Econt package tracker

With a presence in Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece, Econt is a popular courier in Southeast Europe. This company offers reliable next-day deliveries for domestic packages and fast international shipping thanks to its extensive trucking network.

Learn more about this courier and how you can track an Econt package.

About Econt

Econt has been around for more than 20 years. This Bulgarian company offers shipping to and from Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria.

It’s a modern company that embraces tech and innovations. Clients benefit from integrated tech tools for booking shipments and tracking packages.

These tools make Econt popular among e-commerce clients using Econt’s integrated tool to automate shipping when selling with Shopify.

Besides embracing technology, Econt stands out by offering fast and reliable shipping services. It’s also a company that treats its employees fairly and lists family as one of its core values.

Plus, Econt makes efforts to support the environment with programs that focus on recycling materials.

The courier is also in the process of upgrading its fleet with environmental-friendly vehicles. This move will reduce carbon emissions and reduce the cost of shipping, two important factors when choosing a courier.

Econt package tracking

Econt is a modern courier that relies on tech tools to offer a seamless shipping experience. Here’s what you need to know about tracking a package with Econt.

How to find your Econt package tracking number

Econt will share a unique tracking number when you book a shipment. After paying for the shipment, you should get this tracking number in the confirmation email. This email will have multiple tracking numbers if you're shipping multiple packages.

Econt also has an online platform designed to help you manage shipments. The e-Econt platform has everything you need to send packages. You can use it to compare the different services the courier offers, book shipments, or review current shipments.

If you navigate to the tab that shows the recently booked shipments, you’ll find a list of all the packages Econt is processing on your behalf, along with tracking numbers.

If you need to track an item that a seller sends you by Econt, reaching out to the seller is the best way to get your tracking number.

How to track your courier package location

You can use different online tools to track Econt shipment:

  • The e-Econt platform is the best way to track multiple packages. From your dashboard, you can access a tab that will show all your current shipments along with detailed tracking information.
  • Econt has a convenient browser-based package tracking tool. Enter your package number into the Econt tracking tool, and you will find where your package is. You can enter up to 30 different numbers to track multiple packages.
  • You can also download the Econt app for iOS or Android. Once you log into your Econt account, the app will give you access to a list of your current shipments and detailed tracking information.
  • You can sign up for email or SMS notifications if you want to track my Econt track package. Econt charges a small fee to send you SMS updates, but you can get email updates for free. You’ll get an update whenever your package reaches a new node in its journey.

Note that senders have access to these four different tracking methods. However, the best way for recipients to track an incoming package is to use the browser-based Econt package tracking tool.

The seller can also sign you up for tracking notifications by email or SMS, but you won’t be able to sign up for these services yourself.

Lost Econt tracking number

You need a valid tracking number to use the Econt shipment tracking tool. If you don’t have this number, tracking a package might be difficult.

How to track an Econt package without a tracking number

If you’re the sender, your best option is to log into the e-Econt platform or download the official Econt app. These tools will give you access to an overview of your Econt account, and you’ll be able to access a comprehensive list of all your past and current Econt shipments.

You can find the package you want to track in this list, click on it, and the e-Econt platform or Econt app will show you current tracking information. You’ll also find a tracking number for each package that you can save or share with the recipient.

As a recipient, you won’t have access to these tools. Your best option is to reach out to the seller and ask if they can send you the tracking number again. You’ll then be able to track your incoming package with the browser tool.

If you can’t find your tracking number with these methods, you should reach out to the Econt customer service team:

  • If you’re in Greece or Bulgaria, call 0 7001 7300.
  • If you’re in Romania, call +40 21 99 59.
  • If you’re in the U.S. or any other country not listed above, call +359 88 565 43 21.
  • You can also click the blue button on this page to start a live chat session with a customer service representative.
  • Econt also uses Facebook Messenger to communicate with clients. You can follow this link to start a live chat session by Messenger.

Solving Econt package tracking issues

Econt strives to offer a positive experience, but issues can arise. If you run into an issue with a shipment, your best option is to follow the steps outlined below or reach out to the Econt customer service team.

Why you can’t track your Econt package

There are a few reasons that could prevent you from tracking a package shipped with Econt:

  • You’re entering an invalid tracking number. Double-check that you’re using the correct number and reach out to the seller to verify the tracking number.
  • Econt hasn’t picked up your package yet. If the seller booked a shipment, you might have a tracking number, but it’s not active because Econt hasn’t getd the package.
  • You might be unable to track your shipment due to a temporary tech issue with the Econt platform. Try again later.
  • You might run into issues with tracking if Econt makes a mistake when issuing the tracking number, doesn’t scan the shipment properly, or loses the shipment.

Your best option is to try tracking your package again later. If you cannot use the Econt tracking shipment tool after 24 hours, you should file a complaint, explain your issue, or reach out to the customer service team by phone or live chat.

Why your Econt package is not updated or moving

Sometimes, tracking information can reveal that your package hasn’t moved in a while. There are different possible reasons:

  • Because Econt only ships packages to and from Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria, your package will not go through customs. However, some restricted items still require inspection at the border, which can result in delays.
  • Challenges like truck driver shortages and supply chain disruption have been prevalent for the past few years. Econt and other couriers might experience delays due to these issues.
  • Your package might temporarily stop moving once it reaches a distribution center. Another truck driver will pick it up for the next leg of its journey, but tracking might show that the package isn’t moving for a day or two.
  • If you recently ordered something and it hasn’t started moving, the seller might not have dropped off the package to Econt yet.
  • You can also find delays in tracking if truck drivers and distribution center employees fail to scan a package. It can look like your package is standing still, but you’ll often find that tracking shows an updated location once your package reaches the next node and someone scans it.

If your Econt package hasn’t moved in a few days, you should contact the Econt customer service team to get an update.

Econt package tracking status explained

After you enter your tracking number in the Econt package tracking tool, you’ll find where your package is and when you can expect to get it. You’ll also find a tracking status. Here’s what this status means.

In transit

An ‘in transit’ status indicates that your package is moving along its route. It’s the status you should find throughout most of the shipping process.

Why your Econt package is still in transit

Econt uses a mix of trucks and light-duty vehicles for last-mile deliveries. Your package will appear “in transit” when traveling on one of these vehicles.

You might also find a status that says ‘in transit’ if your package is sitting in a distribution center and waiting for a delivery driver to pick it up for the next leg of its journey.

The status might show as “in transit” while Econt updates its shipping information or while your package awaits a scan.

How long an Econt package can stay in transit

Econt offers shipping services in Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece. Since the geographic area covered is relatively small, most deliveries only take three to four days.

If your package is in transit for longer than four days, Econt likely had to modify its route.

If you opt for Econt’s express delivery service and send a domestic package, the recipient should get the package the next day.


A “pending” status typically means that your package is waiting somewhere.

Why your Econt package may be pending

You might find the tracking status appears as ‘pending’ in these scenarios:

  • The sender has booked a shipment with Econt, but Econt is still waiting to get the package.
  • Econt had to make changes to the shipment’s route and is figuring out a new itinerary for your package.
  • Your package has reached your local distribution center, and Econt is in the process of scheduling the last-mile delivery.
  • You missed delivery, and Econt is working on rescheduling it.

Econt delivery times

Econt stands out by offering reliable delivery services. When you track a package with this courier, you should find an estimated delivery time once the package gets closer to its destination.

Econt delivery times: what time will your package arrive?

Econt typically fulfills last-mile deliveries before 3 pm. for residential addresses. If you’re expecting a package at a business address, it’s more likely that you’ll get it in the morning.

Econt also has a service with a fixed delivery window. If the sender selects this service, they can choose a fixed delivery time or a window that works for you.

How late Econt delivers

Econt will complete most deliveries before 3 pm. However, it’s possible that delivery drivers will work later during the holiday season since most couriers handle a higher volume of deliveries.

You can also request a delivery past 3 pm. if you use the fixed delivery window option that Econt offers. Unless you’re expecting a large shipment that requires a special vehicle, it seems unlikely that Econt will deliver outside of traditional business hours.

International Econt delivery times

Delivery times can vary from one country to another. Econt relies on local routes for last-mile deliveries, and the delivery schedule might be slightly different in Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria.

Delivery drivers typically have to complete longer routes to reach isolated areas, resulting in deliveries later in the day.

You should be able to get an estimated delivery time by using the Econt package tracking tool.

Lost and missed Econt deliveries

While Econt is a reliable courier, problems can occur during shipment. Here’s what you can do if Econt loses your package or you miss a delivery.

What happens if you miss an Econt delivery?

Econt might not need a signature for delivery, depending on the package type. The delivery driver might leave the package on your doorstep if you’re not present to accept it.

If the sender requested a signature and you’re not present to get the package, Econt will attempt to deliver the package again. In most cases, you can expect to get your package the next day. If you live in an isolated area, there might be a two or three-day wait until the next delivery route.

Check your Econt tracking if you miss a delivery. This tool should have updated information about the next scheduled delivery.

If you’re in Bulgaria, you can also pick up your package at one of the 550 Econt offices. The delivery driver should leave a notice that you have a package available at a nearby office.

How long will Econt hold a package?

Econt typically holds packages for up to seven days. If Econt can not schedule a delivery after seven business days, the courier will either send the package back or charge a storage fee.

What to do if you haven’t received your Econt package

There are a few options available if you haven’t got your Econt delivery:

  • Check the tracking. A delivery driver will likely bring your package on the next route to your area.
  • If you’re in Bulgaria, contact or visit your local Econt office. Your package might be waiting at the office.
  • You can also reach out to the Econt customer service team. You’ll get updated tracking information, and a customer service representative can help you find a misplaced package.
  • Contact the sender and let them know there is an issue with the delivery. They might have access to additional tracking information through the e-Econt tool or might be able to contact Econt to solve the issue.

If you don’t get your package, Econt has an online tool you can use to file a complaint.

Econt FAQs

Do you want to know more about Econt package tracking? Here are a few answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the service.

Is Econt delivery fast?

Yes, in most cases, Econt offers next-day shipping for domestic packages. And because Econt only operates in Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania, most international shipments only take a few days.

Can I track my Econt package by address?

You’ll need a tracking number to find where your package is. However, sellers can enter a delivery address in the e-Econt platform to find a corresponding shipment. As a recipient, you can also share your delivery address with the Econt customer service team or even visit an Econt office to get help with finding a shipment based on your address.

How do I know if my Econt package is stuck in customs?

Customs shouldn’t be an issue since Econt only ships within the European Union. However, some restricted items will require an inspection when crossing the border. You might notice that your package hasn’t moved for a while, and Econt will reach out to you if there is an issue with customs.

Track your Econt package with Circuit Package Tracker

While Econt offers different tools for tracking packages, there are other options you can use. The Circuit Package Tracker app is a great tool for tracking multiple shipments from different couriers.

Follow your Econt package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.