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Jiacheng International Logistics (JCEX) is a Chinese delivery company. They focus on cross-border eCommerce operations with over 50 branches in 200 countries.

Once your package gets handed off from the merchant to JCEX, it's essential to know what to expect, how long you'll have to wait, and what to do if something goes wrong. Read on to learn how that with your JCEX tracking number.

About JCEX tracking

JCEX tracking is easy. Enter your tracking number on the website, or use Circuit Package Tracker to find the status of your order.

How to find your JCEX tracking number

The seller will send you a tracking number when they confirm your item is with JCEX. Your sending receipt will have your JCEX tracking number on it. You can also find this number on other documents like:

  • The mailing receipt
  • Redelivery forms
  • Online e-label records

For example, if you bought insurance for your package online, you can expect the sales receipt or your insurance receipt to have the JCEX order tracking number on it. 

How to track your JCEX package location

You can track your order status by entering your JCEX tracking number in their website's search bar or Circuit Package Tracker. This will tell you where your package is, its status, and when it will likely arrive.

Lost JCEX tracking number

If you lost your JCEX tracking number and can't find it on your documents, you can contact JCEX customer services from Monday to Saturday for help.

How to track a JCEX package without a tracking number

You cannot use JCEX tracking without your tracking number. Check your email inbox and junk folder for your order confirmation from the seller, or contact the seller for help.

You can also contact JCEX customer services from Monday to Saturday for help.

Solving JCEX tracking issues

No tracking system is perfect; sometimes, you will find issues and delays. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about JCEX tracking.

Why you can't track your JCEX package

If you cannot track your JCEX order, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • You mistyped the tracking number.
  • JCEX has handed your package to another courier or point and needs to update the system.
  • The JCEX tracking system may have technical difficulties.

If you’re sure your JCEX tracking number is correct, try using it again in 24 to 48 hours.

You can also contact JCEX customer services from Monday to Saturday for help.

Why your JCEX package is not updating or moving

Your package will sometimes not show movement, even though it is in transit. There can be a few reasons for this:

  • Your package may be stuck in customs: Most JCEX packages are sent from China, and customs may hold onto your package until they clear it, resulting in delayed transit and transit times and no status updates. 
  • It's awaiting transport: JCEX may be awaiting space on the next truck, plane, or boat to transport your package to you, and thus, you may need to check back later for updated tracking information.
  • It may be "pending" in status (more on this below).

You can contact JCEX customer services from Monday to Saturday for help.

JCEX tracking status explained

Your JCEX tracking will have different status changes throughout its journey. Those statuses will tell you where your package started, what is happening with it, and where it is on its journey to your intended recipient. 

Some of the statuses that you may note when you set out to track JCEX order details include:

In transit

"In transit" means your JCEX package is on its way to the next destination, and delivery is proceeding normally. Any available updates to your package s status will show when available. 

If you note this "in transit" status, there's no cause for concern. Additionally, it's important to note that customer service won't have additional information to offer you if you contact them when such a status appears.

Why your JCEX package is still in transit

If your JCEX package is taking longer than expected to be delivered, there can be a few reasons for the delay:

  • Technical difficulties with the JCEX tracking system: It's best to give the logistic company's technical team a day or two to address the software issues before reattempting to find your package tracking information again.
  • Customs holdups: Anytime packages cross international borders, such as from China, where most JCEX packages ship from, to the US, there can be customs delays, resulting in unreliable status updates until cleared by government officials.
  • International travel delays: Packages sent domestically using JCEX generally take three days to arrive, whereas international shipments can take as long as three weeks, thus resulting in a prolonged "in transit" status. 

If your package has been in "transit" for several weeks with no update, it's best to contact customer care. They can track down when delivery or warehouse personnel last scanned your package and determine where it currently is.

How long a JCEX package can stay in transit

Generally, JCEX shipments don't experience delays in transit, but they occasionally happen. JCEX packages can stay in transit for a maximum of three weeks. 

Customer care agents can help if your package has been in transit for over three weeks. While JCEX makes every effort to resolve these issues as soon as possible, delays can happen for various reasons, possibly contributing to extended delivery times.


This status means that the JCEX system is waiting for information about your package before it can continue tracking it, which may happen if the barcode sustained damage and personnel couldn't scan it or another entity transferred your package to JCEX. 

In these cases, the JCEX system may need more information before updating your package's status.

Please note that a "pending" status differs from "in transit." A package "pending" has not yet started its journey or is waiting at a destination. On the other hand, a delivery "in transit" is on its way to the next destination.

Why your JCEX tracking may be pending

As previously mentioned, your package can become "pending" due to many circumstances, including:

  • The barcode was damaged or unreadable when scanned, which can happen if your package is old or the label has been removed, so contact customer service to investigate and update tracking details on your end. 
  • Your package was sent with another courier and then transferred to JCEX, which often happens if your package was initially sent domestically and then transferred to JCEX for international sending  Synching these two systems will lead to tracking updates.
  • External factors like weather delays or local holidays. If your package has been "pending" for more than three days, contact customer care for reasons for the delay and update its tracking information.

JCEX delivery times

As with any courier, various factors can affect JCEX delivery times beyond the logistic company's control, but they try to resolve these issues quickly. When package delivery delays occur, they can possibly contribute to extended delivery times. 

JCEX delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

JCEX will arrive with your packages on Monday to Friday, between 8 am to 6 pm, and on Saturday if you choose their Saturday Delivery option.

JCEX offers Standard Overnight Next Business Day delivery by 3 pm to most addresses, 4.30 pm in rural areas, and 8 pm to residences from Monday to Friday.

JCEX Next Day Air or Priority Overnight Next Business Day delivery happens by 10.30 am to most addresses or by noon, 4.30 pm, or 5 pm in remote areas.

How late JCEX delivers

For the JCEX special delivery services above, you can expect delivery from Monday to Friday, between 8 am to 6 pm, and on Saturdays,

JCEX's latest delivery time for regular package delivery is Monday to Friday at 8 pm.

International JCEX delivery times

JCEX offers different service levels and delivery times for international delivery. The transit time is the number of days it will take for your package to reach its destination, not including any potential delays that may occur while your package is in customs. 

Generally, if sent internationally, packages will take no more than three weeks to arrive. Aside from local deliveries, the latest JCEX delivers is by 8 pm 

Lost and missed JCEX deliveries

No matter your chosen service, lost or missing packages are always possible. If your tracking information shows that your package has been delivered but you cannot find it, check with your neighbors to find out if they accepted the delivery for you. 

If this didn't happen, contact JCEX customer support.

What happens if you miss a JCEX delivery

If you are not available to accept your JCEX delivery, the courier will make another attempt to deliver your package.

If you’re not available for the second attempt, JCEX will leave a notice at your door with further instructions about receiving your order  

The message will have information on how to reschedule your delivery or where you can pick up your package. Contact your customer service team for help if you have questions or concerns

How long will JCEX hold a package?

If JCEX attempts to deliver your package unsuccessfully, they will hold it for up to two weeks before returning it to the sender.

What to do if you haven't got your JCEX package

Lost, stolen, or missing packages are frustrating, but sometimes these things happen. If your tracking information shows that your package has been delivered, but you can't find it, you must check your tracking number online.

A "pending" status may indicate that your package is in a warehouse along its route. It may also mean that customs is still inspecting your package.

If you believe your JCEX package is lost or stolen, contact JCEX customer services so they can help trace your order  They will need your order number and tracking number to start the process.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about JCEX tracking.

Is JCEX delivery fast?

JCEX transit times vary depending on the destination. For example, international deliveries can take up to three weeks, and local deliveries throughout China take up to three days.

Can I track JCEX packages by address?

Generally, JCEX can only give tracking information if you have your tracking number. However, if you contact your customer service team, they may track your package using the order number or the destination address.

How do I know if my JCEX package is stuck in customs?

You can check with your local customs office to find out why this is and what you must do.

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