but you may not have to.

If you choose not to pay extra fees for customs, they will return the item to the sender. If customs ask you for additional paperwork, getting your package in a place where it is ready to continue shipment may take longer. 

If you don’t respond to customs’ requests to approve the package, it will either be returned to sender, held indefinitely, or disposed of safely. Remember that custom fees vary by country.

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