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Track your Bluecare Express delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Bluecare Express tracking and sending is a logistics company focusing on making specific tracking numbers available on multiple platforms.

eBay sellers commonly use Bluecare Express tracking to ship through the Amazon sending service

However, eBay servers don’t always support Amazon tracking numbers. So Bluecare Express tracking helps by giving tracking numbers to eBay sellers that ship goods using Amazon. 

By converting an Amazon tracking number into an eBay-friendly tracker, Bluecare Express allows customers and sellers to track packages more quickly. 

Here is a complete guide to Bluecare Express tracking.

Bluecare Express tracking​​

If you've ordered something through eBay or another online store, you might get a Bluecare Express tracking code. 

This code doesn't necessarily mean that Bluecare Express is actively moving your package. Instead, they simply give you a tracking number so that another company can ship your item. 

Usually, a Bluecare Express tracking number means that Amazon's sending service is sending your package. 

Even if you ordered from another website, it's possible that your seller also has an account with Amazon and prefers to ship through them.

​​How to find your Bluecare Express tracking number​

To find your Bluecare Express tracking number, check your delivery notification from the seller when your item has shipped; it should include this information. 

You can then go directly to the Bluecare Express tracking page or use the search above to find where your package is and at what status.

However, some sellers include this in the email, and others leave it out. In this case, contact the seller and ask.

​​How to track your Bluecare Express package location​

Bluecare Express won’t send your package themselves as they are not a courier company. Instead, they help eBay sellers to ship and track packages with the Amazon sending service. However, you can still use Bluecare Express tracking to find where your package is.

The easiest way is to use the search at the top of this article with your tracking number and find out where your item is and the latest status. 

Lost Bluecare Express tracking number​​

If you accidentally deleted the email, lost the receipt, or can't find your  Bluecare Express tracking number, you don't have to worry about hunting it down. 

There are some simple ways to get a new tracking number issued so you can track a Bluecare Express order without difficulties. 

Usually, the first step to take is to contact the seller. They sent the product using the Bluecare Express tracking number when you bought it. They will still have access to your tracking number and can tell you exactly where your package is and what number to find up.

​How to track a Bluee Express package without a tracking number​

While some companies allow you to track a package with just an order number or an address, Bluecare Express has several partner courier companies.

So although you can contact Bluecare Express directly, if you don’t have your tracking number, they might not always have the information to help.

The easiest way is to find your original order number from your confirmation email. Then, contact your seller and ask them to give you a tracking number.

Solving Bluecare Express tracking issues​​

Like any delivery company, Bluecare Express tracking can have some problems. This is especially true because Bluecare Express focuses on cross-platform monitoring. 

Cross-platform tracking helps sellers and customers track packages through multiple servers but can also engender some tracking issues. 

You're not alone if you are having problems tracking your Bluecare Express package. There are several common issues with Bluecare Express and a few steps you can take to solve them.

Here are the most common problems customers have with Bluecare Express tracking. 

​Why you can't track your Bluecare Express package​

Sometimes, the Bluecare Express system doesn't properly track a package. 

If the seller sends an eBay product through Amazon or another sending company, they likely rely on Bluecare Express to convert your tracking number  

However, it will be challenging to track a package if this system malfunctions properly. 

Bluecare Express may not have given you the correct tracking number, or you may have entered your tracking number incorrectly. Double-check this before contacting the company

Once you are sure that the problem isn't on your end, you can contact Bluecare Express and find out if they have a different tracing number that might work. 

​Why your Bluecare Express package is not updating or moving​

Once you have the proper tracking information and can find where your package is, you might be surprised that it hasn't moved. 

If this is the case and you ordered from a different country, your customs may hold your package. It might update in a day or two once it clears the red tape. 

Another reason your package might not be updating is simple human error. 

A postal worker or courier could have forgotten to scan the barcode on your item, resulting in a larger space than usual between tracking updates. 

In this case, your package might be moving toward you, but the Bluecare Express tracking is behind. 

Bluecare Express tracking status explained​​

Each time your package's barcode gets scanned. You will get an updated tracking status. However, there are a few more common tracking status options. 

At first, your package might say,  sending label created." This status means it is ready to be sent but hasn't been sent yet. 

Once your package is on the move, it will most likely say "in transit." As long as it's moving, your package will be labeled as "in transit." 

If nothing goes wrong, the next update you get will be "out for delivery," quickly followed by "delivered." However, there are sometimes a few hiccups along the way. 

​In transit​

It's good to find "in transit" on your package tracking status. 

This label means that your package is moving and is currently in a truck, a plane, or a van headed toward your home. 

However, there are times when "in transit" can be a little more worrying. If your package has been in transit for a while now, here's what to do. 

​​​Why your Bluecare Express package is still in transit

After a few days of "in transit" with no further updates, you might be a little worried about your Bluecare Express package. 

Staying "in transit" doesn't necessarily mean your package is stuck somewhere. Instead, it could be moving still, but the postal workers forgot to scan it. You might get a large update soon. 

A package could be labeled as "in transit" without any updates if it's on an especially long leg of the journey.

An overseas flight or long truck ride would mean your package moving but not getting scanned. If this is the case, it will get scanned and updated soon. 

​​​How long a Bluecare Express package can stay in transit

Bluecare Express packages can be in transit for as long as it takes to complete the journey. You should find an estimated delivery date when you first get a tracking number. 

Depending on where you ordered your package  this could be a single day or a range of days. It will take longer to arrive if you order from a different country.


While "in transit" is the standard for packages, sometimes you find an unexpected status update. 

"Pending" isn't necessarily bad, but it means that your package has been temporarily halted somewhere. 

There are a few potential reasons for a pending tag, especially if the order comes from overseas.

​​Why your Bluecare Express package may be pending

If your package suddenly updates to "pending," it will likely be delayed. Usually, this is after a few days of no updates, which means that the delay is taking longer than originally expected. 

A "pending" marker can indicate trouble with international customs, a lost package, or unexpected sending delays

Although none of these things are good, they won't take too long to clear up. If the courier has lost your package, you will get a replacement or refund. 

Customs issues will eventually clear up, and sending delays are beyond anyone's control. 

Bluecare Express delivery times​​

The final step in the sending process is delivery. 

Like any courier company, Bluecare Express will change your package's tracking status to "out for delivery" once it's the final leg of its journey. 

However, "out for delivery" doesn't necessarily mean you will get your package within the next hour. 

Instead, your package will get delivered at some point during the day. If the route is too long or delayed for some reason, you might get your package early the next morning. 

However, once your tracking status has been updated to "out for delivery," you can expect your package very soon. 

​Bluecare Express delivery times: What time will your package arrive​

Once your package has made the journey to your hometown, the last step is getting it to your door. 

Delivery trucks have set routes, and receiving your package depends directly on where your home is on the route. 

If Bluecare Express has partnered with your regular mail delivery service, you will get your package with the rest of your mail. 

However, other delivery services, such as FedEx, US and DHL, will deliver on their routes and timelines. 

You can expect your package to arrive sometime within normal working hours, but it's not guaranteed to come at any specific time of day. 

​How late Bluecare Express delivers​

Bluecare Express doesn't usually deliver outside of normal business hours. 

However, if you've ordered a package with express or priority sending  you might get it later in the evening or early in the morning. 

The latest you are likely to get a package is around 8 pm  

Bluecare Express won't deliver packages late at night or early in the morning to preserve your privacy and allow courier drivers to have suitable working hours.

​International Bluecare Express delivery times​

Because Bluecare Express generally works with Amazon packages, you will get your package whenever your local Amazon driver makes deliveries. 

Bluecare Express doesn't usually operate its trucks, so the international delivery times depend solely on your local courier's hours. 

However, these hours of operation are generally within regular business hours, with some added evening hours. 

You are more likely to get a Bluecare Express delivery on the weekend or later in the evening because they often work with Amazon deliveries. 

​Lost and missed Bluecare Express deliveries​​

Because of the wide range of time that Bluecare Express delivers, it's possible you won't be home when your package arrives. 

If you miss the delivery, it doesn't mean you won't get your package. You may need to take a few extra steps to get it.

However, even the best delivery services sometimes make mistakes, and Bluecare Express may have lost your package. 

If this is the case,you must contact Bluecare Express as well as the company you originally bought from to get a refund or a replacement.

​What happens if you miss a Bluecare Express delivery​

Because most deliveries happen during the day, you might be at work when your package finally arrives at your doorstep. 

If you don't need to sign for your package  it will be waiting in your mailbox or by your door when you get home. However, some packages need signatures. 

If you aren't home when your package arrives, the driver will leave you a note or issue an email update telling you that delivery was attempted. 

This note will include instructions on what to do next. Generally, a driver will attempt delivery at least one more time before holding your package for you to pick up. 

​​How long will Bluecare Express hold a package​?

If you've missed the maximum number of deliveries because you are at work, Bluecare Express will hold a package for a few weeks. 

You'll have to go to the local post office to retrieve your package before they recycle it or throw it out. 

Of course, you can ask for an extension if you are out of town when your package is due to arrive. Simply contact your local courier and tell them when you'll be back. 

Usually, postal workers will store your package until you can come to get it. There is a time limit on this, so make sure you know whenyou must be there. 

​What to do if you haven't got your Bluecare Express package​?

Packages do get lost. There are a few reasons your package might be missing, and each one has a different set of actions for you. 

If your tracking status has updated to "delivered," but your package is nowhere to be found, you could be the victim of package theft

Report this to the police and ask your seller for a refund or replacement. 

However, sometimes the tracking company loses your item. If this is the case, you are certainly entitled to compensation. 

Many sellers offer a delivery guarantee and will issue a full refund if you haven't got your package by a certain date. 

​Bluecare Express FAQs​​

Here are some frequently asked questions about Bluecare Express. Hopefully, they answer your questions and help you track your package more quickly!

​Is Bluecare Express delivery fast?​

Bluecare Express is usually delivered by Amazon workers, which means that it is one of the best sending processes in the world. 

However, the company is also utilized by other third-party shippers and could be slower as a result. Generally, you'll get your package quickly with Bluecare Express. 

​​Can I track the Bluecare Express package by address?​

 Bluecare Express doesn't offer address-based package tracking. The reason is to protect your personal information and to make the entire tracking process more streamlined. 

It is much easier to keep track of a package based on its number than by its address or destination. 

​​How do I know if my Bluecare Express package is stuck in customs?

Bluecare Express generally doesn't have customs issues because it is run through Amazon. 

However, if your package does get caught behind some red tape, your package tracking status will update to "pending." 

You can contact the company to find what is going on and if there's anything you can do about it.

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