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Interlink Express, One of the UK's most successful parcel delivery firms, was rebranded 'DPD Local' in February 2017 as part of a move to create greater brand consistency within their group. The company had grown to over 90 local depots across Great Britain and used award-winning technology with services like same-day dispatch for customers who need it fast.

DPD Local tracking (Interlink Express)

DPD Local offers delivery and logistics services in the UK and worldwide. As a DPD Local customer, you get a guaranteed one-hour delivery window, along with DPD Local tracking (formerly the Interlink Express tracker).

With DPD Local, you can follow your package as it travels from the time that DPD accepts it until delivery. With one-hour notifications by SMS and email with a progress map for each leg of its journey. So you'll know exactly when your package will arrive.

With Interlink Express tracking (DPD Local), you can choose choose to have your delivery made when it is most convienient. Such as rescheduling for another time, or leaving in a safe place when you weon't be there to collect it. Find more information on the DPD Local services below.

DPD Pickup

With DPD Pickup, customers can choose to have their order delivered right away, or if they're not going to be home for the delivery, an "in-flight" option is now available through the text and email notifications by which you simply need to go online with your mobile device. You'll also receive alerts when it's time to return any merchandise in one easy step.

Follow My Parcel

Follow My Parcel is the ultimate solution for small businesses that need to be instantly aware of their customers' needs. It provides unparalleled levels of information and peace of mind, giving you all an edge over your competition.

Follow My Parcel (previously Interlink Express package tracker) will display the location of the driver concerning your delivery address. It will show you when he/she is just 15 minutes away from dropping off the package at one of several designated locations.

Similar to the former Interlink Express package tracker you can also track its progress on a map as it moves through various points along that route, including how close or far away they are right now; this way, there's no need to worry if someone else might get obsessed with following them around.

Predict Service

It's amazing what DPD Local has done with Predict Service; now there is no more guessing about whether or not someone might come to pick up their package while waiting around aimlessly.

DPD Local has a long track record of delivery services in Europe, America, and Australia. They are the UK's largest courier and parcel delivery company and, as their slogan says: they deliver.

Can I track Interlink Express (DPD Local) without a tracking number?

You must have your Interlink Express or DPD Local tracking number to know where your package is.

However, you can upload a photo of your order, its delivery address, and order reference number on the DPD Local website. The Customer Care team will then give you more information as to where your package is.

How late does DPD Local or Interlink Express deliver?

DPD Local is not an express service, and deliveries will usually be made between 8 am and 6 pm. If you need a guaranteed next-day delivery, you must use the DPD Express option, for next-day delivery before 1 pm.

How long does it usually take for Interlink Express international deliveries?

DPD Local (formerly Interlink Express) guarantees that deliveries are made within five working days. However, there may be circumstances which mean this cannot be achieved and therefore they could take longer. They include poor weather and traffic conditions in the destination country.

How long will DPD Local or Interlink Express hold a package?

DPD Local will hold your item (if it is safe to do so) until the next working day and attempt delivery again.

DPD Local can hold a package for up to ten working days, after which time your package will be returned to the sender. However, DPD Local recommends contacting them before this time has passed so they can help.

Interlink Express tracking with Circuit Package Tracker

You can either use the search above to find your Interlink Express (DPD Local) shipments, or the free Circuit Package Tracker app. Here's how:

  1. Download Circuit Package Tracker on your mobile device
  2. Tap the 'Tracking' menu option in the top right corner of your screen
  3. Under 'Pick Up,' select either 'International Pickup' or 'UK Collection.'
  4. Enter your tracking number into the box, then tap on 'Track Now' to go to the next page
  5. You can view your progress by either tapping on 'View Details' or swiping the screen from left to right.

What do I do if I haven't received my package from DPD Local?

If you have not collected your DPD Local package and it is marked in the package tracker as "Delivered", make sure a neighbor hasn't collected it for you.

Contact DPD Local Customer Care If this isn't the case and you still can't find your missing DPD Local package.

What happens if DPD Local or Interlink Express loses my package?

Here's what to do if DPD Local loses your package:

  1. Check with your neighbors in case it has been delivered to them.
  2. Contact DPD Local Customer Care to ask about your make a missing package.
  3. Wait until DPD Local investigate.
  4. You will get a refund from DPD Local after they have finished looking into the issue.

Please note: DPD Local customers cannot open an investigation for missing packages online, unlike DPD customers, who can do this with a DPD tracking number.

What happens if I miss my DPD Local or Interlink Express delivery?

If you are not in when your DPD Local courier tries to deliver your package, they will leave you a card saying they have tried to deliver it and where to collect it from. You can also track the progress of the delivery.

What time will my DPD Local or Interlink Express package arrive?

After the sender tells DPD Local to collect your package and DPD Local accepts it, they will send you notification that your package is on its way. This usually includes an estimated delivery day. The courier will give you an estimted time of arrival as your package nears its destination.

DPD Local will deliver between the times of 8 am and 6 pm. Customers who need a guaranteed next-day delivery should use the DPD Express option, which guarantees next-day before 1 pm.

Where is my DPD Local or Interlink Express package?

You can track DPD Local using your tracking number from your confirmation or dispatch email. in the search above. This will tell you where your package is and its status.

Where is my DPD Local or Interlink Express tracking number?

The sender of your package will send you a confirmation email or SMS when they dispatch it with your tracking number. If you cannot find it, always check with the sender first. If they cannot help, contact DPD Local Customer Care .

Why is my DPD Local or Interlink Express Local package not moving?

Your DPD Local package may not move in the tracker for several reasons. Including if a DPD Local worker needs to scan it into the next facility, if it's held in customs, or if there is poor traffic or weather in the destination country. This isn't usually a cause for concern and your package will likely start moving again within two to three days.

Usually your DPD Local tracking status will indicate any problems.

Contact DPD Local Customer Care at for help if your package is held for longer than the etstimated delivery time.

Why is my DPD Local or Interlink Express package pending?

If your DPD Local package is showing as 'Pending,' this means that it is waiting for DPD Local to make another action, such as scan it into a warehouse facility. This is a usual status and not cause for alarm. You can always contact DPD Local Customer Care for help.

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