Chit Chats Tracking

Track your Chit Chats delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Have you heard of Chit Chats? If you've ever expected an online order between Canada and the US, you've likely used this unique eCommerce company.

Online sellers use Chit Chats tracking platform and services to save their customers the frustration of missed deliveries and offer competitive delivery costs.

In this article, we'll explore Chit Chats tracking and the other status updates you can get. Then we’ll explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

About Chit Chats

Chit Chats helps North American businesses with their shipping needs, offering low-cost postage through their online platform.

For customers, Chit Chats partners with carriers Canada Post, USPS, and Asendia to handle delivery, so you can be sure that your online orders are in good hands.

Chit Chat has moderate reviews, with customers reporting excellent service and good value for money. However, customer service response times may need to be faster.

Chit Chats is a great shipping solution for businesses of all sizes to get your order to your doorstep. You can learn more about Chit Chats in their handy five-minute guide:

Chit Chats tracking guide

As a leading logistics service, Chit Chats tracking combines data from bills of lading, invoices, and more to help businesses track, monitor, and manage their shipments.

Chit Chats’courier partners then use this information to give you accurate and up-to-date monitoring with Circuit Package Tracker.

Whether your package is on the way, delayed, or lost, here’s your complete guide on how to track Chit Chats and what each status ID means.

How to find your Chit Chats tracking ID

Perhaps you’re asking, “does Chit Chats have tracking?”

The good news is that it does! Businesses using the platform can track Chit Chats with their “shipment ID” — sent as a 10-digit tracking number in a confirmation email or SMS.

Your Chit Chats tracking number will appear something like “AB1234C5D6,” and you only need this and Circuit Package Tracker to find your order.

How to track Chit Chats

There are a few ways to trace your order. Still, using your Chit Chat tracking number with the search at the top of this page is the easiest.

To use Circuit Package Tracker, copy and paste the number from your confirmation email into the search above and hit “Track package” or enter to get your package's status.

Alternatively, you can use the Chit Chat tracking tool.

Lost Chit Chats tracking number

If you accidentally delete or lose your tracking number, Chit Chats recommends you check your estimated delivery time and contact the seller to ask them to resend it.

Chit Chats is not a courier – it is a service for businesses to arrange postage and pickup through their partner carriers, Canada Post, USPS and Asendia.

As such, Chit Chats will only help if you are a customer of an online retailer. We advise you to contact the seller if you lose your tracking number.

Solving Chit Chats tracking issues

If you need help tracking your Chit Chats delivery, don't worry. There are a few things you can do to solve the problem.

First, use Circuit Package Tracker for details and to determine the issue. This will help you understand the root cause of the problem and find a solution.

It's important to note that Chit Chats acts as an intermediary between online retailers and carriers who complete the delivery.

As such, there are several reasons why you may have tracking problems. For instance, if there is an error in the delivery address or the need for someone to be present for delivery.

Can’t track Chit Chats package?

If you put in your Chit Chat’s tracking ID and nothing happens, the first thing to do is wait a few hours and try again. The reason is that tracking starts when someone scans the barcode.

The seller may have to drop off packages or wait on a carrier to pick up orders – either way; tracking starts when a Chit Chats partner gets your package and scans the barcode.

You may be checking the tracking too early. Sometimes sellers will send you a confirmation email with your tracking ID when they print the label, and not always at the time of collection.

Chit Chats recommends you contact the seller for help if your order misses its estimated delivery date.

Delayed Chit Chats tracking

If you're having trouble tracking your Chit Chats order, there are a few reasons why it might be happening.

Suppose your Chit Chat courier needs to scan your package after traveling from one hub to another. The next hub may get around to scanning your package after a delay.

Delays could happen on the road or inside a busy facility with a few staff out sick. Facilities and hubs experience delay all the time. First, trucks might have to wait for unloading to start.

Unloading, sorting, and stacking takes time.

Despite all the delays that may happen, most packages arrive close to on time. Chit Chat’s reliable partner couriers can predict most holdups on the way.

Chit Chats tracking statuses explained

With Circuit Package Tracker; you can monitor your order’s journey from the moment you place it until the package reaches your doorstep. However, to effectively track Chit Chats orders, there are a few key statuses you'll need to be aware of, including ‘in transit’ and ‘pending.’

What does each tracking status mean?

Chit Chats has six tracking statuses. Here’s a brief overview of what you can typically expect at each stage:

  1. Shipment Created: The seller has created postage for your order.
  2. Received by Chit Chats: The seller has given your order to Chit Chats.
  3. In Transit and Transferred to Carrier: Chit Chats passed your order to a local carrier.
  4. Delivered: A Chit Chats partner carrier confirmed your order is delivered.
  5. Delayed Shipment: Your may arrive after the original date. 
  6. Exception: Your order has a delay that may prevent delivery.

The most common Chit Chats tracking statuses are ‘In Transit’ and ‘Delayed Shipment.’ Let’s walk through each in more detail.

In Transit or Transferred to Carrier

Chit Chats uses “In Transit” to say a partner courier has your package. The first new courier may transfer your package to another courier during an international order.

The transit status also comes with an estimated delivery time. Remember that if you find a delay, your package will arrive within the estimated time.

Why your Chit Chats package is still in transit

Chit Chats does not claim that your estimated delivery time is always accurate. Delays can happen due to bad weather, natural disasters, or busy times, like national holidays.

Accidents happen, and sometimes minor problems take a long time to fix. Something that should be as easy to set as a flat tire can waste half a day or more.

Always give delays an extra day or two and ontact the seller, rather than Chit Chats, if you have a problem.

How long a Chit Chats package can stay in transit

Transit times vary depending on the distance, your order must travel. Chit Chats uses partner carriers to deliver their packages, so it is best to check with them for the reasons.

However, three to six business days is the average delivery time for sellers using Chit Chats. There are always exceptions, so check the estimated delivery time for your order.

Delayed Shipment

Chit Chats uses the status “Delayed Shipment” instead of the more typical tracking status of ‘pending.’

A status of ‘Delayed Shipment’ means a delay in your order delivery for any number of reasons. However, you can have a ‘Delayed Shipment’, and your package still arrive on time.

Why your Chit Chats package may be delayed

A Chit Chats Delayed Shipment status can mean many things. Including:

  • You may be unavailable on delivery.
  • There can be a delay caused by traffic or poor weather.
  • The package may be damaged in transit.
  • A customs department might take a long time or hold your package.
  • There could be any number of postal disruptions.

Contact the seller if you think the Delayed Shipment status has been going on for too long to ask why and what you can do.

Chit Chats delivery times

Chit Chats uses different local couriers to complete orders, so delivery time varies depending on how far the package must travel and where it is going.

It’s a good idea to check your local courier delivery times when they have your package. As a rule of thumb, most couriers deliver between 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

How long do Chit Chats deliveries take?

Chit Chats gives two sets of delivery times for the US and Canada.

In Canada, Chit Chats offers Tracked and Collect. Tracked estimated delivery times are two to eight days and one to eight days for Collect.

The US has no Collect option but offers Tracked and Economy Tracked. The estimated delivery time for Tracked is three to six days, and six to 13 days for Economy Tracked.

Chit Chats advises that there are possible delays for orders from Canada's Atlantic region, and some areas still have Covid-19 protocols that can cause delays.

International Chit Chats delivery times

All international delivery times take longer than domestic or Canadian-US. International deliveries also vary by country and local laws.

Chit Chats uses partner carriers to deliver internationally, USPS, Asendia, and Canada Post.

USPS gives two options:

  1. First Class International in eight to 22 days
  2. Priority Mail International in seven to 22 days.

Asendia International Priority Tracked takes four to 27 days.

Canada Post offers International Tracked between seven to 15 days.

Actual delivery times vary between couriers. However, your delivery window is probably closed if you have not received a package by 5 pm.

Lost Chit Chats deliveries

It is rare for a package to get lost during transit. However, here are some possible reasons for a missed delivery:

  • You were unavailable to receive your package at delivery time.
  • The courier was unable to locate your address.
  • The courier needed to reach your doorstep.
  • The courier tried to deliver your package, but someone else was available to collect it.

If your package is missing, ask the seller for more information and a posible refund.

What happens if you miss a Chit Chats delivery?

Since Chit Chats does not deliver, another courier will handle missed deliveries in one of two ways—redelivery attempts or hold for pickup. 

Your courier will leave a note with instructions. When couriers attempt another delivery, you do not have to do anything except wait and be ready when your package comes again.

A pickup might happen at a facility or a small pickup point. In some cases, you can redirect the delivery to another address. Check the rules of your courier to learn about the options.

How long will Chit Chats hold a package?

As with missed deliveries, each courier has different policies and holding periods. If the courier cannot deliver, your package will return to the seller.

If a package does not need a signature and there is a safe place to leave your package, like a mailbox or porch, the delivery should be successful.

One significant trend to be aware of, couriers that attempt redelivery usually do so 2-3 times. The delivery attempts are the holding period. After the attempts, your package goes back to the seller.

Check your courier's policy and get someone to sign for you or arrange a different address if necessary.

What to do if you still need to get your Chit Chats package

The first thing to do is make sure your package is not in customs or something similar using your tracking number and Circuit. As with other problems, you can contact the seller for the quickest response and the most help.

Chit Chats tracking FAQs

Here are the most commonly asked questions about Chit Chats tracking and their answers.

Is Chit Chats delivery fast?

Yes, especially considering that the priority is saving money on delivery costs. If you want to determine if the delivery period works for you, try the calculator.

For many locations, you will find that packages go from Canada to the US in three to six days.

Can I track a Chit Chats package by address?

You must have a Chit Chats tracking ID to track your order. The good news is that the seller will send you an email or SMS with this information.

How do I know if my Chit Chats package is stuck in customs?

If your Chit Chats package is stuck in customs, the customs department will notify you, including the delay's reason.

You can contact the customs department or the seller to explain why customs are holding your package. For example, the seller may need to give more documentation to customs before they can release it.

Chit Chats tracking: final word

Tracking packages has never been more critical. With Chit Chats tracking and Circuit, you can stay on top of your online order, no matter where it is.

And with Chit Chat’s partner carriers delivering your items, you can feel confident that you'll always get your package on time.

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