ACS Courier Tracking

Track your ACS Courier delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

The ​ACS Courier Company is a freight company specializing in international package delivery. They are considered one of the leading companies in their industry and have been around for over 35 years.

Today, they regularly handle packages from Greece, Cyprus, Albania, and Bulgaria, supplying packages between 15,500 addresses.

Along with standard shipping, ​ACS Courier offers specialty services like insured packages or public locker pick-up points. They pride themselves on their investments in new methods and customer service. 

Within Greece, Cyprus, Albania, and Bulgaria, they support over 600 points of service where you can pick up or ship out a package. 

​ACS Courier also offers limited international shipping to World Zones 1-5—Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia—over 200 countries.

Here are some tips for using your Tracking Number if you have an ​ACS Courier package.

About ​ACS Courier package tracking​​

If you're waiting on an ​ACS Courier package and tracking it, it's helpful to know where to start.

To track an ​ACS Courier shipment, you'll need the tracking number. From there, you'll find where your item is currently.

​How to find your ​ACS Courier package tracking number​

Typically, your tracking number is sent to you in an email confirmation. This number can come from the store you bought the item from, or it may arrive directly from ​ACS Courier.

You can also get a tracking number through a text message if you've given the relevant parties your contact information.

If you sent the package and would like to track it to its destination, you will likely have the ​ACS Courier tracking number in a receipt, an email, or found online in your account.

In cases where you can't find ​ACS Courier courier package tracking information, consider contacting the seller you ordered from to find if they can give you the number.

​​How to track your ​ACS Courier package location​

Once you have your ​ACS Courier shipment tracking number, finding the current position is a simple process.

​ACS Courier offers package tracking where you can paste in up to 20 different shipment numbers at once to find. You can also paste in a missing note number.

Alternatively, you can give the tracking number to Circuit Package Tracker. Either way, you'll know the item's location or status in minutes.

Once you've begun ​ACS Courier shipment tracking, the number should save to your account, and you'll easily refresh and watch the package travel.

​Lost ​ACS Courier tracking number​​

Sometimes through accidents or mishaps, you may misplace a tracking number.

Tracking an ​ACS Courier shipment usually depends on a tracking number.

​​How to track an ​ACS Courier package without a tracking number​

Without an ​ACS Courier shipment tracking number, you may be unable to track your package.

Your tracking information is usually digital, so searching old emails or spam folders may reveal the number. If all else fails, you may contact the merchant who is sending the package.

Tracking numbers are unique codes of numbers or letters to identify packages within systems. Search any contact from the merchant for a long string of characters that could be the number.

If you accidentally deleted the email that had the tracking information, you can recover it from the trash folder and restore the email.

​Solving ​ACS Courier package tracking issues​​

Occasionally, your ​ACS Courier courier package tracking may run into issues. These issues can include delays or unsuccessful tracing.

When you're waiting on an essential package, these package problems can quickly become frustrating. The root of the issue could be a system error or human mistakes.

Either way, you can take a few steps to try and sort out any ​ACS Courier tracking issues.

​​Why you can't track your ​ACS Courier package​

If you have your ​ACS Courier tracking number but entering it doesn't work, you're likely having an issue with the system.

Some potential issues could be that the number isn't correct. If you're manually copying it, carefully check each number. If it still doesn't work, you may want to consider reaching out to ​ACS Courier or the merchant.

Another possible explanation could be a poor internet connection. It could be preventing you from accurately receiving ​ACS Courier shipping tracking information.

Finally, you may have to wait and retry the number in a few days. It's possible that the merchant has purchased and created the shipping label but hasn't given ​ACS Courier the package yet.

​ACS Courier is still waiting for the item, and there is no tracking information until they get it. Your tracking number may begin to work in a few days when the drop-off occurs.

​​Why your ​ACS Courier package is not updating or moving​

Tracking may occasionally seem slow or as if it has entirely come to a stop. If you're excitedly refreshing ​ACS Courier package tracking, you may be disappointed by the seemingly slow pace.

Realistically, ​ACS Courier tracking may not update at every single station. This broad overview is particularly relevant for international shipping.

Mostly, couriers will only show significant landmarks in the package's journey. For instance, it may display a country name instead of the specific site where the item is.

Other delays can also temporarily pause a shipment, like weather, local holidays, or other typical setbacks.

You can wait a few days for the location to update. If it seems like it's taking too long, you may reach out to ​ACS Courier for a more detailed understanding of your package's position.

​​ACS Courier package tracking status explained​​

While your ​ACS Courier package is tracking, it will display a few different statuses to reflect its journey.

Throughout this process, it can help to be familiar with the ​ACS Courier statuses so you can have realistic expectations about delivery times.

​​In transit​

The "In transit" status for ​ACS Courier shipment tracking means that ​ACS Courier has your package and has begun processing it.

This status means it has gone through their facilities and is on its way to you from the starting location. It will travel through ​ACS Courier locations and other local shipping areas until it gets to you.

Your item should be in good hands, and if you have any issues during this section, you will contact ​ACS Courier directly for assistance.

​​​Why your ​ACS Courier package is still in transit

A package can be in transit for a long time without any issues, especially if it is an international shipment that must go through customs and travel far distances.

However, if you feel that your ​ACS Courier tracking has been in transit for too long, it could be a sign of a few different issues.

These issues range from changes in the order, the package being the wrong weight, or having the incorrect or incomplete address.

If you suspect a problem may be the cause, directly contact ​ACS Courier to find if they have more information.

​​​How long an ​ACS Courier package can stay in transit

​ACS Courier package tracking can take a while, particularly internationally. Typically, it will take up to two weeks at most.

If the item goes from Greece to another point in Greece, you may have a short transit period as it quickly moves between hubs.

However, you may occasionally have shipping take longer than expected if unexpected issues arise like weather delays. You may also have to wait until after a weekend if you place an order at the end of a work week.


When you find "Pending" in your ​ACS Courier package tracking, it's usually a sign that ​ACS Courier hasn't got your package.

Pending status is another term for waiting or holding. ​ACS Courier is working on shipping but hasn't been able to begin the process yet for one reason or another.

​​​Why your ​ACS Courier package may be pending

Some potential reasons your ​ACS Courier shipment tracking is pending could be ​ACS Courier Couriersdoes not yurt have your package or there are other delays in the shipping process.

For instance, if you ordered a package, the merchant may have already bought a shipping label but hasn't brought it to an ​ACS Courier shipping location. It may appear pending as ​ACS Courier waits for it.

Another reason your ​ACS Courier tracking may show the pending status could be if the shipping warehouse has a work pileup. They could wait to process the item as they work through other packages.

Finally, a package may be pending if you ordered it during a busy period, a weekend, or a holiday. ​ACS Courier is likely working hard to catch up to your package.

​​ACS Courier Delivery times​​

​ACS Courier is a pretty efficient courier and excels at shipping packages throughout Greece. International shipments can take longer.

If you're unsure about how long a specific package will take, you can try to calculate your shipping transit time.

When you are tracking an ​ACS Courier shipment, it may give you an expected delivery date. This estimate will be the best indicator of how long your package will take.

In general terms, ​ACS Courier package tracking takes a standard time you can reference for ease.

​​​ACS Courier delivery times: What time will your package arrive​?

If your package is local, it can take only a day for ​ACS Courier to ship. Even tricky areas within the same country will take ​ACS Courier only one to five days.

Your ​ACS Courier tracking should be quick for these items, and you may find little updates as it quickly moves between local hubs.

​ACS Courier can also send the item to a local locker if you'd prefer to pick it up yourself.

Typically, ​ACS Courier works from 9 am until 5 pm in your local time, and they will not be delivering packages later than that.

​​International ​ACS Courier delivery times​

International packages are a different story. An exact window for a delivery time isn't available. Likely, ​ACS Courier will transfer the package to a local delivery service.

You should expect it within local working and delivery hours of your region.

​ACS Courier package tracking can take 5 to 15 days to deliver international items depending on the final destination. This time doesn't include weekends or other non-working days.

​Lost and missed ​ACS Courier deliveries​​

You may miss the delivery window or suspect ​ACS Courier has lost your package throughout the shipping process.

These misfortunes can have solutions, and most of the time, you can still happily get your item. Keeping on top of your ​ACS Courier tracking is the ideal method to make sure these mistakes don't get out of hand.

​​What happens if you miss an ​ACS Courier delivery​

If you miss an ​ACS Courier delivery, they may leave the item at your door, depending on the shipping method and the package.

Some packages need your signature or direct delivery. Even with vigilant ​ACS Courier tracking, you may need to be out when it comes.

When ​ACS Courier misses you, they will leave a slip outside your door to alert you. This slip will have a new tracking number to get the most up-to-date information.

To track the ​ACS Courier shipment now, enter the missing note number and find a location where you can pick up the package. Alternatively, ​ACS Courier may try to redeliver the item on another day.

​​How long will ​ACS Courier hold a package​?

How long ​ACS Courier will hold your package likely depends on the item. If you miss the delivery, it will give you the date for how long they will keep it or continue trying to deliver it.

If you keep running into an issue with missing the delivery and don't think you can pick up the package during business hours of an ​ACS Courier hub, you can try to redirect the delivery to a public locker.

These lockers give you a safe location to hold a package until you're able to come and enter a security code to get your item. They typically have 24/7 hours of operation.

​​What to do if you haven't received your ​ACS Courier package​

If your ​ACS Courier package tracking seems to say that a delivery has been made or should have come and hasn't, you may be having a significant issue.

Package theft has become a common crime, or ​ACS Courier may have lost your package in transit. In either scenario, you'll need to reach out to ​ACS Courier directly.

They will give you the best account of your item's whereabouts. Try to contact them immediately for the best results.

Hopefully, your item will only have a slight delay, but mistakes can happen in shipping. Have your tracking information handy to reference while you contact ​ACS Courier.

​​ACS Courier Couriers FAQs​​

​ACS Courier shipment tracking is a crucial system, as everyone wants to make sure that their item safely reaches them. Sometimes, it can seem more confusing than helpful.

If you still have a few questions about ​ACS Courier package tracking, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

​​Is ​ACS Courier delivery fast?​

The speed of ​ACS Courier delivery depends on whether the item travels locally or internationally. Either way, ​ACS Courier does have relatively quick shipping times.

Typically, an ​ACS Courier delivery will only take one to five days within Greece, and it can take five to fifteen days internationally. This time difference is due to customs and other unique challenges of international shipping.

Your ​ACS Courier tracking may give you a time estimate. It may encounter delays throughout the process, like weather or other unaccounted-for events.

Overall, ​ACS Courier seems to deliver quickly.

Can I track the ​ACS Courier package by address?​

No, it doesn't seem possible to track ​ACS Courier packages with an address alone.

If you have the beginning and final address, you may estimate the time the package will take to ship. This time isn't proper ​ACS Courier shipment tracking, but it can give you a delivery window.

The only way to track an ​ACS Courier shipment is with the correct tracking number. You should get this digitally with your purchase confirmation or can contact the sender.

Otherwise, you may have a shipping number if you miss the delivery.

How do I know if my ​ACS Courier package is stuck in customs?

If your package is shipping internationally, there is a chance that you may notice it gets held up in customs.

Customs are a necessary part of the shipping process. It can seem frustrating, but it ensures the safety of each country.

Your ​ACS Courier package tracking for many international packages will only give you landmark changes. This means it won't give you the details as it moves between every center, but only between larger cities or countries.

Often, if you have a package stuck in transit, it may be a sign that it is going through customs. If you can find what city the item is in, pay special attention if it's near a border.

Your item may seem stuck in one location when it is moving through customs. This process can take a while, but it doesn't mean the item is having an issue.

Patiently wait a few days to find out if the location changes to a different country.

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