Dynamex package tracker

About Dynamex (Tforce Logistics)

Dynamex was a package delivery service for businesses. It is now owned by TForce Logistics, which has a solid reputation in courier delivery across the United States and Canada.

Today, Dynamex exists as “TForce Logistics.”

TForce Logistics has experience transporting eCommerce merchandise and bulky deliveries. They can also securely transport financial materials, so you won’t worry about theft.

The company has over 75 locations in North America, delivering to more than 90 percent of the population. 

For online orders, Dynamex offers a lower price for shipping than competitors. You’ll keep your customers happy with same-day or next-day delivery.

Bulky packages are tough to carry, so TForce Logistics guarantees two-person teams to keep your packages safe. They can even install or assemble certain products.

Find out how to track your Dynamex package and when it will arrive.

Dynamex package tracking

The company began in 1992 as Parcelway Systems Holding. By 1995, they changed their name to Dynamex. They specialized in same-day delivery and scheduled delivery.

TForce Logistics, a Canadian company, bought Dynamex in 2010 so they could branch into the United States market. The combination of businesses broadened their reach exponentially.

With the merger, the companies expanded to offer container and freight transportation in addition to their package and courier services.

Dynamex gives you a tracking number when you ship through this company like other delivery services. If you order from a business that uses Dynamex, they’ll send you the tracking number.

How to find your Dynamex package tracking number

If you ordered a package from a business using Dynamex, you could find the tracking number on their website or app. 

Log in and access your orders. Click details for shipping to get the tracking number. You can enter these digits on the Circuit Package Tracker app to find the package’s location.

Sometimes you’ll order from a website and get an e-receipt with the tracking number. In this case, you can copy the number from your email and enter it into the app.

Contact the seller directly if you don’t find the tracking number in your order history and don’t have an email receipt with that information.

Since they packaged the product and shipped it to you, they should have a record of the tracking number. The seller can search at their receipt and give you the information.

How to track your Dynamex package location

You’ll get the package’s location as soon as you enter the tracking number in the app. Dynamex package tracking is that easy. You can often check to find its progress.

You can also find a history of where the package has been. The tracking service will show you where the package originated and where it’s gone.

Since you can check in frequently, you’ll always know where your package is in the shipping process. You can also find the estimated delivery date on the app.

Lost Dynamex tracking number

In some cases, you might not have your Dynamex tracking number. Maybe you accidentally deleted the email with the number included. Some customers never get a tracking number.

If you don’t have the tracking number for the package, you can contact the company from which you bought the goods. They can search up your package by your name or order number.

At this point, they might  give you the tracking number. At the very least, they can give you an updated estimate of when your package will arrive.

How to track a Dynamex package without a tracking number

Always contact the seller or company who sold you the merchandise for the Dynamex tracking number. They should have this information in their records.

If they don’t have the number, you can contact Dynamex to find if they have any information. Call their headquarters in Dallas, Texas, at 1-855-396-2639.

Solving Dynamex package tracking issues

You might experience some problems with your delivery. Knowing how to monitor the progress of your Dynamex tracking order helps you understand when it will come to your door.

Why you can’t track your Dynamex package

The most common occurrence when you can’t track your Dynamex package is that you’re inputting the tracking number incorrectly. Copy and paste it directly from the source if possible.

Contact the seller if you know the tracking number is correct but still can’t find your package’s location. Make sure they’ve already mailed the package.

Sometimes, a seller will create a shipping label for your purchase before they put it in the mail. You can have a tracking number without your package moving towards the destination.

When your seller isn’t giving you adequate information, or if they already shipped the package and you still can’t track it, contact Dynamex directly for help.

Why your Dynamex package is not updating or moving

Sometimes the tracker is slow to update on specific sites. Even if you’re checking directly from the company, they have other things to juggle, so they might oversearch tracking.

That’s why it’s ideal to use an independent app. Circuit Package Tracker focuses only on location data, so you’ll always know where your package is and when it’ll get to you.

Dynamex package tracking status explained

There are different terms for Dynamex package tracking. Make sure you know each status's meaning because that helps you plan for your package’s arrival.

In transit

The “in transit” status means Dynamex has your package and sends it your way. Whether they got it from another carrier or directly from the seller, this status is a positive one.

Why your Dynamex package is still in transit

If your Dynamex package is still in transit, it’s most likely making its way to you. Check the locations to find where they tracked it. It should make steady progress until it’s at your door.

How long a Dynamex package can stay in transit

Dynamex aims to deliver all packages within 48 hours and often boasts same-day delivery. Therefore, your package shouldn’t stay in transit long.

Check the tracking to find the location of your package. It might be regularly moving, just at a slow pace. If it stops moving, contact Dynamex for more information.


The pending status means the seller created a shipping label for your package but hasn’t yet given it to Dynamex.

Why your Dynamex package may be pending

Your Dynamex package may stay pending while they wait to get the package in their hands. Once it’s in their possession, they’ll change the status to in transit and send it to you.

Dynamex delivery times

As a customer, you want to track the Dynamex order to know when it will arrive. Then, you can be home for the delivery to promptly bring it inside.

Dynamex delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

Because there are so many locations across the United States and Canada, many Dynamex deliveries arrive the day after they are sent. About 93 percent of customers are eligible for next-day shipping.

Over 82 percent of customers can get same-day delivery from Dynamex. With these tight deadlines, they promise to track your package every step of the way, so you’re updated.

The GPS package tracking system allows customers to find their packages based on the tracking number alone. You’ll find the last location of your package and where it’s heading next.

With the same-day service, there’s a specific window of time for Dynamex packages. Knowing when to drop off packages gives you an idea of when they’ll arrive at their destination.

If the seller ships the package before 2 pm, Dynamex will ship it that day. They’ll deliver it to the customer between 5 am and 9 am the next day.

How late Dynamex delivers

Dynamex will deliver next-day packages anywhere from 10 am to 9 pm. However, they try to deliver as early as possible, especially if the seller shipped the package earlier in the day.

In general, the company aims to deliver a package within 48 hours. So if your seller ships your product early in the morning, you’re likely to get it earlier when it’s delivered.

You might worry you'll miss your delivery time if you work a standard 9 am to 5 pm job. In that case, you can hope for a late evening delivery.

Sometimes Dynamex delivery drivers will contact you by phone to find if you’re home to accept the package. In this case, you could work with them to get the ideal delivery time.

For people who aren’t available for daytime or evening deliveries, you’ll appreciate knowing that Dynamex delivers on the weekends. 

Depending on your driver’s workload, you can get a package during the same hours on Saturday. Sunday deliveries aren’t guaranteed, but they can sometimes happen.

International Dynamex delivery times

Dynamex doesn’t conduct international deliveries on the same scope as services like UPS, FedEx, and DHL. They only deliver to locations in the United States and Canada.

Since Dynamex works as a “last mile” service, they might get your international package once it arrives in North America. From that point, you should have your package within 48 hours.

As Dynamex doesn’t handle international deliveries, your delivery time depends more on the initial shipping company. It could take them weeks to get your product to North America.

That’s why tracking your package is so important. A tracking app tells you where your product is while in transit. Then you’ll know to expect it within 48 hours of Dynamex’s receipt.

Lost and missed Dynamex deliveries

Even constantly checking your Dynamex order tracking doesn’t guarantee you won’t miss the delivery. Sometimes you have to leave the house and narrowly miss your courier.

Knowing how Dynamex handles lost packages and missed deliveries will help you feel confident about this shipping service.

What happens if you miss a Dynamex delivery

If you miss the Dynamex driver’s attempted delivery, they’ll try the next day. However, some customers found that the driver returned at the end of the route to try again.

Since the drivers often work until 9 pm, that second attempt increases your chances of getting the package. You can also check the tracking app for information about the second delivery.

Some customers say that the delivery driver contacts them for more information. They might not know where to leave the package, so you’ll know they’re delivering and can meet them.

You might find a notice on your door as with other shipping services. Dynamex will let you know they attempted delivery and leave a note about when they’ll try again.

If your package is small, the driver might leave it in your mailbox or hidden from find for safety. Always check to find that you actually missed delivery before trying to contact Dynamex.

How long will Dynamex hold a package?

Dynamex aims to deliver all packages within 48 hours. They’re not a storage facility, so they don’t want to keep your package longer than necessary.

If you think Dynamex is holding your package, check the tracking app. You might find statuses such as:

  • Address Corrected - Delivery Delayed
  • Attempt - Unsafe to Release
  • Delivery Delayed
  • No Access

In these cases, Dynamex isn’t holding your package. They’re trying to correct the information or safely access your property to deliver the package.

Checking the status helps you understand what’s happening when you don’t have your package. Contact Dynamex if you’re uncertain about what a specific status means.

What to do if you haven’t received your Dynamex package

Input the tracking number online to find if the status says “delivered.” If so, check around your front door, porch, garage, and backdoor. The courier might have hidden it for safekeeping.

If you don’t find the package, it says “delivered,” contact Dynamex. The courier might have more information about where they left the package or if they misdelivered it.

If there are no tracking results, find your tracking number and contact Dynamex first. Then contact the seller to find their policy on this issue.

Dynamex FAQs

Dynamex is a reputable courier company that delivers packages across the United States and Canada. You’ve learned when they deliver and how to track packages.

If you need more information about this business and its services, read the answers to these frequently asked questions.

Is Dynamex delivery fast?

Once Dynamex accepts a package, they offer same-day or next-day delivery. Due to their many locations across the United States and Canada, they guarantee fast delivery.

They aim to deliver all packages within 48 hours, so you won’t have to wait long. Also, learn how to track my Dynamex package so you always know where it is.

Can I track a Dynamex package by address?

Most package tracking apps only allow you to track packages by their unique number. Some customers like to set up mail delivery alerts, so they know what’s coming to their doors.

However, this is only possible when a package comes from UPS, USPS, or FedEx. Each of these services lets customers create an account to track pending packages.

With these online accounts, you can find what each courier service brings to your house. You don’t need a tracking number because you’re searching by address, in a way.

Since Dynamex is the sole carrier for your package, the order won’t show up on UPS My Choice, USPS Informed Delivery, or FedEx Delivery Manager.

If you can’t find the tracking number, contact the merchant for help. However, they might not have the information, so you can try contacting Dynamex. 

They’re unlikely to track your package by address since they ship such a large volume of packages. However, it’s always worth a try.

How do I know if my Dynamex package is stuck in customs?

Packages usually only get stuck in customs if they’re improperly labeled. Each international package needs documents about where it’s coming from and what it contains.

Sellers know this issue and will file the proper paperwork before shipping anything across the border. Most shipping companies won’t take packages without the proper documents.

Dynamex only ships to Canada and the United States, so you’re unlikely to have an issue with customs. They have warehouses in both countries, so they know how to handle the situation.

If you think your package is stuck in customs, you can contact them directly for information. They’ll let you know if they have your package and if you owe customs duty to get it.

Customs duty is a tax you must pay to transport goods across the border. The cost varies depending on the value of the package and its shipment method.

Keep an eye on your package with Circuit Package Tracker. If it stops moving near the border, contact customs for more help. Otherwise, Dynamex will bring the package right to your door.

Follow your Dynamex package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.