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Track your Flash Express delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you’ve ever considered sending a package within Thailand, chances are you’ve thought about Flash Express. One of the leading delivery services in the region.

Based in Bangkok, Flash Express offers a door-to-door delivery and pickup service for businesses and individuals in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand.

All you need to do is choose the type of service you need, and you’ll get Flash Express tracking to know exactly where it is. It also means you’ll always be available to collect your package.

Below, we’ll define what Flash Express tracking is and cover the difference between status updates. Then we’ll explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

Flash Express tracking

Your Flash Express tracking number usually consists of 13 characters and may appear like the following:

  • GR0223LIGVF7E

However, Flash Express tracking numbers may not have the same format each time.

For example, depending on whether you're in Thailand, the Philippines, or Malaysia, the letters may be different. Also, if the contents of your fit into a category such as fragile or electronics.

How to find your Flash Express tracking number

Flash Express offers different services depending on whether you send or collect a package. So you may find your tracking number in many places. 

If you’re expecting a delivery, you may find your Flash Express reference or tracking number in a confirmation SMS or email from Flash Express after they ship your package.

However, it's usually on the receipt given to the seller or sender.

After you've placed an online order, it can take a few business days for the retailer to process and give your package to Flash Express for delivery.

After Flash Express gives the online retailer your tracking number, you'll get an email from the seller.

How to track your Flash Express package location

Are you wondering: "How do I track my flash express package?" The easiest way is with Circuit Package Tracker.

Copy and paste your tracking code from the seller’s confirmation email into the search above to know where your Flash Express package is and at what status.

Lost Flash Express tracking number 

Tracking numbers are difficult to lose but happens from time to time. Following the steps below, you can easily track your package without a Flash Express tracking number.

How to track a Flash Express package without a tracking number 

You must have a Flash Express tracking number to find your package. Try searching your inbox and spam folders first for the seller’s confirmation email.

Next, contact the seller if you lose your tracking number as the fastest recovery option.

Finally, contact Flash Express support if the seller cannot help. It would help if you gave them the name on the account and the destination address.

Why can't you track your Flash Express package?

If you can't track your Flash Express package, it's usually because the delivery driver has not yet scanned it into the tracking system at pickup or between destinations on the route.

In such circumstances, your tracking number may not get an update. So it's a good idea to wait 24 hours before trying to track your package again.

Also, consider the possibility that you could have typos when trying to enter your tracking number into the system. Double-check the numbers and letters and enter your code again.

Why your Flash Express package is not updating or moving 

Sometimes, Flash Express tracking may show that your order is not moving. Usually, everything is fine, and Flash Express is still working in the background.

Often, Flash Express hasn't scanned your package into the tracking system yet. Your delivery can also have unexpected delays, such as rough weather or road traffic at the destination. 

Wait three working days, check your tracking number with Circuit Package Tracker, and then contact Flash Express support for help if your status is still the same.

Flash Express tracking status explained 

You'll get used to seeing a few statuses when tracking a package. Here are some of the most common Flash Express tracking statuses and tips to fix any issues.

In transit 

If your package status is "in transit,” your order is on the way! Your delivery will stay "in transit" until you collect it.

Flash Express tracking will tell you more information during this delivery stage. Such as if they transfer your order to another courier to make the final delivery.

Why your Flash Express package is still in transit

It can mean a few things if your Flash Express tracking states "in transit" until past your estimated delivery date. 

Suppose you chose a cheap delivery service. In this case, you are more likely to have delays than with a faster Flash Express sending service because the mode of transportation is slower.

Contact Flash Express support if you are concerned about the time your order is in transit.

How long a Flash Express package can stay in transit

Your Flash Express order should stay in transit for roughly two weeks. Here are some of the reasons it may be taking a longer time than you expect:

  • Flash Express has damaged or lost the package
  • The Flash Express tracking has broken
  • The delivery worker needs to scan your package
  • Flash Express has more packages to process than usual

Wait for a week and check your tracking status with Circuit Package Tracker. Contact Flash Express support for help if there are no changes.


A “pending” status is a placeholder where your package is waiting to transfer from one warehouse to another. A status that says "pending" usually changes within 24 hours. 

This waiting period is the most common reason you'll find a "pending" status.

However, there are a few reasons Flash Express may take a bit longer to scan your package at this stage, which we discuss below.

Why your Flash Express status is pending

Your order may be pending because Flash Express is waiting to scan all packages headed toward a particular area.

It could also mean they have many packages they need to get through—especially during peak times and the holidays.

There's a chance that they're waiting to figure out the correct address to deliver your package and your package is pending while they wait to transfer it.

Whatever the reason, once your package enters the pending phase, give it about two to three days before you ask the seller if there's a problem. 

Flash Express delivery times

The estimated delivery date for your order with Flash Express depends on the method you sent it and where the destination is.

Flash Express also offers pickup services, with a deadline for same-day delivery at 10 am. 

Flash Express delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

You can expect Flash Express delivery to take between one and three days in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand. This depends on the speed of the service you choose and the destination address.

Flash Express will try to deliver your package from 8 am to 8 pm every day of the week.

However, depending on what part of the continent you live, Flash Express may have to deliver your package to the local courier in your city. In this case, the courier times will vary.

Lost and missed Flash Express deliveries

You must try and be home when Flash Express tries to deliver your package. Sometimes they will contact you to tell you when they're coming.

What happens if you miss a Flash Express delivery?

If you miss your first delivery, Flash Express will attempt to redeliver it on the next working day. They will then take the order back to a facility if you miss the second delivery attempt.

When they leave it at the nearest depot, Flash Express will give you time to pick it up before returning it to the sender.

If you miss your second delivery attempt and cannot collect the package, contact the seller and ask them to rearrange delivery for you.

What to do if you haven't got your Flash Express package 

If your package isn't there when your Flash Express tracking says it was delivered, or if it's a long time past the expected delivery with no updates, there may be a problem.

The first thing to do is review the status in Circuit Package Tracker to find out if you missed any updates. Contact the seller or Flash Express support for more help if this isn't the case. 

Flash Express tracking FAQs

Many people have questions about Flash Express tracking, so hopefully, this article has cleared up any confusion. If you still have questions, find answers to some of the most common ones below.

Is Flash Express delivery fast? 

Flash Express delivery offers a fast service within three to four days to Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia every day, from 8 am to 8 pm.

Can I track a Flash Express package by address?

You cannot track your Flash Express package with your home address. You must have a tracking number.

If you lost your tracking number, try searching your inbox and spam folders for the seller’s confirmation email.

Next, contact the seller as the fastest recovery option and contact Flash Express support if the seller cannot help.

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