GEODIS Tracking

Track your GEODIS delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

As a shopper, you deserve to know the location of your goods at any time.

After all, knowing the whereabouts of your package gives you peace of mind and speaks volumes about the quality of your shipping service.

One company that excels in logistics and transport is French-owned GEODIS Group, founded in 2008, with operations in over 160 countries.

It's no surprise that GEODIS tracking is amongst the best in the field, from air and ocean freight to road transport, ranking seventh for worldwide sending and logistics.

If you're tracking an Amazon package domestically or internationally, you may already know them. Here's a guide to help you track your GEODIS package.

GEODIS tracking guide

As you’d expect, GEODIS tracking is straightforward. Next, we’ll cover how to track your order, the different tracking statuses, and how to find and fix any common issues.

How to find your GEODIS tracking number

The seller will send you a GEODIS tracking number after your order with the merchant by email, text, or both.

GEODIS tracking order numbers usually contain 12 characters, including letters and numbers, such as 1GES3Z3DKFE4.

How to track your GEODIS package location

There are a couple of ways to track a GEODIS package. The easiest is to use Circuit Package Tracker with your tracking number in the search at the top of this page.

You can also use the GEODIS tracking tool.

For either option, copy and paste the tracking code from your email into the search to find where your package is and its status (we’ll discuss what these are later).

Lost GEODIS tracking number

Sometimes the seller fails to send you a tracking number, or you lose it.

In this case, as you’re receiving a package from a seller using GEODIS to ship your order, you’ll need to contact the sender to get your tracking number.

How to track a GEODIS package without a tracking number

First, we’ll be honest and say that tracking a GEODIS package without your tracking number can be tricky. But there are a few things you can try to help.

One option is to check your email or any other correspondence from the seller to find out if they included a tracking number in your order confirmation message.

If you still need help finding it, reach out to the seller to ask them for it and any help in tracking down your package.

Last, try contacting GEODIS customer service with your order or reference number if you have one. Some shipping companies allow customers to track their packages this way.

Solving GEODIS tracking issues

People don’t want to feel like their package is lost or stolen, and checking your tracking status without finding any updates for a few days can be concerning.

While lost or stolen packages are not uncommon, there are many other reasons your GEODIS tracking information isn't updating. Let’s take a look at the most common.

Why can’t you track your GEODIS package?

There are several reasons why your tracking number isn’t drawing up information. Before you worry, double-check that you’re typing your tracking number correctly.

If you still cannot track your package, you may need to wait a while.

Sometimes, the seller will book your delivery for collection as soon as you place an order. But tracking only starts when the GEODIS courier scans the package.

Why is your GEODIS package not updating or moving?

If you find that your GEODIS shipment needs to be updated in Circuit Package Tracker, rough weather and poor traffic can often be the cause of delays.

Remember, GEODIS needs to scan packages to book them in at their facilities. For this reason, delays are common during peak seasons when a high volume of packages passes through.

Another possible reason is if your package or the label gets damaged in transit. The courier service will hold onto it until they determine the best way to continue the order.

In addition, customs will hold onto a package if they suspect suspicious or illegal items in the package at the destination country. However, they will send you a notification in that case.

How to resolve GEODIS tracking issues

If you have any issues with tracking your GEODIS package, here are some steps you can take to resolve them:

  1. Double-check your tracking number: Ensure you enter the correct one. Typos and mistakes are common and can cause tracking issues.
  2. Contact GEODIS customer service: If your package hasn't been moving for a while, or if you suspect an issue with your delivery, contact GEODIS customer service for information on your package's status and help to resolve any issues.
  3. Check for delivery attempts: If you missed a delivery attempt, GEODIS will usually leave a note with instructions on how to reschedule delivery. Make sure to follow these instructions to make sure that your package is delivered on time.
  4. File a claim: If your package is lost, damaged, or stolen, you can file a claim with GEODIS to get compensation or find your package. Make sure to give them as much information as possible, including your tracking number and shipment details.

GEODIS tracking status explained

As with most other courier services, GEODIS has several tracking statuses that will appear on your tracking information.

Some common tracking statuses used by GEODIS include:

  • Pickup: GEODIS has received a package from the sender and is ready to transport it.
  • In Transit: the package is currently being transported to its destination.
  • Out for Delivery: the delivery driver will show up with your package soon.
  • Delivery Attempt: GEODIS attempted to deliver your package, but was unsuccessful due to various reasons, such as the customer being unavailable.
  • Delivered: your package has been successfully delivered.
  • Exception: there is an issue with the package that needs attention, such as customs clearance delays or a delivery address correction.
  • Hold: your package is temporarily on hold due to various reasons, such as incomplete documentation or payment issues.
  • Returned: your package has been returned to the sender due to various reasons, such as incorrect address or refusal by the recipient.

It's worth noting that GEODIS may use additional tracking statuses depending on the specific service or transport they use.

In progress

“In progress” is synonymous with “in transit,” which shows that your package is traveling to its next destination.

Typically this means that your package is moving, but GEODIS will attach a note with additional details whether that’s the case.

Why your GEODIS package is still in transit

Many of the previously mentioned sending issues will cause your package to show up as “in progress.” If your package runs into any issues before reaching its next destination, it may be left marked as such.

Most likely, your package will be left marked “in progress” because of an incorrect or incomplete address. If you think your package is missing details, contact customer service as soon as possible to make sure everything is in order.

If GEODIS doesn’t have the correct information to complete an order, they will hold onto it until you give appropriate information or start a claim.

Your package may also be marked “in progress” if customs has it. This is very likely if you are tracking an international package.

Double-check customs requirements before sending internationally to make sure your package meets domestic and foreign requirements.

Inclement weather and traffic conditions will also delay a package. Thunderstorms, snow, hail, and power outages fall under this category.

If your package sustains damage or contains restricted items, it may be deemed undeliverable and experience a delay in transit. 

And above all else, packages are frequently delayed during holiday and peak order seasons. 

How long a GEODIS package can stay in transit

Depending on your package’s destination, transit times will vary. Since GEODIS has a large global network, delivery times are generally four to six business days.

GEODIS usually delivers in four to six business days.

However, the delivery may take up to six business days to reach remote locations, and transit times can be as fast as one to three business days if you choose their express services.

Delivery pending

A “pending” status usually shows some sort of delay during delivery. However, there are a few reasons why GEODIS may have marked your package as pending.

Why your GEODIS package may be pending

Any previously mentioned reasons can apply to a package marked as pending. One reason that is unique to pending is a package waiting for a scan.

Package scanning and processing take time at a sending facility. Afterward, it will move to the following sending status. Keep in mind that peak seasons and holidays will delay this process.

GEODIS will also mark a package as pending if a driver attempted delivery but no one was present to get your package.

In this case, they will leave a note on the sending status saying as much. Look out for a message from GEODIS if this is the case, either through email or text.

Special delivery status

GEODIS will change your package’s status to appropriate tags if it encounters problems. If you find anything other than the statuses listed above, it will probably display as a detailed note.

For example, you may find “delivery not achievable” with details about why this was the case and whether GEODIS has reached out to the recipient.

Or you might find a status indicating that the recipient has already scheduled a new delivery date and time.

While these special sending statuses are transparent about what is going on with your package, they are brief statements with little detail.

If you have questions about these details, contact GEODIS customer service.

GEODIS delivery times

When it comes to shipping packages, delivery time is a crucial factor to consider.

In this section, we’ll cover GEODIS delivery times, including estimated delivery windows and factors that may affect them.

What time your GEODIS package will arrive

Like most other courier services, your tracking updates with GEODIS will give you an estimate for the date and time a package will arrive. These are prone to changes, especially if you’re sending internationally.

The closer you get to the delivery date, the more accurate this estimate will be. But your package should arrive between 8 am and 6 pm.

However, GEODIS also offers scheduled delivery appointments, where you can request a delivery time that fits your schedule or deliver to a more convenient location.

How late does GEODIS deliver?

With GEODIS, your package won’t arrive later than 6 pm. 

International GEODIS delivery times

GEODIS has a heavy international presence and keeps the same delivery schedule no matter the time zone they are operating in.

Whatever country your package’s delivery destination is, it will arrive between 8 am and 6 pm in that time zone.

Lost and missed GEODIS deliveries

There are several reasons your package isn’t updating or awaiting a scan. But what happens if your package is well and truly missing? What should you do if you miss a GEODIS delivery? Let’s take a look.

What happens if you miss a GEODIS delivery?

GEODIS is very good at communicating with customers if you miss a delivery. You will get an email or text update, a prompt to reschedule, or a collection from a pick-up point.

You may also get a door tag (or notification) with this information and a phone number or link to contact if you would like to schedule a delivery.

How long will GEODIS hold a package?

If you miss a delivery, GEODIS will try and redeliver it several times.

If you do not collect your package, or GEODIS sends it to a pick-up point, they will hold onto it for ten days. After which, they will return your package to the sender.

What to do if you haven’t received your GEODIS package 

If you haven’t received your package within the delivery window or tracking updates stopped at a certain point, contact the seller first, and then try GEODIS customer service.

If your package was lost or damaged, you can file a claim to find your package or get compensation for its value.

GEODIS tracking FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about GEODIS package tracking.

Is GEODIS delivery fast?

Delivery times vary depending on where the seller is shipping your package from and to, but GEODIS usually delivers packages within four to ten business days.

If you’ve chosen express delivery, expect GEODIS to deliver your package domestically or internationally in two to three business days.

Can I track my GEODIS package by address?

Most courier services won’t allow you to track a package without a tracking number, and GEODIS is no different.

The easiest way is to contact the sender and ask for your tracking number.

Alternatively, you can try and ask GEODIS customer service for your tracking number with your name, address, and the sender’s information.

How do I know if my GEODIS package is stuck in customs?

Customs will notify the sender if it is holding onto your package. The sender will get a notice saying which package is being held and what it is being held for.

The sender or customs will contact you with more information in this case.

GEODIS tracking conclusion

In this GEODIS tracking guide, you’ve learned how to find your tracking number, find your package's location, and deal with any issues that may arise.

Plus, you now have a better understanding of GEODIS delivery times and what to do if you miss a delivery or your package is lost or damaged.

By following these guidelines, you can make sure that your package gets to you on time and with minimal fuss.

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