Deprisa package tracker

About Deprisa

Deprisa is a shipping company that's part of Awithnca Group International Limited. This shipping sector is committed to shipping packages and solving logistic issues in today's world

 They can ship large cargo orders, documents, and standard merchandise worldwide while keeping up with the needs of the business world. 

With its headquarters in Bogota, Colombia, they have the largest shipping fleet in the country and can reach more than 1,200 destinations throughout Colombia, South America, the United States, and more. 

Regarding international shipping, they partner with UPS to make sure that they can cover more than 220 international destinations.

As a leading global logistics company, you can sit back and relax, knowing your package or documents are in safe and reliable hands as they make their way to their final destination.

Deprisa package tracking

Whether you've just ordered a new outfit or household items—or are waiting for an important document to arrive, the waiting period between ordering and delivery can be lengthy.

Even if your things come with a fast delivery service like Deprisa, the anticipation is enough to make anyone nervous or excited. 

People with patience might not have too much of an issue with waiting for your delivery, but for those who consider themselves a little impatient, having a tracking number for your items is the best thing out there.

Delivery companies know that customers enjoy knowing where their package is at all times, which is why they always give a tracking number.

How to find your Deprisa package tracking number 

To track a Deprisa order, you'll need to find your tracking number. Typically, once you place an order with a company, you'll get an email confirmation with the items, the order date, and other important information you'll need. 

You won't get a tracking number immediately upon your order because they still need to fill your order depending on the shipping you chose, express, standard, and so on.

Once the shipping company sends your order to the shipping hub and a label is created, you'll get a follow-up email with the tracking number you can use to keep on top of your delivery.

This second email will contain the date the courier created the label and your tracking number. 

How to track your Deprisa package location 

Now that you have your Deprisa package tracking number, you can use that to find where your item is currently.

The easiest way to track your package's location is to copy and paste your tracking number from your email into a tracker. 

Deprisa offers customers a way to track their orders with their website.

When you open their homepage, you'll find a tab on the far left that says "track your package." You can paste the number into this, and then you'll find updates regarding your order. You can use this to track all cargo, domestic, and international packages. 

If you're finding for another way to track your Deprisa package, you can use our package tracker to track anything from Deprisa or other couriers. There are also plenty of other multi-courier trackers online.

Lost Deprisa tracking number

Deprisa order tracking options are far easier when you have your tracking number.

The good news is that you might still track your Deprisa package without your tracking number, but it will require a little more work, and there's no guarantee it will work.

How to track a Deprisa package without a tracking number 

Whatever the reason is that you don't have your tracking number, there are some things you can try to track the location of your package.

If you cannot find your Deprisa tracking order number, you can first try to get in touch with the company you ordered your things from. 

If you still have the confirmation email from the original purchase, this can help them give you a tracking number. It doesn't always work, but it's worth a shot. 

Another option you have is to try and directly contact Deprisa. Directly contacting Deprisa doesn't always give the results you want, but you can get in touch with Deprisa customer service and find if they can assist you in locating your package in the world. 

Deprisa offers customers several options to get in touch with them. They have an online chat and form you can fill out or call their toll-free customer service phone number. 

Solving Deprisa package tracking issues

Deprisa is a widely respected courier service that doesn't experience too many tracking issues.

However, that doesn't mean there aren't issues that customers have every so often. Here are two of the main issues people face when it comes to tracking their Deprisa package. 

Why you can't track your Deprisa package 

It's an exciting time waiting for whatever you ordered, but there are times when you won't track your Deprisa package. You can't do this for several reasons, but the most common reason is that your tracking information isn't available yet. 

You won't get your tracking number when you order or ship something until the shipping label is created. If you've been trying to track your package but don't have your tracking number, it just means your package isn't ready to ship. 

Another reason you might not track your Deprisa package is because you entered your tracking number incorrectly into their tracking or another multi-courier tracking device.

The easiest way to avoid this issue is to copy and paste the number to make sure you're not missing a letter or digit. 

Last, you might be unable to track your order if the company you purchased from accidentally sent you the wrong tracking number. Accidentally getting sent the wrong tracking number is much less common, but there have been times when this has happened. 

Why your Deprisa package is not updating or moving 

Sometimes when you find your Deprisa package tracking, it doesn't have any updates or finds it's not moving. When this happens, it's pretty straightforward: your package isn't moving at the moment. 

Your package not moving or updating could be because of shipping delays, it's stuck in customs, or it's on the move, but it hasn't arrived at its following location. If you're ordering something to be delivered in another country, they can get stuck in customs for five to 30 days. 

Deprisa package tracking status explained

When you choose to track your Deprisa package, you'll find a tracking status update each time.

There are several that you can find, but the most common ones people notice when ordering with Deprisa or another shipping company are in transit, pending, or delivered. 

If your package has an in transit or pending status update, here's what that could mean for your items. 

In transit

There's nothing quite like opening your package's tracking information and finding it's in transit.

When you find a status saying it's in transit, it means whatever you ordered is on its way to its final destination. 

Keep in mind that just because it says it's in transit doesn't necessarily mean it's officially on a ship, plane, or truck on its way to your home or office. Whenever a package is in transit, it can be at any point in the shipping process. 

Your package can be at a Desprisa shipping facility, on a shipping container, plane, or a delivery truck on its way to your front doorstep.

Why your Deprisa package is still in transit 

If you've checked the tracking information on several occasions and find that your Deprisa package is still in transit, there are a few reasons.

Shipping times will vary depending on what you ordered and where it's going, so being in transit means it's on its way and can take some time. 

How long a Deprisa package can stay in transit

It's normal to be impatient when waiting for your package to arrive.

How long your order will stay with this tracking update will depend. Shipping domestically with Deprisa can take a few hours to a few days. 

When it comes to shipping internationally, this will generally take longer than domestic shipping.

It can take as long as one to four weeks or as little as six to ten business days. How long your package will stay in transit will vary depending on the shipping type you choose, if it gets stuck in customs, or if there are any shipping delays worldwide. 


If you find that your Deprisa package is pending, it can be not very clear if you're not sure what it means.

A pending tracking status means it's at the courier facility, but it hasn't necessarily made any progress in the shipping process. 

Why your Deprisa package may be pending 

Your Deprisa package might be pending because it's at the courier facility, but it's been delayed for one reason.

Usually, this means that delivery commitments have been established, but they'll list them as pending, so you're not constantly getting bombarded with too many updates.

Deprisa delivery times

So, you've ordered something arriving at your door with Deprisa. How long will it take for your package to arrive?

The delivery times with this company will vary depending on what you ordered, where it's going, and if you've paid for standard or a faster shipping rate. Here's what to expect from delivery times when Deprisa handles your package.

Deprisa delivery times: what time will your package arrive

How quickly your Deprisa package will arrive will depend on several factors. For those who live in Colombia, you can expect your package within five to seven business days when you choose standard shipping. 

Something great about Deprisa is that they offer super fast shipping. You can get your package in one to two days for domestic orders. This can still vary depending on shipping delays, but they even have an option to get your order by 9 am the next day or by noon. 

How late Deprisa delivers

It's unclear how late Deprisa will make deliveries to homes and offices based on their website. For the most part, most courier services won't continue to deliver past nine at night unless you're Amazon. So it's unlikely that your package will arrive at your door past nine at night. 

International Deprisa delivery times

Regardless of the courier company, international delivery times will always take longer than when you're shipping domestically. It largely depends on where internationally that your package is going. 

From Colombia to other South American countries and the United States, international delivery times can be anywhere from one week to a month depending if it gets stuck in customs at any point or if there are shipping delays. 

Lost and missed Deprisa deliveries

Lost packages happen. Almost everyone has experienced losing a package at one point or another

Even if this hasn't happened to you, you might have experienced missing your delivery when it needs a signature. Missed deliveries can still happen. 

What happens if you miss a Deprisa delivery 

Suppose you miss a delivery with Deprisa or another courier company. In that case, they'll leave a note on your door and send you a notification with the email address you gave at the time of your order.

You can tell them when you plan to be home, but that doesn't always mean they can make it between that timeframe.

Depending on where you are, if you know you won't be home to accept your delivery, you can contact the courier and have them hold it at a Deprisa facility.

You'll need to contact the Deprisa facility directly to understand how holding your package works and how long they will keep it for you.

How long will Deprisa hold a package? 

There's no information on the Deprisa website about how long they will hold your package after several failed delivery attempts.

The best thing you can do is get in touch with their customer service and ask them how long they can hold it. But, based on other couriers, they will usually hold it for 15 to 30 days. 

What to do if you haven't got your Deprisa package 

If you haven't got your Deprisa package, there's an explanation. If this happens, you must contact customer service. The same goes if you get a notification saying it was delivered but never got it. 

On the other hand, if you track your package and it says it's still in transit or pending, there's nothing you can do about your package yet. You can contact the courier for further information if your status is constantly the same.

Deprisa FAQs

When ordering something that's shipping with Deprisa or any other shipping company, it's natural to have questions.

Here are some questions other people ask when they've ordered something coming with Deprisa.

Is Deprisa delivery fast?

Yes! Deprisa has relatively fast delivery times. They have standard shipping options but offer some of the quickest delivery times for domestic and international travel within the western hemisphere. 

Can I track my Deprisa package by address?

You cannot track your Deprisa package by the address to which you're having it shipped. The only way to track your package is to use the tracking number they sent you when it reached the courier facility. 

How do I know if my Deprisa package is stuck in customs?

The one thing about international shipping is that packages get stuck in customs often.

It could be because they're suspicious about what's inside, there are delays, or another reason. If your package is being held in customs, you should get a notification by email within a few days of arriving at the facility. 

Deprisa package tracking conclusion

Waiting for your new items can cause even the most patient person to be impatient. That's why tracking your package can give you a sense of relief, so you know where it is at all times. We've covered you if you find an easier way to track your Deprisa packages or others. 

Follow your Deprisa package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.