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Track your CitySprint delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

About CitySprint

CitySprint brings fast and reliable courier service to customers in the UK and over 200 countries and territories.

They stand out as one of the best courier services because of their flexibility, allowing them to meet customers' different needs while continually giving the highest quality experience.

CitySprint tracking

When it comes to CitySprint tracking order services, the streamlined process is easy for anyone to understand and use.

Before making an order and tracking a package, you must create an account with CitySprint to access their user-friendly tracking services.

After that, you can track your packages, manage the vehicles for delivery, and contact CitySprint's closest local service center.

How to find your CitySprint tracking number

You'll get your package tracking number in the sending information CitySprint supplies with each order.

Your sending information will come by email, so check the email you used when making the order.

If you check your email and don't find any sending information, remember that it may take time for CitySprint to email you after sending an order.

How to track your CitySprint package location

Tracking your package's location is done using your job and account numbers. However, this process changes somewhat depending on the type of order.

If you're finding to track a home delivery, you have to use the proper retailer. CitySprint offers to track Amazon, ASOS, Nike, and other retailers.

You can find their full retail order tracking list to get a specific retailer's contact information.

However, suppose your package is still in the process of being put through CitySprint's system. It may not have a trackable location yet because it hasn't left the warehouse.

The time it takes for a package to become trackable depends on numerous factors you won't have much control over. Thankfully, CitySprint will always resolve them swiftly and update you on your order's status.

In the worst-case scenario, you'll get an order without a tracking number, and this issue needs a more in-depth approach to resolve.

Lost CitySprint Tracking Number

Being a large courier service, CitySprint gets many orders daily, and some of those orders can slip through the cracks. When this happens, an order may not get a tracking number.

When you check your email to send information about your order and find no tracking number, your package may still go through CitySprint's system.

However, if there's still no tracking number after one or two days, there has most likely been an error about your order. 

How to track a CitySprint package without a tracking number

To track a CitySprint package without a tracking number, the best thing you can do is contact CitySprint's customer services. They can send you a tracking number, as you can't track certain orders without one.

Sometimes, you may not find much need for a tracking number. For example, if you opt for CitySprint's same-day delivery service, there's little need to track an order.

On the other hand, if you opt for next-day delivery, you'll undoubtedly want access to a tracking number as quickly as possible.

While you can send CitySprint an email, contacting them using their main support page is often the quickest and most effective method. You can either fill out a support form or contact your local service center for help.

For a lost tracking number, the support form is often a fine choice unless you want more immediate help, in which case you should contact your local service center.

When you contact, make sure you know your account information, as you'll have to give it so CitySprint can find which order is missing its tracking number. From there, they'll explain the situation and let you know how soon you can expect to get a tracking number for your order.

Solving CitySprint tracking issues

After you send an order to CitySprint, it has to go through processing before it sends. During that time, you won't track it, but you may find yourself unable to track it even after it sends.

Not being able to track an order after order even if you have your tracking number is another rare occurrence, but it happens often enough for you to stay aware of it.

Why you can't track your CitySprint package

When an order sends, numerous factors play a role in allowing you to track it. The most crucial factor is user error.

Sometimes, a CitySprint employee may forget to update the tracking on your order, leaving you unable to track the order despite its sending.

When this happens, the only thing you can do is wait or contact customer support. Because there's no great way to know if this is the cause of your inability to track your package, it's best to have customer support check for you to be certain.

Another common cause of not being able to track a package is an error with CitySprint's tracking page. If you get an error when tracking your package, try waiting to find out if the issue fixes itself.

Why your CitySprint package is not updating and moving

When your CitySprint package is not updating and moving, the crucial thing to remember is that somebody is handling the delivery. It's important to remember an actual person is delivering your package because many things can slow or stop them in a delivery process.

Traffic, inclement weather, road construction, and other obstacles can impact deliveries daily.

Because there's nothing you can do about these issues, it's best not to worry about your package not updating or moving until at least one or two days have passed.

By then, it should be on the move. However, if it isn't, you'll want to contact CitySprint's customer support to figure out if there's a more severe problem at hand.

CitySprint tracking status explained

Like any excellent courier service, CitySprint makes it a point to keep you informed about your package's current status at every step.

In transit

When your package is in transit, it means that it's on the way to the address that you chose to have it delivered to.

Typicontacty, the transit period is the longest of the statuses an order can go through, and it's also where most delays happen. 

Why your CitySprint package is still in transit

When you notice that your package stays in transit for an extended period, it's nothing to worry about. Again, the transit period is often the longest part of any delivery, so your package will stay in transit until it arrives.

You only need to start having concerns when your package fails to arrive and stays in transit status after the estimated delivery date.

How long a CitySprint package can stay in transit

A CitySprint package can stay in transit for however long there is between the order of your package and the estimated delivery date.

The delivery date depends on what delivery options you specify with your order, meaning that you can expect your package to be in transit for a whole day if you choose next-day delivery.

For orders that have to travel more extreme distances, it's much more common for the estimated delivery date to be a bit broader.

Still, you can get a general sense of how your package will stay in transit even if the delivery date is a two to the three-day window. 


The pending status means a package has yet to ship from its starting location.

Since most packages start in a warehouse, a courier has to go to the warehouse to pick them up. At this point, an order will switch to the in-transit status. 

Why your CitySprint package may be pending

Sometimes, a package may stay in pending status if something is wrong with processing the order.

There can also be a delay in the time it takes for the system to approve the payment method you give for the order. In this case, the order will eventually go through on its own.

CitySprint Delivery times

CitySprint offers a wide variety of delivery services, giving you significant control over the time it takes for your orders to arrive.

However, these options do depend on the sending and delivery locations. 

CitySprint delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

For the fastest delivery time, you can have a package delivered on the same day you order it. The distance your package must travel will determine how long it takes to arrive.

Using live tracking, you can find what route the courier is taking and roughly how long it will take for your package to reach its destination.

How late CitySprint delivers

CitySprint is one of the few couriers that offer overnight deliveries. Packages can be delivered as early as before 7 am depending on your location.

The in-night deliveries are primarily for getting orders from companies that need work parts and equipment.

So, if you run a small business that needs quick access to tools, CitySprint can get them to you well before the start of the workday.

International CitySprint delivery times

Because international deliveries travel long distances across different time zones, they often don't have a solidified delivery date.

They also take out the issue of dealing with customs that many couriers leave their customers to deal with when sending products internationally. Instead, customers pay duty once their delivery arrives.

Not having to deal with customs speeds up the delivery process considerably, as there's no risk of your package getting held.

Lost and missed CitySprint deliveries

CitySprint has the means to get your package to you for lost and missed deliveries, regardless of any issues or missteps.

What happens if you miss a CitySprint delivery

If you miss your CitySprint delivery, your only option is to contact their customer services team and explain the situation.

Once they understand what has happened, they'll help you arrange to have your package delivered again at your earliest convenience.

How long will CitySprint hold a package?

After missing your delivery, CitySprint will return your package to the warehouse it came from and hold it there for a few days. They will try to contact you to schedule a new delivery date.

They will cancel your order and charge a fee if you fail to reschedule.

What to do if you haven't received your CitySprint package 

When you don't get a package from CitySprint, some of the issues brought up in previous sections might be the cause.

Don't immediately contact CitySprint's customer services if your package doesn't arrive on the estimated delivery date. Wait another 24 hours first to find if it comes late.

When your package fails to arrive by the end of the day after the estimated delivery date, it's time to contact customer services. Again, you can send a support form or contact a local center.

However, contacting is the better choice when dealing with a lost package because you want immediate help. The longer a package stays lost, the less likely your chances of finding it is.

When it arrived at the wrong address or got misplaced somewhere during transit, CitySprint will determine that quickly if you bring it to their attention as soon as possible.

CitySprint FAQs

Now that you understand most of the major offerings that CitySprint brings to the table, you can feel good about judging whether they have the means to meet your needs.

There's plenty more information you can learn on their website, but below are answers to some questions you may still have about their courier services.

Is CitySprint delivery fast?

Yes, CitySprint delivery can be as fast as a few hours if you are close enough to one of their locations for same-day delivery. You only have to consider outside factors causing delays.

Aside from those, it takes no time for CitySprint to get packages of various shapes and sizes to your doorstep.

Can I track CitySprint package by address?

Yes, by using CitySprint's package tracking system, you can track your CitySprint package order by address. To do this, use your tracking number with the sending information.

When your package arrives at a location, the tracking information will update to reflect the last location of your package, allowing you to keep track of your order at all times.

You can also find what time your package leaves a location and its estimated time of arrival at the next location. You'll get a notification when your package arrives at the delivery address.

How do I know if my CitySprint package is stuck in customs?

Because CitySprint sends items "Delivered Duty Unpaid," there's never an issue of the customer having to deal with customs seizing and holding your package.

Packages stuck in customs are among many people's primary concerns about international sending.

CitySprint order tracking sending experience

With many sending services now available, it's sometimes challenging to figure out which ones are worth your time and money.

CitySprint succeeds in what it sets as its main goal, which is giving the highest quality sending experience to all its customers at all times.

The quick and efficient service features user-friendly tracking for all your packages.

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