UPS Flight Forward & CVS Pharmacy

UPS subsidiary UPS Flight Forward and CVS Health Corporation subsidiary CVS Pharmacy, have signed an agreement to develop a variety of use-cases for the delivery of pharmaceutical goods to both businesses and consumers, using UPS’ recently FAA approved Drone airline.

Flight Forward currently remains the only approved Drone Airline in the US, but it’s likely Amazon’s similar drone offering will also be approved in the near future too.

Speaking about the initiative last week, Kevin Hourican, president of CVS Pharmacy said: “We’re always looking to improve convenience for customers through faster, lower-cost and more efficient delivery models”, “Given our focus on innovation, we’re excited to be the first retail health care company to explore drone delivery options with UPS”

UPS Flight Forward eventually plans to transport many other types of items, but see’s pharmaceutical delivery as a good entry point, given the increased importance of timely delivery in the industry.

This update in the latest in a string of progress updates on Drone delivery, which promises to disrupt traditional delivery methods by offering faster, autonomous delivery.