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About DPD Ireland

DPD Ireland is a global and domestic delivery company and Europe's largest delivery service, delivering three million packages daily. DPD covers 230 countries worldwide and is Ireland's leading express and standard courier service.

Not only do they use the most efficient shipping methods, but DPD Ireland also offers cheaper and faster options. For example, they're the only courier company in Ireland that delivers to your home in just one hour.

Learn more about DPD Ireland's tracking, including how to track your order and what the different statuses mean below.

DPD Ireland tracking

When you place an online order, you must wait before the seller confirms your package for delivery. DPD Ireland will send your tracking number on the seller's behalf, so keep an eye on your emails and make sure you don't lose it.

The process of DPD Ireland tracking starts once they assign your tracking number. At this point, you'll get frequent updates on where your order is and at what status (more on that below).

Generally, the format for DPD Ireland tracking numbers is made of numbers only; however, there are occasions when the company includes letters. Below you'll find four kinds of standard DPD Ireland tracking number formats:

The 12-digit number format is the most common, and it can find like this, 120 496 030 305

Additionally, the number can be:

However, it can also be:

  • 14 digits
  • 14 digits and one letter or digit 
  • Ten digits

Here's an example of how these variations can find below:

  • 07228990395897
  • 05228924457283P
  • 0429484953

Top tip: If you need to track more than one DPD Ireland order or track orders from different couriers, our free Circuit Package Tracker app can help you to do this.

How to find your DPD Ireland tracking number

After you place an online order, it may take several working days for the online merchant to process and transfer it to DPD Ireland.

You'll get an email once DPD Ireland sends the merchant a tracking number. 

Next, the online retailer will notify you that your package was sent. Also, you'll likely have the option to find this information with the eCommerce website.

Contact DPD Ireland customer services and ask for help if you have trouble finding your tracking number.

How to track your DPD Ireland package location

Along with Circuit Package Tracker, you can also use the DPD Ireland tracker—to find out where your package is and at what status.

To use it, copy and paste your confirmation email's tracking number into the search box, and tap the magnifying glass.

Lost DPD Ireland tracking number 

Have trouble locating your DPD Ireland tracking number? Try searching through your recent emails, and check your spam folder. 

Contact DPD Ireland if you cannot find your tracking number. The email customer service team will get back to you within two to three days.

How to track a DPD Ireland package without a tracking number 

It's hard to find, update, and track your package without your tracking number.

Your tracking number is critical because as your DPD Ireland package moves from warehouse to warehouse, it is scanned into the physical location. This then updates its status.

Contact DPD Ireland if you lose your tracking number and give them details like your address, name, and address.

DPD Ireland will use this information to find the tracking number they have on file.

Solving DPD Ireland tracking issues

There may be many reasons you have tracking issues with DPD Ireland. For example, you may find the issue is a wrong address, bad weather, the package is stuck at customs, or you’re not home for the first delivery attempt.

DPD Ireland is a partnership between retailers and couriers in many countries. This means there can also be issues when a handover from DPD Ireland to another carrier happens.

Wondering, "Why can't I track my DPD Ireland package with your tracking number?" Find the answers below.

Why you can't track your DPD Ireland package 

You may have a situation where your DPD Ireland tracking number does not work. There are a few reasons for this.

Sometimes, the sender registers your package with DPD Ireland but has yet to give your package to them for delivery. In this case, wait 24 hours before trying to track your package again.

Additionally, there's a possibility that you have incorrectly entered your DPD Ireland tracking number. Double-check the letters and numbers and try again.

Why your DPD Ireland package is not updating or moving 

Common reasons outside the courier's control can cause a lack of updates. Those reasons include rough weather, incorrect addresses that slow the delivery process, and an influx of packages at one of the processing points on your order’s route.

Sometimes, DPD Ireland, or the courier company they have passed your package to, hasn't scanned it. These issues usually need patience, as long as it's not severely affect your expected delivery date.

Wait about three business days before you contact DPD Ireland customer service to ask if there are any problems. 

DPD Ireland tracking status explained 

When you use an online tracking system to trace your order, there are a few statuses that you commonly find. 

The following two can be the most confusing, so we’ll explain.

In transit 

When you check the status of your package, and it says "In transit," that's a good thing. Your package is steadily making its way to the destination country. 

Why your DPD Ireland package is still in transit

For DPD Ireland tracking, staying in transit can mean a few things. For those that choose a less expensive way of sending international packages (standard or economical), there are more delays that you might experience than someone who chooses express sending.

When you get the estimated delivery date, the sending method has already been considered. However, it doesn't account for challenges that may happen along the way. 

This is mainly relevant to countries that are far away from the country where your package started. 

Contact DPD Ireland if you think your package has been in transit for too long without any updates. 

How long a DPD Ireland package can stay in transit

A DPD Ireland package can stay in transit for up to two weeks. 

After the two-week mark, you can always check in with DPD Ireland customer services to ask for more information about your package. 


A package is usually "Pending" when it has not yet entered any new database for processing. It often happens when a package gets transferred from one courier to the next. 

Why your DPD Ireland package may be pending

Your DPD Ireland package might still be pending for several reasons. It can take a few days for that new courier to register all of your packages they got in one day, and sometimes they do it in a specific order, based on the sender.

It would help if you waited a few days to contact customer service to give the new delivery company a chance to enter your tracking number information into their system. 

DPD Ireland delivery times 

Multiple options are available for those who use DPD Ireland sending services. There's also the choice between a home or business delivery, or you may pick your package up from the DPD depot closest to you.

DPD Ireland delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

DPD Ireland usually makes deliveries within two business days between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. It can take as many as five days for recipients located in a more remote zone to get your package. 

The delivery driver also delivers packages to the Netherlands weekly, including Saturdays. You can expect a package between 8 am to 6 pm on these days. There are no DPD Ireland deliveries on Sundays.

In other countries, the drivers also deliver from Monday to Friday but don't deliver on weekends or bank holidays. The time frame stays the same. 

How late DPD Ireland delivers 

The DPD Ireland courier company offers Next Day delivery in the Republic of Ireland and throughout Northern Ireland by 1 pm.

 DPD Ireland's delivery hours depend on the local courier for international orders. Most post offices are from 8 am to 8 pm (or 6 pm). 

International DPD Ireland delivery times 

Homes and businesses in Europe rely on the speedy services of DPD Ireland each day. 

DPD has over 500 depots across the continent, delivering more than two million packages daily. The transit times for their services are often near to Air Express

Generally, standard delivery to Europe and other major continents needs three to eleven days, while Express Air Mail takes two to ten days to reach the final destination. 

Lost and missed DPD Ireland deliveries

In case your package gets lost or you miss a delivery from DPD Ireland, here's what you can do:

What happens if you miss a DPD Ireland delivery?

If you miss your DPD Ireland tracking order because you're not at home, the driver will attempt to deliver your package to your neighbor. The delivery driver will take the order to the nearest pickup point if the neighbor isn't home. 

In addition, the courier company will send you an email that they attempted delivery. They'll tell you that they took your package back to a nearby depot, and you'll find listed time slots of when you can collect it. You’ll usually have the option to collect it the following business day. 

Your courier may also leave a letter in your mailbox (delivery notice) to instruct you on where you can collect your package from. 

The package will stay at the depot unless you ask for another delivery attempt.

If you fail to retrieve your package at the time indicated by the delivery worker, your package will get sent back to the branch of origin. 

At that point, it gets transported back to the merchant. You would have to ask for a refund from the merchant and then ask them to ship the order again. 

How long will DPD Ireland hold a package?

DPD does not hold international packages, as they pass your packages from their possession to the local courier when they reach the destination country. 

If the local courier has tried to deliver your package and you weren't available, they may hold your package for a specified period. The courier will likely keep it for a few days before returning it to the origin branch. 

What to do if you haven't got your DPD Ireland package 

If you live in Ireland or the United Kingdom and haven't had your package delivered after ten days, contact DPD Ireland customer services

They should help you to find where your package is. If you give them your personal information, it's possible they could find the last known location and whether the courier ever scanned it into a new system. 

You'll have to work directly with the local courier to find out what happened to your package if it has already reached its destination. There are options to send refund claims when your order never arrived or is lost in transit.

DPD Ireland FAQs

Here are the responses to a few questions that recipients usually ask related to DPD Ireland tracking:

Is DPD Ireland delivery fast? 

DPD Ireland offers high-speed services, both for standard and express sending. It should take less than one week to get your package if you live in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, or the surrounding area. 

For countries throughout Europe, your package should arrive within eleven days. For other countries, such as the United States, Canada, China, and other major locations, it can take up to two weeks. 

Can I track a DPD Ireland package by address?

You can't track DPD Ireland orders by using an address. The specific tracking number for your package is necessary to identify its location. 

If you'd like to retrieve the code, a representative from DPD can help you find your DPD Ireland tracking number in their system using your address. 

How do I know if my DPD Ireland package is stuck in customs?

You'll get notified when your package reaches customs. At that point, it shouldn't stay there for longer than two to three days, as this is the average time for processing. 

It may take slightly longer during holidays and other peak sending seasons because of the number of packages to get through. 

If your package has been sitting in customs and you haven't got any updates, contact the customs office to inquire about its status. You might have to pay import fees, which is usually a quick fix, or you could have to update your address. 

These are the most common problems that recipients face. Your tracking information may also explain why customs is holding your package. 

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